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    2 Reviews
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      11.07.2012 19:09


      • Reliability


      Just moved out or need a cheap replacement long lasting microwave then this is for you.

      3 years ago when i fled my parents nest and needed equipment to setup my own, with only a limited budget this was perfect! It looks great and has just two basic controls (manual turn dials) meaning there is less togo wrong like internal circuit boards and is very easy to use.

      --> Settings <--
      top dial - This is for choosing the power and defrost options
      bottom dial - This is for setting the timer up to 30 minutes

      --> Design and Build <--
      Solid in construction and very easy to clean inside and out includes inner light so you can keep an eye on your food if like me you make porridge in the microwave your want to stop it before it boils over.

      --> To use <--
      1. Set your power by turning the top dial which for me i leave it on Maximum
      2. Set your time by turning the bottom dial
      Wait for the mechanical bell

      --> To clean <--
      Just take the glass plate and plate ring out to wash then you can easily spray all over inside without worry.
      For the outside just spray front,top and 2 sides wiping the back with a damp cloth only as this is where the vents and electrics are.
      (Be sure to turn power off at wall before cleaning).

      I would recommend this to anyone and would buy again should or when it dies.


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      25.11.2010 19:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great little product for the money despite little niggles

      I've had this little microwave coming up for two years now. I bought it from a Tesco store but you can also get it from the Tesco Direct website. The MMS07 is painted in a silver colour, which fits in with my kitchen colour scheme. It's also small (45.2cm x 26.2cm x 33.5cm) with a 17 litre capacity, and light, weighing in at only 11.3kg, which means that I can move it around the kitchen easily by myself should I need to. It sits, very unobtrusively, in the corner of the kitchen. Given that it's not actually stainless steel it does look a lot more expensive than it is and not tacky at all.

      This is a very basic microwave which suits me as I don't use it for anything other than heating stuff up such as beans or soup. In all fairness I actually don't think it would be possible to make it any easier to use! The MMS07 only has two dials; one is the timer which goes up to 30 minutes, although I am somewhat befuddled as to what on earth you would put in a microwave for half an hour, and the other to set one of the six power levels (five for heating and one defrost option). As you would imagine on a basic model such as this, it is not programmable. I for one am absolutely delighted about that - trying to work out how to use kitchen equipment that has enough buttons, digital displays and knobs to give a flight deck on the space shuttle a run for its money gives me no pleasure whatsoever!

      To be honest, I don't even bother too much with the timer. My philosophy - which has always served me well - is to pop in chosen food or beverage and blast it on full power until the window steams up, by which point whatever is inside is ready. I appreciate that this is a less than scientific approach but it's always worked for me!

      Although this little machine has done me proud, I do have a couple of issues with it. Firstly, the glass turntable slips off the runners quite a lot. At first I thought that I hadn't replaced it properly after washing it but after it kept recurring I figured out that it's a design fault rather than me making a mistake! Secondly, it's too small for any of my dinner plates. I don't use it to heat 'meals' up per se, so I personally don't find it too restrictive but if you are a person who does then this would be a problem - unless you eat your dinner off a side plate...

      The only other 'potential' problem occurs because the microwave is so light. If you open the door in a particularly robust manner the whole machine moves - not ideal if, like me, you tend to leave stuff lying around on top of the damn thing!

      Its energy efficiency rating is B which I am happy with. It's quite a powerful little machine - the oven power is 700 watts. The power cable is around a metre long which is ample in my opinion.
      The Tesco Direct catalogue number for this product is 200-6586 and the current selling price is £32.99. I can't remember exactly how much I paid for it but it was around the £30.00 mark. You will receive 64 Tesco club card points on this purchase but you will have to pay for delivery should you order it from the Tesco Direct website as free delivery starts on purchases of over £50.00.

      Despite the problems I've given it four stars simply because it's so easy to use and is brilliant value for money in my opinion.


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    • Product Details

      Short name: Tesco MMS07

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