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Benq-Siemens E61

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    5 Reviews
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      15.03.2011 19:14



      Only consider if you want it for music and nothing else.

      The Mofi! a mobile HiFi! Sounds cool huh? When I got this phone I was very excited as it was the first mobile I had owned with dedicated music controls. I bought it to use when I was out and about as the buttons on the top would be easy to access whilst the phone was in my pocket. When the handset arrived, I had mixed feeling, on the one hand there are some great ideas incorporated into the phone, like the equalizer on the music player, but, on the other hand, everything was extremely low quality and, to be honest, a bit disappointing.

      I'll start with the good. It's a unique design and is pretty cool to look at. As mentioned before, there are also some neat features included on the phone such as an equalizer which is fully adjustable and visualizations for the music player, though I suppose this is to be expected on a dedicated music phone. The headphones supplied were reasonably good, and there was enough memory for my favorite tunes.

      Unfortunately, this is where the good ends. I've touched on the fact that the handset quality is low and I mean LOW. It feels extremely plasticy and cheap to hold. Also, apart from a decent music player, there is really nothing else on the phone worth using. The camera is a bit of a joke and the screen resolution is also awful.

      So, the verdict! Well it was a great music player, but as a multi-function phone, not so great.


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      08.03.2011 16:21
      Very helpful



      For someone like me who doesn't really care about how hi-tech phones are this is a good phone.

      Tomorrows phone will always be smarter and more advanced. all I use a phone for is texting and making calls. I usually never have credit so I can safely say 90% of the phone's usage is receiving texts and calls. Occasionally I play a game or take a photograph. but I have other electronic devices to fore fill these needs.

      I'm not the type of person who will rush out and get an iPad or iPhone, the latest internet connection or app. I don't really have any interest in them. I would probably still have a B&W cell phone from 2003 if it hadn't of broken.

      I bought this phone 2nd hand with instruction manual, cables and mini SD card. It has reasonable capabilities such as SMS, MMS, camera (no video), MP3 player, games etc.

      It also includes a loud alarm and lots of other things that help you organise your life. I find myself making use of the calender the phone has and also the calculator function. There are additional features such as counterdown timer, stopwatch, currency convertor and world clocks.

      The MP3 player is quite sufficient for use. The phone can hold around about 75 tracks but as I said I have an MP3 player that does that.

      The screen is full colour but a low resolution when viewing photos. The phone's camera function is useful sometimes. It has a maximum resolution of 640*480 pixels which save to miniSD and then transferable to your computer.

      When making calls the phone has loudspeaker and hands-free capabilities although I find battery life is quite short and is reduced if you use these features constantly. The quality of calls are usually very good. The phone is compact and easy to hold although when using the MP3 player the buttons on the phone seem to be misplaced somewhat.

      Overall this is outdated. I don't have any plans to change my phone until it brakes and this phone serves me well. I will however be changing my network.


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      10.08.2010 00:54
      Very helpful



      An ok phone but there is much better avaliable now at similar prices

      Quick Review

      The Siemens Ben Q is nice little mobile phone that has the basic capabilities such SMS messaging, Phonecalls, Phonebook. Predictive text is an optional feature for SMS messaging

      But there are other features they make this phone good value for money.

      A camera although the quality is low it is good just for the quick spontaneous photo when nothing else is available.

      A built in MP3 player. A good feature with the phone although the MP3 player buttons as seen on the top of the device are makes it easy to accidental skip a track. And you can only use the very uncomfy ear phones provided

      There are two built in games. Loudspeaker and Handsfree capabilities as well.There is also an expandable SD card slot as well above the sim card slot which allows more space for music and contacts

      The phone its self looks very sleek with the thick orange stripe on the side of the phone. The key layout is sensible

      There is also a USB cable provided which allows you to transfer MP3 files to the phone and charge the battery. Battery life is fairly good with 215 hours standby time and roughly around 3-4 hours of talk time before you have exhausted the battery.

