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Breville SHM2 380 Watts Compact Food Mixer 10 Speeds S/Steel Bowl

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Brand: Breville / Mixer Type: Stand / Speed Settings: 10 Speeds / Power Output: 380 Watts / Bowl Size: 2 liter / Colour: White

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    5 Reviews
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      05.01.2013 00:45
      Not Helpful
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      I would recommend this if you cannot afford a proper stand mixer

      As a student who loves baking, I bought this for my student flat as I couldn't take my kenwood to uni with me. It is a good value solution but is not quite as good as a proper stand mixer.

      Price- a great priced mixer for those who can't afford the big brands like a kenwood but who want something more than just a simple hand mixer.
      Detachable hand mixer- you can use this with the bowl or detach the hand mixer
      Variety of speeds- low setting, high setting and range from 1-5 means that you can start slow to prevent your ingredients splashing everywhere and then build up speed to ensure it is well mixed.
      Bowl spins- means you can leave the mixer to mix your ingredients evenly and you don't have to stand and hold the mixer. You don't have to worry about your arm getting sore if you have a lot to mix etc.

      Difficult to get the hang of the bowl and mixer together. The bowl does stick sometimes and you need to make sure you watch what is happening with this mixer.
      Bowl isn't very big- I was baking a large cake and found there was not enough room in the bowl and had to use the hand mixer.
      It is quite fiddly to reattach the mixer and does take a little bit of time.
      It doesn't look that nice sitting on your counter. It does look quite cheap.

      For the price and on a short term basis, this is good value for money but it you are serious about baking, it would be better to save up and go for the real thing.


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        09.02.2012 02:55



        A decent starter machine with a few little annoyances

        This was bought for me as a Christmas present because my obsession with baking was getting crazy and I wanted my arm to stop hurting! I have nothing else to compare it with, having never owned a stand mixer before and so I can only comment on what I have experienced with this machine.

        First of all it is so incredibly noisy that I wonder if my neighbours hate me if I'm baking more than one thing in a day. This is even with it on the low setting. I have tried it on a higher setting and found it to be much noisier but not much more useful. It seems to have more settings than actually required, as I don't notice much difference in between each. The settings it has are on the attached hand mixer which affect the speed of the whisks and also on the stand to affect the speed at which the bowl rotates (the extra settings for the latter I find useless).

        One thing I have also noticed is that when mixing, the attached whisks don't get right in to the side and so some mixture is left there. This requires me to mix that part myself or incorporate it into the mixture before switching the machine back on.

        The machine does come with some extras; these include an extra set of whisks, dough hooks (great for making bread!) and its own spatula. The spatula in particular is great to get into the previously mentioned unmixed areas and also for scraping the mixture out. It's a lot sturdier than the usual flexible spatulas which can good or bad, considering what you need it to do. While normal spatulas are great for scraping bowls (and would certainly work with the mixer), this solid one is brilliant for the mixer itself.

        One plus point as well is if you need just a hand mixer, you can detach that from the stand and use it on its own.

        It certainly takes the effort out of baking and I would recommend it as a starter stand mixer, but I think I will be upgrading at some time in the future.


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        08.12.2011 10:02
        Very helpful



        A decent mixer

        I am not the best person in the world to make cakes or follow recipes so a few months ago someone decided for comedy reasons to get me the Breville SHM2 model which is as you can tell perhaps by the picture is a mixer.

        This product is one of those which offers quite a range of features with a few flaws which is kind of the norm I find with electrical products.

        You have with this product an excellent stainless steel bowl with a 2 litre capacity for liquid and apparently 1kg capacity for dry food. The bowl fits perfectly in a slot on the mixer which makes sure it doesn't move and slide off.

        You also have a wide range of whisks to attach to the top of the mixer which means you can mix up various foods with different strengths. You have some super thick whisks which seem very durable and heavy duty and these can seriously cut through any food it seems.

        Then you have some pretty standard and yet weak looking whisks which are actually pretty good. They attach by slotting them into the mixer and this is just a simple amount of pressure and they are locked into place.

        I was also given a spatula in white which has come in handy on a few occasions when I forgot to put down grease proof paper resulting in some cooking disasters.

        The mixer itself is done in a nice way because you have so many settings to make sure you mix the contents inside the bowl well. You have on the side a little turn dial and this enables you to select a speed and this indicates the speed in which the bowl itself moves.

        The bowl moves around on mixer and it can be quick or slow depending on how you feel or what the instructions tell you to do. On the top of the mixer neck you have move buttons as well.

