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Online computer manufacturer and retailer / www.pacificpc.co.uk.

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    1 Review
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      29.01.2001 18:14
      Very helpful



      Pacific PC regularly win awards in the computer press, notably in PC Pro magazine, who recommend them about every 6 months despite running a special article in their magazine (~Aug/Sep 2000) pointing out the large number of unsatisfied customers. They win awards because the machines are inevitably extremely well-specified for the price. Having read a review, they seemed an excellent choice, and since they sell via their website, I thought I would order online from them. The following advice is based entirely on my experience, which of course may be totally atypical... 1. DO NOT USE THEIR ONLINE PURCHASING SYSTEM. I cannot stress this enough. It is about as primitive as can be imagined, and misleading to boot. Their is no "final confirmation" page, no confirmation even of the price of the items before sending the order. You cannot even access their terms and conditions of sale unless you have entered your credit card details. You are supposed to be sent an "order confirmation" by fax or email. This will not happen, even if you specifically request it, until your credit card has already been charged. I was charged £30 on top of the price quoted on their website, for a machine with a different (inferior) motherboard and mouse to that named in the spec. The spec was faxed to me (after ~12 requests by email and phone) on the same day the computer was built(i.e. 3 weeks after my order), and the day after my credit card was debited. Oh yes, delivery time may be any time after your order. Estimated time according to site: within 2 weeks. Actual time: 5 weeks. 2. DO NOT EXPECT ANY BASIC CUSTOMER SERVICE. OF ANY KIND. If you have a problem, you will be ignored. They pursue a policy of the receptionist not answering the phone except for a ~30 min period during the day (bizarrely, at ~noon, although this may vary...). The rest of the time you will be put in a queue f
      or ~15 mins, then the line will be dropped. (I know, I did this several times.) Should you actually speak to the receptionist, she will promise that someone will ring you back as they are "busy". This will not happen. Ever. YOU MUST INSIST ON TALKING TO SOMEONE THERE AND THEN. If you are lucky you may be put on hold again and then put through 10 minutes later. The manager is polite, and will promise you anything you like, but nothing will come of it, I'm afraid. 3. CONCLUSION The upside: my machine works pretty well, and has a good specification, albeit for £30 more than advertised. The downside: appalling online ordering system, and very very poor customer service. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're getting before you buy, and don't expect ANY service afterwards.


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