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Dicota SleeveStand for BlackBerry PlayBook

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    2 Reviews
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      01.05.2013 22:20
      Very helpful



      An excellent 2 in 1 for the blackberry

      = Blackberry Playbook cover=

      I guess we weren't the only household to find Blackberry Playbooks under the Christmas tree, the next step choose a cover for it, my first stop was eBay but in all honesty some was as expensive as the play book or that cheap that it made me wonder whether they gave any protection.

      =Not just for home=
      My daughter has my itchy feet and now when she saw that she had a playbook for Christmas, (as well as mine) great I can take it on holiday, it will go in hand luggage. Need you guess the thoughts going round my head.

      I saw this Dicota Playbook case at it was priced at around £15 plus postage, it came from Germany.

      I had never heard of the brand before, but after doing some research the website was very informative, and that the company are a leading brand and manufactures innovative, durable and stylish carry solutions for personal media devices.

      Width - 22cm
      Depth - 15cm
      Height - 1.9cm
      Weight 140grams
      Material - Polyester
      Colour - Black,

      =Can be used for-=
      This case can also be used as a case for the Galaxy tablet or Kindle fire.

      The cover looks like leather, until closer inspection, it closes like an envelope finish.

      What I was really impressed was that you can stand the cover up and use it to perch the tablet, you do this by unzipping the front parts and they latch together with the magnets provided which provide a firm stand for the tablet.

      =Protection for the screen=
      The most vulnerable part of the Blackberry is the screen, but within this case there are pockets that included which give the screen protection,

      =My Verdict=
      I am really impressed with this cover, I have one for both the Blackberries, and I have to say they got tested during a recent holiday, for added safety I put them in my daughters travel on luggage as she has a pull along trolley case, which is safer than my backpack, but I am pleased to say both blackberries survived the trip, the cover is perfect and I would highly recommend these to everyone.


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      27.01.2013 15:32
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A great accessory for your tablet or e-reader

      My dad is a huge techy and has adored his Playbook tablet since he bought it on a whim a few months ago. This combined with how notoriously difficult he is to buy for meant Playbook accessories were the obvious choice for his birthday and Christmas presents. (Unfortunately my brother had the same idea and bought him one too!)
      Covers and cases are designed to stop your tablet incurring scratches and presumably offer a little protection from bumps and knocks (however, any protection is arguable, except perhaps with Neoprene tablet case). I would say that, beyond any safety measures taken, their main attraction is to make your tablet look personalised and cool/pretty/professional/ect as you wish.

      After some preliminary research online I was horrified at how expensive some tablet cases and covers can be - some of them can be half the price of the tablet itself! Many are specialist cases offering superior protection or luxury at a price. As I am quite the cheapo, I decided to move my search to ebay.

      Now ebay can be cheap - really cheap - but I soon realised that a lot of the items had one specific thing in common - the phrase "may cause cancers, birth defects and genetic abnormalities". The covers were so cheap that they contained carcinogenic chemicals! I was (potentially) giving my dad the gift of cancer.
      So I decided to aim for the middle, and this Dicota Playbook case seemed the perfect fit. At the time I purchased it it cost around £10 + p&p from Germany (about £15 all together). This was little more than I initially wanted to pay, but I definitely wanted to make sure I wasn't giving my dad anything that would harm him. I would pay £15 again for the peace of mind!

      I had never heard of the brand Dicota before, but their website informs me that "[they] are a leading brand that designs and manufactures innovative, durable and stylish carry solutions and accessories for personal media devices". Catchy. They appear to make other accessories for a range of devices, including the iPhone and Kindle, as well as a range of computer accessories (such as USB sticks), and, I suppose tangentially, a large range of bags too.

      These are the technical details of the Dicota Playbook case according to the Amazon website:
      Width - 22 cm
      Depth - 15 cm
      Height - 1.9 cm
      Weight - 140 g
      Material - Polyester
      Colour - Black

      It can also be used as a case for the Galaxy tablet or the Kindle Fire.

      The Dicota Playbook cover has a real look of leather to it, and it's only the texture (which is a bit like oatmeal, weirdly enough) that gives it away that it's faux. When closed, it has the look of an envelope about it that reminds me of the Macbook Pro. It's a really chic design and I think it could add sophistication to any device. One thing I wasn't expecting was the ability to stand the cover up and use it to perch the tablet on more naturally, as the ebay seller didn't mention this feature. I think it's a wonderful bonus and a clever bit of design: you unzip the front parts and they latch together with magnets providing a firm stand for the tablet. The Blackberry Playbook is a heavy tablet but the stand takes the weight fine. However, if you use the device the wrong way round (as is quite likely the first time you try and put it together) the Dicota will just crumple under the weight of the Playbook and the magnet on the lid will make the screen flicker. This is easily remedied by doing it the right way!

      I gave my dad this case for Christmas and he was pleased, and continues to use it pretty often. Much to my chagrin, he doesn't use the stand function very much, but it's his present after all. My brother also bought him a different case and he interchanges them now and then whenever he feels like it.

      A few things I would have liked additionally in this product is some protection for the screen, as that is the most vulnerable part of the device, and some pockets included in the case for the charger, stylus, and so on, but the Dicota case is an item we are both very pleased with.

      The Dicota website suggests you buy through Amazon, where this case currently costs £15.49


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