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Wilko Everyday Value Hand Mixer

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4 Reviews

Brand: Wilkinson / Type: Hand Mixer

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    4 Reviews
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      09.02.2014 17:40
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      A great mixer that won't break the bank!

      --- Introduction ---

      I love baking and when I went to university I knew I wanted to take a mixer with me. At home we had an old mixer that my parents had got as a wedding present 26 years previously, so I was excited to get myself a more modern mixer. However, on a student budget my dreams of a KitchenAid were quickly replaced with the reality of how much kitchen equipment costs. I decided to go with this value range mixer from Wilkinsons, which only set me back £4.99, meaning there was enough left over for a bottle of wine!

      --- The Product ---

      This mixer, as you can imagine is fairly basic. It comes in a standard yellow cardboard box, as all Wilkinsons Value range products do and inside the box are instructions for use (which I have to admit I haven't used!). It is made from a white plastic, and has a grey section over the top of the handle, which houses the speed settings and power button. It is fairly compact, and since it is made from plastic it is not heavy which is good for your hands if you have a lot of mixing to do! I personally think the design is quite slick and appealing. It doesn't look cheap, or even that different to many other more expensive brands and unless you looked at the bottom, you wouldn't even know it is from Wilkinsons.

      This mixer comes with one set of beaters, which are of a decent size. They aren't huge, but they are big enough that they should be able to do a good job with most cake mixes. The beaters do look a little flimsy, as they aren't made of the thickest metal, but so far I have had no problems with them and I have used them many times. With most mixers, you do get a second set of beaters, but seeing as they product only cost £4.99, I don't mind.

      There are 5 different speed settings (0-5) for this mixer and there is a turbo option for when you need to be mixing at a very high speed. I have found that the range of speeds makes it easy to mix a variety of different things, including cake mixtures and cookie doughs, although I haven't found the turbo option to be that much faster than speed 5. The texture of the cakes I have made has been very good, which suggests that the correct amount of air is getting into the mixture and the mixer is working well. Now, if you are planning on making spectacular cakes, or something fancier than a sponge this mixer may not cut it, however for the amateur baker like myself, it works perfectly.

      My only real criticism of this mixer is that it has a very short power cable. I have found I've had to move my bowl over to the plug, which is a little annoying. If you have a lack of power sockets in your kitchen, or they aren't placed near where you would like to be mixing, then this mixer will be very frustrating for you!

      --- My Opinions ---

      I am very impressed with this product, it works well and mixes my cake mixtures well. The cakes I have made using this mixer have had a nice texture and using the mixer is incredibly easy and straightforward. This product has 5 speed settings plus a turbo option, which I think is very good for the price as it allows you to mix a range of different things.

      The look of the product is basic, but I don't think it looks cheap at all. I really like how compact and light this mixer is and that it doesn't hurt my hands to hold it for a length of time. The beaters might not look to be the best quality as they appear to be a little thin, but mine have lasted really well and they do a good job.

      Overall, I think that if you are looking for a good value mixer then this is perfect for you. At £4.99 this won't cost you a fortune, but will do a good job for most people looking to do home baking. I would say that it is best to buy this product in store or have it delivered to a store if you are buying online as this will save you on postage, which is an expensive £3.50. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a good quality mixer at a decent price!


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        06.10.2013 12:57
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        My partner bought this when we were setting up home together. At the time he was a Wilkinson's employee so he got a staff discount on top of the already low price so it was an absolute bargain. I opened the box and all parts of the mixer were present, along with straightforward, worded instructions, which also gave health and safety warnings about the parts of the mixer. Initially I found it awkward to get to grips with the controls and regularly found the mixer at a speed quicker than I intended. It did take a while to get used to this and also the button, which ejects the two mixing spools is positioned close to the speed control, which I caught a number of times, whilst using the appliance. It is by no means perfect, but as a cheap product it works well and does the job well. If a friend wanted something basic to do the job, I would recommend this, but if they wanted something simpler to use, I would probably recommend people look elsewhere.


