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    2 Reviews
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      08.09.2009 13:41



      So much better than my precious phone but..............

      I'm not really a dedicated mobile phone user and this phone was on offer at my local O2 store, it looked good, and had lots of good features.
      There were a few things that suprised me, the phone scratches easily so I buy hard cases for it, usually these last about 9months. They come from ebay, and you have to be careful about dirt and sand getting into the slider mechanism. This is not the phone for the beach. Battery life is adequate but I have taken to carrying chargers with me when away from home.

      On the plus side I have found all the functions work fine, it's fast and has only crashed twice when viewing video files. The camera is suprising. I have been able to take some really good photos when I remember that there is no flash, no zoom in the higher resolution and that the response is slow. The lense is also on the LHS and easy to cover with a finger.

      In short a good phone for not a great deal of money, if you have never had an upto date machine this will open your eyes. If you are a hardcore phone user then the short battery life may become a pain.


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      16.04.2009 11:17
      Very helpful
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      A good little phone, but a few marks off perfect

      I bought my LG KT520 from the O2 website about a month ago for £39. This was an offer and was originally around £70, which makes sense for it's spec is very good for a £40 phone.

      I was an O2 customer anyway and they had an offer on where they would give you either a discount on the new phone or free calling credit based on recent top ups if you bought an upgrade. I phoned their helpline to find out more and was told all the phones on the site were in the offer so I bought the phone and when I received it, went about claiming my credit reward.

      After buying the phone it was taken off their website so when I tried to claim my free credit I was told the handset was not part of the deal. I explained it was when I bought it!! With a few angry emails back and forth I eventually got my free calling credit of £43.00 which made the phone free in a way! So it was all worth it in the end.

      Anyway, all that was more to do with O2 that the model itself so is the phone any good? Well as I said it has a pretty good list of specifications which are as follows -

      Type- Slider

      Dimension: L*W*D (mm) 101.4 x 49.6 x 15.3

      Weight with Batt. Standard (g) 97 g

      Standby Time, Max (hrs)Standby Time, Max (hrs) 12.3 days

      Talk Time (hrs) 3.31 hrs

      SIM Toolkit

      GPRS/EDGE (class)


      SMS/MMS /

      Predictive Text Input (T9)

      Data Connectivity


      USB/PC Sync (2.0)/


      Phonebook (# of names) (500)

      Advanced Features

      Java (version)

      Built-In Game

      FM Radio

      Camera 3.2 MP

      Internal Memory 30MB

      External Memory 4GB (MicroSD)

      Recording Voice Recording


      Bluetooth (version)

      Flight Mode

      One feature I was particulary looking for in my new phone was a reasonable camera, not a VGA. This has 3.2 megapixels, still not
      anywhere near the quality of my digital camera but takes reasonably good pictures for a phone. I was a little annoyed that the zoom feature only works on a lower quality setting and not on the full 3.2 MP. This is disappointing. The use of the camera is great, If you slide the phone shut you can use it just like a digital camera, turning to the side, upside down, however you like. It makes it very easy and fun to use and the 2.2" screen is more than adequate for viewing the pictures, my camera only has a
      2.5". There is a slot for a micro SD card which you have to purchase separatley. I wasn't going to bother with this as I thought I'd only use the camera for the odd few pictures and would just transfer them to my laptop with the USB cable provided. There seemed to be adequate memory on the phone for light use. Trying to transfer the files though, once again I was disappointed. It would not allow me to transfer the files from the phone's memory, it had to be transferred to a memeory card first. So I bought a
      memory card, which I didn't feel I needed just to transfer photos I'd already taken and the phone was capable of holding. My old phone which was very basic allowed to to transfer via USB cable only so I found this was a real thumbs down for the KT520.
      (Little tip - if you do need to buy a Micro SD play.com sell them for under £5 for 2GB, the likes of Tesco charge £10!)

      The other thing that really attracted me to this phone is the fact that is capable of 3g internet and not just the WAP version of sites I was using on my old phone. I use the internet a lot and a phone that enabled me to check my ebay and emails on the move sounded great. Another little hiccup with this though, although it was not the fault of the phone. I wanted to just put my existing O2 sim into the phone, however as it was over 2 years old (I was later told) it was uncapable of picking up 3g, and I still continued getting the same performance as my old phone gave me. In their defence O2 were very good about this, they sent me a new sim and transferred my number for me so now I'm all sorted for internet on the move. The phone's performance for this feature is great, but the cost is phenomenal. £3 per MB! I have since found a bolt on that O2 do for £7.50 a month which I will
      sign up for as this will save me a fortune, I hope!

      Third thing on my list when choosing a new phone was style. I like slider phones and this looks sleek. It's black, rectangular with rounded corners, a metallic dark grey strip runs round the side and when you slide the phone open the keypad is in a light silver colour. As I mentioned the size of the screen is fairly good, though I feel it could have been a little bigger as there
      is a lot of wasted space around the edge. A little while ago all phones were tiny, but with more demand for phones with more gadgets, inevitabley they are getting bigger again. I guess when they've found the technology to do all these things on a smaller scale, they'll get more compact again. I wanted a phone that did a lot but wasn't too big. LG's most popular model at the
      moment, the LG Cookie is huge! The KT520 is still a little larger than I would have liked but comparing it to other phones on the market with matching features, I'd say it's pretty tidy.

      Other good points about the KT520 -
      * The ability to hold 500 phonebook entries and text messages is great.
      * The quirky touch sensor function. This a button in the middle of the directional keys on the front of the phone which works not unlike the touch controls on an ipod. Moving your finger around over the key controls menus and it great for using the internet as it moves the cursor around like a mouse would. It took me a while to get used to but it you don't like it you can use the directional keys as usual and turn off the touch sensor in the setting menu.
      * The 'look' of the menus and screen. It's a colour screen but is very sleeky designed in black and red for all the menus. I've not had an LG before and don't know if this is common to all their phones or not but it looks great.
      * The multitask function. Much like using tabs on a computer, this function allows you to write a text, for example, and check your diary at the same time, just by using the multitask button to flick between tasks. I found I use this more than I though I would. Especially writing a text and then needing to look something up, but not having start all over again.
      * It also has a built in MP3 player, though I do not use this as I take my ipod everywhere.

      And the bad...
      When it says maximum standby time is up to 12 days it means 'up to'! I charged this for many hours far longer than when it told me it was fully charged for the first time of charging, as you are supposed to to ensure you get the most out of the battery. The performance is still terrible. I have my phone on at night. On going to bed the other night, I found that it had 2 bars out of 3 left on the battery, just on standby, when I woke the battery had gone completely. I have to charge the phone every night and I wouldn't say I over use it, especially when I'm at work. This is a real negative for this phone. If I did use the MP3 player on it I think I'd have to charge it every 5 minutes!

      Overall, I'm pleased with it. The look is great, the size is good for it functions, the spec is great and I'm very pleased with the internet and camera capabilities. shame about the battery issue, but I'm yet to find the 'perfect' phone!

      For more information check out - http://uk.lge.com


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