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    2 Reviews
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      07.09.2011 16:16



      LG A133 is a mobile phone with basic features and it is very easy to use. The menu interface is user friendly. This is a very cheap flip phone. This phone contains one camera on the back which is a VGA camera. It got a long talk time of 8 hours. It also supports mp3, AAC files and got a FM radio to keep you busy. I also played some Java games on this phone which kept me busy for long hours. If you are looking for a low priced phone which can fulfill your basic needs then LG A133 is your phone.


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      04.05.2011 17:04


      • Reliability


      A better than average basic handset.

      I got one of these to use in the meantime as I look at what's around before I sign my life away to another contract.

      The LG caught my eye as it looked a quality product with a glossy black exterior with a nice red detailing, oh, and cheap. It's a comfortable size measuring 90mm X 50mm which then doubles in size as this is a flip-phone design. Closed it is 15mm thick.

      The phone is a pretty simple design with only volume buttons and the charger flap on show. The lid houses the main screen (2" and bright), the external display (which shows the time and phone status), and the 1.3mega pixel camera. Slide open the battery cover and you will find slots for the SIM card and a microSD card. Pretty much what you'd expect for this class of handset.

      The keypad is nice and large with the usual navigation/quick menu buttons near the top. You have quick start for music and the camera functions. The navigation keys defaults are UP=profile, DOWN=phonebook, LEFT=sms, RIGHT=calendar.
      Select OK takes you to the main menu area which is basic with 9 options; messaging, contacts, call log, settings, gallery, media, calendar, games/apps, provider home page.

      1. Messaging
      You can do your usual text, multimedia and email messaging here. You are able to insert emoticons, video, image, music, calendar, business card or notes in your message.

      2. Contacts
      As per the title you can create contact details in here with the option of adding other details such as; image, specific ringtone, email, birthday, memo and associating them with a specific group

      3. Call Log
      Here's where you find calls you've missed and made. In addition, this is where to look for call durations and the data counter.

      4. Settings
      This will show you more sub-menus that will enable you to change the way the handset looks and functions. Sub-menus are; Profiles, Display, Date/Time, Connectivity, Call, Phone, Network, Internet Profiles, Access points, Packet data connection, Security, Memory info.

      Sub-menu - Profile
      Select how the phone responds to calls. You can set to; silent, flightmode or custom etc...

      Sub-menu - Display
      You can change the 'Theme' of the phone so really how the phone display looks from text, colours etc...

      Sub-menu - Date/Time
      Set the date/time, daylight saving function and whether you want it to auto update.

      Sub-menu - Connectivity
      You can use Bluetooth or a USB data connection to transfer data to and from the phone (Note: USB lead is proprietary)

      Sub-menu - Call
      Here you can choose how to handle any incoming calls such as; diverting, barring, answer phone functions etc...

      Sub-menu - Phone
      This is where you can find information on the handset and also set how the shortcuts on the navigation keys (as mentioned earlier)

      Sub-menu - Network
      Most people won't mess with this as it's usually set on automatic and be on the network you have a contract is with but it's a useful place to come to if you're travelling abroad and want to manually set which network you use with the handset

      Sub-menu - Internet profiles/Access points/Packet Data connection
      The phone has gprs and thus wap is possible on this device. Here is where you choose the profile allowed by your network provider

      Sub-menu - Security
      Come here to reset pins, lock the handset, lock the sim and also activate the handset tracker.

      5. Gallery
      This is where you can access the media content on the handset. There's only about 40mb of inbuilt memory storage so you really need a microSD card if you are going to want to have media on this device.

      6. Media
      Now I thought I would find my media in this menu but this is where you will find the media creating devices. So come here to use the; camera, camera in video mode, music player, radio and voice recorder functions

      7. Calendar
      The Calendar menu allows you not only to get to the calendar and put in important dates with memos but also other functions such as the; alarm clock, to-do-list, note, secret notes, cash book, BMI calculator, calculater, stopwatch, date finder, convertors - areas/volume/etc..., network provider links, and the settings of the calendar(back up functions etc...)

      8. Games and Apps
      Access the games and apps you have downloaded. Beyond snake etc... I can't see this handset being used for games really.

      9. Network web link
      Quick links to services from the network provider

      So there is plenty of other functions beyond making and receiving calls/texts on the handset and in use it's very easy to navigate around. Making calls is a breeze though texting takes longer than using a touch screen/qwerty keyboard.

      Beyond these basic needs I have used some of the media applications. To use the radio you have to plug in the proprietary headset which limits your choice in headphones when it comes to listening to music though you can use the speaker option. The radio picked up the FM signal well and you have the option to save the channels and also record what you are listening to.
      The headphones aren't great. Very plasticky but I've used some spare ear cushions I had which help keep the headphones in your ears. You can listen to audio with the handset closed but with no external buttons to control playback you have to flip the handset open to change tracks etc...
      Media wise I've used mp3, mp4 and avi which it has played well. The screen is only 2" and vga resolution so video is grainy but the player allows you to fast forward and rewind and the speaker on the handset is loud.
      The camera is similar to a webcam and you have the ability to mess around with colours but not much more. Video capture is a joke. This is really for emergency use only.

      One benefit of being basic is that battery life is very good. It's been over 2 weeks now since the last charge. I mainly text with a few short calls so this may help explain why. Still, that's pretty good.

      This is a perfectly adequate phone for what you need a phone to do as well as offering you some additional functions that are quite handy to have. Ease of use, great battery life and compactness without been too compact are great features of this handset. It's smaller than my wallet which is my comparison for something being compact.

      I'm happy with my purchase as it does all I need a phone to do and haven't missed the use of my smartphone much now. It's made me question what I need from my phone in so much that I'm actually thinking about keeping this as my main phone and using the money I got from selling my previous contract handset towards an ipad or other tablet device as my multimedia device.


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