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Flora Silicone Case Cover For HTC 7 Trophy

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    1 Review
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      11.08.2011 02:03
      Very helpful



      Stylish, but the smell lets it down.

      I had a bit of extra money left on an Amazon gift certificate which was not being put to use, and I was wondering what to spend my last few pounds on when I stumbled across some phone covers. I do get bored of seeing the plain old black phone, and I knew that my phone could do with some blinging up, and a phone cover could be perfect for giving it an extra something on the cheap!

      I paid around £2.00 for this phone cover, and that included the shipping, therefore it is pretty much next to nothing in which you are paying to makeover your phone! It can come up a little more or a little less depending on which seller you purchase from, and of course things such as the colour or type of phone you have.

      It is not available for just HTC phones, it is also available for many other brands such as Samsung, Nokia and LG with quite an extensive range of models being on offer, including those which are a little dated and not at all popular which is fantastic. I personally purchased the flora silicone case cover in a hot pink shade as I love my girly little items, however if pink just is not your colour, it is available in various shades such as black, aqua blue, purple, orange and yellow, with even more being provided. There really is a shade for everyone! The pattern is all on the back of the phone, and as you might imagine contains a floral like pattern with lots of pretty swirls, making it perfect for a real girly girl such as myself!

      When I received the product I was pleasantly surprised with it for the price which I paid. The material of it is silicone, so as you can imagine it is that stretchy, cheap material however does it really matter when no one else touches your phone? The size of your cover will ultimately depend on the phone in which you own. The base colour of the cover is very bold and bright which is excellent at making your phone stand out, and I have found this particularly effective for when you are rummaging through your handbag trying to find your phone when it is ringing, or even when I leave it lying around the house and losing it (which I do tend to do often), therefore there is that benefit also.

      As it is not a hard casing, it means that if you drop your phone it works excellently at protecting your phone from damage, as well as ensuring that the case itself does not break. I am quite clumsy and I have managed to break many phones in the past due to carelessness, and surprise surprise, I have dropped this one a few times since the cover has been on. It has cushioned the fall and stopped me from getting further scratches! The excellent thing about these cases is that they really do hug your phone tightly, despite being extremely easy to add on to your phone, literally taking a manner of seconds. If you drop your phone on its front where the screen is, the cover is slightly raised around the edges meaning that your phone screen is also protected in that way.

      Overall, I was very impressed with my nifty new phone cover, as it looked stylish, was cheap and protected my phone at the same time. However, unfortunately there has to be some drawbacks of this. Firstly, it has an extremely pungent smell. It is very difficult to describe, but as you can imagine with silicone and rubbery smells it is not brilliant. Now, I am not picky when it comes to things like this, but the smell is hideous, and there have been points in phone calls where I have had to take the cover off simply because I can not bear it! I am also able to smell it if the phone is within close proximity, or even if it is just sitting on a coffee table in front of me. Because of this, maybe next time I will opt for a slightly better quality phone cover!

      Another thing which I noticed was that despite having a fairly faulty phone, I managed to get even more problems after applying this phone cover. It was making the phone get quite hot at some points, and due to it over heating, it did mean that sometimes the battery would just wear out, leaving my phone completely dead. This was quite a nuisance, and I soon noticed that the problem stopped when I removed the cover for periods at a time.

      Overall, there were a few too many complications for me with this, and this does mean that I no longer use this phone cover. Although it is a stylish and excellent method of protecting your phone from physical damage, the smell was just far too big a problem for me personally, and the over heating just caused more trouble than it was worth. Perhaps it was just my phone but I think for £2.00 it is a decent option to just try out if it is purely a fashion statement. Thanks for reading.


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