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    1 Review
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      06.02.2002 23:14
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      • er....

      I had an old (6 months!) Umax laptop, which was OK, built to a budget, a bit like a clone pc only in miniature. Worked OK, did most of what I need, but I wanted more! So when I saw a Satellite Pro 4600, DVD drive and 700 celeron, I went for it. It was lurking in Insight.com's blowout cheapies section, a customer return, at half price. Having been keen to get a DVD drive (I work away from home a lot, so it's cool to watch a movie in the evening) I snapped it up. I had already upgraded the Umax with a 128Meg SODIMM and a 20 Gig hard disk, so I swapped these into the Tosh before I flogged the Umax, both went in no sweat. Though the Tosh doesn't have a "real" bios, it recognised the new hard drive instantly and went with it. Getting it to work with my Nokia 6210 was another story, tho. Unlike the old UMAX, Tosh use a "virtual IR port", instead of calling it COM1 or 2 or whatever, so when the Nokia software asks you if it's talking to com 1,2,3 or 4, you're in trouble. A swift download sorted that little problem. After that, the SAT was fine, apart from an annoying "stripe" which appeared and disappeared down the screen, squeezing it gently at the top made it go away (at first!) but then it became intrusive. A call (Via the contact details off their website) put me in touch with their repairers, Northgate Data. They agreed to take it under warranty (all done from the serial no) and then came the shocker, I had to pay for its carriage up to them, but also had to include a cheque for £25 to get it back again. Bit of a shoddy warranty, Toshiba! However, it was cheap.... To be fair, it arrived back 4 working days lkater, fixed, and with not the tiniest evidence of how they did it, no screwdriver marks, nothing, and it's been fine ever since. I'm still not sure PC based DVD playback is as good as on TV, you tend to see the "steps" in colour, like when your pc is set to only 256 c
      olours, there are gradients. This may just be down to the much better res on a monitor than on a TV? But still, it performs flawlessly. Rubbish with Linux, but that's another story!


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      Toshiba Corporation is a Japanese multinational high technology electrical and electronics manufacturing firm, with headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. It is the 7th largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment in the world.

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