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    1 Review
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      22.10.2013 18:24
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      a great product

      Once again when I moved into my first house, I had to buy everything, so I needed something cheap and cheerful and in Tesco's about 3 years back I spotted this, it was half price and I think I paid around £40 for it. It is currently out of stock on the Tesco's website, so I'm unsure if there has been a price change.
      Product specifications

      Key Information
      Type Microwave with grill
      Power Levels 6
      Energy Efficiency Class E
      Maff Rating E
      Capacity (l) 20
      Number Of Shelves 1

      Auto Cook Y
      Control Touch
      Fan Assisted N
      Interior Both steel & painted
      Programmable Y
      Timer Y
      Weight Sensor N
      Child Safety Lock N
      Grease Filter N
      Keep Warm After Cooking Function N
      Internal Light Y

      Display & Graphics
      Digital Display Y
      Product Height 29.5 Centimetre
      Product Width 49.8 Centimetre
      Product Depth 36.3 Centimetre
      Product Weight 17.0 Kilogram

      I brought this mainly for the fact is goes for with my stainless steel effect in my kitchen and it being half price was a bonus.
      The microwave came in a box and was well packaged. Setting it up was easy, it was a case of taking off a few bits off selo tape from around the door, taking off the packaging the microwave plate comes in and plugging it in.

      It's a rectangle shape and it looks really nice on my kitchen work surface, it does not take up too much space, which I have seen some microwaves do. It's stainless steel with a large screen in the middle, you can see through the screen but not very well so you actually have to open the door to make sure the food is cooked or not over boiling.

      The door is opened with a push button at the right hand side, which is very easy to open, the door opens to the left side and you just push it shut. Inside the microwave you can hold up to 20litres. I don't actually know how big 20 litres is, but I can get a big bowl in there to cook rice for the family and guests.
      The microwave output is 800W with 6 power levels whilst the grill delivers 1000W power, which is perfect for me as to be honest I don't actually use the microwave that often, just mainly to heat bottles, warm up left over food, rice and for baked potatoes. There is a grill feature one this microwave, but I have only used this once or twice, when I first got the microwave, so I can't really comment about how good this works, as I prefer to use my own grill.

      It has a auto cook button which has 9 foods on there ranging from soup/coffee, rice to meats and fish, which you set the number programmes, the weight of the item and it will automatically cook the food for you with suitable time and heat.

      There is a quick start button which you can press once for a quick minute or you can keep pressing it which will give you up to ten minutes. I do use this feature a lot as its very quick just to start the microwave. I do find the microwave quite noisy during cooking and when its finish it beeps 3 times to let you know the timer is finished, if you don't pressed the stop button after this has gone off it will continue to ping around every 2 minutes, which does get very annoying if you can't get to the microwave straight away.

      When the microwave is not cooking there is a clock also on the top right hand side which you can have in either 12/24 time hours which is very useful if you don't have a clock in your kitchen like me.
      Cleaning the microwave is simple, I normally get a wet wipe on the outside to clean it, and inside the plate is removable so I take it out and give it a wash. Inside the microwave is white so food which is splatted on there can be spotted easy; I normally clean the microwave when the plate is out. There are a few stains inside the microwave now from dried on food, but it still does look nice and clean inside. I have read a tip that if you put a few drops off vinegar in a bowl with water for 5 minutes it leaves your microwave lovely and clean, I still haven't tried this though.

      I find this microwave quite complicated free and haven't run into any issues with it, I think this would be a great must have for someone who uses their microwave for basic features and elderly people.
      The only thing missing from this microwave which I would like is a defrost feature.
      This microwave is over 3 years old now and stills works great, a must have for someone on a budget or wants a basic microwave.


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  • Product Details

    Short name: Tesco MG208

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