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    1 Review
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      24.06.2010 11:44



      All in all a good phone, but only for the simple stuff

      I used this LG KG245 as my phone in Australia when I moved 4 years ago, and it still works today as a spare I have when my spare dies!
      It looks simple, and it is; the only things I use it for is texting and calling, and although it really is reliable as not many phones last that long really, it can't be used for much else.
      It's small and compact, and it being a flip, or 'clamshell', really helps when it coms to putting it away in pockets or handbags. You sometimes forget where it is though because it's that small - I've stood on mine a few times but it still works and is quite strong to withstand human weight!
      My only complaint, other than it not being as smart and sophisticated as phones nowadays, is that the battery really doesn't last long enough; last time I used it I had to charge it halfway through the day in order to continue texting, and a phone call drains it right down.
      It's music and message storage is quite poor too; no memory card can be inserted to get a bigger storage, and with just one full music file on there you can only fit 150 messages, Inbox, Outbox AND Drafts.
      Personally, I wouldn't reccommend it to anyone considering the types of phones out there today, but if anyone does want one for simply calling and texting then it will do the job, but you've a slight chance of finding a better battery life out there on a phone for the same price!


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