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Hama Mobile Phone Case "Ice Case" Sony Ericsson K800i, K790

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Hama Mobile Phone Case "Ice Case" - Case for cellular phone - plastic - transparent - Sony Ericsson K800i, Sony Ericsson K790

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    2 Reviews
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      17.08.2010 09:09
      Very helpful



      Not the worst case on the market

      Some phones need more protection than others on the basis that they break easier than other phones. This phone is one of them and you will find if you don't have a case then you better hope you have insurance on it. With cases not costing much at all it is still important that you purchase one which has enough good quality to make sure your phone will stay protected if dropped.


      The price for this ice case is less than £4 which when you consider does the job very well you have to pleased with that price. With cases varying from £2 right up to bigger amounts this is very good value for money.


      The phone case is extremelly good on your phone because it will fix the phone right inside the case making sure it can't move. Even though with added weight and dimensions it is going to make your phone that little bit bigger than previously it is worth it in the long run. Gaps are left near the buttons and camera so you can use it without taking it out of the case. This is a must because if this wasn't the case this wouldn't be a good purchase.


      After leaving the screen on my old phone for a while you do find out that it really isn't of the highest quality at all. It starts to become a bit frustrating and it constantly needs a clean as dust seems to magically attract itself to the case. If the cleaning now and again wouldn't bother you then by all means purchase it.


      Overall I think if you are just looking for a cheap case t make sure your phone stays protected then I would recommend this event though it isn't of the highest quality. If you want something that offers a bit more then I would suggest you go elsewhere because this really doesn't offer that much. It is very basic and it will get frustrating after an extended period of time.


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      19.07.2010 14:02
      Very helpful



      You may as well throw it away, this phone is strong enough with no protection

      My previous phone was a Sony Ericsson k800i and I absolutely loved it, I had never had a case for my phones before because the phones before this one were made a lot sturdier than the nowadays smart phones that are a little bit more sensitive, what with all the different functions we have available.
      The Sony Ericsson K800i that I had was in-between the old phones and the smart phones.
      Although this phone was strong enough to not have a case I had paid a lot of money for it because I had bought it when it was first out was an open phone, so naturally I wanted to get some kind of protection for it, mainly for the screen.

      The Hama Mobile Phone Case "Ice Case" Sony Ericsson was an all transparent plastic that encased the whole phone with two separate parts, the front and back clicking together so entrapping the phone with no room inside to move. The parts not covered by the plastic were the buttons on the front along with the little joystick in the middle, and on the reverse side the camera was left uncovered to allow you the access to move the camera shutter up and down.

      When the casing was securely on it gave the phone a slightly bulkier feel and just made it look a little bit bigger but I wasn't too bothered about that, however the material of the casing was a whole different story.
      The plastic casing was so strong it never had any flexibility to allow much give, when it was knocked around it was quick to get extremely scratched up, even though I could never understand just how it got so scratched up and the plastic structure started snapping here and there so before I knew it I was throwing it away before it even really lived, I had my Sony Ericsson for about 3 and a half years and I had this plastic casing for maybe a month.

      You would think that with a casing being over the screen that it would remain clean to a certain degree, but that wasn't the case either, although it did protect the screen all the way to the bitter end (the bitter end being me throwing it away) some how there was so much dust and debris under the plastic stuck on the screen after such a short time, I was cleaning the screen more than I thought I would be so I was removing and replacing the case like it was going out of fashion, I guess with all the cut out sections the dust and dirt were just working their way in a lot easier.

      I bought the Hama Mobile Phone Case "Ice Case" Sony Ericsson from the Mobile Phone Shop for £9.99 and states it is suitable for "K800i and K790", but because all the phones today are all smart phones, this case would be hard to find, but what I say is stear clear, save your money.

      Final Thoughts

      As you have probably gathered I am not a fan of this case and think it is an absolute waste of money, I would be surprised if you can still find them, if you have this phone like I had then all I can say is that for the remainder of the time I had this phone after I threw the case away I didn't get another phone case and just kept it without, and the only reason why I changed my phone is because I wanted the new Sony Ericsson Vivaz smart phone and I only use my K8ooi when I work abroad because it still works fine and excepts any sim card in the world.


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  • Product Details

    Hama is committed to developing and delivering products that achieve the highest performance at a most competitive price, within easy reach of everybody. Hama has dedicated manufacturing facilities and partners all over the world to meet the needs of all its customers for years to come.


    Mobile phone case made of plastic;
    In the case, the mobile phone remains completely operational;
    Without belt clip, for keeping the mobile phone in the handbag, trouser or jacket pocket.