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    12 Reviews
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      19.08.2009 13:26
      Very helpful



      Good alrounds, does pretty much everything I want it to bar the email issues

      I received this phone as a gift and was more that a little concerned about the fact it had a touch screen. I had previously had a Nokia N95 which i loved but I was amazed at how quickly I got used to the touch screen. I don't like the dangly pointer so I didn't attach that to the phone and never use it, I think it may help that my nails are a decent length so can be quite precise when using the different functions.

      The camera is really excellent for a phone, takes pics that still look decent when you upload them on to the computer. there are lots of functions, many that I don't use though. I use the internet on this phone everyday and it takes about 4 clicks to get on to my facebook page which isn't too bad. I've found the internet to be fast although I can't always use all the internet features (I can't log in to work webmail). I have had issues with the email system, I have set it up according to their instructions and some on the web but I still can't get it to download my email properly, it'll do my hotmail but it takes a long time and doesn't do it automatically (like i set it up to do).

      I've now been converted to touch screens, they're fun and a whole lot easier to use than I ever imagined!


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      04.08.2009 21:53



      I would give 3 and a half stars.

      When I first decided to buy the LG KC910 Renoir I was really excited.
      I couldn't buy the iPhone (which I really wanted), and this phone seemed the perfect alternative. The first thing that made me go "wow" was it's design. Minimal, just like I wanted it. But to be honest, I don't know if I would have buy it again.
      Let's be fair: no big negative feautures. Let's just say it's "okay".
      The iPhone, in my opinion, is much much better. The touch screen of the LG is okay. Sometimes it's deferred by 0.5 second.
      And don't get too excited about the 8MP camera: it's no big deal. Pictures are okay. The colour is a bit weird.
      Another thing that I don't like is the fact that the OS is LG owned, and not Apple or Windows. This makes it REALLY hard to find good applications to put on it.
      In the end, it is a good phone.
      Maybe I was too excited when I first got it.
      I would reccomend the Omnia from Samsung or the iPhone.
      But if you have it already don't kill yourself, it's a good phone.


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      30.07.2009 11:47



      good iphone alternative

      as soon as i was this phone i wanted it. touch screen, divx, 8mp camera, wifi = wooooooow! i wanted an iphone but have issues with o2 and personally i couldn't justify the cost, so this seemed like a good alternative.

      when it first arrived i felt like throwing it out the window, because as anyone that has been used to nokias for the past few years will tell you, getting to grips with a new phone is always difficult, ESPECIALLY when it's a touch screen. texting was indescribably stressful. However after 5 days I was flying, no problems at all and was texting just as quickly as my old phone.

      Unfortunately my first Renoir died on me after 2 months, that is the screen died without warning, however the lovely people at Orange delivered a new one the next day and I've had no problems with it since (that was about 5 months ago)

      The camera and the flash are pretty sweet, although I think maybe 8mp is a bit of an exaggeration, but maybe you wouldn't really notice the difference on a mobile screen, I'm guessing you'd have to blow them up to a decent size to notice the difference.

      Overall this is a perfectly capable pretty smart little phone however I have one main gripe about it. The ringtones need to be MUCH LOUDER! Even when on outdoor settings it can be difficult to hear incoming calls and messages which can be very frustrating, sort it out LG, and you'll have a winner on your hands.

      If you're looking for an iphone alternative then definitely consider the Renoir.


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      26.07.2009 20:51
      Very helpful



      a good phone for people who use a phone to go around their daily life.

      Iv been with orange for a long time on contract.
      i got this phone ( LG KC910 ) in december 08 , and i must say i am very content with it despite various issues i had with the 8 GB memory card that the handset came with i was very pleased.

      The LG KC910 - has a very large touch screen which is easy to sue once you are use to the handset. i found that i lost my temper with the handset only when i had the screen protector ( again that comes with the handset in the box ) applied to the phone. i took the screen guard off after about a month and no marks where left on the screen despite several drops with use.