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          25.05.2013 23:43
          Very helpful



          Great little hand mixer which does the job without a fuss


          I have owned my previous electric hand mixer for more than 10 years now and it has mainly been used by me on those occasions I decide to bake at home. Over the years I managed to get my girls interested in cooking and baking and we got into the mode of trying different cake recipes from the various cake books we have with exciting results each time. Recently the girls have really shown an interest in baking on their own, which I am really proud of but they hate using this mixer because it is rather heavy and has become rather battered over the years. To avoid disappointing them and undoing the interest which had taken years to build, I decided to get another hand mixer for them. I was not prepared to spend much so I bought one from my local Wilkinson High Street store - the Wilko Everyday Value Hand Mixer.


          The mixer comes in a yellow box typical of Wilko everyday value products and also comes with a user guide explaining how to use it and how to maintain it.

          The mixer is made of white hardened plastic casing and comes with one set of beaters. I should say this came as a surprise as I was really expecting two sets of beaters like the other hand mixers available on the market, but then for the price I bought it for, maybe I was expecting too much. It works with the main electricity supply and comes already fitted with a power cable which has a 3-pin 3A fused plug. Located on the top dorsal side, is the grip handle, three knobs, the speed setting, the turbo and the ejector knob. The handle has a grey strip which nicely contrasts the predominantly white background. The mixer has five speed settings (0 to 5) making it easy to mix a variety of stuff at varying speeds. It also has a turbo knob for when very fast speeds are required.

          At the bottom, the mixer has two slot holes into which you push in the beaters one in each hole.

          At the front end, there are five ventilator slits; I suppose to allow in air for the small fan which cools the small motor inside when it is working hard to spin the mixers hence producing some heat in the process.

          The mixer looks really cute and once outside the box, it can match even the expensive brands. There is no big Wilko logo as you would expect with other brands so unless you look closely underneath you won't know it is a Wilko brand, good or bad? I leave that for you to decide.

          The manufacturer brand name, information on the wattage, disposing and more of the small print is located underneath the mixer.

          It is available from Wilko.com or from Wilkinson stores located in most High Streets for a bargain price of £4.99. If you order online, I would suggest you opt for collection from your nearest Wilko store, this is free, otherwise home delivery will cost you £3.50 so the mixer will cost you ~ £8.50. Not a bargain anymore at this price.


          I have not really used the manual as the mixer is very easy to operate and especially if you have used one before so the manual is tucked away nicely in our family manual file, just in case its needed one day.

          We use this mixer mainly for various cake mixes in our ongoing exploration into different cakes but my daughters have also used it for pancakes and it worked well as well. The cakes we have made so far have all come out well texture wise, which shows the quantities and the mixing of the ingredients including incorporation of air was done properly.

          You have to ensure the beaters are properly fitted and secured into the slot holes before you start the mixing, sadly there is no indicator light to give you the go ahead for this you so you just have to manually be satisfied that they are ok once they click into position. Once satisfied, switch on the mains first and then move the speed knob to the speed setting you require.

          From experience, I would say, start the mixing at slow speed to avoid splashing the mixture all over the place and increase speed gradually as the ingredients are nicely being blended together. How high you go speed wise depends on what you are making and also your experience in using the mixer, I tend to like gently mixing so I rarely use the turbo speed.

          The speed knob is conveniently located very close to the handle so can easily be operated by the thumb of the same hand holding the mixer whilst the other hand holds the bowl with the mixture. I am right handed so not sure how this would work for left handed people as the speed increases from left to right. The mixer is light enough (~ 730g) to be lifted and operated with one hand and even the movement during mixing is gentle to the arm.

          Also ensure you have enough mixture in the bowl so that the beaters at least don't just grind the bottom of the bowl.

          There is a smell of metal rubbing against each other on the first few occasions of using the mixer, don't worry as the smell gradually gets less and less with constant use.

          Once the mixing is complete, remove the excess mixture on the beaters and eject them off the mixer using the ejection button. As for the cleaning, generally with baking, it's advisable to soak the bowl and all the utensils used immediately and to wash off everything soon after you load the mixture in the oven. This way it is easy to clean the beaters before the mixture dries on them.

          The mixer can be stored in upright position when not in use so saving a lot of space. It is therefore ideal for a small kitchen as it can be stored away in the cupboard without taking too much space.


