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    1 Review
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      04.08.2011 22:35
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability


      Fulfils all the basic communication needs of a mobile phone

      ==LG GU230 MOBILE PHONE==


      My job involves heavy use of a computer including use of web based documents so I do not usually carry on with internet use on my phones as well unless it is really necessary. I also have a laptop at home and would rather access the internet on my laptop than on my phone as I find the screen to small. I therefore tend to buy mobile phones for the basic tele-communication needs and hence usually go for those a lot of people would consider the lower range. I do text a lot though so in choosing my phones I usually prefer a phone with a user friendly key pad with distinct well spaced keys.

      Unlike other people I tend not to replace my mobile phones regularly following mobile fashion trends and styles but only when there is a dire need for it to happen. Usually it is because the phone is too battered and becomes a bit of an embarrassment (according to my teenage daughters) to use in public. This is precisely what happened on this occasion.

      I was a proud owner and lover of my previous phone, on pay as you go, since early 2005. In September last year the phone slowly started to show signs of ageing in addition to being really bruised and battered all over. A few of the features were also playing up as well. In as much as I didn't want to part with this phone. It had really done its days and was definitely due for replacement. After some serious thoughts, I decided to go for it, and set my maximum budget at £50.00 which I thought was very generous. With December approaching very fast, I realised I would not be able to get good deals as December is generally an expensive month. My daughters suggested waiting for the January sales instead. So come January this year off we went on the hunt for a new hand set. I usually prefer to see something live first even if I later choose to but it on-line. To my disappointment all the phones which my daughters and friends recommended were well over my limit and requirements. As you would expect my daughters really wanted me to get something flashy and fashionable, like the blackberry and its relatives but I really would not have used half of the features on these phones so there was no need.

      After a lot of deliberations and disappointed faces from my daughters, I settled for the LG GU230 Mobile Phone on T-Mobile Pay As You Go. My previous phone was silver and would have preferred this phone in silver but it does not come in that colour so I settled for Black instead.

      The phone is manufactured by LG Electronics. I bought it for £24.99 from T-Mobile with £10 top up and chose to insure the handset for 12 months at £10.00. So I spend £44.99 in total for this bundle.


      The phone comes in a red pictorial box with the following accessories: charger, battery, stereo headset and user manual. The user manual is really straightforward to follow which I found really helpful.
      The phone comes in a beautiful sliding design and colours making it stylish to suit all gender. Colours available are Black, Black & Red (black front & red sides and key pad) and Pink. It is a basic phone with all the necessary features ideal for non business phone usage.

      The phone is light (89 g), ideal size for most pocket sizes for men and more important, especially to fit in a lady's handbag mobile phone pouch.

      ==Battery talk time==

      It has good battery talk time, once fully charged can go up to 5-7 days without charging depending on degree of usage.


      It has good phone book memory and can hold up to 1000 contacts, this is in addition to the entries you can also save on your SIM card. This is by far too much for me but good that it has this anyway. It only allows you save one number to a contact name which is really inconveniencing. It has the main contact groups already set up (family, friends, colleagues, school, VIP) which is really handy and also allows you to add more contact groups if required.

      You can retrieve a contact from the contact list by just typing the first letter of the name or the first 2 letters if required. In addition to individual name and group contact, it also has an icon for your own number which I am sure a lot of people would find handy because I can't tell you the number of people out there who do not know/remember their number. Fortunately I am not one of them as I have kept my number for the past 10 years.


      As mentioned earlier, I mainly use my phone for talking to people and this phone fulfils that need very well. The phone is also very user friendly for this purpose. Dialling and terminating calls is fairly easy using the standard buttons.

      The person can hear me and I can hear them very clearly, without any background noises. The phone has in built call logs with different icons for: dialled numbers; received call; missed calls; call duration; call costs. I tend to use all of these icons to check and monitor my phone usage.

      The phone has speed dial option and you can add up to 9 numbers/contacts. I should say although I have numbers in speed dial, I rarely use this function.