      The KC910 has very good wireless capabilities , with built in wifi , many applications can be found through the web that collaborate with he handset from google maps , to ebudy ( some form of web chat service)

      The only issues i find with the handset are battery life ( i had to replace the battery of my handset in july 09 meaning the cell that the phone came with lasted me only 7 months. ) however this is with generous usage.
      Also the 8GB micro SD card that my handset came with had a factory fault which lead to various crashing issues with my handset. however i have recently found that any handsets purchased with he faulty memory card can apply to gain a free replacement . And this solves the issue

      i am still using this handset around 8 months after buying it.
      It is by far one of my favorite phones and the 8MP camera provides semi decent quality photographs from your pocket available to share on various websites such as facebook and twitter.

      I am very happy with this handset and do believe that most people who use there phone for general purpose will be !

      I'm happy to answer any questions people may have before they make a purchase should it really help you - just get in touch with a message.


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      24.06.2009 10:06
      Very helpful



      Difinitely go out and get this camera ........now .

      I have always liked LG kc910 Phones even though they are sometimes very unreliable like.My first impression was positive as it is a nice colour,wasn't too heavy and nicely designed.Now onto the camera which is a 8 megapixel camera with schneider-kreuznach optics and a xenon flash.which dertermaines how much light the camera's sensor takes in, increasing the camera's performance in dark conditions.In fact i have to say that there are just so many feature that one can forget that the LG kc910 is also a mobile phone and a very good one at that ,from reception to quality to ring tones and everything it does what it says on the box. Good service for communication.You can send your massage by sms.And MMS,And you can send mobile E-mail to your friend.If you want get games or any things you can get it easy form GPRS conection .The battery life of the renoir is very good indeed.This is very easy to use as it has 114g weight .
      Finally I,recommend this phone is very use full for future .


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      12.06.2009 21:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      All round a good phone with some great features, definitely worth a look!

      Finally took the somewhat scary plunge away from Nokia, which I've used for my entire "mobile life", and went for an LG Renoir back in October when it first came out. Initially, I was concerned about moving away from Nokia, but having had serious issues with my N95, the guy in the shop convinced me to have a play with one at his recommendation to see if I liked it. Luckily, I was immediately impressed!
      Interface is very similar and feels very familiar to the Nokia design and layout, and everything was easy to find, and with a bit of jigging about to move icons to my preferable places, everything was set up just for me!
      Being new to touch screen, I thought it'd be a pain to get used to, but apart from having to be a bit more careful with texting and getting used to not having the feel of a "click" under your fingers, it was really easy to use. I recommend checking the calibration every now and then, how much difference this really makes I'm not sure, but it felt more responsive to me!
      Wi-fi connection turned out to be a real bonus for me. Connecting to my wireless network at home, on holiday in Starbucks in New York, or at friends, even if I didn't have my laptop on me, and being able to quickly check Facebook/email/msn without having to pay extortionate data charges was great! (My network package didn't have any mobile internet bundles included.)
      Came with an 8GB memory card include, which seemed to be more than enough for me and all my photos and texts, although the text message memory filled up fairly quickly, and certainly more quickly then my Nokia...this wasn't really a problem for me, just meant I had to keep on top of my texting and make sure I deleted unsentimental texts regularly. I did find, that when my message inbox was getting full, the phone would become a little slow, and hang for a few seconds, but nothing major.
      8 megapixel camera is very impressive, and the effects and editing facilities are really good fun too...just be a little bit warned that obviously using these functions a lot can reduce the battery fairly considerably!
      As for battery life, I'm a fairly heavy texter/mms sender, make a few calls here and there, used the camera a fair bit, and I got 2-3 days worth of battery out of it, or more if I was consciously trying to save battery. Impressive considering I was only getting a few hours out of an N95!!
      Definitely a phone worth considering or testing out :)


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        19.05.2009 15:50


        • Reliability


        Superb Phone

        This phone is Superb. I have always had a Samsung until I discovered this.
        It has absolutely everything you need, loads of memory, great music player with a good quality Speaker. The camera is probably the best I have used on a mobile phone. The WAp feature is flawless, it even works with my home Sky hub. I'm not sure if this is a feature with all phones, but it charges up when connected to a PC or laptop, although it doesn't seem to charge as quickly as the mains adapter.
        The only flaw is the GPS system, which doesn't work with google maps, however there is an external Sat nav called amAze which works vet well, although it does have an extra cost as you have to download the maps from their server.
        The jogging buddy is very accurate and the games available from the LG Website are class. Overall, this phone does absolutely everything you need.


