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    1 Review
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      08.03.2009 20:14
      Very helpful



      loved thiss!!!

      ****LG KC780 ****

      I recently got a new contract phone because i was not happy with the last one. After a lot of looking around i finally settled on a 18 month contract with Phones4u ,on orange network. For those of you that might be interested in the phone it is a dolphin contract- i get 400 minutes and unlimited texts ,plus i got £30 by going through quidco and it offers a cash back redemption worth £270 meaning in effect my bill will be £15 a month (plus the phone was free).There was also an offer to get a ps3 80gb instead of the money but as much as i would have liked this i cant really justify getting it when i have an xbox 360 elite, ds lite , wii etc
      I have previously owned an lg camera phone so i am going to compare it with that at times.
      This is quite nice to look at. It is a black slider phone with buttons down both sides and a camera on the back. As phones go it is not the smallest but i didn't expect it to be with everything that came with it. In my opinion the screen is a nice size and so are the buttons-the perfect size for texting!!One thing i didn't like was how the headphones have a weird end so you cant stick any headphones in and i thought they were a weird shape.
      **Phone stuff**
      The phone is really easy to use-i didn't even bother with the instructions booklet. The menu button is above the call button and from here you have 12 options.
      I found it very easy to change the call settings to what i wanted. You can barr peoples calls if you don't want to speak to them and there is also an option called minute minder which makes a noise for every minute you have been on the phone. It has reminded me to get off the phone quite a few times. There is an option to set up speed dial which is good for numbers you want to phone a lot and you can also group numbers.
      I have found the phone reception to be alright, i can always hear my friends clearly and they say they can hear me clearly.

      When you go into this it gives you 3 options:
      1.Send a text message-easy to use,messages send instantly unlike a previous phone i had where it seemed to get delayed(samsung soul?)
      2.Email-i have yet to use this function but think it would be useful for sending emails on the go.
      3.Buetooth message
      One of the main reasons i wanted this phone was because it has an 8 megapixel camera .The box claims that this is "for taking good pictures of people".Now i have previously had an lg phone that claimed to have a 5mp camera but was rubbish so i wasn't sure how this was going to be but it turned out to be great. There are several functions to help you take the perfect shot including being able to change the iso from 100 to 1600,auto focus,face recognition as well as others. Yes i know this is a phone but i think sometimes it is really handy to have a device that is capable of multi- functions when you are on the go.
      Video camera
      Again the quality of this was surprisingly good, from the picture quality to the sound. I took the phone to a gig and was surprised at how clear the sound came out.
      Music player
      I found it really easy to put music on my phone. I think the easiest way is by making a playlist and syncing your phone with windows media,saves you having to install the cd rom that comes with the phone. Sound quality is good and if you wanted to listen to music without headphones it does go quite loud(for the annoying people who play music on their phone going down the street)
      *Fm radio *
      I have been able to get a good radio reception on this and you can store up to 12 radio channels. One annoying thing about the radio is that the the headphones act as an antenna so you have to have them plugged in to listen to the radio.
      The phone also has a voice recorder but i have not used this.
      There are a couple of games with this including a skating one. Games under the heading m-toy include darts and 5 others and to play these you have to move the phone. So for one of the games where you have to get a ball through the maze you have to tilt the phone at different angles. This was one of my favourite features as i have never came across this in a phone before.
      Under settings it says this has 138624kb which is not a lot but there is a memory card slot(it takes micro sd).At the minute i am using 26% of the memory and i have 10 songs,2 short video clips and a couple of pictures. So at some point i will have to get a memory card.

      This phone is fantastic, if your thinking of getting a new phone i would suggest this!!!


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