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    5 Reviews
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      19.08.2008 10:23
      Very helpful



      A very old huge phone with some nowadays technology but not all of them.

      This Motorola C975 has been around for as long as I can remember. Back in the days I used to see this mobile In the 3 phone shop and thought it was a waste of money because of how big it was. It happened one day that I was walking past 'Savers' and this mobile phone along the others were being sold for only £5 and they also had airtime in them. So it felt like I was getting a free phone and the price didn't not drain my whole pocket money.
      I chose this C975 because the rest were flip phones and I am not a fan of flip mobiles though I have owned a few.

      When I got home and after showing off to everyone how I got a mobile for £5 including top up I opened the box and found the mobile, headset, mains charger, manual, USB cable (for synchronizing data from the PC to the mobile and vice versa) and PC software (which can only be installed in windows XP and below not including windows 95).
      I charged the mobile and it took around two hours for the battery to get full. I started exploring the mobile to see what it could do. Back in those days I was only about fifteen or sixteen years old so my hands were rather small, therefore had to use both hands on this mobile as it is very big and heavy (weighs 139g).

      It was sad to find out that the mobile phone did not have any games even though it has the Java software installed onto it, if I wanted any I had to buy or rent from 3. The mobile phone also did not have Bluetooth, which allows you to wirelessly connect to other mobiles and Bluetooth devices. This was very disappointing as in those days Bluetooth was starting to hot up, it was a must have thing. The mobile phone also did not have infrared which is another wireless connection to other mobiles and devices with infrared e.g. PCs. It seemed like the Motorola C975 was a big disappointment, this feeling did not last long as I realized that you could video call with this mobile.
      As I had free calling credit I had to put this feature to the test, and I must say that the video quality was overwhelming although it's not a mega pixel camera mobile.
      The mobile phone has cameras on both sides of the mobile, thus making it easy to video call.
      Voice calls are also clear and loud even louder if you use the loudspeaker hands free. You could still use the headset as a hands free.

      Not only does the two cameras make it easy for video call as you don't have to turn the phone around every time the person calling you wants to see you. The two cameras are also helpful when you want to take a picture of your self or the things around you. The picture quality of this mobile is not the worst and it's not the best either the picture quality is 65k Colours. This might be less, but it looks better than that of my Vodafone 1.3MP pictures.

      The Motorola C975 has 3G suggesting that it is very fast when browsing the internet. I was lucky enough to live in an area with 3G network, I browsed the 3 wap pages, they loaded very fast and did not have to wait long. This is even better than Motorola new models such as the V3 which takes its time when uploading when one page as it uses GPRS (I could go to the kitchen and make a sandwich and the V3 will still be uploading one page).

      I had, had enough of browsing this mobile phone when I realized that the battery was almost gone. This was a big turn off, as I had only browsed for about two hours. This also seemed to be the problem with my other Motorola V3, the battery never seemed to last, I had to charge the mobile twice everyday, which seemed to be energy wasted.
      The mobile phone does not have a lot of internal memory it only has around 4MB of memory, which does not really allow you to store a lot of pictures, music or videos.
      Although you can have a 1000 entries in the phonebook, and it records upto a 100 missed calls, received calls and dialled calls, which is rather impressive as all the other mobiles I have owned only records up to twenty.

      Like many mobiles, this Motorola has a calculator, calendar, shortcuts, quick menu, and alarm. The alarm does not allow you to set multiple alarms like some of the mobiles I own and have owned.
      It didn't even take long for me to get bored of this mobile and I passed it on to my aunt who unblocked it, so that she could use her Vodafone simcard in the mobile. However, years later she finally stopped using it, and it has been in a drawer for a long time. I just took it out recently (last week) as I needed a phone that will take a 3 simcard as my Sony ericsson K770i charger was borrowed by someone else, therefore the mobile has not had any battery for more than a week.
      I must say that the mobile is rather durable as it still works perfectly. The battery seems to be worse as it doesn't even last for more than an hour, so the mobile is always on the charger most of the time. This is almost the same issue as the Motorola V3 which I have started using after a year and the battery lasts for no more than 30minutes.

      A good thing which I recently found out about this mobile is that it take a microSd card. I couldn't really believe this, so I tried my 2GB microSd card and it really did work (see my microSD review for details). I don't know if it will accept high capacity MicroSD cards like the 8GB or 4GB as I have only used the 2GB memory card. It was pretty hard to insert the Card as the slot wouldn't close. I could play all my mp3 music which were already on the simcard. The Motorola C975 has a loud speaker, which is rather loud and when you play music on high volume it sounds like a stereo playing and the quality is really good. You can also instant message on the mobile phone. I have tried this, and when comparing to the Sony ericsson K750i, the Motorola is better on messenger, possibly because it gets a helping hand from the 3G network making it faster to upload messages and the big screen fits more text onto one page, saving time on having to scroll up and down the page.

