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    2 Reviews
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      16.03.2010 15:28
      Very helpful
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      Not a student friendly phone.

      Motorola L2

      I had this phone a couple of years ago it lasted me about 6 months, and I don't go through phones quickly generally.

      In terms of the features it had, I was initially wowed by it because it had bluetooth and my other phones had never had this (yes this is how long ago it was). But in reality in comparison to other phones on the market at the time it was quite standard.

      The camera was very poor quality and the memory on the phone was shocking. At the time many other manufacturers had started to add the capability of external memory but Motorola had not so as a result the phone has very little space on it for images and videos. In terms of message memory the highest amount of message I could save was just over 70 again not brilliant in comparison to other phones on the market.

      Because of low memory on the phone you could only save one song if it was a very short low quality song on to the phone for use as a ringtone. As tha phone wasn't really ever intended as a music phone like many phones today are specialised to be the music quality was also very poor.

      Transporting data (Images and Videos)
      If and when you manage to ever take a quality picture using this phone and wanted to put them on the computer the only means of doing so were with a bluetooth dongle (not a common piece of equipment back in the day but easy to get hold of today). So that was quite a faff also.

      The overall use of the phone was very easy for example the menu start ups, ringing and texting. At the time I had this phone Vodafone Live was free and you could download free games to this phone which was handy at the time I remember.

      Technical Glitches
      In the end (after having the phone for 6 months) the aerial broke I have no idea how or why but the phone could not connect to any network and having had to previously return the phone in store for switching off and battery failure I pulled the plug on it.


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        30.03.2007 12:23
        Very helpful



        It's sleek, functional, light and easy to use (other than a few niggles).

        --- Style ---
        Compared to my previous phone, this one is so much slimmer. It fits nicely into my pocket and looks great. The buttons are contoured and not your normal square ones. This took a bit of getting used to, but they look much nicer. There is a big round button in the middle that is used to navigate the screen when selecting what your want to do (messaging, tools, etc), it rocks in 4 directions. In the middle of this rocker is another button that allows selection. There are also 3 buttons just below the screen for different functions depending what screen you are viewing. There is also a button on each side of the phone. When you are on the main screen one allows you to setup the Bluetooth link and the other is to retrieve Voice Names. Also on the side is the power/computer connector - a mini USB type.

        --- Features ---
        The L2 is a fairly basic phone. It doesn't have a camera, not much in the way of games. However it has got Bluetooth, web access, java games, and multimedia playing capabilities. There is a 10MB memory so you can load quite a few tunes, videos, etc. It can play mp3 files as ring tones and show mpeg4 video. These can either be downloaded, or uploaded onto the phone by connecting it to a PC.

        --- Messaging ---
        I'm not a great messenger, but one thing that annoys me is that you can't set a preference to make the predictive mode the default. When you start a new message it always defaults to normal input and you have to change to predictive. Apart from that it meets my needs for texting.

        --- Phonebook ---
        I have no complaints with the phonebook, you can store plenty of numbers to both the phone and the sim. You can do all the usual things like assigning individual ringtones. It is also possible to assign voice names to contact, allowing you to dial someone with voice commands. I've not really tried this, but it might be useful for handsfree.

        --- Usage ---
        The battery last a couple of days, depending on the number of calls. However, at work I have it plugged into my computer via the USB lead which also charges the phone. It would be nicer for a longer lasting charge though.

        --- Summary ---
        For me this phone was a great leap forward from my previous chunk of metal. It's sleek, functional, light and easy to use (other than a few niggles). Connection to the PC is good (along with the included software), and being able to charge using a standard USB is a big improvement.


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