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Whirlpool VT262BL

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    1 Review
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      27.03.2012 17:48
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      5 stars

      We always seem to be quite fortunate in that our electrical items seem to last us quite a number of years before conking out on us, but for some reason, that doesn't seem to be the case for microwaves. When our latest microwave decided to go on strike and not return from it, we scoured the internet looking for a decent one that could replace it. Despite hardly ever actually using a microwave, we just don't seem to get our money's worth out of them so decided to see if we would be better off going with one slightly more expensive. We normally spend around £50 - £60 on one, but this time we set our budget at £100 to see what we could get for within this price.

      After a little research, I ended up on the Argos website and found this particular model, the Whirlpool VT262BL Vitesse Grill. I was quite surprised to see a Whirlpool microwave as I didn't realise they produced electrical items outside of the washing machine and tumble dryers they are more well known for. I liked this particular model as it had more functions than a standard microwave. While I normally only ever reheat food in the microwave or make popcorn, as I usually defrost meat overnight or heat soup, etc in a pan, this microwave has much more going for it than that. The auto steam function is amazing and allows that you can steam vegetables, fish and meat, which is much more convenient than getting steamers out of cupboards etc. I use this all the time and food tastes so delicious. I recently had some friends around and served them steamed vegetables but didn't tell them I had prepared them in the microwave, and they were none the wiser!

      On the odd occasion when I forget to defrost things overnight and only realise as I begin to prepare meals, this microwave no longer leaves me stressed out and in a fluster, as the jet defrost option means I can defrost food safely and 5 times quicker than a standard microwave, as it works directly on the water molecules throughout the food, defrosting from the inside. This has saved my bacon a few times and is so handy. I used to find the auto defrost setting on previous microwaves that I owned so slow that I just didn't bother any more and that is when I got into the habit of letting things defrost overnight. All you have to do with this microwave is select the type of food you wish to defrost, enter the approximate weight and press start. So easy!

      There are 7 power settings available to use, perfect for different types of food and speed required. This particular model is sleek and will look spot on in any kitchen. It's black exterior is something a little different from the usual white or chrome and the electronic controls adds a quality feel.

      Should you choose to buy this particular model from Argos like we did, you will have to purchase it online as it is an online exclusive and does not feature in the catalogue. It currently retails for £104.99 on the Argos website and this is fantastic value in comparison to the £140+ on Amazon and Boots electronic website. There is a 1 year manufacturers guarantee included.

      Definitely recommended, the steam option and jet defrost option make it worth its RRP and allow you can make healthier meals, quicker and with less fuss than ever before.
      Size: H30, W52, D44cm.

      Output: 800 watts.

      Capacity: 24 litres.

      28cm diameter rotating plate.


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      Short name: Whirlpool VT262BL

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