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Motorola RAZR V3 in Pink

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    12 Reviews
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      12.11.2011 22:52
      Very helpful



      I can see why this was so popular at one time, unfortunately it is now a rather dated phone

      My phone is a Samsung Tocco which I am very pleased with, however, it recently developed a fault and I have sent it away for repair. Due to my ill health I do not like to be without a mobile phone (as much as I hate to admit this!) so my sister loaned me her old Motorola Razr phone, and I have been using it now for six weeks.

      It is an extremely garish pink colour, a colour that is far better suited to much younger women in my opinion. I believe there were other colour options to choose from when the Razr was first popular, but as I never actively researched this mobile phone I cannot tell you what these were like - I would have preferred anything other than pink, unfortunately beggars cannot be choosers.

      I use my phone predominantly for calls and texts; there are other functions on the phone but they are of little use or interest to me, although I have tried them for the purposes of a balanced review.  The internet browser and email account function are appalling by today's standards, I personally don't use the internet on my own phone but have had a go on my daughter's iPhone and that only serves to show up just how slow, unresponsive and basic the browser on a Razr is. In any case the small 2 inch display is not sufficient for comfortable web browsing, I would assume it was included in the design of the phone simply so that Motorola could say it was web enabled at a time when many mobile phones weren't.

      Call clarity is rather hit and miss on this phone, I have noticed that you're more likely to have poor reception on incoming calls and at times have offered to call people back in an attempt to obtain a better line. Voices are often slightly muffled and occasionally calls will terminate all by themselves, this is an irregular occurrence however and does not happen often enough to become too off-putting. The volume can be set to suit your own needs, this is useful as it can be altered whilst you are talking on the phone so should you find yourself with a quiet connection it is easy to unobtrusively turn the other person up.

      There is the option to store your telephone numbers, or contacts, to the phone itself or just your SIM card. As this is a temporary measure for me I have kept them on the card only, although it is a simple and straightforward process to add a new telephone number to your phone book. Incidentally the phone book is very easy to locate and use; I have a rather limited number of people I call regularly so find it slightly quicker to use the list of 'recently dialled' telephone numbers, but even if you have more numbers stored than I do I'm sure you'll find the scrolling motion within the phone book surprisingly responsive.

      Dialling a phone number that isn't in your phone book is a little more tricky, simply because the keypad is poorly laid out in my opinion. In keeping with the metallic design of the Razr the numbers are not well defined and an awkward embossed spiral pattern practically leaves the digits unreadable. Admittedly my eyes are not the best, but my daughter also commented that when she had one of the original Razr phones she didn't like the design of the keypad. For me the problem is intensified if there is even the slightest glare on the keys, and combined with poor eyesight this renders the phone rather useless when outside the house in sunshine.  It also does not help that the digits are engraved into the metal and are not coloured to aid visually; of course it isn't a huge problem when dialling a telephone number as I'd image most people are familiar enough with a telephone keypad to recognise where the correct digit is, but it's a real issue when texting as I have to really squint to make out individual letters. I am not an accomplished texter and do not automatically know which letter has been assigned to which digit key, in my opinion Motorola could have made the engraving stand out better without spoiling the design.

      Once you have gotten past the awkward keypad layout you will find texting simple, there is a predictive text option but I haven't used this as I have no desire for my 'cupcake' to be altered to 'cannonball' without my consent.  When you receive a reply you will be notified via an alert of your choosing from a menu of around sixteen, I understand other alerts and ringtones can be downloaded from various places.  The Razr does not have the widest selection of ringtones, something that does not bother me as I rather boringly stick to a shrill 'ring ring' to ensure I hear and recognise when my phone is ringing.

      The camera on the Razr phone is not terribly good, it only has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels which is simply not sufficient for even such a tiny screen resulting in the majority of photographs being blurred and slightly out of focus. This is a shame as the colour display is vibrant and true to skin tones so it would be nice if more thought had been put into the development of the camera aspect of this phone.

