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Ringke Slim for Motorola Moto G

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Brand: Ringke

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2014 23:48
      Very helpful



      It is a comfortable, premium-feel-and-look product and it makes my Moto G an absolute joy to use.

      As a complimentary review to my previous Motorola Moto G review, I decided to share my thoughts on the case I got for it. Until my last phone I was not much into protective cases, mostly because I take good care of my phones, but then again accidents may happen even to the most careful of us. I based my search for a new case on two criterias: design and level of protection. I now believe the Ringke Slim excels at both for the following reasons:

      While price-wise I cannot call it cheap, the instant you get it in the post, you will see it actually deserves the £8 you pay for it. My previous experience about cases (Huawei Ascend Y300, Nexus 7 - 2012, Nexus 7 - 2013), that no matter how nice they look and how high quality they seem to be the packaging is always downright disappointing. It's a clear plastic foil around the thing, as if it were some item bought on the Chinese Market or the Poundland. Getting a case never gave me the impression of actually dealing with a serious brand with some self-respect and a proper marketing team behind. Except the Ringke Slim. This case not come in a clear plastic foil, it comes in a Rearth/Ringke branded box, inside which you will then find the case in a nicely packed bag, alongside a nicely designed thank you card from the manufacturer. Now, that's what I call making good first impressions. You pay your £8 and you also get thanked for it. Nice touch!

      But let's talk about the case itself. However, before that, for the sake making myself clear enough, and to also prove this is THE case you want for your Motorola Moto G, I have to share some details about the phone first. The Moto G is pretty much about stylishly rounded corners and planes. It has a quite distinct design to which you can also add the rubbery feel of the back side of the phone. Most cases out there ignore all of this and just dress the phone up into a rectangular piece of rubber so your phone will end up looking 95% like every other phone out there, heck my old Huawei Ascend Y300 ended up looking exactly like an iPhone 4S. This is where (and not only) the Ringke Slim excels. It keeps the design of the phone entirely (minus the Motorola logo) without adding almost any bulk to it. The following specs prove that very well: 1.7mm thick (so the thickness of your phone will only go from 11.6mm to 13.3mm, 13 grams, it is considered the World's lightest and thinnest case to date and on top of all that, it also has the rubbery feel to it just like the phone. Mine is SF Black but you can find it in the following colours as well: Crimson Red, Royal Gold, Crystal (transparent), LF White.

      You might wonder now, if it's that thin and that light, will it protect the phone. It will. It's a perfect, and I mean perfect fit for that Moto G of yours. All the cut-outs are excellently done, and there is also an added bonus, a little cut-out for a string-attached stylus (should you be a fan of those) or any other accessory for that matter. On the bottom it is discreetly branded with the Ringke Slim logo. You may want to know that this is a hard case, not a flexible, silicon-type case so once it's on, you won't take it off very easily, and if for some reason you do, make sure you pop off the side where are no buttons first, otherwise you'll end up shutting your phone down inadvertently. Now, truth be told, I did not test-smash my phone to the wall or the ground, so just how protective really this case is, I have no clue, but it sure makes me feel that my phone is in very secure "hands". It seems to be very much capable of providing all around protection, including the screen which is now thanks to the case, turned upside down, is 0.7mm far from any surface.

      It is a comfortable, premium-feel-and-look product and it makes my Moto G an absolute joy to use.


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