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    7 Reviews
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      12.11.2009 16:28
      Very helpful



      Even ET wouldn't phone home on this travesty of technology

      I must apologise in advance for what will be a short review of a handset which is of the lowest quality.

      There is nothing aesthetically pleasing about the design of this phone. The casing is a terribly cheap plastic with no real weight to it and nothing to discern it from a child's toy. The inclusion of a circular screen surround I imagine was to echo some of their higher range phones but this only serves to cheapen the look of the phone.


      Weight 80g
      Dimensions 98.0 x 45.0 x 21.0 mm
      Display Monochromatic 5 Lines
      Resolution 96 x 64 pixels
      Call History 10 max
      Battery Li-Ion
      Amperage 860 mAh
      Standby Time 100h
      Talk time 4h


      The user interface is clumsy and unintuitive leading to frustration at the simlest of tasks. SMS messaging is as fundamental to a phones funtion as is voice calling these days. With the C115 the whole process is slow and laborious. The buttons are small, clumsy and unresponsive. Call quality is ok in an area with good signal strength but the phone inexplicably loses connection without warning. I will give it the benefit of the doubt and say I may have had a faulty handset however.

      The good points are as few as the features list. There is no doubt it is very light and it will certainly not pull your pocket out of line. Erm..... Perhaps at night people may find it hard to tell you have one which will in itself avoid you considerable shame. You can pick one up for less than £20 though I don't consider that a good point really.


      Why oh why are phones like this still around? This was obsolete as soon as it came out, the whole thing is cheap and tacky and it is of little value. Even at a sub £20 price you can buy much better phones. Buying this phone is like trading down from a Blackberry to a carrier pigeon, utterly pointless.


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        15.01.2009 21:30
        Very helpful



        For people who want a phone to just be a phone.

        This a review originally from my Ciao account, that I have attempted to update and improve. I will be making further improvements, so if you rate now, forgive me for possibly pestering you to re-read at some later stage.


        I have had this phone for absolutely ages now, but admittedly I find it hard to let go of anything. I got it for £20, which included a £10 top-up, on O2. It is cute and my friends seem to adore it, but it is a budget phone, so don't expect much. It has a very small, basic screen (no colour, very basic graphics) with blue backlight - goes quite well actually on a black phone, but obviously nothing special. However, I have had cheap phones that barely lasted in the past, and this one has survived a fair bit, so it is not a false economy type phone that will not work after 2 months.

        Calls & sound

        The quality of calls is fairly clear, although from time to time people I am talking to have noticed the sound go for a few seconds on their end. I've used it to talk to friends for hours (as girls do) without any major problems in the past. When making calls outside, the air can interfere and sometimes the sound goes, but it is hard to tell whether this is not more to do with reception or the actual handset.

        The volume is pretty high, so hearing is not so much of a problem, but as I haven't figured out how to reduce that it can be a problem when there are other people around. For some reason, voicemail is significantly louder, and I have been a little embarrassed a few times when I get a message that goes "hello Ayesh it's mum!!" etc.


        The battery is quite old, and it doesn't last too long in talk time. On standby I get a good few days. It beeps to warn you when the battery is low if the sound is on and even then you usually have a good few hours of standby time left to get it on the charger. The regular beeping continues until you either switch it off or charge it, which I find really annoying, although I can appreciate why this is very useful.


        I liked the keypad because it is fairly easy to use. I get a bit confused with the buttons sometimes but mostly because the buttons on previous phones that I have used had a different layout. Otherwise, text-messaging is fairly comfortable for me (my fingers are a bit short and a bit fat so hopefully that's a good thing for most people). If you have large hands, I don't recommend this phone for obvious reasons.


        You have to press and hold down the on-switch for a few seconds to turn on the phone. The phone is not too slow to come to life after that, but the start-up is noisy if the sound is on, so often I switch off the sound before switching off my phone. I don't like the volume adjustment, because each time you turn the volume down a notch it makes a sound to demonstrate that volume, or vibrates for vibrate, which wastes battery if you often have to put it on silent and you can't just quietly turn it down in a lecture - that can be embarrassing! Also if you just switch it off, it makes another long loud noise similar to the start-up noise, so that too is not helpful.

        Text messages/Memory

        If you are the sentimental type, wanting to keep all your messages, this is not for you. You get only 20 outbox and inbox messages storage. The annoying thing is having to keep going through the message boxes and deleting old ones so that new messages come through. I guess with most older phones this was the case anyway. I also find that it is hard to tell, when you have long messages that take up more than 1 standard text message, which ones they are and how many messages each one is taking up. So it may appear that I only have 16 messages in my inbox, but if at least two are long messages, my inbox will be full. I also noticed some of the messages I have deleted reappearing and I have no idea why this happens.