      The flip style of the Razr combined with an incredibly thin profile makes it aesthetically an attractive mobile phone. On a personal level I don't like such a slim phone and I consider the overall design to be a little 'faux futuristic' for my tastes, however I can understand why this model was so popular amongst younger women. The Razr seems hardy enough, my sister has owned it for six years and with intermittent use there is barely a mark on it - the internal screen (the larger one) is completely unmarked but the smaller external one has several deep scratches which are beginning to affect the display now. This is irrelevant to me as this second screen is so small that it is of little use, and every other section of the phone is immaculate. One thing that does irritate me is the fact that large quantities of dust and debris that collects along the hinge edge of the phone, it's strange as it seems that if you were to place the Razr in a sterile room it would still create this fluff and it requires a cocktail stick to carefully remove it.

      I have mixed feelings about the Motorola Razr; I am grateful to have had the opportunity to borrow it while my Tocco was being repaired, but I also cannot wait to give it back. It is not as pleasing to use as my own phone and I miss having a camera that will capture impromptu photographs of my grandchildren, the keypad is a bane that I could do without and I prefer the more substantial design of the Tocco.

      You can purchase this mobile phone for as little as £25 now, which is phenomenal depreciation as my sister tells me she paid almost £90 for this one. Considering the technology inside modern phones I would suggest this is a reasonable price for what is actually a rather basic phone, however smart it may look.


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        09.08.2010 21:10
        Very helpful



        Average phone with a good stlye and lovely camrea with cool features. A reall Whammer!

        The motorola V3 pink is a classic phone my Motorola which has excellent features that compliment the phones excellent stylish look.
        The phone portrays a girls personality which will draw in mostly teenagers with a classy yet cool style. The phones features are good but they are not really worth the asking price. The price for the phone is around £70, although it is currently on Amazon for £64.99. Some networks charge more on different tarrifs and the phone is also available on contract but if you were to buy this phone on contract you would not be experiencing the full benefit of the contract advantage.

        The phone comes with a charger and a headset so can listen to music and make calls on the go. the features on the phone harbour a VGA camera which is of standard quality of mobile phones from this generation, well before the iphone came out of course.
        The phone has a web browser also accessable from the main menu of the phone with a good connection available, although depending on the network the cost may vary.

        The look of the phone is one of the start of an era for Motorola as it is the start of a whole line of V phones from the large multinational company. The V3 has excellent shiny cover which you can change and is available in a range of colours although this does vary the price slightly. The front of the phone has a second screen which is available for taking pictures as the camera is on the front of the phone. The phone portrays the Motorola logo clearly which not only promotes the phone but promotes the brand at the same time. The phone is a flip phone that flips like all other flip phone and the flip can be associated with a sound that you can add from the sound effects in phone and sound settings.

        The camera on the phone has an excellent 4x zoom which makes it possible to take pictures at an sophisticated anlgle helping you to maximize the benefits of your V3 phone.
        My experience with the V3 is not one of the best, I bought it at the carphone warehouse in bristol nabout 2 years ago and, as you can imagine the price was a lot higher. I purchased the phone as the sales adviser told me it would match lots of feminine styles and that the price of £100 was a bargain. For a phone like this I was not impressed, the phone broke after 4 months of having it as the screen cracked when it hit the floor in my bag. The phone had multiple scratches on it and wasn't of good maintenance quality at all.

        I had to recycle the phone as I am a very enviromentaly friendly person myself. The camera was quite good and I loved the zoom feature but the web connection was really bad but I grew to love the phone in time. The box was clearly presented and it really explained everything I needed to know about the phone. The phones battery life is bad as it only lasts around a day and a half then you have to recharge it fully, some people may think this is good but it just gets really annoying when im away.

        The sound quality on the phone is good and is clear, which makes it obvious when I have a message or a text. The speaker is located on the front and back of the phone which is good when you are listening to music. Also the phones graphics are excellent and the games are really fun and easy to play. Overall this phone is an everage quality phone which I would reccomend for your first phone if you are looking for a cheap easy phone to use.
        Thank you for reading my review


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          07.08.2010 11:10
          Very helpful



          A good phone for being a teenager, but not for me anymore

          After previously owning a Nokia 3410, this was the first "proper" phone I had ever purchased, around the end of 2006. I had been browsing phones 4 u when I came across this, and purchased it with 02, for about £100.

          At first I was really drawn in by the colour, over the features of this phone, as you do as a naive teenager. Although the picture displays it as being vibrant pink, mine was in Bubblegum pink, which is a slightly lighter colour.

          Another feature I was drawn to, was the flip-style element this phone has. I later found you can adjust what happens when you open the phone, for example you can change the settings so when you open the phone it answers calls straight away instead of having to open it and press accept/reject.

