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The Legend of Zelda Link Costume Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

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Type: Case

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    1 Review
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      31.01.2014 09:21
      Very helpful



      a really geeky and awesome cover for your s3

      ===Call me===

      My partner, being my partner, knows me rather well. Due to this quirk of living together and knowing each other, he planned what was possibly the most awesome lot of birthday gifts I've ever had. Every single present was Legend of Zelda themed. For those not in the know, the Legend of Zelda is a series of games let out by Nintendo over the entire course of my life from the very year I was born. They feature a little dude called Link forever having to save the princess Zelda from certain doom while using many a puzzle and battles with bad guys to keep you hooked. To go with my Zelda Tshirts, hoodies, a comical hat, musical instruments (namely an ocarina) and books I also received a nifty new cover for my lump of technology they call the Galaxy S3.

      ===Having a fit ===

      After my excitement died down I had a proper look at the cover. Rather than replacing the phone's own cover, it provides a tough protective covering to the back of my phone which means that the phone underneath isn't going to get scratched or scuffed. That means you don't need to fiddle around taking bits off of your phone. It also means that the design wraps right round the sides of the phone too instead of just ending where the case clips on This phone cover is made from a hard polymer plastic according to the people who make it making it basically solid. My old phone cover was made out of flexible rubber which just teased my fingers with how easily you could peel it off and pop it back on. That also meant that the chance of me dropping my phone while I played with the cover increased triple fold. The hard cover means that I don't fiddle with my phone half as much now which can only be a good thing.

      The case fits incredibly snugly so it doesn't wobble about or move at all. In fact, you have to give it a good firm push to get it on in the first place so be careful not to push on the screen, and rather push at the sides of the phone or the screen could break. It's unlikely, but I just thought I'd put that out there. Another upside of this snug fit is that it doesn't let dirt in half as much as my old rubber cover did, probably due to reducing my playing with it all the time. Fantastic. It also means that, unlike the rubber cover, you won't see any air bubbles between the cover and your phone making it all look much neater.

      If you are prone to putting your phone face down, you'll be happy to know that this cover comes out from the screen a few millimetres so as long as it's a flat surface your phone screen won't touch anything even face down, stopping it from getting damaged.

      ===Hey!! Listen!! Can you hear me?===

      The only bits of the phone that the cover doesn't go over are the top side and bottom side where the holes for mics, plugs and speakers live and the buttons, cameras and loud speakers. Some covers go over the buttons on your phone which makes them a little hard to push sometimes, but this cover leaves them nice and clear so you can get to them. It also fits better around the camera and speakers on the back, hardly leaving any gaps and therefore making it look a lot neater than my last cover. As the bottom and top is left free it also means less material between the bits you want to get to in order to be heard!

      ===Weighty issues===

      As this is much more solid and inflexible than my last cover, you might expect that it's quite a heavy addition to your phone. Thankfully, the weight of this really is negligible. On it's own it hardly weighs anything, on the phone it doesn't make it feel much bigger or heavier than it already did. Thumbs up all round so far!

      ===The Design===

      The main aspect to this gift I loved is the design. It's fully coloured plastic so you can't see your phone casing or the dirt underneath through it like my old rubber cover allowed you to. Instead it just looks sleek and clean the whole time! The image that is printed on the back is something true fans will love. The character Link always wears a green tunic which tends to have a belt and a strap across it for his arrows or pouch. This cover is green with a diagonal strap with a buckle and a belt across the mid section with a small yellow belt buckle with the design from the "Windwaker" game from the series.

      ===Hero of Phones===

      So how does the cover hold up? I've been sliding it across my desk for nearly a month now and there are very little signs of wear and tear. As the actual cover on the phone lasted about a day before being scratched by this activity, the cover is already kicking butt on that score! Even looking closely it's difficult to see any tiny scrapes as the case is shiny plastic so it makes it hard for any scratches to be seen. That means it'll stay looking fresh for longer, especially if you aren't looking at it closely.

      ===Slipping up===

      The only downside I can find with this cover is that, being plastic, it is quite slippy. My old rubber case was not only less slippy but also had textured bits on the side where you hold the phone that made it very easy to grip. This case can be quite difficult to keep hold of if your hands are sweaty or if you're wearing gloves. In fact I almost threw my phone into one of the freezers in Tesco when I got a phone call while shopping with my gloves on. Now that I'm used to it, I know I really have to grip it firmly if I'm wearing fabric gloves so it doesn't cause many problems. In fact, that's another reason why I'm not fiddling with my phone as much which again is only a good thing! I will, however, have to take a star off for this as it would be better if it had slightly ridged or textured sides to help with gripping the phone.

      ===The Price===

      This cover costs a little more than the rubber ones, coming in at £8 before postage. That being said, they really are much sturdier and look a tonne better so I'm ok with that. Of course, you can always just pop it on your wish list and get it for free!

      ===The Verdict===

      I love this phone case. It keeps my phone safe but most importantly it makes my phone look like Link!! There is absolutely nothing cooler than this. It looks and feels a hell of a lot better than my last rubber cover and has also stopped me fiddling with my phone cover when I get bored. The only down side is that it could really do with a bit more grip on the sides, but that still leaves us with a great score of four out of five.


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