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    9 Reviews
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      26.07.2012 00:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      A great, easy to use, phone

      If I hadn't become so set on wanting to purchase an iphone, I would still be using this phone daily as it really is great!

      I purchased this phone about 3 years ago from Tesco for £50 on offer.
      The Phone's Userpad

      I really did love this phone, and found it to be an excellent buy.
      The phone slides up, to reveal the number keypad. The numbers are written big which is handy and the letters beside it are also easy to read.
      The buttons when pressed are also quite loose and so make texting and dialling very fast and efficient.
      The top buttons include dialling out and ending your call. A button for the menu on the left, and the right button is to see your contact list. There is also the clear button and the moveable button in the middle.

      The moveable button in the middle is for quick view and allows you to open things up in the touch of one button rather than going through your menu screen.

      ---To the right---
      This brings you to your profile where you can choose to set your phone on silent, general, loud or vibrate only.

      ---To the left---
      This brings you to your favourites, where you can add your favourite contacts and choose to send them a text, email or bluetooth message. You can also add your favourite/most accessible things to the list such as games - so it makes it quicker to access it.

      ---Bring it down now---
      Pressing the button down will take you to your mp3 player
      You can download songs from your computer and put it on your phone. You can also choose to put these songs/tones as your ringtone. You have the option to shuffle and repeat your music. The MP3 player is great for the phone, once playing your song it also includes the song equaliser as a visual as well as the song details.

      ---And up---
      Clicking the button up leads you to writing a text message.

      ---The Screen---
      The screen is nice and big, with the fonts all being a good size on the screen. When dialling numbers they appear large too and it would be an ideal phone for someone who struggles with technology as the user navigation is simple.

      ---Ring Ring---
      Using the phone is easy. Just press the green button to view your recent calls and use your moveable middle button to choose who you want to dial. You can also see your missed calls as well as dialled out and recieved calls this way. Or you can just type in the number you want to dial and press the green button. If it's a contact you want to call from your address book then finding your contacts is easily done from the contacts button and pressing the green button would call them.

      Like the meerkats say... simples :P The phones quality is fine and I had never had any problems with the speaker or hearing the other person down the line.

      The phone has an organizer, meaning a calendar and a memo pad. The calendar is viewed by month and it is fairly straightforward to add notes and details to the calendar. You can also set a schedule tone so that it reminds you what is set for that date. The memo pad just allows you to type up any notes, the pad is plain black with white text and isn't much in terms of visuals but does the job.

      This includes your Mp3 player, Camera, Video Camera, FM Radio, Voice recorder and Muvee Studio.

      I've already discussed the mp3 player, so i'll move onto the Camera, this is a 5 megapixel camera and as it is not a smart phone it was really good for it's time and was a great selling point for the phone. The photos are of really good quality especially in comparisson with other phones and was one of the reasons I decided to purchase it. As long as you are not comparing it to a smartphone such as the iphone etc - I can't fault it. There is a slide cover on the back of the lens you just need to slide down in order to use the camera. The photos are not viewed as well in terms of quality on the phone as they are once transferred onto the computer. They are much better to see when viewing them on the computer. Theres also the video camera option allowing you to record videos, again the quality is pretty good.
      The FM Radio is basic but useful if you like listening to the radio and the voice recorder is simple to use. Muvee Studio is really only something that children would like and experiment with.. there is not much to do and it is quite basic. It just includes a few movable pictures that you can play around with and edit. It's not really something you will use to be honest as it's not very good!

      The games is really where this phone excels in comparisson to other phones released at the same time. It has M-Toy which is basically similar to the nintendo wii action where you can move/shake your phone as a game controllor. The games include Darts, Baseball, Fishing, Completing a Maze, Hammer and a Magic 8 Ball where you can shake the phone for it to reveal an answer to your question.

      These games are nice to play and ones children/teenagers would like, it would be great as a first phone. It can sometimes be tricky to see what you are doing as you are moving the phone but it can be enjoyable. As well as the M-Toy games there is Extreme Skateboard and a Mini Game World for you to explore.