          The mixer comes with a fused 3-pin plug already fitted so fiddling around with electricity connections. It is run by a 150W motor so a bit powerful than the 125W motor in most standard mixers hand mixers. The cable is thin and rather very short (~80cm) not really good in my view as you have to be working quite close to the power source.

          The mixer tends to be a bit noisy and the noise increases with increasing speed as well but you eventually get used to it.

          I was shocked when I realised that the beaters can still spin even though they are not securely in position, this can be dangerous.

          The mixer should be kept away from the reach of children especially during use.

          During cleaning, do not immerse in water so clean by wiping with a damp cloth instead.

          This mixer like other electrical gadgets cannot be disposed of in the ordinary rubbish bin, it has to be taken to the designated recycling sites. The box can however be recycled widely at any paper recycling site.


          I don't regret buying this mixer at all although I was a bit apprehensive at first because of the price. It is actually good; it does the job so I am glad I tried it. My wish list for improvements:

          * A longer power cable
          * Two different sets of beaters to accommodate more recipes
          * Safety devise/cut off when the beaters are not securely in position

          This is a very good value for money and really a handy gadget in my kitchen.
          Great little machine which does the job without a fuss. My daughters love this hand mixer.

          Yes I recommend it as it does the job but I give it 3 stars.

          For more information visit: http://www.wilko.com/blenders-mixers+food-processors

          Thank you for reading and rating

          This review is also found on other review sites under the same user name.

          hildah11 - May 2013


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            11.05.2013 23:52
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great value mixer from Wilko's

            ~*~*~ Wilko Everyday Value Hand Mixer ~*~*~

            ~ What is it? ~

            This is a hand mixer from Wilko's Value range. It makes mixing and making cakes a doddle!

            ~ Why did I buy it? ~

            My grandmother gave me her old hand mixer after she acquired a new one but as she was quick to point out, one of the whisking beaters was a little but broken. This didn't bother me at all at first but as time went on and the more I used it I noticed that the broken prong seemed to be moving further from the rest and I could no longer slot the prong back into the hole so I was on the look out for a new mixer. I wasn't in desperate need for one so I just thought that I'd hold out until I found one at a good price and I was really pleased when I found this one in Wilkinson's for under a fiver.

            ~ Price & Availability ~

            I bought my mixer in store at my local Wilko's branch however it is also available to buy online where you can reserve it for store pick up (you will have to pay online) or for home delivery where they will charge you £3.50.

            The price of the mixer is a very purse friendly £4.99.

            ~ Mixing made easy! ~

            I bake cakes quite often, I love to make unique and quirky birthday cakes for my children as well as general baking. I tend to make some sort of cake every week so I do find having a mixer is a must for me as it cuts down my mixing time by quite some bit. I don't think you can get the cake batter as smooth with hand mixing either so I do like to use an electronic mixer for that too.

            The mixer is very plain to look at with it's white and grey colouring, it's nothing special but I keep it in the cupboard anyway so it isn't out on show (which it would be if it were an amazing Kitchen Aid mixer, but I can't justify the price of those!).

            In the box you get the mixer body and two mixing beaters. These need to be slotted into the allocated holes on the underside of the mixer before use. This is done very simply by simply slotting them into the holes until you hear a faint click sound, they can then be removed after use to wash them by pushing the button on top which releases them.

            The mixer has five speeds as well as a turbo boost but I generally use it on the second setting as I find this is adequate enough for my needs, if there seem to be any lumps I will give it a quick blast with the turbo button.
            Even though this is an electric whisk I do find that I still end up giving the mixture a good stir with the mixer even though it doesn't really need to be done, I seem to like to make things a little harder for myself!

            I find that it gets the cake batter smooth in under two minutes which is something I really like.

            The unit is small but quite heavy so the quicker it can mix the mixture the better really I find. It isn't a massive weight but you can certainly feel it in your arm after mixing seven different coloured mixes for a rainbow cake - See above, where I mentioned I like to make things harder for myself!

            It is very easy to clean after use by simply pushing the top button and pulling the mixing beaters out, these can be washed with warm soapy water and the unit can be wiped over with a cloth to keep it clean and tidy.

            ~ Overall ~

            This is a brilliant little mixer for the money paid and I certainly have no complaints.

            Easy to use, easy to clean and cheap.


            Thanks for reading :o) x


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