        The games on this phone are very simplistic but fun all the same. Actually I have only 2 on my phone. One is fussball which I am rubbish at and haven't figured out yet why I keep losing, the other I haven't really played to be honest. If you're after good games, this is not the phone for you, they are just there to entertain you a bit during the worst lecture/meeting/serious conversation with gf/bf of the week; you know, a bit like doodling I suppose.

        Other features

        The alarm clock is a typical feature on most phones. I don't really bother to use it very often, unless staying away for a night or two. It is too easy to disable, and that's annoying, because I want to be sure my alarm will/will not go off when planned.
        There is also a calculator, but it is too tricky to use and by the time you've done all the typing you will probably have worked it out in your head.

        As I must not have spent enough time on the manual, it took me a very long time - up until the time of this review when I finally did some proper exploration of the things I hardly touch - to discover that the phone does in fact have a key lock. In the meantime, I had been accidentally ringing people and wasting battery power! I've finally found it, well, the instructions for it that state "press menu and * to lock and unlock" - words to that effect. I cannot believe it was so simple! But there it is, a very important feature, that is not, after all, lacking.


        All in all this is a great phone for its basic functions, low price (especially as a 'pay as you go' phone) and durability. However, some features, like a key lock, are essential, and some, like better volume controls are highly desirable yet lacking in this phone. An improved version at £30 would probably have warranted 5 stars, but as it is, this phone deserves a fair 3.


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          12.10.2008 00:22


          • Reliability


          I have my motorola C115 for almost 3 years and I am extremely happy with it.The battery is still the original and it lasts for more or less five days!Of course it doesn´t have many gadgets, but I just need a clock, an alarm, apart of course of the texting and calling functions.My favourite characteristic is that it is able to shut down and wake up at predefined hours, I set it to shut down during the night.The only annoying issue is that if it is running out of battery, it makes a sound unless it is in silent..Apart from that, it is perfect for me!!


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          17.05.2008 20:30



          Simple and non breakable phone.

          Wow my old Motorola C115 hahaha... This was my first mobile phone and it is still in the my box with old things. As I said I still have it and it still works. This phone has display with no color just blue light which shows 6 lines of text/numbers. At the time I have bought it it was a good looking phone. It black with grey buttons. It felt from my hands many times but still it didn't broke and it didn't scratched at all. The sound is very loud and there are vibrations. One thing that I don't like at this phone is: It can't ring and vibrate at the same time (vibrates a few times and then rings). This phone even dived in water with me once and as I said it is still working. I was surprised by one of the reviews which said it had bad battery!?!?!?! My Motorola C115 has very good battery, I only charged it once a week (when I was still using it) and now I charge it every 10 days. It has one game which is football (not like Java games:-) . This is an old fashioned phone but if you want simple phone which will never break this is the right one. It has no display with colors, no camera and none of the functions of the new phones.


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          24.12.2007 05:32



          Just buy it if you want to give it to your kids, nothing more than that. :D

          DO not read this review instead check nicki_221987 one.

          why not to read?, simple.

          I gonna tell you just bad things about this cell.

          so, if it is a bad cell why do you have one?
          the phone company gave it for free. happy now? :D

          This cell is cheat, and that mean you can use it to talk, text message, alarm and calculator, nothing more than that.

          it got a monochromatic screen witch 5 lines for text display, the light is blue, it comes with two games, alarm, calculator and chronometry.
          After a while (6 moths maybe) the battery starts to fail, and its got charge for 1 day only, worst, when you a lot of text message this phone act really slow taking to 10 seconds for respond opening a text message, it save only 10 calls in the green button, and also 10 text message send.

          Right now, the volume is just 50%, so I almost can hear it, the vibrator function is what helps here.

          The only good thing about the phone is that you can drop it how much as you want, it won't brake apart.

          Just buy it if you want to give it to your kids, nothing more than that. :D

          Oh, remember : no camera, no wap, no bluetooth, no color, no java, no nice at all.


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          25.10.2006 12:27
          Very helpful



          A review of the C115 from motorola!

          I brought this phone for £10 when it was on offer in TJ Hughes. Normally it can be found for around £20 new, or on ebay for around £10. plus postage costs.

          Currently I am using this phone with an O2 sim card, but it was brought on T-Mobile and I did not have to unlock the phone to use it with my O2 sim card! I am not sure if this is true of all networks but to my knowledge the phone is unlocked when brought so will except any sim card.