      The Negatives

      Low quality camera
      Take out the battery to put in or take out SD card
      Badly located MP3 player buttons
      Uncomfortable Earphones for the MP3 player


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      05.10.2008 15:46


      • Reliability


      Reliable and fairly easy to use

      The Benq Siemens E61 has been a reliable phone for the past three years, I have had no problems with the phone what so ever and the phone has remained in brilliant condition. The phone is very attractive, with its reddy-orange stripe and the screen is plenty big enough.

      The phone feels quite plastic and is not that light, but the phone itself is great. The camera is of a decent quality and the phone is relatively easy to use. You can download many songs and there is an MP3 player on the top, so you can change songs just by pressing the top of the phone, so I use it regularly for running and cycling. The Benq Siemens E61 is not very popular and I cannot understand why! However, the phone is very loud and sometimes plays random tunes, for reasons I do not understand, but this is easily resolved by setting the phone to silent.

      If you are looking for a phone for any age group, for ease of use, with the odd game for a car journey then I would recommend buying it.


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      12.10.2006 21:26
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      Not cutting edge but certanly worth considering .

      Having practically worn out my Creative Zen nano+ mp3 player and getting a little tired of my Nokia 3100 mobile phone I decided to have a change .

      Whilst perusing the city centre shops , one item caught my eye , the Benq-Siemens E61 mobile phone , given a huge amount of window space heralding its new arrival .

      Benq are well known outside the mobile telephone market , but have teamed up with Siemens in an attempt to break into it . All current phones have been designed by Benq and once established lose the Siemens name.

      So what did it catch my eye , well for starters the colour scheme , orange and black ( just like my old 48k Oric Atmos circa 1983 ) , secondly it is a mobile phone with built-in MP3 player , so hey two uses in one !

      With an introductory price of £89.99 ( normal retail price £119 ) , it seemed a bargain , so off I went to buy . I was presently surprised to get an additional £10.00 of free credit included because I was an existing Virgin mobile customer , who wanted to keep his existing number.

      Currently this phone is only available on Virgin and T-mobile , but should soon be available to other networks ( or you could simply get it unlocked ) . There is also a silver / white version about to be made available.

      *- Technical Info first -*

      Tri Band GSM ( 900 , 800 & 1900 MHz )
      88g weight
      101 * 44 * 17 mm ( L * W * H ) , 17mm depth at top , 13 mm depth at base ( classical bar shape ) .
      Non interchangeable covers .
      1 MB internal memory
      512 MB mini SD expansion card - can replace with up to 1 GB.
      840 mAh Li-Ion battery - 215 hrs stand-by time ; 200 min talk time / MP3 use .
      1.8" TFT screen , 128 * 60 resolution - 65536 colours
      Built-in 1.3 MP camera with 2/4* zoom. , max resolution 640 * 480 pixels
      WML ( WAP ) internet browser ; GPRS data transfer
      SMS, MMS messaging

      *- In The Box -*

      Handset ; battery ; Stereo headset ; charger ; comprehensive easy to understand user guide ; neck strap ; 512Mb mini SD card ; USB data cable.

      *- Built-in Applications -*

      Large selection of ringer / message tones
      2 Games - Java compatible
      : Currently not possible to download further ring tones ( awaiting compatible variations ) or additional screensavers , you can however install additional games ( on the expansion card ) and MP3 tracks ( which can be assigned as ring tones ) .

      *- Telephony Features -*

      Full call logging ( received , made , missed )
      SMS / MMS messaging .
      Other call services ( available if your network provides them ) - wait/hold ; timer and cost ; conference , forward .

      *- Other bits and Bobs -*

      Full featured address book and organiser .
      MP3 / AAC / AAC+ audio playback , using built-in media layer software application .