        One has a sliding connection as well which lets you use more force with the whisks and the other button in my eyes is there to add more pressure again. I wish I could tell people what it says but my button has nothing on it but when I press it the speed and power seems to pick up.

        You have the ability to also take the bowl out of the mixer and loosen the neck of the mixer so it becomes a hand mixer rather than a huge machine. This is particular handy if you are someone who wants to be more hands on with the making of cakes and food.

        When it comes to cleaning this device is pretty simple because the bowl detaches easily and with the whisks on the top you can easily press a release button which lets them come down and you can then take them away to clean.

        The device is good for plenty of ideas as you can imagine and with me the first time I used it I had a good experience with the biggest flaw this machine has which I shall come to shortly.

        I made or attempted to make a cake which was a normal sponge and I was going to have some cream and jam in the centre and I was nervous about using this product at first because I am a wimp with new technology I always panic I will press something and end up regretting it afterwards.

        I put in the margarine and sugar and just turn the whisks onto the slowest setting with the bowl spinning and it took about a minute and the contents were so smooth and looked excellent. When it came to later using the flour the contents were thicker so I used more speed and it seemed effortless for this mixer to produce excellent results.

        One of the problems throughout the making of this cake was the deafening sound which is just over the top. If you turn this mixer to the top setting and the maximum power you cannot hear a thing going on elsewhere it is so noisy.

        I think in some ways this is kind of the biggest drawback because there is little else wrong with this mixer besides the sound. It can sometimes drive you mad and occasionally I power down the machine and mix the contents myself by hand which is quite an effort.

        The final problem I have had is that when I have got to the final stage of a cake and the flour has been added and the bowl is spinning around the contents on the side of the bowl do not get mixed in so you have to try and use a knife to go round the edges to knock the contents inside.

        This happens because the whisks are in the centre and never quite reach the sides that well or the bottom sometimes you have crumbs left which in theory should have been mixed in very well.

        In my view in terms of convenience this is an excellent item because it saves time, it can be stored away very easily and there are plenty of essentials added with this item which helps. The cleaning is easy to do and there provide you with many options to make sure you never have a problem.

        The biggest drawback is the terrible sound this device makes but other than that I found little else wrong. I have made cakes so many times now using this mixer and it has given me confidence which is always a good thing to have.

        The price can vary for this item and it can be found on Amazon and other retailers.

        Below are some of the key bits of information.

        380w Motor with 10 speeds
        3.2kg in weight


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        15.02.2011 15:28
        Very helpful



        A hand and stand alone mixer in one from Breville.

        For Valentine's Day this year I rather stupidly decided I'd attempt for mad romantic gesture in the form of cake baking. Now this may not seem particularly daring or lavish to most of you but if you'd seen me in action in the kitchen then you'd know this was on a par danger wise with bungee jumping practically! I'd just like to tell you at this point that the cake was actually a success (much to the shock of my friends and family), my kitchen remains in tact (no burn marks or broken equipment) and I haven't caused any food poisoning (although half the cake still remains)! I decided to follow a receipe (which in itself is enough of a challenge for me) and was a little worried when I saw that it required an electric mixer to obtain the best results...

        Now I didn't dare not follow the instructions as the chances of me obtaining the best results were already slim when following them to the exact word! Luckily help was on hand in the form of my friend who offered to lend me her Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer save me going out and buying one (and probably never using it again). The mixer turned up in my kitchen in a white box which showed a picture of the product on the front in action and plenty of technical information on the back. Inside the mixer was packaged as if it was new with everything being wrapped individually in clear plastic and kept in place using those white foam blocks... my friend is a little bit of a neat freak really! I eagerly started to unpack the box...

        The box contains a stand for the mixer, a hand mixer, a bowl, two beaters, two whisks, two dough hooks (whatever that are), a spatula and an instructions booklet. The mixer also comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty which my friend said she's never had reason to use and she's had the mixer for about a year now. The instructions booklet was fairly detailed and offered clear step by step instructions on how to set up the mixer... I did struggle to get the beaters and the whisks into the actual mixer but after re-reading the instructions I realised I was trying to insert them into the wrong holes! It took me about five minutes to assemble it. Once done the mixer weights 3.27kg and is an average size from other mixers that I've seen.

