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Targus VuScape Cover & Stand for iPad 2

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2012 11:56
      Very helpful



      A good quality cover for the iPad 2. Durable and well made.

      Having recently purchased an iPad 2, I was treating it with all the delicacy of the Crown Jewels until this arrived in the post.

      How difficult can it be to choose an iPad cover be? Having scoured the internet, I found the market in iPad covers is huge.

      From ones than can be fixed onto headrests in cars so your little treasures can watch their favourite films, to an infinite number of ones that look downright weird. Fortunately, wading through all the chaff to find something I liked was quite easy because I already had a good idea of what I wanted.

      I could of course have saved a great deal of time and effort and simply bought an official Apple Smart Cover, but they're not for me. It covers the screen but there is nothing to protect the back or the sides. Magnets may well switch the iPad on and off as you open and close the cover (hence it's 'smart'), but then so do other third-party covers which are also cheaper. Whilst the £35 that Apple charge for their cover isn't bad, I wanted more.

      Having an iPod Touch I know that the aluminium back they both share is so prone to scratching and marking this could look like my cat has been high kicking along to Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance on it in no time. Durable? Not in my experience.

      Only having owned desktops computers until now, Targus isn't a brand I was already familiar with. To their credit though in the 30 odd years they've been around they haven't diversified from producing cases and covers for laptops, notebooks and now tablets, so they must be doing something right as a quick online search shows they still have a large presence in this field.

      The Targus Slim Portfolio case pretty much covered all my bases and more importantly the expensive iPad. I wanted one which fitted well, which would protect the whole iPad, which looks and feels like it's good quality and is also lightweight. Oh, and I wanted one which can turn into a stand so that I could use my iPad at several different angles. Not much to ask then...

      The fit is nigh on perfect. The iPad 2 is lighter and thinner than both the first and newest versions, but despite this there are still many online retailers who state their covers are suitable for all or any iPads. I had been slightly concerned before this arrived that the cover might be too loose and leave me with an iPad that at best slips around and at worse falls out. Thankfully, this case is properly made for the iPad 2 (as it's described) and fits like a glove. There are two clips (for want of a better word) which grip the top two corners, two more about a third of the way down the sides, with the remaining two again protecting the two lower corners. Fitting it was simple but now it's on, my iPad feels secure.

      One other reason I opted for this case was that the clips don't impinge on much of the black bezel surround of my iPad. Others for sale completely cover the edging. As the iPad comes in only two colours: black and white, I would have thought that it makes sense not to obscure what is after all a very expensive choice.

      Good quality?

      I would say so. It's well designed with the cut out for the rear camera being spot on. That should go without saying, but you wouldn't believe the amount of reviews I had read for badly made covers which actually cover up the camera lens, or they're so badly placed that you have to remove the iPad before taking a photo. Access to all the other buttons and interfaces - few though there are on this Zen-like contraption - is good. Given that the iPad battery lasts for around 10 hours, having to fiddle around taking this off to recharge would be tedious, so Targus score a point with the overall design.

      Where they lose a point though is in describing this online as being made of leather which it isn't. It's a lovely soft feeling material, but it's not leather. That's more an issue directed at the Targus company generally than this case though. I had read reviews of the case already so I knew what to expect, but other customers may well be disappointed if not annoyed. The inside of the case is in a pale blue and made of what looks and feels like suede (but again, given what Targus think is leather, it is most probably a cheaper substitute). If only Elvis were alive he could be the judge.

      I had almost been swayed into buying a similar but cheaper version of this made by a different company. What had put me off were the amount of reviews stating that their covers had frayed within a matter of weeks.

      I have only had this cover for around 6 weeks now, but having used my iPad daily (sometimes for 3 or 4 hours a day) it still looks brand new. The stitching I can see on the six clips is precise, and the clips - especially the four edge ones which have taken the brunt of any knocks - are not in the least bit worn.

      It's lightweight?

      Yes, thankfully. If I'm stretched out in an armchair or on the sofa I prefer to hold this in my hands so it's nearer eye level rather than rest it on my legs. The fact that this is so effortless to hold for a good length of time is probably thanks to it being so slim. Personally I think it is all the better for barely increasing the iPad's footprint, although perhaps if you equate bulk with sturdiness there are cases out there which can make more of a statement.

      Don't be fooled though, because the lightness belies the protection it seems to afford the iPad. The blue suede finish inside which I've mentioned is fairly thick, and the side which rests against the glass screen when it's closed is padded (with indents which enable the iPad to stand up). Were I to accident knock this against a sharp corner of a table say, I'm confident the iPad screen wouldn't shatter into a spidery cobweb effect.

      Standing up for itself.

      The deal clincher for me was that when the iPad is in landscape mode, it can be rested at three different angles rather than simple flat on any surface: nearly upright, at 45 degrees and the 'keyboard' angle. The first two viewing choices are by way of indents in the inside of the case, whereby the case can cunningly fold back on itself. The third angle - which I use most often - is by resting the iPad against the fastener which holds the cover closed. To achieve this the iPad has to be removed from the two bottom clips. Despite constantly releasing and then reattaching these two clips, they have yet to show any signs of wear or give in them which is pleasing.

      This hands free aspect is perfect for when I want to eat breakfast at the table and read various reviews on Dooyoo at the same time. I can carry on eating and have the iPad at an angle which is both comfortable to view and helps keep my ageing neck crick-free.

      Less frequently when I'm watching video content or podcasts I tend to use portrait mode. This case can also rest the iPad at an angle in portrait mode, although it is only the one angle.


      Whatever misgivings I have about this being described as leather, it still feels good to hold and is incredibly lightweight. Surely some of the key advantages of the iPad in the first place is it being so slim and portable, and this Targus case compliments it perfectly. Perhaps more importantly than the look is that this case offers good protection to the back and sides unlike Apple's own Smart Case.

      The three viewing angles are very good, and I can use the iPad freely without any hindrance to any of the buttons.

      It doesn't switch the iPad on or off but that doesn't bother me in the least, I'm more than capable of pressing a button.

      Having spent ages comparing various different cases I'm glad I chose this one. I paid just under £31 online although prices vary between £30-35. I think that's a reasonable price to pay for what is a good quality product.

      So yes, I would definitely recommend this item to anyone looking to protect their iPad 2. However I'm knocking one star off for Targus describing it as leather.


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