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Easy5 Mobile Phone

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Silverphone / Mobile Phone / Model: Easy5 / Dual Band (900 / 1800)

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    2 Reviews
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      15.07.2008 13:21



      Do not buy thid phone. Has been a source of annoyance since bought, now refuses to lock on to the network and has £9.00 appx still on it. Buy an ordinary mobile phone with bigger buttons with a flip screen.


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      27.10.2007 12:51
      Very helpful



      Wait for a better phone

      The Easy5 Mobile Phone. Have you heard of it?
      It’s not your ordinary mobile phone. Why? Because it’s aimed at specific market, who? Older people…

      Easy5 as it says in the name is easy to use and stores just phone telephones numbers. These phone numbers are activated through a speed dial facility and are accessed at the press of a button.

      The phone does not have a screen nor can you send text messages. I did say it was simple! This may not be the phone you’re looking for but perhaps it might be suitable for an older relative or some one who has difficulty with other mobile phones with small buttons.

      So now we have established the potential market let me briefly explain why I am writing this review – you maybe curious as I’m only in my 20’s.

      …My intentions…

      So why am I writing a review about something that I probably do not use? Yes, you are quite right I do not own the Easy5 Mobile Phone. However I do work in the retail industry and this phone is one of the products we currently sell.

      Wait… believe me this review is not about me selling the product. You’ll discover that for yourself when you reach the ‘disadvantages’ section of this review. I have set up many of these phones and have had much experience using it. Hence I was in a good position to demonstrate it to potential customers.


      So what would be the advantages of owning such a phone?

      --- Firstly the phone is simple; it really is. The phone only has seven buttons in total and they are all of a reasonable size. (5 speed dial buttons, 1 Call button and 1 on/off button). ---

      --- Secondly the phone is small, compact and will easily fit into a pocket. ---

      --- Thirdly the relative/friend you are worried about will have a phone to ring someone in an emergency. (If you hold down the CALL button for 10secs it will automatically ring 999) ---

      --- Fourth? The phone does have a selection of ring tones by pressing the button on right hand side of the phone. You also know if the phone is switched on or off by the tone it makes when you press the on/off button. Turning the phone on plays an ascending tone, switching the phone off plays a descending tone. ---

      --- Finally Five; the phone is available in three colours: Blue, Red and Black. ---


      Everything sounds great so far? Well the phone in itself is a great concept and so it should sound great.
      However this is phone does have its drawbacks and I wish I was aware of these before marketing the phone to our customers. So here we go…

      --- Firstly, the phone is simple but only as soon as it’s setup. How hard can that be? Well if you’re older and you have difficulties with fiddly things. So what’s the problem?

      Before you can use the phone you need to setup five telephone numbers. You can only do this with another mobile phone which has a screen. If you live on your own and you do not know anyone who can help you’re stuck at the first hurdle. ---

      --- Secondly, if you are on ‘Pay As You Go’ you can not find out your credit balance, unless you want it as one of you five speed dial numbers. Yes you could pop into a shop and ask for your balance but this is not easily achievable for every one. ---

      --- Thirdly, if some one leaves you an answer message once again you can not access this unless you use another of your five numbers. ---

      --- Fourth in line, since we started selling this phone we have had a few returns! Why? Because the batteries seem to be faulty. After several uses of the phone it either decides to stay switched on and will not allow you to switch it off or dial a number or the phone dies completely and you can’t switch it on.

      If this had only happened once I could understand it. However it has happened several times and it's most definitely the biggest reason why I am against any one purchasing this phone until this problem is sorted out!
      What’s the point in having a phone for emergencies if you can’t ring out on it when you might really need it! ---


      The phone is a great idea for older people or individuals who perhaps find it difficult using the tiny phones available on the market today.

      However, I have explained the difficulties which can occur with this phone. If you know some one who’d benefit from a Easy 5 phone please set it up for them and make sure the battery is in fully working order!

      Overall initially I was very impressed with this phone but since the complaints have been coming in I’m not convinced this phone was ready for national release. If I were you I’d wait a while and see if some thing better becomes available.

      …Where can I buy the phone? How much? …

      The phone is £99.99 from here: http://www.silverphone.co.uk


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    • Product Details

      Standby time of around 60-100 hours / Talk time of 2-3 hours / Speakerphone / 10 polyphonic ring tones / Available in three different colours / Large buttons for easier dialing / No screen

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