      Storage space for text messages are reasonably good. I still use this phone as a back up etc and I have 215 text messages stored on it and it has not come up as nearly full.
      Writing a text message with the phone is easy and quick to do so, the buttons and screen size make it easy to see what you are writing. You can also turn predictive text on if you use it.

      There is also an alarm clock, calendar, stop watch, unit convertor and world clock on the phone. All are fairly straightforward and basic but can come in handy to use if required.

      There is bluetooth available on the phone to send pictures to other users who are nearby and a browser so you can access the internet if you so wish. Being a pay as you go user this was not something I did as I never needed to at the time.. I only went on it when I was given free internet usage, you can't connect to wi-fi so that is something to keep in mind. However again as the screen is bigger than some other phones it was fairly easy to read and see the webpages.
      Battery Life

      Battery life on the phone is excellent, it lasts a few days and takes a few hours to charge fully. I only charged mine for half an hour today and it has one bar which has still lasted the entire day.

      I would really recommend this phone if you are not after a smartphone, if you are wanting to purchase a mobile for using it mainly as a phone with a few extra perks then this is a nice model. As I stated before it would also be ideal for a first phone.

      Being an iphone user now, going back to this phone I can see how it would be difficult as it doesn't have all the apps and many (pointless) things availble to use that had become almost automatic to expect as a user. Also if you had a touch screen phone previously then going back to buttons can seem a bit slower when using for texting.

      I give the phone 5 stars as if using it as a normal basic phone I can't fault it.
      It's robust and well-made and has been dropped a few times with no breakages or even scratches! Since I bought it for £50 3 years ago, it must have come down a lot in price by then and i'm sure you can find it online.

      Thanks for reading
      (this review is also on ciao)


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        15.08.2010 18:43
        Very helpful



        Good phone for texters...

        I had this phone about two years ago, alas it didn't last above a year, but that was more my fault than its, as I will freely admit that i am one of those annoying people who get bored of phones rather easily, and unfortunately this one is included in that.

        I didnt find anything wrong with the phone, it was actually great at doing what it was supposed too, but there where one or two areas where it didn't quite work out as promised.

        One of these areas was the camera, which was apparently 5 megapixel. Although shots taken with this weren't bad, they where no better than my old sony ericsson k750i, and where much worse than the sony ericsson k800i. This annoyed me slightly, as it was the real reason i'd bought the phone, but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

        The phones internet was also rather... pants, often, pages took that long to load that the phone would just give up, a sign that perhaps the lack of edge, 3g or wi-fi was greatly missed.

        I will say this, the screen was great for watching videos, and looking through pictures (provided the pictures had been taken with a different camera) and its music player wasn't all that bad, sorting songs into the correct artist, album and genre easily.

        Texting on the phone was beautifully easy, the big clear buttons meant you where always able to find the keys you where looking for in the dark, as well as you where able to in day light. Calling people was easy, and once the call was connected, the sound quality was excellent, loud and clear.

        One cool feature the phone did come with was motion sensative games, including fishing, mazes, darts and 8 ball. These where were the player moved the phone in order to play the game, they where slightly boring and repetitive, and in the wrong hands, dangerous... but they where fun non the less.

        All around, this phone was pretty good, beautifully designed, but not up to scratch in areas. I would recommend the phone if the person wasn't too bothered about camera, and just wanted to text and call easily and quickly.


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        03.08.2010 15:52
        Very helpful



        Overall a very good phone for the money, if you are looking for something with a good camera.

        I have had this phone for nearly 2 years now and it is a great little phone for the price. The main problem I have with it is that it freezes quite a lot, especially if I receive more than one text message at once and my inbox is full. This isn't too much of a problem it just means deleting your inbox frequently.

        Other than that it has some very good functions, there are games which are meant to be like the wii because you have to move the phone to play them and are very enjoyable when you first buy the phone but the novelty wears off in the first months.

        The camera is fantastic in daylight, I have taken many very high quality photos with this camera and would recommend it.
        However the camera isn't as good at night times but would still suffice to take a photo to at a party and upload to facebook.