          When you do open the phone, you are greeted with a colour screen which is adequate, but nothing special. Since owning other phones, I have certainly noticed the difference in pixel quality, as the screen really isn't spectacular, so if you are someone who likes the latest gadgets, you won't be overjoyed with this screen.

          There is also an outer screen which you see when the phone is closed. This essentially displays the time meaning you don't have to open up the phone to see this, which saves time and effort.

          The keypad is a flat, touch pad which is rather sleek and means because it is so flat, the phone is alot slimmer. A problem with this though, is if the keypad breaks or malfunctions then you can't replace the buttons or keypad without having to get it repaired (if they can repair it).

          As I mentioned, this phone is ultra slim, at just 14mm in thickness. This means it is ideal for taking it places, as it fits in your pocket with ease... unlike the iphone! Being as it's such a pretty colour, it's also very ideal for the handbag.

          So, does it cut it technically? Well compared to today's current phones, perhaps not, although it's not totally inadequate! It has polyphonic ringtones, a VGA camera with 4x zoom, polyphonic speakers, speech recognition and a whole host of features. I have found that the older this model gets, the more features they seem to add to it to try and keep up with current phones, which can only be a good thing.

          However the features, such as the polyphonic ringtones are perhaps quite outdated in today's market, when mp3 ringtones tend to rule the roost. I certainly found the ringtones this phone has to be a little cheesy and annoying, as everyone else seemed to have mp3 ringtones. Having said that, if you are not bothered by ringtones and additional features but just want a pretty looking phone, I doubt you will be bothered by this.

          The camera was average, but certainly "OK" considering it is on a phone and not a separate digital camera. It has 4 times zoom which is helpful, however the pictures did blur easily and were of low quality, as the camera is only around 2 megapixels. Although more impressively, was the images were of a large size which means if you transfer them to your pc they will not appear as tiny thumbnails like on some phones.

          In terms of battery life, Motorola claims "180 to 290 hours". I think they were being a little ambitious with that statement! It will certainly last you a few days so if you take this away for the weekend, it shouldn't run out of battery... but it certainly isn't capable of lasting 180 hours and above! From my experience and with fair but not excessive use of battery draining features, I would say you would get about 3 days use before the battery became drained.

          This phone of course has all the standard features such as a phonebook capable of 1,000 entries, alarm clock, games, calendar, hands-free speakerphone and can also be used abroad (I even used it in America!).

          I still own this phone, and I used it for about 2 and a half years until it went on the blink and then suddenly just stopped working and wouldn't turn on anymore. I was quite frustrated about this as you can imagine, as not only did I not have a phone anymore but all the pictures and everything else on it, I had lost for good. I took my phone into my local 02 store to see if they knew what the problem was, and they told me it had been "water damaged". I don't remember dropping this in the bath or using it in the rain, what where they talking about?

          They opened up my phone and showed me the red button at the back of my phone, which had been smeared. This apparently means it has been water damaged. The only thing I can think of which may have caused this, is the fact I used to leave my phone on my window ledge at night, and sometimes in the winter the windows get condensation on them and so it must have dampened the phone. Even so, it's pretty unimpressive to loose a whole phone over condensation, as I'm sure it can't of been a great amount of it if that was the cause. They told me there was nothing they could do and so that was that.

          Through my experience of this phone, I would say it was a good phone to have as a first "proper" phone, and was certainly ideal for me in my teenage years. Looking back, I don't know why people of my age at the time (16/17) really needed £300 top of the range phones as it always seems to be a competition of who has the best phone. I was glad that my phone was just mid-range and nothing overly special, as otherwise it probably would have been a waste of money... especially as it ended up breaking!

          Despite the fact it's been on the market for over 4 years now, the Motorola RAZR continues to be popular and is still sold by many retailers and online, and now retails at about £49.99 for the latest model which as I have mentioned has been significantly updated in terms of features, since I bought it in 2006. I probably wouldn't buy this again, as I now use a blackberry which is so much more convenient for keeping up with emails and social networking, as when as your standard texting and calling.