      *- In Use : PHONE -*

      Now I don't want to bother you with junk information . If you've used a Nokia , Siemens , Sony Eriksson etc. phone , then using this will be a doddle, as the majority of functions are the same.
      Therefore I list the main points of interest :
      Screen - crystal clear , easy to read even the smallest text.
      During a phone call you can use the upper MP3 volume buttons to adjust the set volume .
      Menu navigation is simple - even I could do it , with good descriptions and of highlighted section and good use of sub menu's.
      SMS normally a phone will allow you to send a SMS text message that is upto 160 characters in length . Some allow you to enter 320 characters and send the message in two bits that are then joined up at the recipients end. The E61 , while still only allowing an SMS maximum length of 160 characters , which it calls a packet , allows you compose a message of up to nine packets ( 9 * 160 = 1450 characters ) , with each packet being sent as a separate message , but joined at the receiving end. SMS can be entered via multi-tap key , T9 predictive text and numeric , all of which are swappable at the touch of a key. Once composed you highlight who you want it sent to which can be any number of persons , or predefined group.
      Future ready telephone functions , that can be implemented when service providers introduce them include ; dual SIM ; making a second call ( placing existing on hold ) ; call waiting ; conference calls ( including hold / unhold / swap / transfer / join ) .
      Telephone numbers can be saved to either SIM card or phone memory . When saving to SIM you can supply contact name , contacts phone number and select a caller group type . When saving to phone you save the following information : name ; mobile no. ; home no. ; caller group ; office no. ; home address ; office address ; company name ; contacts dept. name ; company position ; a note ; special day ; preset an incoming call ring id ; set an image id tag .
      The camera has three settings , namely 640 * 480 ; 320 * 240 ; 128 * 160 ( wallpaper ) pixels ; Only with the latter two can the zoom function be used ( 2* / 4* ) . All modes have single or multi-shot ( 4 or 9 ) shooting mode although 640 * 480 mode does not support 9 * multi-shot . Captured pictures can be saved Mini SD or phone memory , and are easily accessible via the menu . Other options within this function include creating of folders for your photo's , slideshow , protect , rename , photo detail .
      Overall easy to use and practical .
      Volume levels for preset ring tones are good and loud , however I have noticed that MP3 files used as ring tones seem to be quieter !

      *- In Use : MP3 -*


      You have two options with regards downloading MP3 files , namely www or direct computer link , using the supplied USB data cable. Uninterested in paying additional costs plus time constraints regarding browser downloads , I only use the computer option - the tracks I want are not generally available from www sites.
      Plugging in the USB cable and connecting to the computer results in the plug and play software within Windows finding the removable hard disc , ie. mini SD card . It is then simply a case of drag and drop of files. These can be individual or grouped in a folder .

      PLAYING :

      Tracks can then be played randomly ( single tracks , all tracks , tracks within a folder only ) or sequentially ( in order of placement ( all tracks , tracks within folder )) .Whilst in use you can select the standard screen , which shows track , time , etc. , or have visualisation screen ( similar to Microsoft media player ) , or you can minimise all and have your normal phone screen .
      Accessing tracks is via the upper MP3 buttons , which allow for play , pause , FF , RW , Forward and Back functions , plus volume up/down control . Alternatively you can you your menu access keys , for which a screen map is shown.


      Listening can be done via the built-in phone speaker - however this method is not recommended on the move as volume is not that loud . For best results using the built-in speaker , place the phone on a flat surface , which will produce a better sound .
      Alternatively you can use the supplied stereo headphones. These are in-ear type . Now I have as a rule found in-ear type headphones uncomfortable to use for an length of time , these however were still comfortable after several hours use . Sound from these lacks a little bass , but overall I am very impressed with the sound quality . Whilst in use , should you receive a telephone call , the phone reverts to hands free use , via the microphone found on the headphones , with MP3 in suspension mode until the end of the call .
      Now the bad point - at present you cannot purchase replacement headphones . They use a non standard jack , so take care of them . Benq-Siemens , so I have been informed , are soon to make available replacements , plus an adaptor which will allow you to use your own headphones ( these would however probably not have a built-in microphone , thus stopping hands free use ! ) . Bear this in mind before deciding to purchase.
      One ear piece did split within the first four months , but Benq said that this did not come under the guarantee - fortunately Virgin siad it did and provided a replacement pair FOC ( bad on you Benq ) .
      Selecting the option key , when in play mode will give you access to the equaliser function , where six preset choices are available , namely Flat , Bass , Rock , Pop , Jazz and Classic

      *- Overview -*

      A simple to use phone , good MP3 player , adequate camera , but lacking Bluetooth / infrared . Rugged but make use of screen protector film as the screen is made of non scratch resistant platic ( wish they used glass ) . Not cutting edge , but well worth the money. Just hope the headphone replacements become available soon.


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