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Texas Instruments TI-82

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Manufacturer: Texas Instruments / Type: Graphical calculator

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    1 Review
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      21.08.2010 15:49
      Very helpful



      Brilliant calculator

      I used this calculator for my A level and GCSE exams, as it was a required calculator which was purchased through our school. It looks complicated and has thousands of functions; but, the best thing is, it draws graphs of identities or equations, which is so helpful during the exam!

      The calculator has a very large screen, which is helpful as it keeps details of the most recent 5 or so calculations. So, if you're doing a calculation which involves more than one seperate calculations it's very helpful to scroll back upwards to see what you've just typed in.

      There are all the usual functions you would expect of a scientific calculator - the sin, cos and tan functions and their inverses, powers, matrices and so on. The buttons are large, with clear lettering on each button. It can look quite overwhelming to begin with, with nearly every button having three separate functions, and most leading to a new menu. However, you quickly learn to ignore what you don't need and focus on what you do.

      The graphing function is one of the strongest points of this calculator. You simply input the equation in the form "y= ... ", and the graph appears. You can then go on to do many things with this - find the integral, differentiate the graph, find intersects, maxima and minima, vary the size of the graph to fit what you want to see, and so on.

      There are many, many uses of this calculator which I haven't had reason to come across, which include programming, finances and logical tests. However, this is the case for many calculators so I wouldn't regard it as too much of a negative.

      Overall this is a brilliant calculator, giving a very wide range of functions, the best of which is the graphing function. It can look rather overwhleming to begin with, but you soon zoom in on what you need and ignore the rest. Recommended for 13+ years.

      ** This calculator is accepted for use in the Edexcel maths exams, which was the syllabus I took for A level. It's also accepted in iGCSE maths. However, it's may not be accepted at many universities, as these often prefer to have their own specific calculator which they require students purchase. It may also not be used by other exam boards. Please check.**


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