        Now this mixer can be used in two different ways; firstly it can be fitted to the stand and used to mix something in the bowl provided or it can be used as a hand held mixer. I first used it as a detachable hand mixer to beat some eggs, there's an on / off switch which is easy to operate and it features ten different speeds, ranging from very slow and very fast (I wouldn't recommend the fast one as when I experimented my eggs did start jumping out of the bowl)! It was quite comfortable to hold and did feel quite light, the actual part where you hold with your hand was smooth and my hand comfortably covered it. I then used it along with the stand and bowl to mix the whole mixture and this was even easier as there was no hand holding at all!

        The mixer made my cake making experience much easier and much less labour intensive for my poor arm when it came to beating and mixing! My eggs were suitably beaten in about a minute while the cake mixture was fully mixed and left really smooth within about two minutes. Cleaning the mixer was fairly easier, the beaters were ejected by pushing a single button and these along with the other accessories went straight in the dishwasher along with the bowl. I merely wiped down the actual hand whisk and the stand but there wasn't really much need to, it was more that I was scared of my friend's scarily tidy habits! I even used the mixer again on the Sunday when my mum and I made some soup - it did the job absolutely brilliantly too!

        The mixer boasts a patented twin motor for superb beating action, from what I can understand this basically means the bowl is driven against the beaters to provide intense beating action. The bowel offers a 2 litre liquid capacity and a 1 kilogram dry capacity. The motor operates at 380 watts. Although I've only had limited experience with this mixer the instructions and the website information available does suggest that it can be used for a wide range of things such as baking, mashing potatoes, kneading dough and making homemade sauces too. I've used it to beat eggs, mix a cake and mix soup ingredients and it performed really well on all three things. Overall it's worked really well for me, I like how it can stand alone too so I can add ingredients.

        Now there were one or two downsides with the most obvious one for me being the fact that the beaters and the whisks don't actually reach the bottom of the bowl. Now I know they shouldn't touch the bowl as this could damage it but they're a good centimetre from the bottom of the bowl which may mean some ingredients just get left on the bottom rather than being mixed. The only other thing (and this is a rather minor thing) is the fact that the bowl on the stand has to rotate as well which means there are two motors running which does create a rather large noise! It was loud enough to set my parent's dog off barking like a mentalist! My friend also commented that the bowl doesn't rotate fast enough but I didn't have a problem here.

        This mixer has been on the market since the start of 2005 so it is rather an old model now, however this does mean that it's much more reasonably priced than some of the newer models out there which are far too frighteningly hi tech for me to deal with! The Breville SHM2 Twin Hand and Stand Mixer is currently priced at £57.12 on Amazon or for just £44.00 at Dixons. Apart from the one or two little niggles I mentioned earlier there's nothing I can really fault this mixer on - it's quite a bargain when you think you're getting a stand alone mixer and a hand mixer in one. My friend has had it for about a year and uses it about twice a month she says and she's never had any problems with it. I'm giving it a big four stars... it needs to shhhh a bit!

        Thanks for reading.


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          09.08.2008 15:32
          Very helpful



          Fantastic for the price, rather noisy though

          I've had my breville mixer for a short while now, having bought it for £39.95 at John Lewis. I've used it for making pizza dough as well as cakes and icing. The controls are easy to understand though because the bowl and the beaters are controlled seperately it can be a little difficult to turn on or off both at once. I've found that it's best to turn the bowl off, then the beaters as otherwise the batter / dough / etc can get pushed to one side of the bowl.
          I've found the variety of beaters and hooks to be perfect for all the things I've made using my mixer. The dough hooks are a huge improvement on the ones included with the last mixer I used. They produced a perfect dough first time, even though I don't have much experience of making dough in a mixer. The hooks and beaters are all dishwasher safe, as is the bowl, so that helps with cleaning up too.
          My one complaint would be about the high pitched noise that this mixer makes on the slower speeds. Oddly it doesn't do it on the faster ones though! There are 10 speeds and a boost button that takes it to max speed when you hold it down, whatever speed the slider switch was set on.
          The mixer head is removable from the stand to be used as a hand mixer, I've found it a little stiff to remove but feel that this may be a problem that resolves with more usage. Once removed from the stand the mixer head looses it's smooth body shape but is lightweight, easily manoverable, and makes a good hand mixer.
          Over all, I love my mixer. It's easy to assemble, dismantle and clean. It's as compact as any to store, and makes great food if you don't mind the noise.
          As far as I know there are no seperate attachments available to buy but I feel that you get everything you need in the box.


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        • Product Details

          Versatile Breville SHM2 stand mixer with a unique twin motor that provides a three way beating action / The mixer may be removed and used as a hand mixer / The Breville has 10 speeds and a push button beater ejection / Short name: Breville SHM2