          When brought new the phone comes with:
          · Phone
          · Battery
          · Charger
          · Manual

          According to the Motorola website the details of the phone are as follows:

          Key Features
          · Attract attention with an edgy, pocketable design
          · Communicate consistently with superior battery life offering a minimum of 400 minutes** talk-time and 340** hours of standby time
          · Compact size - 3.97 x 1.88 x 0.86 inches /101 x 48 x 22 mm and 2.82 ounces / 80 grams
          · Play the day away with 3 pre-loaded games including Spring Ball, Small Bee, Chess, or Soccer (Actual game titles depend on region and operator)
          · Create your own ring tones with Motorola's I-Melody ring tone composer
          · Stay connected with friends and family via SMS messaging with iTAP predictive text
          · Personalize your mobile by choosing from a variety of screensavers
          · Calculator
          · Other features include alarm clock, currency converter and stop watch
          · No need to save pennies - the Motorola C115 is priced extremely affordable

          My own personal experience of the phone has been pretty good. I have had the phone now for about 8 months and at most only have to charge it overnight every couple of days. When I first brought the phone I could go for about a week without charging it. I do not excessively call people from my phone (I mainly use it to text people) so if the phone is used a lot to call people it may need charging more often.

          The only faults I have found with this phone is that mine has now taken to turning itself off every so often when I am writing a message. This is not too much of a problem as it turns back on fine after, however it can be quite annoying when you are writing a long message as it does not save the message when it turns itself off. This fault could just be due to the age and use of the phone and to my knowledge has not happened to other peoples as a couple of friends have one.

          I have found this phone very simple to use with its 10 main menu features:

          On recent calls you can find out details about calls you have made and received such as cost and times. It also lists the last 20 received calls and the last 10 dialled calls.

          On ring styles you can change your ring tone and the sort of alert you get (vibrate or ring or both). You can also make your own ring tones on my tones. The only minor fault I find with this phone is that you cannot download ring tones and the choice of tones already on the phone is not that great.

          On games you can play football. This is the only game on the phone so if it's not your thing then like me the game menu is not used very much. However the game does have several levels where you try to score goals and could be enjoyed by the younger audience and football lovers.

          On Mymenu you can change the way your phone is and personalise it more to the way you wish to work it.

          On messages you can write messages of course and you can also find your voicemail here. You can write draft messages and save them for later, and if you are in a rush you may find a ready-made quick note such as: 'call you later' so you do not have to write the whole message yourself. The messages you send are saved in your outbox so you can look back at them. The only problem I have with this phone in the messages sense is that the phone can only store 10 messages so that when you have received 10 you need to delete some so that you have room for new ones.

          On the phonebook you can find numbers of contacts you have stored. I have not had any problems with is so far as there seems to be plenty of room in your phone book for contacts. I currently have 76 contacts in my phone book and there seems to be space for several more. Also saved on the phonebook are the numbers to ring for voicemail, Bolt Ons, Directories, customer services, balance and top up credit. This can be very useful when wanting to know how much credit you have and you don't have to remember any numbers to ring!

          On More you can find the extras on the phone such as calculator, which can be very useful when out shopping etc, a place to store the exchange rate, a stop watch, screen saver, service dial and fixed dial.

          On settings you can basically set the phone to how you want it. Here you can change time and date settings, your security, and your phone status.

          Another menu that can be found is the alarm clock, which I find very useful in getting me up in the mornings. This can be set to ring at different levels and vibrate. You can store up to 5 alarms and can give them names such as get up, meeting in 5 etc. this can be useful in helping you to remember where you need to be if like me you are forgetful!

          The last menu on my phone is the O2 menu; this on others I would presume would be the network that you are on and has numbers to contact them.

          The Durability and robustness of this phone I have found very good! I have dropped this phone many times and have not seen any sign of this with the phone or on the surface of the phone! You wouldn't know from using the phone that it has flewn across my room several times! lol

          I have never had a problem so far with reception on this phone and have always had at least 2 bars. The only time I have had no signal is when I was on a dig this summer in the middle of nowhere! I am pretty sure that nearly everyone had no signal so I am fairly happy that once or twice I got 1 bar lol!

          Overall I have found this phone very easy to use, if like me you are not a big fan of reading instructions then this phone is for you! I just stared using the phone without bothering with the instructions and was fine in using it and working out all the settings. The phone is lightweight, small enough to fit in a pocket and looks nice.

