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MiTab Genuine Imperial Faux Leather Carry Case

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2 Reviews
  • It protects my daughters Kobo Vox
  • It looks very nice
  • The closing tab annoys my fingers a little bit
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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2015 03:04
      Very helpful


      • "It protects my daughters Kobo Vox"
      • "It looks very nice"


      • "The closing tab annoys my fingers a little bit"

      Mitab Kobo Vox case

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is a case that is made for the Kobo Vox. I bought my daughter a Kobo for her birthday last year and my husband bought her this case to protect it. It is made by Mitab and he bought this one from a kiosk in the market but it available online from stores like Amazon also.


      I am very happy with this case and my daughter has used it for nearly one year now and it has made sure her Kobo stays in perfect condition and it is pleasing for her to use and hold also.

      The case has a soft inside to protect the screen and the inside has spaces for bank cards, my daughter does not have a bank card so she keeps her swimming card and library card in there so that she always knows where they are.

      Her Kobo fits easy into the case and does not ever feel like it is going to fall out.

      The case closes with a small tab and I do not like that because when I use the Kobo I think the tab gets in the way of me holding it properly, that makes me uncomfortable and I like the case I have for my Kindle better that closes magnetically on the inside because I can hold that alot more natural.

      This case is purple and it is a very beautiful and regal colour, you can buy the same case in different colours on Amazon but I think the purple one is the nicest looking out of all of them.


      This case for the Kobo Vox costs £7.99 and I think that is very cheap because it is not real leather but it feels like it and it is strong and pleasing to hold also. I am happy that it has protected my daughters Kobo because I was a little bit afraid that she would break something like that but now she has her case I do not worry so much.

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      28.12.2013 16:50
      Very helpful



      Not the perfect product, but a great value case for the Kobo Vox. I'd be happy to recommend.

      It was a real priority to get a case for my Kobo Vox, as I do have a bit of a clumsy side to me, and I definitely didn't want to risk damaging my Vox for the sake of a relatively cheap purchase. Looking on Amazon, I came across this Mitab case which looked neat and was priced at just £7.99, making it a no-brainer purchase, duly quickly completed. The case is available in a range of colours.

      The case promised to have been specifically designed to fit the Vox and its buttons and features, so I saw no point in considering more costly alternatives. In truth, there is no real issue here as all of the Vox's buttons, sockets and speaker are housed on the edges, so there would be no holes or gaps to align. Sure enough, when the case arrived and I popped my Vox in, it fit perfectly. The Vox is held in place by four elastic corner restraints, each one trimmed in the same faux-leather as the main case, and the elastic itself is also the same colour, none of which came close to obscuring any of the buttons. Despite my initial reservations that the elastic corner restraints may be a bit small and/or flimsy (the Vox is quite heavy), it has done the job perfectly and holds the unit perfectly, very firmly in place.

      The case is held closed by means of a leather-look tab fixed to the back edge of the case which folds round to close with a magnet on the front. The magnet fastening itself is very strong, despite only being a small round magnetised 'button'. It requires a gentle but reassuring pull to release, and it has a pleasing grab when the two parts are offered to each other to close.

      The material of the case is a convincing 'faux' leather, having a soft feel to the touch as well as being very slightly padded. All the stitching is in the same coloured cotton, and there is a feature seam running top to bottom on the back of the case. The inside is faced in a beautifully soft suede-effect material, again in the same colour. There is very very little flexibility in the cover's front and back - it's just about possible to bend it but it certainly would need some major impact to damage whilst the Vox was in place. Around the edge of the Vox there is a few millimetres of case which means none of its edges are exposed or liable to accidental damage.

      The final feature is an elasticated loop for holding a stylus, which is around an inch long and housed on the outer edge of the case. I don't use this loop, and it's not a great design-feature of this case - there isn't room for the stylus to sit inside the main leather fastening loop and it doesn't sit comfortably outside the loop either, it just doesn't seem to lie properly.

      The case opens out in the usual 'folio' way, the Vox sitting on the right hand side with the left hand side being put to good use. It houses two main pockets which run top to bottom, and the front of those pockets houses 5 slots for credit or business cards. Whilst I like the versatility offered by this design, it's not exactly useful, because the main top-to-bottom pocket is so tightly designed that it could really only house a single sheet of paper. Also, I don't use the card pockets because the fit of the case is already quite tight, and I'd be afraid that if there were cards in all of the pockets they would be exerting some pressure on the screen when the case is closed.

      This case can't be used as a stand for the Vox like many other cases, but it can be opened and held back in place by opening through 360 degrees and folding the magnetic tab backwards into its slot where it will hold quite happily. This makes for a more comfortable reading position for me rather than needing to hold the whole thing like an open book.

      Overall, this was a great purchase for the price paid. It is finished off well, the materials feel like quality and there are no stray cottons or edges. It does everything I need it to in terms of holding my Kobo Vox safely in place, staying closed once shut, and offering significant protection should it be dropped as well as obvious protection against scratches. Having had mine for around a year, it's a tiny bit worn on the corners, which is fair enough, I feel, as I carry mine around back and forth to work every day and it's strangely reassuring, knowing that my Vox has been protected from that damage!

      Mitab cases are available on Amazon for a variety of e-readers/tablets, and based on my purchase I would be happy to recommend giving them a go, the prices now appear to go from £8.49 upwards, depending on the tablet.


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