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        14.05.2009 12:03
        Very helpful



        Other phones are a better option

        This is LG's attempt at a high end business phone. Looks wise it is superb, simple and stylish and the huge touch screen makes navigating around the internet and the menu very easy and quick, great when your on the move. Also the 8 mega pixel camara is incredible. Always provides high quality photos in any of the camara settings including night mode (something alot of good camaras tend not to be able to do) and it is easy to edit them on the phone, obiviously not to the extent of photoshop on the PC but not bad. The menu system is very easy to use and the task manager function allows you to run more than one application very efficiently. The sensitivity of the touch screen is about right meaning you dont have to dig into the screen and that it doesn't end a call when you touch it on your face.

        Now on to the bad stuff. I have had this phone for 4 months on the network and have reliability problems twice. Not something you expect from an expensive phone. The first time the microphone broke meaning that when i made a call the person on the other end could not hear me. This could not be fixed and i was sent a replacement handset. Then on this new handset it kept freezing and resetting itself which would take up to an hour to do. I don't know if this was just bad luck or if this is a genuine fault with the phone in general but im not impressed by its reliabiltiy.

        Overall then a great phone on paper but in reality, reliabilty lets it down severely and i would suggest going to a blackberry bold or curve or an iphone.


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        13.04.2009 06:32


        • Reliability


        Great phone and easy to use

        The LG k910 aka Renoir mobile phone is fantastic!
        It has a 8 mega pixel camera that takes picture, videos at normal speed, high speed and slow speed all at DVD quility.
        I got this phone free on a upgrade and had many to choose from but with 90% of my friends having iphones i wanted something a bit different.
        The touch screen is easy to use and the menu is so easy to browes around (so easy i never read the manual).
        The one downside i can see with this phone is that some games are very hard to play on this phone due to a lack of a normal keypad, so platform games can be a little tricky using the on screen keyboard.
        The battery life is quite good i can charge it once and it lasts for a couple of days which may not sound alot but most new phones tend to last only a day.
        The sound from this phone isnt the loudest the ring tones are a little quite but the vibration is one of the strongest ive felt.
        The volume for calls is crisp and clear even in wind, and with the volume buttons on the side its easy to turn it louder when and if needed.
        The handsfree kit that comes with the phone is ok for calls but poor for listening to music as the hands free kit cant handle loud music without crackling.
        This phone can handle opening multi aplactions at a time, i got my music playing while sending a text with a game paused and the phone never slowed down.
        My phone came with a 8gb micro SD HC memory card and i have over 100 pics on the card and when i went into my gallery to view them it loaded the preview of the pictures with lightening speed. BUT when i used a 512mb micro SD standed card with only 30 pictures it took around 1min to read the card and load the previews.
        This phone is tough mine has taken a beating. Ive dropped it down two flights of stairs, dropped it in a puddle, stood on it and sat on it, and the only damage is a small scuff mark on the side of the casing the screen is still ok!
        You can add widgets (shortcuts) to your wallpaper on the main screen such as a clock, calender and even one to check the weather.
        This phone is a 3g phone so you can make video calls which are not bad but all depend on your signal as to how smooth the video call will be.
        It also has bluetooth and can go on the internet via wap but on the rare times ive used the wap option to surf the web the phone has failed to load even basic pages such as google.
        Overall i'm really happy with this phone and its ease of use and this beeing my first touch screen phone i'm really impressed.


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          27.03.2009 14:16
          Very helpful



          Great Touch Screen Smart Phone

          I'm someone who doesn't usually have the best of relationships with mobile phones - a bit like women really, I get on well with them at first, but then they get angry and I accidently lose them in a pub somewhere *insert laughs here*

          The LG KC910 (also known as the 'Renoir') is my latest handset which I bought after extensive internet research about which model would be best suited to my needs. The phone, housed in a pleasing black and chrome shell, is a touch-screen device that comprises more features than I could ever possibly need.

          Costing in the region of £280 - £350 sim-free, the Renoir is clearly a copy of the iPhone - a device I was initially looking to buy, but was put off by its rather limited two-megapixel camera.

          Therefore, the LG Renoir's lure of eight mega-pixels was ultimately more appealing, and I have subsequently found it to be the best phone-camera that I have ever used. To operate, you simply twist open the lens cover on the back of the phone to reveal the Schneider lens and... Hey Presto! the camera springs into life. Offering a range of features bettering even some dedicated digital cameras (optical image stabilisation, blink detection, decent ISO range), this really is an impressive piece of kit - and it takes good photos too.