      Another disadvantage which I've found on this mobile is that, although it's unlocked and can be used with any other simcard, you can't change the internet settings automatically to allow the simcard to connect to the internet. With my O2 simcard which has unlimited browsing of the mobile internet, I found my self having to go on the web to find the internet settings for O2, which I ordered to be sent to the mobile to update the internet. The update sms never arrived and it looks like I might have to go to an O2 shop for them to do it for me, which I won't bother really as I won't be using the mobile for a long time.

      The mobile phone has big soft buttons on it which makes it easy to navigate so as the big screen. Unlike other mobiles, the joystick on this mobile still works even though it has been used for a couple of years. This may be, because it doesn't have games on it therefore, the joystick was not used a lot.
      With this mobile you can send SMS, MMS, Emails etc. The mobile does not take long to send pictures or text messages which is a good thing, as I am the sort of person who texts a lot. The mobile phone also has predictive text, suggesting that when you text it may predict the word you are trying to text which if correct may save you time in having to type the whole word. You can also copy and paste text on this mobile even on the internet, which I think Is great.
      The mobile also has video streaming, which allows you to watch TV on the mobile. I have actually bought the 3 TV add-on and when I connect to the TV it does not take more than 25 seconds to load the TV, with the incredible loud speaker, it makes the TV feature experience even better especially when I watch music channels such as Kiss and MTV.

      The cover of the Motorola C975 has roughed up and it could do with a change, but it's a shame to know that the cover can't be changed, therefore, I am stuck with the old cover. The cover is greenish in colour, I am not exactly a fan of green and moving around with a mobile phone that looks like and weighs like a brick is the last thing I want. Which is why I am not going to recommend this mobile phone to anyone. It might have some cool features like the 3G netowrk which other new mobiles don't even have or the video streaming, but if the cover can't be changed, and it does not have Bluetooth or a mega pixel camera, it does not interest me at all.

      This mobile phone is actually discontinued, suggesting that they have stopped manufacturing it. You can still buy it as second hand from eBay, amazon and possibly some phone shops. But you wouldn't get it for a fiver like I did, you'd find yourselves paying at least £20 to get hold of this mobile.
      Accessories for this mobile are still on the market e.g. the battery, headset, MicroSd card, simcard etc.
      If you the kind of person who likes old fashioned mobiles that are very huge, but have some high-tech features then this mobile might be for you.


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        15.05.2007 20:33
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great phone for a first time 3G user.

        Good Points -
        Camera is good quality.
        Easy Tex ting
        East To Use Menu

        Bad Points -
        Very Bad Battery Life
        Signal sometimes Drops.

        The Motorola C is a great phone if you haven't used 3G before. I bought this on the 3 Network. The features on it include.
        Free MSN Messenger
        Video Calling
        Voice Calling
        Crete Videos
        Alarm Clock
        And many other features.
        The phone lacks the useful Bluetooth and Inferred.
        It has a very good Internet browser and a easy to use phone book.
        The texting facility is very easy to use.
        The phone lacks the normal games you get on a phone but you can download them from 3 for a small price. Or if your a MSN messenger user you can download it and use it for free on PAYG until December.
        The battery Life of the phone is very poor. After using the MSN application for 1 hour the phone battery was almost empty.
        On the Menu of the phone you have
        Games And Apps
        3 services
        Recent Calls
        Connecting ( This Is 3 sync options)
        And Messaging.
        The phone has the normal ring styles you have on a phone. (silent vibrate , loud , vibrate and ring.) There are some great tunes already on the phone and some great images already on the phone.
        On the phone there is a dedicated button for 3 Services and One for video calling. The phone is also good for watching the tv services you can buy from 3.
        The phone clearly displays if its in 2G 2.5G or 3G Mode. It also a added bonus so you are aware what features you can use.
        I have found the phone very easy to use as a second phone. It is very durable as i have dropped it a couple of times and the phone is still in perfect condition with no scarches.
        In conclusion -
        This is a great phone if you haven't used 3G before. Its not a good phone if you plan on going out without you charger for a long period of time. Its one of the many phones you can use PAYG Msn Messenger with. Gets a 4/5.
        Thanks for reading.


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          03.12.2005 16:49



          Cheap conract phone

          I got this phone through a contract with 3 on an offer for £5 pounds a month an offer I couldn't resist,but I find the actual phone very heavy to carry around.If I use it more than twice it needs recharging which isn't a problem when I'm at home but annoying when on my holiday.I also don't like the joystck as sometimes it does it's own thing and it's very annoying.I also have found that even though it was on locked keypad I found it on the 3webpage.I suppose you get what you pay for.The camera works well.Once you have worked out on what setting you have to text spell on all is ok but took me sitting reading and re-reading the booklet to figure it out.If you are looking for a chaep contact with 100mins anytime and 50 texts for £5 per month then this is the one for you but if you want a better phone shop around.


