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Doro Phone Easy 410gsm

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    1 Review
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      02.05.2013 15:45
      Very helpful


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      A fantastic phone for the money

      **Why Buy?**

      My Dad is 71, and has partial sight and hearing following a stroke. He has used a Nokia phone for years now in some form or another as the menus rarely change in the non smartphones, and he does find it familiar and fairly easy to use. However when his last Nokia started to go (the speaker went crackly) he asked me to try another manufacturer.

      I saw the Doro Phone Easy 410 in Carphone Warehouse and it was labelled as an 'easy mobile phone'. Ideal, I thought, perfect for people who just want an easy to use, basic phone, with useful disability or elderly focused features.

      **Price and Availability**

      I bought the Doro Phone Easy 410 at Carphone Warehouse, the price was £19.99 on an upgrade with o2. All Carphone Warehouse needed was the SSID (the SIM serial number printed on the back of the SIM card) to put in the system.

      It was a decent saving for us as to buy the phone as a new customer on o2 would have cost £34.99 and I would have had to buy a non transferrable £10 top up.

      The phone only cost (no SIM card) was £39.99. So to upgrade is best as it's a 50% saving on the next cheapest option.

      The Doro Phone Easy 410, though we bought it as an o2 upgrade, is not branded o2 nor is it locked to one network.


      The Doro Phone Easy 410 has the following features:

      - Loud and clear sound
      - Adjustable frequency
      - Separated large keys
      - Security Functions
      - Adjustable text size
      - Ergonomic Design
      - Easy Menu Handling
      - Hide unwanted functions
      - One touch memories (three dedicated speed dial buttons)
      - Calendar with reminder
      - Wake Up Alarm
      - Tone Control
      - 100 Phonebook positions
      - Headset outlet - 3.5mm (you can use regular headphones with the Doro Phone Easy 410, none are supplied)
      - Speaker Phone

      So as you can see it is geared towards people wanting a simple and easy to use phone, with features for those with poor sight, who may need assistance, and require loud and clear alerts.

      The phone has SMS text capabilities but does not have the following:

      - Camera (Front or Rear)
      - Radio or MP3 Player
      - Video Capabilities
      - Any type of internet access
      - Downloadable screen savers or ring tones (though there are some presets built in)
      - Customisable covers

      This will be music to some users' ears, all my Dad wanted was an easy to use, fuss free mobile with some simple features. For £20 we were certainly happy with what it has.

      **What's in the Box**

      In the box you get:

      The Doro Phone Easy 410 handset (available in black or white, ours is black)
      The battery
      A wall charger
      An instructional folded pamphlet (which I was pleased to see was in large print, a nice touch, which means my Dad is much more likely to refer to it!)
      A small colour folded leaflet on the other Doro assistance products available (remote controls, cordless and corded phones, personal alarms).

      **The Doro Phone Easy 410**

      The phone is a clamshell design which again is appealing to my Dad (my Mum quite fancies one too now after seeing it) as you can be sure you've hung up your call (I can count multiple times I've had a four minute silent voicemail from either parent who haven't pressed the red button hard enough!)

      The clamshell is hinged on a strong plastic hinge and the entire phone barring keys are made from a hard, solid plastic. It doesn't have shock absorbtion, but the clamshell design and rugged chunky build mean that it is quite resilient and stands up to minor drops. The keys are spaced out which make them very easy to press and they are rubberised, with large, clear numbers and symbols printed in white.

      The phone is incredibly easy to use in terms of setup and making and taking calls. There are two buttons on the very top of the lower half of the phone which correspond to the screen and they take you to either 'Menu' or 'Names' (Phonebook). Rather than a 4 way selector button it's up and down, so after pressing 'Names' you simply highlight using up and down the name you wish to call and press the green call button, and the red call button to end the call.

      There are three programmable preset buttons for most used numbers making dialling these an even bigger breeze- just press and hold for a moment and your call is started.

      The screen whilst not amazing in terms of graphics is very bright and clear, the default text size is easy to read though you can set it to larger, and you can also change the colours to be high contrast black and white for those with limited sight.

      The alarm clock and calendar are basic, but they do allow for multiple alarms to be set so you can set tones to remind pills to be taken and doctor's appointments and so on - a handy extra reminder and very easy to use.

      The sound is by far the loudest I've heard on a phone and that's all tones and sounds, the optional key press sounds, the incoming call ring tone and the message alert, as well as the speaker phone, which is the loudest I've ever heard on a phone, whilst never sounding crackly or distorted. The mic too is a decent one as I can hear my Dad no problem when he sits the phone on the coffee table next to him and I am on my mobile on the other side of the country!

      **My Dad's Opinion**

      My Dad's priorities were -

      An easy to read screen
      No 'bells and whistles'
      A very loud speakerphone
      Speed Dial

      And the Doro Phone Easy 410 has all of these to a high standard.

      He is very happy with the phone and should he ever wish to change it I have no doubt we'll look to Doro as a first choice.

      **Final Thoughts**

      I am very happy with our purchase, the Doro Phone Easy 410 is an excellent phone for anyone looking for a very simple and easy to use phone which doesn't break the bank. As it has a numher of assistance related features, it is ideally suited to those who may have a visual impairment, are hard of hearing or who are limited in mobility and find it easier to use a more basic and larger button phone. Even though it's marketed as a phone suited for those with a disability or who are older, it doesn't really look like an assistance item and passes for a decent little mobile phone no problem due to it's fairly modern design and colouring.

      The Doro Phone Easy 410 is a great phone, and I highly recommend it. It does exactly what it promises, and it does it to a very high standard. To think we bought this for under £20 makes it even more amazing. If an assistive phone is what you are looking for, then I highly recommend the Doro range and especially the Doro Phone Easy 410.


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