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Brand: Kenwood

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2010 23:43
      Very helpful



      It may look an old 'un but it works like new 'un

      Put me in a kitchen and I'm quite happy 'creating' all sorts of things, usually they turn out quite nice, although sometimes my taste buds are tested and the bin gets a feed. But this is the art of creating isn't it, I mean, how do you think someone once realised that eggs go well with bacon? or that cheese taste lovely melted on toast?... someone has to make that first 'mistake' to realise that what they have created is in fact far from a mistake indeed.
      Anyway, I am the proud owner of many devices that make that creating moment a lot easy and a lot quicker to achieve, and recently I've been looking a little closer at my equipment, (easy now), which I have knocking around in my humble kitchen, from toasters to tumble dryers, cookers to microwave ovens, all with the intentions of telling the world how I feel about each and ever piece.

      So when I spotted a certain good sized machine sat at the far end of a worktop, although when I say spotted, I was actually using it for a good while, I thought I'd let you know all about it.

      The peace of equipment I am talking about is the rather weird but very useful multi-mixer from the very famous electrical name called Kenwood.


      * 315mm long x 240mm wide x 285mm high.
      * 5.0kg in weight, (with empty bowl)
      * White solid plastic bodied design.
      * Silver bowl and dial
      * Variable speed control
      * 700 watts of power
      * Splashgaurd
      * Various attachments, including beating, kneading dough, and whisking.
      * 4.3litre bowl capacity
      * Mains cord storage

      ** MY OPINION...

      Well, this is the largest of the mixers that I own and, if I'm honest, it is without doubt the strongest, like a good old work horse, always there, never letting me down. It is happy to do all the tedious mixing for me, such as cake/biscuit mixing, whilst I go about pouring another glass of red wine... only kidding, I never drink and cook, honest.

      It is a good size, not too small so as to only be able to handle a spoonful of ingredients, whilst not to big and bulky so as to take over your kitchen worktops. But to be honest, it's not the prettiest of kitchen equipments, in fact, to be frank, it looks like something from the 1960's with it's semi curved edges, mirrored silver top front and a large protruding dial on the side, this dial is in fact the speed control with 5 settings.

      There is a small catch on the left side which releases the 'head', allowing it to flip backwards so that you can see how your mixture is doing, or even change the mixing tools.
      Underneath the casing on the top of the mixer there are two attachment points for external equipment, (which you do have to buy separately I'm afraid, although some companies may offer a bundle if asked nicely). These hidden attachments are each have one speed setting, the front one being a medium speed whilst the back one gives a higher speed setting.
      The attachments that can be bought separately consist of a liquidiser, a mincer, a juicer and a food processor unit, all fitting onto the top of the main body of this mixer, apart from the mincer which fits into the same place as the supplied attachments.

      Please note:
      The safety feature on this model is that it will not operate if any of the outlet covers are incorrectly fitted or missing.

      Plus, it has what they call an electronic speed sensor, which calculates the difference in the density of the mixture and adjusts the speed to compensate for it, thus keeping the correct speed needed for mixing. So say you're mixing flour, eggs and water (with a dash of lemon) on speed two, then add a knob of butter, the speed sensor will detect the knob of butters density and change the revs on the motor slightly to continue to mix on speed two.

      It does a cracking job in mixing up what ever you throw into it, (although I wouldn't recommend such things as house bricks or garden waste as this would nullify any warranty that maybe left on the machine), and it does its job pretty quickly indeed, depending on what you're mixing of course, with the ingenious way that the mixing tools rotate in the opposite way to the actual mixing head.

      And it comes supplied with three mixing tools which are...
      * A 'K-beater' for such things as cake mixes and even creating a smooth mash potato
      * A 'whisk' for batter and egg whites
      * A 'dough hook' for kneading dough to make that perfect loaf of bread.

      Changing these 'mixing tools' is so simply with the entire mixing head actually tilting backwards, out of the bowl, allowing easy access without having to bend everything around corners.

      Then there's the 'Splashguard', which is a plastic covering for the bowl, which allows you to put 'smallish' things into the bowl through the large funnel type opening whilst the machine is on without anything 'splashing' back onto your Sunday best. Also, it stops those little fingers going anywhere near the turning mixing tools.

      As for cleaning, well, this is as easy as washing your hands as the mixing tools detached from the main mixing head and simply cleaned in a bowl of soapy water. With the main mixer being rubbed down with a damp cloth, unless you've had a bad mixing time and made a complete mess all over you kitchen.

      In all, as I said, this is the most used mixing machine I have in my kitchen, apart from a whisk maybe, and it does the job its supposed to with such ease and precision.
      Then, if you do get the separate attachments you'll soon realise that this machine is in fact a splendid all rounder in the mixing/ liquidising/ mincing and even liquidising world.

      As for the price, well, it's not cheap, selling for between £110.00 to £160, but if you do do a lot of mixing in the kitchen then this is the ideal toy for you.

      For the record...
      The attachments prices range from around £25.00 for the liquidiser to around £40.00 for the processor.


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      Short name: Kenwood Km262

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