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          15.08.2005 00:21
          Very helpful



          Good solid phone, but has a few technical creases you'd expect Motorola to iron out

          I've had this phone for several months, and chose it solely based on the price. It's the cheapest of all the 3G phones that the 3 network has to offer, and is surprisingly quite a decent, if a little unsightly, gadget.

          First impressions: it's not a jaw-dropper, it's a door stopper. There's no way you can be discreet with one of these. Its actual dimensions (114 x 53.2 x 24.2 mm) are noticeable, and having once owned a microscopic Nokia 8310, I found this a little difficult to get used to. However, you can't expect it to be decent AND small at this price, so you get on with life. On the other hand, a large phone means a large keypad and easy texting (see later). The screen’s clear and colourful and, needless to say, large. The unchangeable fascia is a cool silver. All the classic features such as alarm clock and calendar are here plus the browser service that 3 offers, but no games, radio, stop-clock, etc.

          The shortcomings of the Motorola c975:

          1. A little slow to warm up when you switch it on: takes a good 2-3 minutes before it responds to any button-pushes. I personally never switch off my phone unless I'm on a flight, so it's not really a problem.

          2. The battery doesn't keep its charge very well. If you make a 30 minute chat every day (something you're likely to do if you're on a 3 tariff) you'll have to charge it every day, although it lasts for two days on standby. A far cry from my Nokia which held a full charge for a good 4 days. Another little niggle is the unclear low-battery warning involving a light green bar fading into a paler green bar that apparently you’re meant to be able to gauge yourself. It’s only when the battery’s pretty critical that the green finally changes into a noticeable yellow which rapidly changes to a flashing red. RIP.

          3. The worst thing: the Motorola c975 has a tendency to freeze, and unfortunately, there isn’t a Ctrl+Alt+Delete solution, resulting in scrabbling around to remove the battery and even then, the screen refuses to die. It’s frozen about 3 times in the 6 months that I’ve owned it. A nuisance, but hey, the phone was cheap.

          Looking on the bright side, the c975 has very clear sound quality, an excellent speaker phone option so there’s no need to even buy a hands-free (although don’t quote me on this if you’re using it in a car). The reception’s fantastic: all 5 bars in the same place where the competitor LG 8120 on the same network has none. If you’re just buying this to use as, well, a phone, then these are all the qualities you’re looking for.

          The text message options took a little getting used to. As primitive as this phone seems, there is a predictive text option, that for some reason switches between English and French when you’re not looking. If you’re switching from a Nokia or an LG then the buttons are completely different and it can be very frustrating at first to get used to the fiddly joystick, the only way to flit between the words in predictive text. The great (and worst) thing about Motorola’s version of the T10 dictionary is that it completes the word for you according to what you used last. This can be a time-saver if you’re used to tying the same things, but also means you have to look at the screen when typing a message as the sequence of possible words is different every time. In short, the texting takes getting used to, and once that’s sorted, it’s a doddle. Messages are automatically deleted when the battery is removed.

          Memory is quite small for the Motorola c975, but this applies mainly to text messages, storing around 50 before it starts complaining. Messages sent are also automatically stored in the Outbox. I haven’t yet had any memory shortages for photos and I have a significant number of them. Its address book is also of a decent size, although has the problem common to all Motorolas in that only one number may be stored per contact. Not a disaster, but another niggle.

          As a camera phone, the Motorola c975’s average. The large screen makes for good picture viewing. There are two viewfinders, one on each side of the camera, between which you can switch. The flash is decent, the quality average. Comes with all the basic setting adjustments: exposure, shutter speed, shutter sound (a funky “boiiinnnggg!” is possible). Video filming for about 15 minutes in total is possible, and the quality’s better than you’d imagine. Unfortunately, the Motorola c975 came with very limited accessories: a charger, a manual and one of those useless holders. No hands-free, no USB cables, which means you can’t upload your pictures onto the computer. On the same note, mp3 tracks can’t be uploaded from the computer, they have to be downloaded straight from 3. The tracks it comes with are quite cringe-worthy, and there are only 1 or 2 I would dare to have as a ring tone, though admittedly, the one I do have at the moment is growing on me.

          I got this phone on 3’s 600 talk and text (500 anyone, anytime minutes + 100 texts) for £4.99 a month on a 12 month contract, a typical offer from companies like Dial-a-phone. Buying the phone directly will cost you in the region of £50-60. If you’re considering a fantastic tariff and are simply deciding between the phones on offer (they’re all eye-sores, to be completely honest), I’d strongly recommend getting the Motorola c975 if you’re on a tight budget. It’s simple and straightforward, has all the absolute necessities without the flash features that you pay for for a lifetime and only use a few times, and is great as a communicating device, which, you have to admit, is basically what the mobile phone’s designed for.