          Similarly, the movie camera is excellent and easy to use, offering slow-motion recording at up to 120 frames per second - wow! It is also really simple to transfer recordings to a computer via the USB cable included, and the phone can support a TV-out cable which allows the viewing of your creations on the big screen.

          As well as the iPhone, another mobile which I initially considered buying was the Samsung 'Pixon' which, although sharing the same beautiful appearance and camera stats as the Renoir, doesn't feature Wi-Fi (allowing you to access the internet free in a range of locations). That said, my experience of browsing the net on the Renoir is a fiddly process. Although it can handle a variety of webpages without any difficulty (including youtube and BBC iPlayer), the actual system of navigation is fairly tricky and unresponsive - hopefully something which LG will sort out in the next model.

          As I mentioned earlier, the Renoir is a touch-screen phone. This means that there are only three 'physical' buttons on the whole of the device - to enter numbers and text you use the virtual keypad which appears on the screen when you need it. The screen itself (3 inches, and made from plastic rather than glass) is fairly responsive, and if I hadn't used an iPhone in the past, I would have said that it was excellent. That said, the screen is of a much better quality than the Renoir's predecessor, the 'Viewty'.

          The user interface and menu system looks stylish and is really easy to use - everything is self explanatory, and there are no tricky features that aren't explained. Want to make a call?... press the call icon - want to write a text?... press the text icon, it's as simple as that.

          Other features of note (all explained thoroughly in the bulky manual) include an FM radio, GPS system (which can be used by downloading the 'Google Maps software'), bluetooth, a selection of games, plus all the usual mobile phone bits and pieces - alarm, calculator, organiser, stopwatch, etc etc.

          As well as the camera, the Renoir's music player has equal billing as the devices main feature. It is the first phone to incorporate 'Dolby Mobile' - an audio processing system designed to provide the best sound possible on the go. Music (in Mp3 form) can be stored on the 8GB Micro SD Card which should ship with your Renoir, and can be played by the phones internal music player which resembles Apples 'iTunes'. Sound quality is very impressive, although I would argue that it is seemingly no better than listening to tracks on an iPod.

          The battery life of the Renoir is very good indeed. With moderate use, I have found it to last between two and three days in-between charges - and that has included some web browsing sessions, phone calls, texting, and game playing - pretty impressive.

          Last, but perhaps most importantly, we get to the in-call sound quality - the crux of any phones performance. I am happy to report that when receiving calls, the Renoir provides a crystal clear sound, with a volume that can be adjusted via the rocker buttons on the side of the handset. Also handy is the speakerphone option, which has an impressive maximum volume and is similarly clear.

          In conclusion, after owning the KC910 for around three weeks, i'm happy to announce that it is without doubt the best phone I have owned to date. Although the slightly disappointing web-browser stops it from achieving five-stars, everything else is incredibly impressive. With its stylish looks, excellent features and great sound quality, I would highly recommend this particular model - and best of all, it works well as a phone too!... just don't leave it in the pub.


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            19.03.2009 14:04
            Very helpful



            Great Piece Of Kit.

            With my contract nearing an end I decided it was time to seek an upgrade. I headed for the T-Mobile shop to see what they could offer me. Two phones stood out, the Samsung Pixon and Sony Ericsson C905. Both had similar features including an 8 megapixel camera and GPS.

            However, my girlfriend also due an upgrade decided she wanted the Pixon so that idea was out of the window. So it was the Sony Ericsson for me? Unfortunately I am a very impatient and quite impulsive person so when they told they had none in stock I began my search for a different phone.

            Again two phones stood out, the LG Renoir and the Nokia 5800 both touch screen phones with a some decent capabilities. However, the LG just looked sleeker and nicer and after advice from the sales assistant I made my final decision: for the next 18 months I would be the proud owner off a LG Renoir KC910.

            As every person is when they get a new phone or any new gadget for that matter I couldn't wait to get started and test the phones capabilities. The difining features of the phone for me are an 8GB memory, which makes it an MP3 player as well as a phone, GPS navigation through google maps, the 8 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi and finally the second camera which enables video calling.