          I think phones have really moved on from the days whereby it is appearance alone which makes the phone stand out, as there is now a much greater range of phones which are popular based on features, such as internet capabilities and apps and camera and video quality, rather than just how it looks on the outside. In my opinion, this phone was certainly "of it's day" as I did know others who owned this phone. However if you were to buy it now, you would probably feel it was outdated and lagging behind other phones, as it's font and choice of themes certainly does scream mid noughties. I was glad to own this phone at the time, but I certainly wouldn't buy it again, nor would I purchase another Motorola as I am more than happy being a Blackberry owner!


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            07.10.2009 19:27
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            A fab pink phone!

            I have never been one for having the latest phone, I don't really use my phone very much, just to phone and text people every now and then. I am only 27 but already feel I am not with it on the latest technology, as long as a phone can ring people then I'm happy with it. The only reason I got this phone was for the colour, I love pink and a pink phone is the perfect accessory for any pink loving girl.

            I have had this phone for 2 years now, when I bought the phone it cost £100 I think from the Argos, so you will definetely be able to get it cheaper now. It has been a good phone to me over the last two years and has never broken, I think I will keep it until it no longer works so I may well have it for many more years.

            The Motorola RAZR V3 in Pink is a slimline flip phone, I prefer flip phones as you have no calling people by accident if you forget to lock your phone. When you open the phone there is a screen on one side and a keyboard on the other, this is very basic with numbers 1 to 9 and a few other buttons. The screen has the date, time, network and battery life displayed, you can also put a picture on there.

            When you click on the menu there are 12 options available, all are pictures with no written indication of what they are until you click on it. The menu options are:
            Camera - This is where you take your pictures with your mobile phone.
            Messaging - Here you can create and send messages, you can also view messages what you have received.
            Entertainment - This is where you can play games, there is two games already there and I'm sure you can download more.
            Vodafone live - The internet access.
            Video Camera - Film short video's with you camara.
            My Files - This is where your pictures, sounds and videos are stored.
            All Calls - This provides you with the information of all your received and dialled calls you have recently made.
            Settings - Where you can change things such as wallpaper and ringtones.
            Connectivity -Bluetooth.
            Shortcuts - More sounds, pictures and games.
            Organiser & Tools - Alarm, calculator, calendar etc.
            Contacts - A list of your phone numbers.

            As I said this is a really reliable phone which is very easy to use. I love the fact that is in pink and maybe it's about time I tried to use it for something other than making calls, I didn't even know it had bluetooth till I looked at it in order to write this review.

            Good phone that I will keep till it breaks, hopefully that will be years away.


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            24.11.2008 01:39
            Very helpful



            an ok pink slim phone

            I purchased this phone in 2006 as part of a 12 month contract with Virgin. The phone has been around for about a year or so before then so it's not an actual 2006 release. This is a hot pink metal flip open slim phone, which looked very stylish and girly.

            So this phone has a camera, Bluetooth, an array of ringtones and mp3 files you can transfer onto it, receiving and making calls all seemed ok and so did receiving and sending texts. Now, towards the end of my contract (about 10 or 11 months in) my calls started to play up and I didn't always have a clear line and was often unable to understand the person on the other end as it would be very choppy and often disconnect the call. However, since it was coming to the end of my contract, I decided to just leave it and get my next upgrade.

            What I liked most about this phone was its sleek quality; it was made of pink metal and was pretty sturdy. I also liked the fact that it was a very slim phone and easily fitted into any small purse or jeans pockets. It just looked adorable, the colour is very vibrant hot pink and the style is just very attractive and contemporary looking.

            I also liked the fact that you can easily take pictures of yourself, as the picture is being displayed in the small screen on the lid of the phone. The photos were of pretty good quality but I don't think there was a flash with the camera so couldn't take pictures indoors that well when the rooms are poorly lit up.

            All in all, not a bad pink phone but it's an older model now and I'm sure there are loads of new alternatives in a similar style.


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            31.08.2008 22:00
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            a great phone

            After getting boared of my little pink nokia swivel and its very limited capabilities for my aniversary i brought my self the razr v3 in pink,

            What attracted me to this phone initially was the width of the phone, it is only 14mm wide so is very flat indeed and can be put in my pocket very easily without it looking out of place or being noticable.

            It has blue tooth conectivity the same as most modern phones, it has a good signal strength for picking up other devices and transfers data quickly.

            The digital camera is fantastic and has 4x optical zoom, the pictures are very clear and it has a high speed shutter to capture the image instantly without bluring the picture.

