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    2 Reviews
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      11.08.2011 07:58


      • Reliability


      Giid cheap buy

      While preparing for a girls holiday last year in Malia I decided that it would be a really bad idea for me to take my expensive Iphone, for the simple reason I knew it would end up covered in suncream at the bottom of a swimming pool in our hotel. I decided that the best option for me would be to head down to Carphone Warehouse and buy a cheap phone. All I really needed it for was a couple of phonecalls home and the odd text now and again.

      This phone last year cost me £3.95 - plus an additional £10.00 credit too. I thought this was a bargain for a mobile phone. As with all phones once you get home you need to fully charge the battery, I left mine on charge overnight and then turned the phone on in the morning.

      The first this I noticed when turning the phone on was that for a cheap phone the screen is quite clear. I had a quick look through the manual that the phone came with and off I went...

      For what I though was a basic phone there were quite a few other hidden extras in there. On the main menu you can access your phonebook and text messages. Both of these options are pretty basic. I found the messaging a little irritating at first because it always saved my sent messages which resulted in my message box becoming too full very quickly. I eventually found the correct setting to stop my sent messages saving though.

      In the settings you can change very few things - I had a little play with changing the background on the phone screen. You can also access your call history on the main menu if needed.

      The tools option on the menu is where all the little extra are.. you have an alarm, calendar, memo, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter and world clock. The game on this phone is Sudoku - one of my favourites.

      There are a few more things I would like to point out about this phone. It is a great size, especially for ladies on a night out, it doesn't take up too much room in your bag.

      I am not going to say that this phone is waterproof, because it is not. However I did drop mine in the swimming pool, twice, and after rescuing it and leaving it in the sun for an hour it still works fine to this day. The battery life on this phone is great too. It seems to last forever!


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      14.07.2010 20:14
      Very helpful



      Ideal phone for a child or older person, or as a backup phone.

      I bought this little basic phone from Carphone Warehouse, where they were selling them from as cheap as £3.95 as long as you put £10 credit on the phone straight away. I bought the phone, because I wanted to take advantage of the Orange Wednesdays promotion, as I go to the cinema a lot. As I am happy with my current Tesco Network, I bought this as a backup, as it was the cheapest phone in the shop! The phone cost slightly more to go with Orange, costing me £15.99 for the phone, £10 credit and Orange sim.

      The phone is LG like my current one, so the controls and menus were quite familiar to me. The battery must be charged before use, and there is a small port near the top of the phone that allows you to do this. The phone took several hours to charge completely.

      When you turn the phone on, you see the LG logo and hear a jingly tune on startup. You then see a basic screen, telling you which network you are using, with a battery indicator in the top right hand corner. The time and date appear at the bottom, and the keypad default setting is locked, and can be easily unlocked by pressing the unlock button. The options appear at the bottom of the screen, and the first two options are "menu" or "favourites" which can be selected by the two buttons on the left and right.

      If you go into the main menu, you have 6 basic options: Contacts, Messaging, Call history, Tools, Settings and Orange Plus. As I have said, this is a very basic phone, and the writeup in Dooyoo's product description above, is wrong, as the phone has no FM radio, Digital Camera or Bluetooth. The picture is correct though. I will give a brief overview of the options available:

      1: Contacts. This submenu allows you to add contacts, speed dials and search your list of contacts or copy them. You can also delete contacts here.

      2: Messaging. Again, just the bare bones of basic SMS messaging. No frills here. The default setting is horrible predictive text, but it is easy to switch to regular texting. You can check your messages, write new ones, save drafts and listen to voicemail, as well as checking your sent mail, and looking at sender info.

      3: Call history. You can check for missed calls and also see who you have dialled and who has dialled you, as well as the call duration. That is all, really.

      4: Tools. Basic tools like alarm, calendar, memo, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter and world clock are included on this menu, as well as a single game, Sudoku.

      5: Settings. You can change your profile here. I usually use the outdoors setting, as I can never hear my phone when I am out and about. The outdoor setting is really loud on this phone, and even the buttons beep really loudly. You can also fiddle with the date and time and language, or make a selection from the 4 preinstalled wallpapers. You cannot change the ringtone though, which is a bit of a shame. I would have liked a choice of a few ringtones.

      6: Orange plus. This icon just enables me to contact my network provider and access their services.

      Yes this phone is about as basic as they come, although it does have a colour display! One game, one ringtone, no photo capability makes it much too basic for many people, but what do you expect for £3.95? The phone is pretty solid and doesn't look too tatty or breakable. I like the fact that the phone comes unlocked, so if my main phone breaks, I can just put my sim straight into this one. A full battery charge will last you about 6 days before you need to recharge.

      The phone has vibration when someone calls you, which is a bonus when out and about, as sometimes this is the only way you can tell the phone is ringing! The dimensions are 103 x 45 x 12 mm and the display is 128 x 128 pixels. The phone has speakerphone capability and the memory can store 10 missed calls, 10 dialed and 10 received calls.

      The phone is a nice size to fit into a pocket or bag, and would suit someone who doesn't want a phone with lots of features. When you make a call, the sound quality is very clear, and it is easy to hear the other person without interference. I am very happy with this phone.


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