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Belkin Grip Vue for Apple iPhone 4

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    2 Reviews
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      08.06.2012 14:51
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      A hard wearing cover for people who care more about protecting their phone than what it looks like

      When the Iphone 4 first came out many users were experiencing call drop outs and loss of signal when holding the phone due to the Wifi and mobile 'aerials' being the silver metal part around the phone and holding it a certain way joined the two and meant you lost signal. So to combat this Apple offer free cases.
      This was the one I chose.

      It is simply a see through plastic cover that goes around the back and sides. And it does seem to do work in stopping signal being lost. It has holes in it so you can access the volume buttons and connect the charger without having to remove the case. That being said the case can be easily removed for cleaning. Being see through bits of dust and fluff will show up against the background of the black phone meaning frequent cleaning it need.
      Its other benefit it its very hard wearing. I've lost count of the number of times I've dropped my phone and the case has come to the rescue. Although the case its self is now chipped in a number of places the phone has survived unscathed

      Looks wise it doesn't do a lot for the phone, in fact it takes away the stylishness of the iphone 4 and makes it look more clunky. But I don't think it's designed to be the most aesthetically pleasing case, it's
      meant to be functional rather than make the phone look good.

      The case can be picked up for under £5 on amazon and eBay so if you want a case that provides more protection for your iPhone I highly recommend this case


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        03.02.2011 13:24
        Very helpful



        All you need from a case

        When I first bought my iPhone 4, I downloaded the app from iTunes that gives you a free case and this was the one I chose and I think I chose the best one.

        The iPhone4 is the best looking phone you can buy in my opinion and I think that most cases spoil the looks which is why I bought a clear one.
        To be honest all it is is cheap plastic that looks like it will break if you put any pressure on it but it's surprisingly strong. I have dropped my phone a few times and it protected the phone well and didn't break the case. There are loads of scratches on the back so it is defiantly doing its job of protecting the phone.
        It is very thin so it is easy to hold and much less slippery that the phone itself.
        It has all the holes in it that you need to access all the buttons, the connector port and the camera.
        I do find myself removing it every couple of weeks because dust does built up behind it quite easily but it can be removed easily unlike some I have owned in the past for my iPod Touch where I needed a 2p to open it.

        This case does not protect the screen or the front of the phone so for people who like to protect the screen then you need a screen cover.
        I feel they are a waste of time because the screen is almost impossible to scratch when using it for everyday use.

        This can still be bought for £2 or £3 from Amazon so if you need a cheap case that does its job and doesn't ruin the phones looks, then buy this one.


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