            It has a lot of memory on the phone for pictures, music and ring tones, the speakers on the phone are of a good quality.

            It has a colour screen on the out side as well as on the inside of the flip which is great and has caller id on the out side so you always know who is calling before you answer the phone. it only weighs 95grams so is no wander i keep putting it in my pocket and forgetting where it is. The external casing is metal and the pink is just a coating so it does scratch very easily which is its only down side.


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              31.08.2008 21:00
              Very helpful



              another great phone from motorola!

              I bought my Pink Razr in 2006 and its still going pretty strong! I use my phone A LOT so that pretty good for me believe me!

              I bought this phone when it was pretty new out and my fiance got a matching one (well in black not pink lol!)
              We paid £84.99 with £20 credit from The Carphone Warehouse. They are now available for about £40 or cheaper so the price has really come down but they are still a popular phone.

              Why I bought it

              * Its Pink! (my favourite colour)

              * Also my mum had the first motorola phone that came out (a brick!) and it lasted years and I know Motorola are a good, trusted company.

              * The price wasn't too bad at the time and they had a trade in offer going on and gave me £10 for an old phone that didn't even work.

              * And it's just an attractive looking phone, the slimmest the time by far but not too tiny!

              My favourite features

              * 13.9mm thin! fits in any pocket.

              * Weighs only 95g.

              * I love the big screen and keys, great for texting.

              * 4x digital zoom camera, takes really good quality pics!

              * Java games (vary from phone to phone!) I have Block Breaker and NY nights, my fiance has a golf game.

              * Very clear menus, simple to navigate.

              * Aswell as the camera you can record short videos.

              * Big memory for plenty of photos, text messages...everything really!

              Any Problems encountered?

              I'm very naughty and drop my phone quite often, the outside is pretty bashed! But this phone is tough and hasn't broken yet. Sometimes when I drop it the battery cover comes off and the phone may switch off temporarily but then its fine again!lol

              Just recently I have noticed I'm having to press the '7pqrs' key harder to get it to register that i've pressed it! I guess this is just because I text a lot and this keys probably used more than the others!

              Not found any other problems with this phone, my fiance has the black version as I said and his doesn't work as well, he's had 2 replacements but I don't think he looks after it lol (unlike me who drops it...)

              So obviously the Pink one is tougher as well as being prettier!


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                28.02.2007 22:04
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Absolutly brilliant phone, slim, sleek and very attractive

                After many years of using all kinds and designs of mobile phones I had finally found a phone model I was happy with, Nokia,
                Nokia's are easy to use, and did exactly what i need it to do, which is why i thought I'd never find myself using another make mobile phone again, Until that was, that the Motorola RAZR V3 arrived. At first only available on contract, but eventually on pay as you go.
                Most girls/ women will tell you that their favourite colour is pink, so when the Motorola RAZR V3 in pink came out it was an essential and an every girls must have mobile phone. So I thought I'd treat myself, and buy myself one.
                Here is my opinion of the Motorola RAZR V3:

                The Motorola RAZR V3 is available in black, Silver and pink, It gets its name RAZR because of its sleek and slimness, making it a fantastic phone for sliding into your handbag or a pocket. Being only 95g in weight and only 98 x 53 x 13.9 mm in dimensions this phone is very light and takes up no room in your bag.
                I was amazed with the casing of the phone actually, as with some mobile phones, one drop and you have scratches and marks all over but amazingly with the RAZR V3 as the casing is made using anodised aluminium making the phone strong, shiny and very presentable. Usually when a phone is kept in a handbag or in a pocket for sometime it can suffer minor scrapes or marks but as of yet I have not found this to happen to my RAZR V3, which I found very pleasing since this is a lovely brightly coloured phone sure to turn a few heads.
                Now, as this is a flip phone, you have two screen. one of which is located near the top of the phone and is only about the same size as a stamp. But this is an ideal size for what the screen is used for. When a call is being received the screen on the front lights up and displays the name of the person calling. It will also display a small picture of the caller, if you choose to use this option of photos id calling. If a screen saver has also been set to the phone the screen will also display a small Version for you to see. If you receive a text message, miss a call, have a voice mail etc this small screen will light up and notify you. Which I find very useful.
                There are also easy access buttons located either side of the phone, these are again very sleek and very slimline. There's buttons are there to provide easy access to turning you phone to either loud/ discreet / silent and soft etc. These buttons are hardly noticeable but are very useful.
                At the very top of the phone in the centre there is yet another small window looking like another screen but this is actually the phones camera.
                When open the phone seems to become even more slimmer. Top the top part of the phone you have a very large screen which displays the network provider, time date battery life and signal strength. Also displays a large version of you screensaver if one has been added.
                Now the inside of the phone does not continue the pink colour the same as the outside of the phone, it is actually silver.Although I personally think this makes the phone even more attractive. The buttons and numbers are all very much flush the the actual keypad. When a button is pressed the whole keypad lights up florescent blue, making this extremely useful when being used in the dark.