            The 8 megapixel camera allows you to take super sharp pictures, similar in quality to that of the 75 pound camera I bought my girlfriend for christmas. You can edit these photos in numerous ways, that many in fact I haven't had chance to test them all out. As well as super sharp pictures the camera also allows you to record super sharp videos that even allow slow motion play back.

            The GPS featue is self explanatory although I am yet to take full advantage of it. The 8GB memory is an awsome feature which has allowed me to load my phone with music and essentially replace my iPod. Another great thing about the amount of memory is that the phone supports DivX videos so you can load DivX videos onto your phone and watch them, if you can be bothered converting your videos into DivX that is, still a good feature though.

            The second camera is also a useful tool if you want to make video calls, for me the novelty has already worn off, why not just make a voice call? The best feature for me so far has to be the Wi-Fi, which allows you to access the internet free of charge in any Wi-Fi hotspots, so Starbucks for example.

            Finally the phone is a touch screen phone so I have to mention the performance of the touch screen. Overall it responds pretty well but can be slow at times and it definitley doesn;t have the responsiveness of the iPhone, still pretty good though.

            Now onto my contract, before the upgrade I was on T-Mobile's Flext 35, I was paying 30 pound per month for 180 pounds worth of credit to spread how I liked between texts, calls and picture messages. With the new phone I am on T-Mobiles new Flext 30 which gives me 200 pounds worth of credit to spend on texts, calls and picture messages. As well as this I am paying an extra 1.50 for free access to the internet anywhere, so not only can I access the internet free through Wi-Fi my contract allows me to do it whilst roaming. So in total I pay 31.50 per month for 200 pound credit and free internet. I also got the handset free after bargaining them down from 25pound for the handset.

            All in all I love this phone and truly believe that with the right software updates and more apps it will be a real rival for the iPhone, unfortunately it is an LG phone so decent software will probably never exist.


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              09.02.2009 16:34
              Very helpful



              A sleek new phone with everythijng you need

              I recently upgraded my phone as I was nearing the end of my contract with Orange, and my old phone was falling to pieces. In the end I chose the LG KC910 Renoir.

              Who are LG?
              LG is a South Korean electronics company, specialising in mobile phones and petrochemical products - i.e. products made from plastics.
              LG is an abbreviation for LuckyGoldstar, and their logo comprises the letters L and G arranged into a face.

              The LG Renoir Itself
              The Renoir was released in the fourth quarter of 2008, and therefore is still a relatively new piece of kit.
              It boasts an 8 Mega Pixel camera with autofocus and xenon flash, a secondary inner camera to be used in video calls, and is a smartphone in a candybar form. It is a touch screen, with an accelorometer - as made famous by the iPhone and iPod Touch models.

              Comprehensive List of Features
              If you are not a techie, look away now!
              Form factor - Candybar
              2G/GSM frequencies - 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
              3G/HSDPA frequencies - HSDPA 900 / 2100 (850 / 1900 - American version), connections up to 7.2 Mbit/s
              GPRS - Class 10 (4+1/3+2 slots), 32 - 48 kbit/s
              EDGE (EGPRS) - Yes
              HSCSD - No
              Screen - TFT WQVGA LCD touchscreen, Flash UI, 240 x 400 pixels, 3.0 inches
              Graphics - 240 x 400 pixels, 256K colors
              Audio - Dolby mobile
              Accelerometer - Yes
              Camera features - 8 MP, 3264x2448 pixels, autofocus, xenon flash, ISO sensitivity up to 1600, stabilization, auto-focus, manual focus, Face Tracking, Smile Shot, blink detection, geotagging, creative shot modes
              Camera Lens Cover - Yes
              Video recording - VGA 30fps, QVGA 5fps up to 120fps
              Video call - Yes, secondary VGA videocall camera
              Messaging - SMS, EMS, MMS, Email
              Java support - MIDP 2.0
              Memory card slot - microSD (TransFlash), up to 8GB
              Call Records - 40 dialed, 40 received, 40 missed calls
              GPS - Embedded GPS receiver
              Bluetooth - Yes, v2.0 with A2DP
              WLAN - Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
              Infrared port - No
              USB - Yes, v2.0
              Browser - WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML
              Email - Yes
              Push e-mail - No
              Vibration - Yes
              Ringtones - Polyphonic, MP3
              Music player - MP3/MPEG4/AAC/DivX/Xvid
              Radio - FM Radio
              TV out - Yes
              Battery - Li-Ion 1000 mAh
              Weight - 114 g / 0.25 lbs
              Dimensions - 107.8 x 55.9 x 14 mm / 4.24" x 2.2" x 0.55"

