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Belkin Verve Tab Folio for Amazon Kindle Fire

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    1 Review
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      30.01.2013 15:48
      Very helpful



      A good looking case for your Kindle Fire

      I've loved using my Kindle ever since I first received it as gift late last year, but I have found out the hard way it takes a mental leap to go from using two hands to hold a book to one to hold a tablet - and it isn't just holding it, there's typing and navigating too. I did this so much so that I developed a mild RSI in my right wrist from using just that hand to navigate and type. Because of this, and wanting to personalize that boring black finish the Amazon developers decided was a good idea to give the Kindle Fire, I started looking into buying a cover for this e-reader.

      After looking around online, I decided on the "Belkin Verve Tab Folio". This cover was originally for the Kindle Fire and hence will not fit any other e-reader, even other products in the Kindle range.

      On the Belkin website it lists the folio as $29.99, with an alternative colour (bright purple). The Belkin website describes the product as "functional fashion for your Kindle".

      When it arrived, the package contained a faux-leatherette cover, in classic black (pictured) and a plastic screen protector. You first dust the screen of your Kindle, then wipe with an alcoholic wipe (any screen-wipe will do), and then carefully smooth down the adhesive side of the plastic screen protector. This was actually my favourite part of fitting this cover to my Kindle - it was bizarrely therapeutic. After the screen-protector is applied, simply slip your Kindle it into the case. It fits very snugly, and there's pretty much no way the Kindle could fall out of its protective cover, even jostled about in a bag. There is a magnetic flap that seals the folio closed when you're not using it to ensure this (and I have found that this is perfect to make sure that no little fingers can accidentally mash the buttons and decimate your library).

      On the inside flap it has a slits for notes (or a library card, perhaps), a cloth cleaning pad (like the one in many glasses cases), as well as a closing cover to protect the Kindle's screen when I wasn't using it, much like a real book. Both my friend and my brother recently cracked the screens of their own Kindles, so I knew this was probably a wise choice, though I've never had a problem with mine.

      On the back are holes for the speakers - so your sound isn't muffled! Ingenious.

      According to the Belkin website the cover is also scratch-proof, however, I've never had opportunity to test that out. The overall impression of the Kindle inside the black leatherette looks really classy, rather like a slim valise.

      For this folio case, I paid £8 including P&P from play.com. Currently on Amazon it's for sale at £24.99. I don't really know if this is worth that price, but compared to other Kindle Fire covers, it's still reasonable. It was mostly the price that attracted me to this item, and I haven't been disappointed.

      Despite the low price the product came with a 1 year warranty - I really don't see how the item could or should break, but it's certainly worth the peace of mind if it does.

      My experience with this Kindle cover was very positive, more than enough for me to recommend that if you ever need or want a Kindle Fire cover, you can't beat the protection, look and 1-year warranty that comes with the Belkin Verve Tab Folio.


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