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12 North Street, Gainsborough, Lincs, DN21-2HR
Tel: +44-(0)1427-811770 Fax +44-(0)1427-811780
Selling a few used and new models online and store has cyber cafe and training suite.

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    1 Review
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      01.09.2001 16:38
      Very helpful



      I want to tell you a story. It is a story that will have a happy ending. The reason why I want to write this story is to show my gratitude to the folks at LINC IT in Gainsborough. Why? Well, let me begin. My old computer was nearing the end of its natural life. It was slow, had a small hard rive, a little bit of memory, and crashed so often that I had to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows every 2-3 months. What's more, we had been getting the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death' more and more. Therefore I was praying that the old thing would tick over, mainly because we had been through a lot together. The Old thing had the following specification: Pentium 166MMX CPU 48MB Ram 2 GB Hard Disk 56K Modem ATI 4MB 2D Graphics card. Two days ago, whilst happily surfing the Web, my computer crashed. Upon rebooting I found that a whole load of files were now missing, including all my internet ones, including the whole of 'Dial-Up Networking'. Could it have been a virus? Well, I was actually on Opcom at the time, and I have ZoneAlarm as a firewall. I was confused. I took the poorly computer to LincIT, which is situated in Gainsborough, next to the main sorting office, and is only 15 minutes' drive away from my front door. I had already run Scandisk, but when the nice gentlemen ran it a second time, the computer made a fatal whirring noise and died. I was distraught! My faithful computer was only good to be used as a doorstop! And so I asked the nice people at the shop to work me a quote out for a new system. I would keep the CDRom Drive (52 speed) and floppy drive from my old computer, as well as the speakers and the 15 inch monitor I had at home. I wanted the cheapest possible spec available, but it still had to be reasonably fast. I was to ise it mainly for surfing and word-processing, but I would be playing a few games, although I am not into Doom abd its many cl
      ones. The specification they worked out was as follows: ATX Midi Tower Case PC Chips 810 Motherboard with built in sound, 56K Modem and 3D AGP Graphics Accelerator AMD Duron 750Mhz Processor 128 MB PC133 SDRAM 20 GB Hard Disk Drive Athlon Socket A Cooling Fan and heatsink AT Keyboard adaptor 30 minutes labour to put it all together. This would be enough to get us up and running again. I would use my OS from home. I waited with baited breath... Well, I was shocked to say the least. You see, the High Street multiples sell basic systems with 64MB of Ram and 10GB hard disks for around £500-£600. They think that the words DVD are so sexy that it matters not whether the computer is powerful enough to handle them. Anyway, I digress... The cost of the new system quoted above was a staggering £300!!! The computer is now sitting at home, and I absolutely love it. The shop is in the process of setting up a cyber café, and sells a small number of systems, all at very good prices. They can make up systems to order, and are extremely quick and efficient. There is a standard 1 year return to base warranty, with a three year warranty on monitors. You may think that, because they are located in Lincolnshire you needn't use them... Check out the website: http://www.lincit.com Get a quote and see if it compares favourably with what you are quoted in your local specialist. It will definitely compare very favourably with big chains such as Comet, PC World and Dixons. I am very very happy. The service was efficient and very friendly. They take their time to explain things, and they don't try and sell you things you don't need- which I think is the sign of excellent salesmanship.


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