              (Information courtesy of Wikipedia)

              A Breakdown For Those Who Were Baffled By The Above List
              --------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------
              When you first turn on your LG Renoir, you will be greeted by your "home screen" where you can place widgets just like the iPhone. Along the bottom of the screen, there is a menu bar featuring "dialling", "contacts", "messaging" and "communicate". I'd imagine the first three options are fairly self-explanatory, but all communicate means is a wider menu of phone features.

              Within the Communicate menu, there is a menu bar along the right-hand side of the screen featuring "communicate", "entertainment", "utities" and "settings".
              The communicate menu holds access to dialling, speed dials, address book, call history, new message, new email, messaging and Orange messenger (on my particular handset obviously).

              The entertainment menu holds access to mobile TV, media album, camera, Orange music (on my particular handset), FM radio and games and apps.
              The utilities menu holds access to Orange world, Orange maps, Orange Plus (on my particular handset), organiser, alarms, voice recorder, and a more button, which takes you to calculator, converter, world clock, stopwatch and jogging buddy.

              The settings menu holds access to profiles, screen, phone settings, call settings, touch settings, connectivity, bluetooth and wifi.

              Camera Features
              There are two modes, camera and video. In camera mode there is a zoom function along the bottom of the screen, and a preview settings menu where you can address size, scene mode, colour effect, blink detection, white balance, macro, self-timer, ISO, quality, back-light compensation and inner camera. The others menu addresses memory, geo-tagging, zoom, image stabilization, focus, shutter sound, grid screen and reset settings.

              Back on the main screen you can go to the gallery, adjust flash, shot mode and exposure.
              In the video menu, the preview menu is pretty much the same, as is the others menu. On the main menu you can adjust recording speed for slow motion and fast motion recording.

              What Comes In The Box
              The LG Renoir's box comes with the handset (obviously), earphones, a charger, a data cable, a PC Suite CD-rom, a screen protector, a stylus and wallet that can be attached the phone the same way you would attach a phone charm, and a manual.

              My Opinion
              Having only had the phone for a few days, I'm not really qualified to speak about any well-known issues or problems with the handset.

              But what I can say is that I am overall pretty happy with my handset. The only niggles I do have is that the qwerty keyboard for texting is a little awkward to use if you are not using the stylus, and also the scrolling can be a little bit of a pain again if you are using your finger as a control, but other than that it is a great little phone.

              The LG KC910 Renoir handset costs for Pay As You Go customers range from £250 - £410. I'm sure you'll agree the top end of this range is pretty extortionate, but remember it has only just been released. it is also new technology in terms of the smartphone/touch screen and the 8 Mega-Pixel camera.

              My Price Through Orange Retention
              As I mentioned earlier, I got the phone as part of a retention deal with Orange Pay Monthly. My previous contract for my Nokia N73 was £30 on Dolphin 30, with various loyalty discounts and magic numbers here and there.
              When I looked on the internet, Orange were offering me the phone on the same contract, under the same conditions for the same price, only they wanted me to pay £195 for the handset (apparently this was with a £50 discount). As you might imagine, I had no intentions of paying such a ludicrous amount, so I went in-store to see what they had to say.

              When I went to my local Orange branch, the sales assistant was very helpful, even getting out the phone for me to have a play around with, even though he knew I intended to go through Orange retentions to get a good deal. He said that I was unlikely to get a deal any better than the one I had been given online, but I still didn't want to give up.
              When it got a little closer to the end of my contract, my boyfriend called up the retention line, telling the advisor that I intended to leave Orange if a better deal was not a viable option. They then asked him what phone I wanted, and what sort of deal I was looking at. He told them I wanted the LG Renoir, and they offered me the handset for free on the £30 contract.

              We decided to push them further, and eventually got them down to £22 with 400 minutes, unlimited texts and all my magic numbers intact.

              (Written for Ciao.co.uk)


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