        I have not used this phone for internet because it is not included as part of my phone package.

        The music player is of good quality and you can easily hold a lot of tracks by upgrading the memory with a micro sd card, however I do not use this feature that often.

        Overall I think that this is a very good phone for the money and would recommend it.


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        25.01.2010 18:01
        1 Comment


        • Reliability


        This phone is great value for money and is very easy to use

        This phone is great value for money. It is has a great screen and enough to rival graphics with phones that cost a lot more. It has a great 5 mega pixel camera which provides really great pictures. It has a really high resolution for the pictures it takes. If you can use the camera properly - which isn't even hard - it takes awesome quality photos. The mp3 player is what really got me hooked though. It is by far the loudest out of al of my friends phones. Its sound quality is also unrivaled with most other phones just making really distorted sounds. But i warn you, you need a memory card for the phone. It has a terrible internal memory capacity.
        Videos come out fine, pictures look great it has quite a large screen which is nice. It is so easy to use it is not complicated like the new touch screen phones. You press a button and it goes to the menu, simple as.


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          30.12.2009 11:17



          I personally wouldn't buy it again

          The LG KC550 is a nice little phone with a good camera and "wii" style games.

          I had my LG KC550 for about a year when I began to have problems with it. The phone would literally freeze and the only way to get it working again would be to remove the battery pack and re-insert to restart the phone.

          I found the camera to be good dependant on the lighting where you are taking the photo. In a darker room the photo's would come out looking slightly orange and outside the photo's looked as though they had all been taken at dusk. Transferring to the pc was easy using the leads provided and the pictures were of good quality. The video camera facility on the phone was a different story however and was not the best quality.

          The "wii" style games were very novel and fun to play but they were a novelty that wore off. My Daughter still has this phone and is stll happy with it however she only ever uses it for texting.


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          17.06.2009 15:55



          this phone is one that i would recommend to all well done to LG for incorporating many nice features

          ive had this phone for a few months now with the virgin contract and i cant fault it. its sleek and stylish design stands out from most phones and its quality can be easily seen. the camera is of a stunning quality, rivalling my digital camera. its memory can be easily extended, not to mention cheaply, from buying online, because of its usage of micro sd's which are dirt cheap compared with the ones used in sony ericsson models. it has had many compliments from my friends, and its sleek interface can rarely be faulted, appart from the message part occasionally freezing, which i think is due to the allocated number of messages allowed in the inbox almost being reached. so overall this phone is relatively cheap, yet it is more than relatively good, its the best phone i have owned and with its high spec camera and eye catching design i would wholely recommend it to anyone!


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          12.06.2009 14:18
          Very helpful



          A reliable phone at under £90 and with all the features you need

          I bought my LG KC550 about 4 months ago from my local Tesco store and is on their network.

          It's a little wider than the phone I normally buy, and is one my partner suggested - in fact this particular one was intended as a birthday present for my daughter, but I bought it too early as it had a £20 top up voucher included that had to be used pretty soon and I was also worried that she would only have 11 months warranty instead of the 12. As I loved the phone that was soon remedied and I went back and bought her one too.

          It comes with a 1gb memory card which for most would be adequate for over 100 mp3 songs or a high number of photos at its maximum resolution of 2560x1920 (5mb camera). It currently shows 3818 photos available at maximum resolution, but I have replaced the original with a 4gb card and used its pc punctionality to copy my original photos across using a spare card reader that accepted mini cards. It took quite a while, but that's only because it was more than half full when I did the copying. The photos are pretty good and it has a range of ISO speeds upto 800 and zoom functionality.

          I presume that models supplied by other networks come with other games, but mine has a maze, fishing game, baseball homeruns, darts, hammer throw and magic ball. It also has a skateboarding game and some childrens games which are a little bit of fun. They are quite good, but a bit repetitive and the maze game never ends!