      The phone has text messaging, multimedia messaging and e-mail functions. I mainly use text-messaging and have used the e-mail facility but not that much. I know it works but cannot comment much on how good it is. It also has a built in dictionary (T9 Predictive Mode) which is handy if one decides to use the phone for business messaging, using the formal English. Once again I have no need for this for text messaging.
      It has the standard message folders just like e-mail with an icon for each of the following: create a message, inbox, my mail box, outbox, sent items, drafts, saved items and emoticons. I like using emoticons because they add a bit of style and emotion to message. I use the draft quite often to save incomplete messages for later completion and the saved items is really handy for saving messages you may need for later use away from the inbox where they may be deleted accidentally as I tend to clear my messages regularly. The phone does not automatically save sent items, you need to select the option to be able to do so but messages are only kept for 3 days so it is important to save the message in the saved items if the message is required for later reference. Once in a while you can also back up the text messages either on the hand set memory or on external memory.

      The messaging options also allow you to insert objects like images, videos, schedules, business card into the message. I do not use these that often but at least the facilities are there when required.
      Contact groups are really handy especially when sending messages as you can just select a group and send to all in that group, if applicable. I use this a lot for family messages and the various social groups I am affiliated with.


      I rarely switch off my phone even at work, instead I put it on silence and activate the vibration mode, which I always keep on. This is very handy especially at work when busy because I can hear if there are incoming calls/text messages without disturbing others.

      The ringtones are very few and those available are not at all exciting hence my daughter offered to upload one of my favourite songs as a ring tone for me. I had to agree to this as I had no option. That is when we discovered that the music player memory is also low. I would not have realised this as I do not usually upload songs on my phone but this time there was a need. We got round this heddle by slotting a microSD memory card which I did not have to buy as we have a few lying around unused at home. I now have a unique ring tone which I really love and cannot miss any of my calls.

      ==Web browser==

      The phone has a built in basic web browser. The internet access allows you to browse many sites. I tested it, yes it works but I do not use it that often. This was also going to be very expensive for me on pay as you go so I prefer using my laptop for internet access.

      ==Gallery and Media==

      It also comes with a few built in games, I have seen 3 so far unless some are hidden somewhere. This does not worry me as I do not use them but handy to have them especially if the phone belongs to a child.
      It has a built in 1.3 megapixels digital camera which I understand by today's standards is very low resolution. I have used it on a few occasions. The camera comes with video recording as well and it is fairly easy to operate. Additionally it has FM radio, Voice recorder, MP3 Music player, Digital player; I rarely use any of these as well but again it's good that they are part of the phone as people's needs differ.
      The phone also has built in Blue tooth for wireless connectivity.


      The phone has an organiser with alarm, time setting, calendar, to do list, calculator, stop watch. Of these, I mainly use the alarm to wake me up, and the calculator quite often when I am doing my shopping. The calculator is hidden behind other functions and it is rather a winding process to find it.


      ==Cost and value for money==

      The phone is very budget friendly; at £24.99, I wouldn't have expected more value for money than this.

      ==Areas for improvement==

      More choice of colours would be handy, as I mentioned earlier, I would have preferred this phone in silver.
      You cannot add more than one number to the contact name which is a bit frustrating. Ideally I would like to save home and work number as well attached to one contact and I am sure I am not the only one who prefers this. It's just handy to have all your contacts' numbers in one place although it is also risky in case you lose the phone.

      The camera also needs to be improved for better resolution.

      The phone has very few games compared to other phones and very few and rather boring ringtones and low music player memory.

      ==Conclusion ==

      Having said all the above, the phone fulfils my basic requirements for a phone, talking and texting. It is good and recommended for light mobile phone users like me. It would also be ideal as a child first phone as it has a little dose of everything. Maybe not for teenagers thought as they tend to be very particular at that age.

      Lastly "something is vibrating in my bag", you may have wondered what it is, it is my black LG GU230 phone. Most of my handbags have black interiors so when the phone falls out of the handbag pouch it sort of blends in with the colour of the bag and hence difficult to find as it is black as well. Worse still when it is on silent so that's when the vibration becomes handy as I can simply ask someone to call my number and through the vibration, I can locate it amongst the many contents of my handbags.

      Apologies for the lack of image even though it was provided. This is due to a technical fault with the dooyoo picture loading but I hope you managed to visualise the phone.

      Thank you for reading and rating this review.

      ©hildah11 Agust 2011

      This review is also published on Ciao under the same username.


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