                Now I'm not a great fan of using instruction manuals, I like to work things out for myself and set myself a bit of a challenge. Although I was excited about getting to know my new phone I was slightly worries that I Wolf find it complicated after so many years of using a Nokia, but after a few clicks and mistakes here and there I had finally figured out exactly how the phone was and I found it very easy to use. Bow this one has the choice of simple written icons or the use of animated icons.
                Now I found that the animated icons were much easier to use as they also display a small picture to show you what each icon is. There are a choice of 9 icons to choose from. Navigating from icon to icon is very easy, you simply use the keypad on the phone to make your Way either left, right, up or down. Once you have found and selected your chosen icon you will be takes straight to the new menu or in some cases for larger menus you will be taken to sub menu's.

                When we buy a phone, we always want to make sure that the signal strength will hold up no matter where you are. Now I never had a problem with my Nokia so was a bit worried with my RAZR V3. I wasn't sure if I would be able to use my phone indoors and still have a good strong signal, or when I was in built up areas etc but to my amazement the RAZR V3 has an absolutely amazing strength of signal, it seems no matter where I am I always have enough signal to make that all important call or send a text message. No matter what phone you have you will never ever always have the best signal, so I cannot say that this phone has always got full strength signal but even when it does have just one or two strengths it is always enough, with no call interference.
                As the phone is so small and slim, I was abit unsure also about the quality of the calls that it would hold, but to my amazement it is an excellent quality, There are hardly any background noises to be heard. When using my Nokia I used to sometimes find myself talking to the person on the other end of the phone through the noise of wind howling through the conversation but I personally haven't found this to happen with my RAZR V3. So that is a definite good point for making and receiving calls.
                We all know that talking on the phone whilst driving is becoming more of a serious crime at the moment so when I found the option of the SPEAKER within the phone I was really pleased. Once simple push of a button and my phone was on loud speaker. I found this was really good call quality as I was able to talk and not shout as I had previously had to with other phones. So again a very good feature to the phone.

                As with most mobile phones nowadays, you can expect the same kind of features that most have but I find that this phone makes it a more enjoyable phone to use with the animated feature icons. From the main menu you can access all of your features. So one simple click and away you go, everything is clearly named which makes finding the exact feature you are after very easy to find.
                The 9 menu icons of the phone give an idea of the main features the phone has to offer:
                - Camera
                - O2 ( or you chosen network)
                - Calls
                - Contacts
                - Messages
                - Games
                - Media Centre
                - Extras
                - Settings
                The phone can be used to share information with friends and family via the option of Bluetooth. A fast free and very effective way of sending pictures, music, and videos instantly. Using a USB cable the phone can also be used via a PC to download ringtones etc, or even better and a feature I always use is to send all the photos or videos I have taken with my phone to my computer. The 5MB storage space on the phone is a perfect amount to store all of you favourite ringtones, pictures and videos.The phone includes 3D Java games, with the extra space to download many more of your choice. - the games included on my phone are Golf and Need for Speed.
                Now considering that the cameras lens seems very small only being a VGA with 4x digital zoom, I was really amazed by the quality of the pictures the phone took. Although I was a bit disappointed that there was not a flash included.
                As with any phone when switching sending a text message is not such a simple thing to do. But yet again, something I found very easy to pick up on and was send messages in no time. Now when writing out a text message the phone memorises the words you are writing and remembers them for next time, so when writing another message with similar words the phone will automatically write the word you are trying to write, but if the word you are writing is not what has appeared on the screen a simple press of the arrow keys and the phone will find the word you are after. making texting allot more easier and quicker.

