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Hama Mobile Phone Case "Ice Case" Samsung SGH-E900

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    1 Review
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      11.09.2010 22:51
      Very helpful



      Not a case I would recommend

      The Hama Mobile Phone Ice Case that I had for my Samsung SGH-E900 was a bit of a disaster as mobile phone cases go. I must admit I dropped the phone on more than one occasion when it was placed within the this case, but even so I did expect the case to perform better than it did.

      This dropping of the phone, did contribute towards shortening the life span of my case considerably which was a great shame. The only thing I learnt from that is that these Hama Mobile Phone Ice Cases do not bounce back from that kind of thing very well. They may look ok when new, but are not something I would recommend.

      Our local independent mobile phone shop stocks all sorts of handy stuff for many makes of mobile, even some of the more retro ones, so these 'Ice Cases' are stocked to fit a number of phone models and brands.

      At the time when I purchased the case it was £4.99, which I did think was quite a lot for a bit of clear hard plastic to protect my shiny E900, but at the time the phone was rather new and I wanted to keep it looking smart and fresh. When I compared the cost of this case to others in the shop, they all seemed to be on sale for the same £4.99, so it may perhaps have been the going rate for one of these.

      My Hama Mobile Phone Ice Case came packed into a simple clear fronted pack, so I could see what I was getting prior to purchase. I can't remember what else the cardboard backing had on it, but it was packed well enough to keep the case safely inside.

      Once out of the pack, the case was a simple 2 part item. 1 part for the front of the phone and 1 for the back. The back panel was very plain and had nothing fancy about it. It had some ridged bits on the side edges, so that it could easily be connected to the phone for a snug and secure fit. These ridges work fine to hold the panel on, unless you knock and chip them.

      The front panel of my Hama Mobile Phone Ice Case covered the screen and top of the phone. The bottom section had a space which was left so that the touch sensitive panel on the E900 could be easily accessed. The 2 parts of the case clicked into place well enough and seemed very secure at first.

      The case had access holes left so that the phone could be charged up without having to remove it from the case. There was also a small cut out space left at the top centre to allow the speaker to work clearly. As the E900 is a slide phone the phone was still able to function in that way when wearing the Hama Mobile Phone Ice Case, so I could still get to the alpha - numeric buttons underneath as usual.

      The first time I dropped the case, it was fine. The case stayed intact and just had a few scratches on it. The next time I clumsily did the same, the case developed a nasty crack along the bottom of the rear part of the case. This crack ran at a diagonal angle from one side to the other, but at that point still held firm....ish! It did look a mess though.

      The third time I dropped this was the end for the rear panel, as it cracked beyond repair. I think I can safely say that these 'Ice Cases' do not bounce well. This one seemed to slip out of my hand easily too. Although I did manage to keep the front part of the case on the phone for a short time after wards, in the end I removed it as the small side ridge clips it had, became damaged on one side and the cover became loose at one edge.

      As the case was dropped I do feel that seriously effected its performance. But to my mind a good mobile phone case should allow for that type of thing to happen once in a while. Due to the poor life span of the case I feel it ought to get just 2 stars.

      I didn't replace the case with the same thing in the end, as I felt it would be a waste of money. I would not recommend these types of cases much at all, as they don't work as well as they should. They may look nice when you first get them, but they are rather solid and plasticy looking and once dropped or scratched they never work as well or look as fresh.


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