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    2 Reviews
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      18.08.2013 10:45
      Very helpful



      a microwave/grill by Whirlpool with a range of cooking functions

      A microwave is an essential in a kitchen and I like to have a good one always with a decent wattage, especially in the kitchen at work too. In our kitchen in work, we have this Whirlpool JT369 model which is not a brand I have ever used much for a microwave but this is a powerful model and at the same time looks really modern too. Whirlpool are a very well known brand and we have a few of these in our office and they always seem really reliable which is important in an office kitchen. It is really straightforward to use this model too and it has a good range of features that make it a worthwhile purchase and so far I have had no problems.


      This microwave is black in colour and at the bottom it has a badge which has the Whirlpool logo on it and the model number on the top. It has a chrome handle along the front which pulls the door open by pulling it down, it has all buttons and a digital timer display on the top too. The power button is silver and the inside of the microwave has a glass tray, like most models do and the vent is on the top. The weight of this microwave is 29.4kg and the dimensions of it are 490 (H) x 380 (W) x 519mm (D) which is about standard but it does seem maybe slightly bigger than your usual microwave model, it also has the cord which is 0.9m in length, so not too bad.


      This is a microwave with a grill and its maximum power is 1200W but the oven power is 1000W and it has a capacity of 31 litres. In terms of functions, it has 3 programmes and it has 8 power levels too. With this microwave, I have probably not explored it too its furthest depths as it does describe that you can choose whether to grill or steam the vegetables but I don't tend to use the grill option at all. The microwave is really easy to use and it has a start button to begin but if you want to pause the microwave you just open the door and it will keep the timer on pause but if you want to end cooking then all you need to do is press the stop button and it will be finished.

      It's easy enough to use the timer, you just twist the knob and the timer will go up in installments of 15 seconds, it does it quickly so you can set it with speed. There are so many different settings for power, the first is JET, it is mainly for the reheating of soup, tea coffee or foods with eggs in them, or cream. Next is the one I use most often, 750W which is for the cooking of fish, meat or vegetables and then next is 650W cooking dishes, not possible to stir. The next level is 500W which is mainly for cooking high protein sauces, cheese and egg dishes and finishing of casserole dishes. 350W is for simmering stews or melting butters and 160W is for defrosting and the last setting is 90W for softening butter, cheeses and ice creams.

      When using JET Defrost, you then have to select the food category whether it is meat, fish, vegetable etc. To use the Grill function all you need to do is press the Grill button and then adjust the cooking time by turning the knob and then press start. There is also a Grill Combi function which is for cooking things like lasagne, poultry and baked potatoes, again its just a case of pressing the Grill Combi button and adjusting the time. For Grill Combi, it comes with a guide for certain foods e.g. it should be on 350-500W for cooking of poultry and lasagne. I haven't used this function before as I'd more likely use the oven for this but it is good that it has this.

      The Crisp function is for cooking of pizzas, and dough based foods as well as frying bacon, eggs and sausages and hamburgers. Forced Air function covers cooking of meringues, pastry, cakes, souffles and poultry. Quick Heat is quite self explanitory and is just for heating food up fast and then there is a 6th Sense Function for reheating food from frozen and then you select the food class. The classes are French Fries 250g - 600g, Pan Pizza 300g - 800g and there are many more but the idea is it is cooked on weight. This microwave has a lot of great functions and always cooks food very well which is why I like it so much.

      It is so easy to set the timer and it is quiet when it cooks, you can see the food through the window and it beeps when it ends. My food always cooks right through with this being such a powerful microwave and not only that but it is easy enough to clean this as well as you can take out the glass plate in the microwave. Overall, I am very impressed with this Whirlpool microwave, it cooks in so many different ways and is a very good design and it is easy to set up. The price is a bit more than other models out there but this is because it is combined with a grill which makes it that bit more versatile and it is worthy paying that bit more.


      This particular microwave model can be purchased at Currys where they are currently charging £299.99 for it which like I said above, seems a lot but for what you get, it is good.

      The official Whirlpool website is http://www.whirlpool.co.uk/.


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        18.07.2012 15:10


        • Reliability


        fab little machine.

        Whirlpool Jet Chef JT369 31l 1000w Microwave Combi Oven.

        Amazon £238

        This machine is fantastic. I have had this machine for about two years now, with no complaints. It is easy to clean, has a good light so it is easy to see what you are cooking. It has a vast range of functions including:

        * 6th Sense Steam function - this steams your food, meat, fish, veggies or rice. It works quickly and efficiently. A steamer is provided that will hold enough food for up to four people. Much easier than having multiple saucepans on the hob, just put it all in here, set the oven and walk away.

        * Jet Defrost - Defrosts frozen food much faster than a standard microwave. For example, a chicken fillet will take less than two minutes from frozen to thawed. This has made a big difference as if I get home from work late at night and have forgotten to get something out of the freezer in the morning to defrost, I can still have it for dinner that night by using this function.

        * Crisp Function - this is good for bread and dough based products as well as veg. Cooks pizzas to perfection. A special "crisp tray" is provided with a removable handle. It is fantastic for making mini roasts as well. Living on my own, making a full blown roast isn't very practical or economical. By placing some baking parchment on the tray, pop on some chopped potatoes/parsnip/swede etc, set the crisp function to around 7 minutes and BOOM - proper roasties! This function also produces lovely crispy baked potatoes in around 12 minutes (Using potatoes kept in the fridge. Potatoes at room temperature would take less time to cook.)

        * Jet Start - This simply starts the microwave, each press of the button increases the cooking time by 30 seconds. I use this for most things as it saves time and does the job well. Veggies from frozen take around 2mins 30s using this function.

        * Forced Air - This enables the machine to be used as a conventional oven. You can put the timer on for up to 90 minutes, if you need to cook for longer, just restart the timer after the first 90 minutes has ended. It is possible to pre-heat the oven first by pressing this button twice before use. This then uses the grill to heat up the body of the oven to the required temperature. The temperature is always displayed on the front of the machine so you can keep an eye on it.

        * Grill function - Normal grill function using the supplied rack. It is handy and works well but the grill is a little tricky to clean, mainly because I am quite short and find it difficult to reach all the way to the back.

        . I live alone and use it to do everything from roasts, steaming veg, baking cakes, etc etc. The steamer that is supplied is a little large for one but I just use a smaller generic version for rice etc and it does the job well. No more putting rice on the hob, walking away and before you know it, it has burnt! the controls are easy to get the hang of and after reading the manual i was well away. i use it to cook for just myself and friends also. it is big enough to fit a good sized chicken or joint of meat and yet small enough not to take up too much space on the work top. the grill is also very handy although i use a health grill most of the time. would highly recommend for one person or small families/students. Whirlpool customer service is second to none.


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