          Would I buy this again? If I had to pay for it, yes. If my parents could be persuaded, then no. You get what you pay for, a little bit more in this case, but there are prettier phones on the market.


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            03.08.2005 21:35
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            This is a very desirable phone in my eyes, EXCELLENT value for money, strongly recommended.

            The Motorola C975.

            ~WHY I CHOSE THE C975~
            I was after a new phone for quite a while and I preferably wanted a 3 phone, I was browsing the site and I came across this phone, I was quite quickly drawn the priced of it - £44 - very cheap for the features and network its on. I also had heard it was an excellent phone if you are new to 3 and I would agree completely.

            ~THE LOOKS~
            I think the C975 is a very desirable phone, featuring silver casing with the buttons being a light shade of blue. The screen is rather big with the dimensions being about 1.5 inches. The first thing you notice is that the design seems to have been perfectly laid out and it all fits a pattern. It also features the Motorola logo on the front, accompanied by a digital camera, used mainly for self-portraits and video calling. On the back you will find another camera with a light for taking pictures in the dark and a loudspeaker for watching music videos and handsfree calls etc.
            The phone is a bit of a brick so you would notice it in your pocket and its not exactly lightweight either. On the side there is volume controls buttons, a 'smart' key that switches the camera on and a socket for a headset.

            ~THE MENU~
            On the menu you will find the options: -
            MESSAGES - where your sms and mms messages are accessed.
            MULTIMEDIA - the multimedia menu consists of videos, sounds, pictures, games and applications, video camera, camera and themes.
            GAMES AND APPS - the phone actually comes with no games so you will have to download something before you can have something on that menu
            OFFICE TOOLS - these are the basic features that nearly all phones have (calculator, calendar, alarm clock) you know - things that never seem to be used on your mobby!
            RECENT CALLS - this is where you will find your dialled numbers, received calls and call costs.
            3 SERVICES - clicking this will take you to the 3 homepage.
            CONNECTION - this is the link you would you to synchronise your phone with a PC or laptop
            CONTACTS - brings up a list of your contacts / phonebook
            SETTINGS - where you can adjust the settings of your mobile.

            ~THE KEYPAD~
            The keypad consists of the following keys: -
            LEFT SOFT KEY - takes you direct to the quick menu
            RIGHT SOFT KEY - takes you to your messages.
            BLUE CALL KEY - this looks like an ordinary 'call' key except it is blue not green, that is because you use that to start a video call.
            MENU - as explained earlier
            THE TRIANGLE KEY - my favourite key on the whole phone! It's a weird shaped triangle that will take you to the three services page
            CALL - connects a phone call or answers an incoming call.
            DISCONNECT - this will disconnect a phone call and turn the phone on / off.
            THE JOYSTICK - used for navigating around the phone, its quite small so not ideal for use if you have big fingers. Pressing the joystick will also take you to the menu.
            NUMERICAL KEYS - you know, 1, 2, 3 and so on.

            The two digital cameras are not migapixel but still have excellent quality, the cameras also have the capability to record 10-second videos with sound.

            ~3 SERVICES~
            The 3 Internet services are excellent and very cheap depending on how you look at it. It is completely free to browse but if you go into a page that will charge it will say 25p or however much before you confirm. The links on the page include Tunes and Pix - where you can download wallpapers and ringtones etc. Music - the music videos and songs are available from there at £1.50 each. You unfortunately cannot store videos on the C975. Reality TV- which is currently covering BB. Video updates are placed on there 5 times a day for viewing. MY 3 - that's the section that you will use to find out your credit, top-up your account and even receive video tutorials!

            ~BATTERY LIFE~
            The battery will last about 3 days left on stand-by without any usage but if you use it heavily the battery will be dead within a few hours. Charging the battery will take about 3 hours.

            ~MAKING PHONE CALLS~
            The phone is reasonably comfortable to make calls on once you have got used to it. You can hear the other person perfectly well with good reception and you can also you the speaker phone but you have to talk a lot louder otherwise the microphone will have difficulty picking up your voice.

            ~BUYING THE C975~
            When you buy the phone it will normally have £15 credit preloaded onto it but that's added onto the overall charge. It comes in a white box with pictures of it and the 3 logo, underneath the tons of books and leads and what have you, you will find lurking in some bubble wrap - your lovely little C975. Using the word little lightly!

            The price of the C975 will vary in different shops but it usually around £44 - £60. I purchased mine for £44 in Phones 4 U but it is about £50 in the Carphone Warehouse and even more direct from 3.

            Thank you for reading my review and i hope you found it helpful


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