                Customising the Phone
                Customising the phone is very simple, you are given plenty of on screen options to choose from, including, ringtone, pictures, backgrounds, wallpapers, back lights and caller Id's. All of these features of the phone make it very interesting and very unique. Any song or ringtone down loaded to you phone will also be able to be used for the use of text massages, alarms and calls. Each caller can be also set up with a picture and personal ringtone.
                The phone has three main themes you can choose from to change the colour schemes of the display,
                - Moto, which is an orange colour
                - Scarlet which is a Burgundy colour
                - Silver with is, well, just silver!
                but you can always customise these themes too by using your own pictures for wallpaper etc.
                Battery Life
                Now I am on my phone constantly nearly everyday, either semind messages, sending pictures of the kids or calling people so battery life had to be really long lasting. And again, I was very pleased. Although I charge my phone every night, I know from past experiences (left my charger at home) that my battery will last nearly 3 full days without a charge. Now sometimes if ever I forget to charge my phone and it starts to bleep 20 Min's before I'm going out, I know that I can put it on charge for those 20 Min's and my phone will stay on with enough battery to last me for the rest of the day. So I was very impressed with the battery life.
                This phone was only available on contract when it first came out as with most of the phones but has since been brought out on pay as you go, and can be brought from most mobile phone shops. I know that Asda, Tesco, Carphone Warehouse, The o2 shop and many more places are now selling these phones, I have also found a number of places that are selling extra cases for these phones too.
                Ebay is a great place to look for these.
                I bought mine from the 02 shop and paid 100 pounds.
                Included with the phone was, a PC software and usb lead, a ringtones CD, charger, hands free kit, and manuals.
                My overall opinion of my new RAZR V3 mobile phone is absolutely brilliant. I am extremely happy with it. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone. Being male of female. Yes its true, I have seen males with the pink RAZR V3 as well as women.
                An easy to use and very lightweight phone, the perfect pink phone!
                I hope i have helped you to make a decision on your new phone thank you for taking the time to read it and have fun!
                Emma xxx


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                  26.01.2007 14:07



                  Motorola V3 RAZR isn't worth £2 let alone £200

                  This is just a quick review on the worst phone every made. The V3 RAZR has to be the worst phone I have ever had. My Fiancé bought me it for my birthday In January last year & it's been nothing but trouble ever since. It keeps turning itself on & off, when I take the sim card out then replace it all my messages are deleted, the memory is like a goldfish. I have 4 pictures, no downloads because it can't take them and even my message memory isn't very high. When it came out it was approx £200 it's now what? £89. Even £89 is too much to ask for a phone which has no reception when you make a call & there's always that buzzing sound in your ear when you’re trying to talk. I set my phone up for WAP services, it still doesn’t work. The sound recorder is useless you can't hear a thing. There was an emergency last year & I had to call 999 so after charging it all night I didn't expect for the battery to run out before I could tell the ambulance where I was & having to walk 5 miles in the middle of the night to look for a phone box I charge my phone from 6pm until 6am and after one 2 minute phone call, it's flat. All the hype they made about the Motorola V3 RAZR wasn't worth it. I'd rather use 2 cups & some very long string!! I'll never buy a phone from Motorola again.


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                  15.12.2006 18:51
                  Not Helpful



                  not a good phone

                  my mom has this phone. she has had it for like 4months and it has given her alot of trouble. dis phone is always dropping calls even if it has signal. sometimes it will not let her send out either text messages or the picture messages. or the phone out of no where will turn off and then back on again. it is really weird!! n wen u r trying to take piictures dey come out really weird looking.


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                  23.10.2006 16:59
                  Very helpful



                  Enough Features, good looking but BROKEN

                  Well then, the Pink RAZR. Judging by the advertising campaign from Motorola, this appeared to be a stylish and sought after phone. After reading a couple of positive reviews and looking at the statistics I decided to get one with my new upgrade. I wanted something that looked good and had the features that I wanted. I've had it since April and within a month I was hankering for an upgrade! Don’t get me wrong it’s not a totally cruddy phone, but it’s so faulty. I get the impression that it wasn’t thoroughly tested. Anyway before I launch into a tirade of moaning I'd better think about writing a proper review!

                  I will begin with the price. As a contract phone like mine you can get it free with most, if not all contracts. As a Pre-Pay the costs vary depending on where you look. The product page here has the up to date prices. Right now I wouldn’t pay more than £75 for this. Maybe a little more for the newer ones without the annoying manufacturing faults!