          If you just want a basic phone then this is for you. Although it doesn't have all the up to date features such as blue tooth and camera if you just need a phone for calling and texting then I would highly recommend this to you. The price is very reasonable for the size and looks and I personally have not found a phone that is cheaper than this and looks as good as this!

          I hope you find this useful when choosing your new phone!


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          02.10.2006 16:02
          Very helpful


          • Reliability



          My Little Motorola Phone

          *****Motorola C115*****

          In 1996, one month before Handover, my family and I went back to Hong Kong, where I was born, and spent the early years of my life. It was a pretty amazing time, and once which I will no doubt eventually write about here, but one thing that blew me away when I was there was the Motorola Building, on the mainland at Tsim Tsa Tsui, in Kowloon. A great sweeping curve of a building that has to be seen to be truly believed! After seeing that, I really hankered after getting a Motorola phone, but it was to be nearly 10 years before I actually got one!

          Last year, I was given a Motorola phone for my birthday, and it reminded me so much of seeing that building in Hong Kong, and of how much I had wanted to get one. It is a very simple phone, as I am a simple, non-technical kind of girl, and although I’ll be getting a newer, flasher phone very shortly, I thought I would write about its merits and gorgeousness. This will be a very girlie review, with little or no technical jargon, and I hope it helps if you’re thinking of purchasing said Little Motorola Phone.

          *****The Phone*****

          If you’ve never had a mobile phone before, this is a very neat, simple to use, basic phone to start off with. Incidentally, my best friend got this phone for her young daughter to have as an emergency contact, and it seems to work very well for them. I have found it has everything I need from a phone, with no fancy (and costly) extras.
          From a design point of view, it is small, has a groovy circular screen, and has no hard pointy edges – smooth and curvy all the way. I like the streamlined quality in design, so this is something I approve of. The keypad is raised up from the key bed, and this makes it easy to press buttons when typing messages or dialling numbers. All in all, the keypad is one of the easiest I’ve used, and isn’t full of strange characters you’ll never use, or buttons that it takes 6 months to work out the purpose of!

          The phone is silver in colour, and the backlight of the phone is a turquoise-blue, and very pretty. I wouldn’t have minded a pink backlight, but I don’t think you can change the colour of the backlight with this phone.

          The phone weighs 80g, so it’s not the lightest phone ever made, but in my opinion, having a bit of weight to your phone means you automatically know which pocket it’s in, and are less likely to loose it! It measures approximately 4 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch, so it is quite neat, and I find I have no problem fitting it into a pocket in my handbag or suit jacket.

          The phone has quite a few additional features, though not as many as a more recent one. It has call waiting and call hold facilities, though the music for holding isn’t that great!! It has a large selection of ring tones – 24 in total, and some of them are okay. I usually just have my phone on vibrate, except when I’m using my phone as an alarm call in the morning, when I turn it up loud!

          The Motorola C115 has a talk time of about 9 hours, and I find I only have to charge the battery up once a week. I don’t however, usually spend a lot of time actually talking on my mobile, using it mainly for sending and receiving text messages. The phone does however alert me with a little beeping noise when the battery is running low. This usually happens on a Monday! I always let the battery empty before I recharge it, as the manual states this is the best way to prolong the battery life, and so far it seems to have worked!

          The other features I use on this phone are:

          Currency converter
          Games (there are 3 on this phone! Woohoo!)
          Caller ID – I like to know who is calling me!
          Answer phone.

          *****What I think of this phone*****

          The Motorola C115 has been a very reliable little phone for me. It has never broken, or stopped working, it has a good signal most of the time and I have to say it’s been pretty perfect! It doesn’t have a lot of the features you expect with a newer model of phone, like camera, voice recording, internet connection or Bluetooth, but if you’re not bothered about those things, then it could be the phone for you. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants a simple, no frills phone, maybe for themselves, or a younger or older person, as it’s easy to use, doesn’t get complicated at any point, and has a very simple, easy to navigate system and design. For what I’ve used it for (mainly text messages and the odd emergency “please come and pick me up I missed the bus” type call) and for what I’ve wanted from it, it has done the business, and if I had to rate it, on the basis of that criteria, I would have to give it ten out of ten. It isn’t fancy, it has no bells or whistles, but if you don’t need fancy, and if bells and whistles aren’t your thing, this is probably the phone for you.

          *****How much does it cost?*****

          Well now, as it’s not an up to date phone, it isn’t very expensive at all. Argos are selling them at £12.95 (yes you heard me right!), though I have seen other sites quoting anything up to £49.99, so it really depends on where you buy it. Good luck if you decide this is the phone for you!

          Thank you very much for reading, Kate x


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