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Marware Atlas Kindle Cover

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    2 Reviews
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      30.03.2012 11:34
      Very helpful



      Recommended, but expensive

      I finally made the switch from traditional to E- book after a very generous birthday gift from my husband this year, which also included this Marware Eco-Vue kindle Cover from Amazon. Not one for surprises I have obviously since looked at it on Amazon and, although it is very pricey I think it is worth it and I am so far very pleased with it.

      The cover is available in three colours - black, brown and pink - and I have it in the black. I think it is probably the most sophisticated looking one of the three although it is perhaps a little plain. I am a girl of simple tastes though and I think it does look expensive, which is always nice. I also think that the choice of colours is a good one because even though there is only three choices, the three make sure that there is something suitable for everyone. There is only one issue that I have found with the black cover and it is thanks to the unseasonably hot weather that we are enjoying that I have discovered the problem. When I am sitting out in the sun reading my Kindle (it would be indecent to do anything else in this weather!), I have found that the case does get quite warm. It is an issue because I intend to take my Kindle and its cover on holiday with me and I intend for there to be sun. It doesn't get boiling hot but it is a black surface in the sun, so you can imagine. I'd think for this reason the pink, or even the brown cover, would be better suited.

      The cover isn't leather, but does feel like it. It is very comfortable to hold because it is nice and squashy, whilst feeling sturdy enough to keep my Kindle well protected. The Kindle fits into the cover really easily. There are four little elastic pieces on each corner of the inside of the cover that you simply slide the Kindle into. They are quite a snug fit, which is good because it holds the Kindle in place perfectly. I haven't even felt it budge a millimetre so far and the elastic feels and looks to be strong enough that it will last. In snooping on Amazon I actually noticed that the cover has a life time warranty, which is comforting to know even though I hope to never have to use it. The elastic pieces are doubly good because they mean that very little of the device is covered. It certainly doesn't impeach on any of the buttons in any way, making it completely functional. In fact you hardly even notice that it is not part of the Kindle itself. I though it may make it difficult to press the buttons at the side that turn the pages backwards and forwards, but thankfully this is not at all the case.

      There are some other features to the cover, some of which I have used and others that I don't think I ever will. One of the best things about the cover is that it folds over the Kindle to make it a bit like reading a traditional book. I think it makes it feel more comfortable and familiar. Coupled with the fact that it is so comfortable to hold, it makes taking the step from normal to E- book a lot easier - it's just a shame they can't make it smell like the pages of a book!!

      The cover has another elastic strap that hooks over the front of it when it is closed to hold it in place, like a folio folder. Again this one is quite snug and sturdy and does a fine job. It can also be used to hold the front cover open. On the inside of the front cover there is an elasticated panel that is meant to be a holding strap for when you turn the cover backwards. I can't quite understand the purpose of this, I can only assume that is designed to be easy to hold if you are trying to read in an awkward place - I have read some say it is handy on the Tube for example. I have tried to hold it this way and my hand does fit into the grip comfortably, but it is just as easy for me to hold the book in the usual way so I doubt that I will ever use it like this. I am also slightly concerned that it would damage the spine of the case.

      The cover is currently available on Amazon for £29.99. Like I said, it is pricey, but I think it is worth it because it does look and feel expensive and fit for purpose. I think it would have been a shame to waste money on an inadequate case that wouldn't offer the protection that this one does. Plus, with a life time warranty, you know it is good for life.


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      19.01.2012 18:12
      Very helpful



      A lovely cover for my new Kindle

      My husband is not very inventive when it comes to buying presents so I always write him a list at Christmas. I put an All-new Kindle on my list this year and I was pretty certain that he would buy me that as he loves any sort of gadget and is a great fan of his own Kindle. However he did surprise me this time because he actually thought about a cover for it as well and I hadn't put that on my list.

      The cover he selected for me was a Marware Atlas cover in bright pink. I immediately loved the colour. I wouldn't say I am a particularly girly type of girl but my phone and my diary are both pink as well as I then find them easy to spot in my handbag so I think he had used that knowledge to select the perfect colour for the cover and he said he read a few reviews to try to find a good one.

      ===The Design of the Cover===

      The outside of the cover is synthetic but it looks a bit like leather with a similar textured surface. It has stitching around the edge and Marware embossed into the surface on the front, right-hand edge. The cover is held closed by a length of black elastic near the right edge which flips over the front and holds it securely shut. I really like the look of the case when it is closed as it looks more expensive than it actually is.

      The inside of the cover is made from a soft-touch suede-like fabric in grey. This provides good protection for the screen when closed and matches the colour of the Kindle when open. The cover is designed to be folded back on itself and there is a flat hand-strap incorporated into the cover which means you can slide your hand through it to provide more security when reading. If you have large hands you may have difficulty slipping your hand under the strap as there is not a lot of stretch. When the cover is folded back on itself it is secured by using the same length of elastic that keeps the cover closed, you simply flip it over.

      This cover is designed for the new, smaller Kindle and the Kindle itself is held in the cover by elastic straps over each corner as the new Kindle does not have the ports in the side that allows covers to be attached to the Reader itself. The straps have an extra thickness of material sewn onto each one to provide protection from the elastic rubbing on the Kindle and to keep it secure.

      ===Using the Cover===

      Putting the Kindle into the cover is extremely simple and only takes a couple of seconds. It slips easily under the four corner straps. I have found that the straps hold the Kindle very securely and it takes a little longer to get the Kindle out as it is held so firmly. I did read one review that said the Kindle slid out to one side but I think the reviewer may have had a faulty case as my Kindle doesn't move at all once it is strapped in. I have held it upside down and shaken it to check how firmly attached it is and it hasn't moved at all.

      Once inside the cover all of the buttons are easy to access as none of them are covered.

      I find that the cover bends back easily and does not require any force. As I stated there is an incorporated strap that can be used to hold the Kindle and cover but I don't find this necessary as I am usually reading quietly at home but I imagine it will come in very handy when travelling, especially if having to stand up whilst waiting or travelling by train. I sometimes bend the cover back but other times I just hold it like you would hold a book and I find that just as comfortable as I am right-handed so always use the right-hand page buttons on my Kindle. Having said that there is no real reason that you couldn't just use the cover up-side down if you preferred and then you could easily press the page buttons with the left hand without folding the cover back.

      The cover is stated to weigh about 90g but mine is definitely heavier than that, I weighed it at about 120g but it still means that even with the Kindle added it does not feel very heavy. My husband has the original one and a leather cover and that added quite a lot of weight.

      When closed the cover obviously adds to the size of the Kindle. When closed however it is still only 1.5cm deep, 17.5cm long and 13.5cm wide which is still convenient and compact and ideal for popping in my handbag.

      I like the fact that the cover stays attached to the Kindle when it is being read, I know if I had to take the Kindle out of the cover to read it I would undoubtedly lose it so this offer a practical, secure option.

      ===Final Thoughts===

      The only thing that bothers me about this cover is the quality of the elastic used. It seems to be very thick and good quality but problems may arise if it starts to get saggy or becomes unstitched as then it will not be so secure. However I did look on Amazon to find the price today which is £26.99 and noticed that it has a lifetime guarantee so hopefully if I have any problems I may be able to get them sorted out. I think the outside looks like it will stand up quite well to wear and tear and should be easy enough to wipe clean if it gets dirty.

      I am really pleased with my lovely pink cover. It looks stylish and offers good protection for my Kindle and I am looking forward to using it for a long time as I have definitely become a Kindle convert already.


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