          Included is an fm radio, which seems to be a standard feature these days of mobiles, but it does annoy me a bit that you can only use it with the ear plugs in. I don't tend to use it, but do regularly use its bluetooth capabilities to play mp3 tracks through my car stereo.

          It doesn't have a very high volume, but its perfect for my needs. It also has java built in, but no applications. Other built in functions are alarm clock, calculator, stopwatch, unit converter, world clock and an organiser. Again like many phones these days it also has internet access - I don't regularly use this feature, but experience to dat is that it's pretty slow.

          I have had some problems with the keys on the left (1,4 and 7 when texting) as though they jam, but I overcome this quite easily.

          It has a wide number of emoticons built in, but unlike my old nokia, they don't turn into proper smiley faces.

          Of current phones in this price range (at Tesco) I would definitely recommend you seriously consider this phone


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          28.05.2009 21:27
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A really fantastic phone

          Hello everyone and welcome to this review,

          Time had come to buy a new mobile after my Sony Ericsson decided to 'shed', some of its vital plastic parts that keep the phone alive, to Tesco I went on the hunt for a newer and stronger phone.

          The LG Kc550 stood out from the crowd with its stunning black and gloss finish, that was the phone for me. The Kc550 is a slide phone with a 5 mega pixel camera including auto focus and a flash... Perfect for me! Anyway enough on the camera until later on... How much did it cost Nick?

          Well I was expecting a rather hefty price tag on the high specification phone, Tesco had an offer on their own mobile network that included the phone, £10 credit and a free 1GB memory card for only £89! Bargain. Off to the checkout I went with my new bargain.

          What was in the box?

          The phone of course!
          The charger
          A USB data cable
          1GB micro SD Memory Card
          And the general pile of paper that I never bother reading.

          The phone was very easy to set up after I managed to open the battery cover, it was hard to open and resulted in me accidentally throwing my new phone across Tesco's car park as it slipped out of my hands, I was slightly upset but took it straight back for an exchange which Tesco were very helpful with. I really successful at setting up the second handset as I had gained some experience from my previous 'drop'. So be warned, if you buy this phone wait until you get to the car before opening.

          The battery was ready charged and the phone sprang to life, the first thing I noticed was how clear the screen was, crystal clear! A very high quality display. The handset also feels fantastic quality and is very solid but light which is unusual for a slide mobile, they usual wobble as you hold them to your ear.

          The camera

          I was desperate to test the camera on this phone and as I had booked a flying lesson it was a perfect opportunity to test, the camera is mounted on the back of the phone and can be used without sliding the phone up first. Many slide phones have the camera mounted on the top of the slide up bit, sorry for not sounding too technical! But this phone's camera is very easy to access. The lens is a 'Schneider - KREUZNACH', I have no clue what that means but it sure does sound good!

          Time to test the Kreuznach after take-off, I slid the panel on the back of the phone to expose the lens and WOW! The picture came straight up on the screen, such fantastic quality that you would swear it was a proper digital camera. The pictures were easy to take and so clear with the auto focus. The camera is no quick snapper, it does require you to hold the button half way down to focus before snapping the image, this is fair enough though, if you want a perfect image you must wait...

          I took over 100 pictures on my flight and the memory card was holding up well, so nice of Tesco. The camera also has a flash which is great for using at night, there is also a few settings hidden away in the camera menu which allows you to change the contrast, colours and select different modes, even face warp! The lovely setting that allows you to jumble up peoples faces!

          There is also a video camera that records up to an hour! Wow! I have tested this up to 3 minutes so far and it is fantastic.

          General features
          There are many fantastic features that this phone holds within! I will try and explain most of them but if I miss any... I am sorry

          MP3 Player - I use this all the time! Gone are the days of my iPod since purchasing this. I have 300 songs loaded onto my memory stick and they are always there in my pocket. The headset supplied gives fantastic quality to songs and are pretty loud! Best of all, you can listen to music and if you have an incoming call the music will stop and you can talk through the headset! Yay. The speaker on the phone is also handy if you forget your headphones, the speaker is loud and clear but can sound slightly blurred if turned right up.

