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Krusell Classic Multidapt Case for Nokia E63

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Manufacturer: Krusell / Type: Mobile Phone Case

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2010 10:27
      Very helpful
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      A good phone cover to protect your phone

      It seems that advances in technology don't come with advances in longevity! Where the mobile phones of the past seemed to live up to all sorts of rough treatment (including being played with by my son!) those brought out in the last 5-6 years or so (with a few exceptions) crumble at the mere thought of being used. Cases, screens and lenses get scratched and dust gets everywhere. Not only do you risk damaging your phone just by putting it into a pocket or bag, you also risk decreasing its resale/trade in value for when you come to replace it. Maybe this is just part of the throw-away society that we seem to have turned into (although, thankfully, it feels as though the tide is turning) but I don't like it!

      Upon acquiring my last new phone, a Nokia e63, I decided that the phone was in need of a case to preserve it from the traumas of my handbag. Trouble was, what case would be suitable? A browse of stores on and offline presented a few options. Given that, at the best of times, I am only just able to retrieve my phone from the depths of my bag before it stops ringing I quickly ruled out any cases that required you to remove the phone before operating it - unfortunately in the case of the e63 this seemed to be about 75% of the market.

      Then ruling out the cases that only protected the back of the phone (why?) I was left with just a couple to choose from. Of those left the Krusell stood out!

      The Krusell case is fashioned in black leather (non-negotiable) and shrouds the whole of the phone utilising a PVC window to cover the keyboard. All of the phones access points remain open. A zipper fastening secures the case tightly around the phone. The fit of the case is very snug.

      On the rear of the case is a "Multidapt" socket - this is really just a fixing in black plastic which enables you to fix a multitude of compatible fastenings so that you can carry your phone as you choose. The basic case is supplied with a belt clip (more like a large plastic peg!) but you can get sideways clips, straps and the like depending on your needs.

      WHAT'S GOOD?

      - The fit of the case is very snug and each case is clearly well designed for the phone. It's a perfect size.

      - The case is easy to fit.

      - The quality of the material used in construction appears to be good and wears well

      - The versatility of the Multidapt system is great

      - The PVC cover protects the screen whilst allowing you to use the keyboard with minimal loss of touch sensation.

      - Dirt cannot get between the keys


      - Despite access points being clear my case is not quite "square" on the phone and as a result occasionally the case will knock the charging jack out of the phone. It's a matter of about 1mm but annoying when you think you've set the phone to charge only later to find that the jack was not quite home!

      - The PVC cover over the keys attracts dust underneath it, particularly around the small holes cut for the camera and earpiece.

      - The PVC cover will scratch.

      - The Multidapt point is a little bulky and might annoy those who like a sleek finish.

      Overall I'm pretty impressed with this as a phone cover but it doesn't come cheap! Retailing at around £15 this is a more expensive option than something off the local market stall. Given it's not really a thing of beauty you might want to question whether it's right for you. For me, it does the job, does it pretty well, and keeps my phone in tip top condition (almost) when languishing in the bottom of my handbag.



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