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1 Review
  • Don't brake as easily as iphones
  • Great features including beats
  • not only once)
  • My lock button and volume buttons have issues due to dropage (over dropping it numerous times
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    1 Review
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      25.07.2014 20:09
      Very helpful


      • "Great features including beats"
      • "Don't brake as easily as iphones"


      • " not only once)"
      • "My lock button and volume buttons have issues due to dropage (over dropping it numerous times"

      The one phone for me, and many other people who want a good phone!

      I bought this HTC One mini on a contract for around £23 per month and I haven't regretted it, it came with around £140 cash back over the two years and I heard it's meant to be a good phone, well it is!

      The phone is a beauty, the single metal casing that surrounds it is just so smooth and easy and feels nice to hold. I think the phone is sometimes too smooth and too 'all in one' as sometimes when it had spasms (kept turning it self on and off again) I just wish I could take the battery out instead of waiting until it died down. I also love that the speakers are on the front so when listening to music you don't have to turn it to full to hear just a little thing which can also be the problem. In my household at night if I want to watch catchup TV on my phone even on minimum volume I am asked to turn it down so earphones are advisable. Also it comes with BeatsAudio which I'd heard of but didn't quite know what it actually was and how good it was. It's great , it improves the sound quality significantly and you can turn it off if you want to see the difference, so you don't need to spend another £200 on a pair of Beat Headphones when this comes with it integrated, any more beats and you'll end up drinking Volvic , it's been filtered through layers upon layers of Beats!
      It also comes with something called Blinkfeed which enables you to log into facebook,twitter, google+ etc. and sign up to free news to keep up with current affairs on your home screen when your phone is turned on , its pretty amazing, You don't even need to open the facebook app to see what people are saying. When you tap on one of these feeds it takes you directly to it. You ideally need to log into your HTC account on your computer and plug your phone in with USB and then personal settings for your blinkfeed should be set.

      I reckon it's quite a durable phone. Its hard to compare to as the last phone I had was a nokia and they'll outlive the human race. I accidentally dropped it down the stairs, it was fine. It was thrown on the bed and bounced off and hit the wall, still fine. However later the spontanious turning off and on again started. Then I noticed a scratch and then the lock and vol down button became harder to press but all this happened quite a bit after the bed incident. I would advised leaving on charge on a bed side table, not on the side of the bed where it may fall on the floor a lot like I do. It fell off every night.
      I think the battery life is okay, sometimes I think it eats up too much when its on standby but then again I would advise closing programs after use so the background programmes don't eat up the battery life. When on games though the phone does get really , really warm and as its made of metal it doesn't help as it conducts too easily so keep on charge when playing games as that's what eats it up as well as the the actual android operating system.

      I don't think its too bad value for £23 a month with unlimited texts, 500MB data and 100 mins of calls from 02 on a website. The Carphone warehouse do a blue one and it looks pretty nice, google it, I was going to get it but their tarrifs kept changing when ever I looked at it.
      On bad feature is that it comes with 16gb of memory with no room for an SD card so you'll have to keep deleting things to keep the phone working fast and to have the new music/apps you want so I would suggest not using this for gaming or downloading programmes if you already have a tablet. Still better than the bigger one as the big HTC ONE cannot be used with one hand this can.

      The camera is the best feature. It comes with HTC ZOE so can take 3 seconds videos that can be easily edited with an "Always smile" feature to get the best shot from the 3 second photo. Also you can touch up the photo with the editing software in the camera and ZOE can also help remove unwanted objects or passer's by.
      Overall I would suggest this to people who use their smartphone for everything, check out the other technical features on the carphone Warehouse website and its just a great phone. Shame mine isn't working too well but I doubt any iphone could withstand even the smallest of drops. 9.5/10 the minus 0.5 is the fact the lock buttons giving up. Also comes with a flashlight that I didn't used to have on my nokia so is useful for turning off the light before going to bed!

      Available in:
      Black, Silver and Blue (The HTC ONE is available in red, gold, black and silver, not too sure about blue) from different retailers. (Vodaofone, 02, and carphone warehouse) you should be able to guess which is which from their company colours :)


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