          Radio - Yes! This phone has a full radio tuner built in, mind you - many phones have this and is not uncommon! I have tested the radio and can confirm it works fantastic, the signal is also much improved on the phones radio than a standard radio.

          Internet - Tesco mobile allows you to use full mobile internet for checking eBay, emails or of course Dooyoo on the move! The browsing is very quick and the phone keeps a great signal compared to other phones I have had on the same network. The phone also holds games that can be downloaded online with ease if not slightly pricey at £5 a game!

          Speaker phone - I needed this! I get headaches when on mobiles for too long so this feature has been really handy to me, just press the centre button when on a call and it comes out loud.

          Making calls and texts

          It is really easy to make a call, just access the menu and select a contact, press the call button and away you go! The sound quality is fantastic and so is the microphone (So I have been told, I don't talk to myself that often, hehe) The battery lasts a very long time at around 9 hours of calls and of course more in standby.

          As I mentioned earlier the phone feels very strong when on a call and is very comfortable to hold during long conversations. But beware! There is a rim on fancy looking silver metal on the edge of the phone, it can get cold! Very cold, probably British weather!

          Now we know all about the calls, how about texting?

          Texting is really fantastic with the easy to use keypad, the button are quite responsive and nice to the touch, I can type very fast on this phone and it is a pleasure to text with, there is also the T9 dictionary and the phone pretty much writes your texts for you, very handy indeed! Once your text is written it is very quick at sending, most other phones take a while, especially the Nokias I have owned, texts on this send almost instantly!

          Other features and handy bits?

          Well the phone has Bluetooth for sending pictures, songs etc to others for free, it works very well and sends files quickly.

          When searching the phone last night I found out something great... The phone has a TV output, buy a cable that fits into your Tv and you can display all of your images and videos on the Tv, a great feature in my opinion, even though I will probably never use it!

          The phone also has the usual alarm clock, world clock, word pad, calculator and of course the calendar! These features are all very handy at times and I use this phone as my main alarm clock. It has not failed once in the last two weeks which h is a record for my alarms, it must be good!


          As mentioned earlier the phone is capable of calling up to 9 hours but can last up to a week with general use. I charge mine every three days and I use my phone a lot!

          Overall conclusion:

          An absolutely fantastic and stylish slide phone with an amazing camera. The battery is great and seems very reliable and solid. Definitely one of the best phones I have owned for the price and would highly recommend to others. It is very easy to use and although it is a high tech device the menus will soon be picked up by a first time user.

          Thank you for reading, hope this has helped.


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            29.01.2009 16:28
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Fantastic LG creation that's not given enough credit

            Please excuse the lame title!

            I've tried various phones and think I've found one to stick with now with the LG KC550. This is my first LG phone, and I was a little sceptical at first after hearing not so good reviews about the Chocolate mobile because of problems with the touch sensitivity. I needn't have worried as I'm very happy with this phone as it has everything I need, good features to personalise to your liking and it's been very reliable so far.

            ... Looks ...
            At first glance, you'll notice that this phone is chunkier than many slim slider mobiles in the shops lately. I actually liked this because the last phones I've tried have been thin slide/flip and I wanted something a bit different. It has a sturdy, quality feel to it, rather than feeling like an old-fashioned brick. It's 1.49cm in depth, 9.69cm in height and 5.14cm wide. Because of it's size it's also a tad heavier than other slim models at 110g. That said, I don't find it any bother to carry around in my pocket or my bag.

            It's designed with a large front screen which is clear to see and makes navigation and text writing much easier. On the front there is are 4 flat buttons which allow you to make/end calls and navigate the main screen, along with a cancel key (ie. To delete a letter from your text). In the centre is a box key, allowing up/down & left/right navigation, along with a main 'ok' silver button in the middle. To the one side is the port for headphones/charger/pc connection (which slides open rather than having a piece of tacky plastic that often breaks off), and the other a shortcut key to the camera, SD slot zoom/volume adjuster.

