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    1 Review
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      28.11.2003 03:23
      Very helpful



      Almsot 18 months ago my husband and I purchased a new PC from PC world. We had no problem with it until it was 12 months old. There was a slight problem with the CD Rom drive. I telpehone Pc World and was told that my PC was now out of warranty and I would have to £90 for it to be repaired. I did not have this kind of money to spare so I took it to a shop that I have always used. Never again!! The shop I used was called Earlybird Computers. They are based in Wigston, Leicester. I will not give contact for reasons that I will explain later. I have used the shop and its staff many times in the past if we have needed to have something done to the computer that was not covered on the warranty from Pc World or to buy accessories. We have never had a problem with them and on many occasions have recommended them to friends and family. When I took my Pc to the shop, I explained what I thought was wrong with it and asked them to have a look at it. They told me to call later that day to see if it was ready to be collected. I did so and was told they had not had chance to have a look at it and that they would be very busy for a few days. I said that this was fine and told them to call me when it was ready. After 5 days they still had not called so I rang them only to be told that my Pc was now dead. Nothing worked and all my data had been lost. I was furious, I had all my childrens photos, emails, personal documents and software that I had downloaded for the children on it. I asked them what had happened and they say that it had basically shut itself down and that this was a common problem with PC World and Dell computers. Apparently they fit some kind of timer that makes the computer shut down permanently after the warrenty runs out so that they have to renew their warranty and pay extra. I had never heard such rubbish and asked them just to simply fix it. They said that they would but it would cost me around £95. I agreed to let them d
      o the work. Two days later I received a call to say that my PC was ready to be collected. I went to pick it up and hurried home to start the long process of re-installing all my data. When I got home I found that the PC did not work at all. I called the company and told them what I had found and they told me that it had left the shop working and that I must have broken it. I was furious and found somewhere else to get it reapired. When the engineer opened the PC up he told me that there were major parts of the PC missing and it was no where near the specifications that I had paid PC world for. They had stolen parts of my PC and replaced them with either faulty or just plain crap parts. I was livid by now and went home and called the company. I expalined what I had been told by the engineer and I asked to speak to the manager. When I told him what had happened he was as cross as me and told me that they had received a number of complaints and recently they had to sack a member of staff for comitting the type of crime that I had reported. I was told that if I bought my PC into the shop they would fix it at a reduced rate. I was not happy with this and he said because I had been messed around so much he would do it for free. I was very grateful, he didn't have to do that. When my PC had been repaired, I was at first very happy with the work that had been done until I digged a little deeper and found that some of the parts that had been "replaced" had not been and some didn't work as they should. Rather than try to complain to the shop again I called trading standards who launched an investigation. The company was closed down, this is why I cannot give you their contact details. I did recieve £10 compensation which I suppose is better than nothing I wanted to write this op to bring to light the fact that such things do happen. If taking your PC to be repaired ensure that you mark all parts so yo
      u can check that all your parts are still there and that the work you wanted to be done has been done and demand that you see your PC working before it leaves the shop.


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