            The phone has an easy slide mechanism which is sturdy enough not to slide open when you don't want it to. This reveals the chequered black & grey keypad. The keys, although small and flat, I find are still easy to use once you get used to them.

            The overall appearance of the phone is slick and stylish, all in black with the exception of the silver trim. The back of the phone has a more rubberised feel to it, so you needn't worry about any scratches. The camera is located on the back too, and is neatly covered by a sliding silver bar. I find this extremely useful as it protects the camera lens and you only need to slide it down when you want to use the camera.

            ... Camera ...
            I think that one of the biggest appeals of this phone is its 5 mega-pixel camera with auto focus, which is a great improvement on the basic VGA, 1.3 and even 3 mega pixel cameras. I find it takes photos easily and produces good quality output. It also gives you good video capture with its image stabiliser. If you want to be taking professional photographs I would still recommend a purpose-specific digital camera, but this is definitely a fab way of taking great photos very easily. The snippet of specific info I found on this states "high performance schneider kreuznach lens. Enhanced shooting capability in low light ISO800. Image stabiliser and powerful LED flash. 2.4 inc wide LCD screen with auto rotation. DVD quality video recording, full TV out". Makes it sound very technical! Uploading to the PC is also straightforward with the software and cable provided, though the software doesn't seem to be compatible with Vista on my laptop, only on the PC with XP.

            ... Navigation & Applications ...
            As for the general layout of menus on the phone, the 2.4", 262,000 colour screen makes it wonderful to look at. Colours are bright and clear and navigation is easy. There's enough to choose from to personalise your phone with backgrounds, ringtones etc, along with the standard applications you'd expect to find on a good phone (such as alarm, calculator, file manager, calender etc). I've always found little dingly noises on mobiles to be irritating, but when I first got this phone and slid it open it made a pretty sound that's quirky & strangely addictive, so I've kept that on. You can also change the sounds of different keys etc so you can mould it to your own preferences which is great. I've found navigation to be very quick and easy, so writing texts for example is straightforward.

            Added extras include MP3 player, radio, tri-band, internet & bluetooth. The sound quality I find to be good (though I don't tend to use MP3/Radio on my mobile) and conversations always seem to be clear and crisp. You don't need to be shouting "HELLO?! I'M ON THE PHONE!", so save your voice and spare the people around you (I had to put up with 20 minutes of this in a cafe yesterday & came close to telling the guy to get a hearing-aid!)

            I'm not particularly interested in games on mobiles, but this comes with pre-loaded M-Toy games that are very different to what I expected. The phone must have some sort of motion sensing technology, because there are games like darts, where instead of pressing buttons to throw your dart, you move your phone back and forth. It's got good sensitivity and although it's not a big thing for me, it's an added bonus and really shows how technology has advanced!

            As I've mentioned, it's got an SD card slot so if you wanted to store more music or photos on your phone you can do so by expanding the memory.

            ... Reliability ...
            I expected the battery to die after 1 day like the last phone I had because the amount of features on it sucked the life out of it. But I was pleasantly surprised to find the battery life to be very good, so with minimal use (the odd text and sliding it open to listen to the pretty sound every now and again!) it lasts a good few days. When I've been using it more often, it's still reliable enough to go a couple of days without panicking it'll kick the bucket when you need it the most.

            I've never had any problems with this phone & can't foresee any in the future. There's nothing I dislike or find irritating about it either so I'm a happy bunny.

            ... Price ...
            I can't remember exactly how much this phone cost when it first came out, but I bought this from Tesco Mobile a few months before Christmas at £119.00 as it was on offer (but I also had money off coupons so it was a bargain!). When comparing it to mobiles with similar specs, I would say this is a reasonable price, and actually quite good when you consider the 5 mega-pixel camera.

            ... Thumbs Up! ...
            Overall I would definitely recommend this if you want something a bit more than your basic standard phone. It's reliable, easy to use, looks fantastic, it's sturdy, doesn't scratch easily and has plenty of high-tech features for a mobile around the £100 mark. I'll be sticking with this one for a while because I think it's fantastic, and above all, it's reliable!


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