                  Is it beautiful?

                  Well size wise it’s perfect for me. Not so tiny that I lose it in the pocket of my skinny jeans but not so big that you need I hands to hold it and a suitcase to carry it in!
                  It measures 13.9 x 55 x 98 millimetres and weighs just 95g. It's very thin and a little wider than I’m used to but it’s still easy to hold whilst talking or using the keypad.

                  Weight wise, it’s quite light and I find myself forgetting that it's in my pockets because I can't feel it there. Which of course result in me running around all stupid looking saying "where have I put my stupid phone, I can't find it again!" then some kind soul will point to my pocket....erm yeah another blonde moment there me thinks ;)

                  The phone has an Internal and External colour display. The internal display has 176 x 220 pixel 64K colour TFT display. If that’s as much none sense to you as it is to me then it means that it's a decent size and good picture quality. Not perfect, I’ve seen better, but pretty good. The style or colour schemes are all very nice. The colours are bright, easy to see with adequate sized and clear text. That makes it easier to see clearly what you are doing.

                  Onto the external display, 96x80 pixels 4k colour CSTN CLI. Whatever that means! Although it’s in colour its still pants. It’s about 2 X 2 cm and the picture is nowhere near as good as the internal display. It makes it difficult to use the camera for self portraits as the picture is grainy and dark. However on a nicer note it's great for displaying your clock, just don’t expect much more!

                  The home screen features optional home keys and fast keys for the different menu options. By "fast keys" I mean the icons on screen that take you directly to the menu option they represent, when you press the corresponding key. You can choose not only how the icons are displayed but which icons are displayed. For example I have the pictures, recent calls, games, multimedia, styles, and camera options on the home screen. If I want to take a picture I just press one button rather than scrolling through the menu options. Also there are two preset keys for the messaging and browser options.

                  The only really negative thing about the screen is that when you’re outside or in bright light, you can’t see a thing. Even adjusting the brightness and contrast options has very little effect. I’ve never had this before with my usual Nokia or Sony Ericsson

                  The overall appearance of the phone is, well its Fucia pink wey hey ;) and it's trimmed with shiny chrome and silver. Inside the buttons are totally flat. They look as if they have just been cut out of a piece of plastic, which is probably right. They work fine and don't get any bits stuck underneath or between them which is great. Also they light up blue when you press them, how good is that???
                  There are three little buttons on the side of the phone. These can be used to change your style (profile if you’re a Nokia user) and also for the camera or video recorder. I never use these but as there is no Key Lock feature, I’m always pressing them accidentally. Sooo annoying when you find that you’ve missed phone calls because you’ve flicked it onto vibrate in your bag unintentionally!

                  The phone looks brilliant...when it's new! It’s sleek, stylish, and PINK and all together a beautiful design......drum roll please.....BUT it doesn't last! Well were you surprised? It scratches and chips at nothing which leaves the phone looking as if it's been in a scrap with a cat and lost. Inside it doesn’t get any better. The buttons have some sort of shiny coating which my nails started to scratch away almost immediately. The screen also gets marked and grease off the buttons leaves prints on it when you have closed the phone.
                  So great when it's new, not so great after a month. No durability in the appearance department.

                  Well we have the bog standard camera, Bluetooth, SMS, MMS, Email, mobile internet, Video, Games and Music.

                  Other smaller, even more bog standard features are the caller display for one. If you have pictures stored in your phonebook entries then that picture will come up when you make or receive a call from that person.
                  Also a feature of most new phones is the internal quad-band antenna. In other words you can buy it and stick any network's sim card in there. No need to pay for it unblocking and risk your local electrics shop robbing all the decent parts out of your phone while your back is turned!

                  I was looking for a phone that had all these features, especially the multimedia, and I got it. It’s a very small phone and you wonder how it can possibly fit them all in. The answer to that is not very well. The storage facilities are totally pants. I have two short excerpts from songs 908k and 1030 k and there is no room for any more. If I want more I will have to buy a plug in memory thingy as there is nowhere for an internal SD card with this version of the phone. The newer ones in the funky lilac or grey colours have this extra memory card as a standard feature.
                  I have 30 photos and 1 video and that section of memory is only two thirds full according to its memory gauge so that’s not bad. Also I have 6 games and room for more I think but there is no memory gauge for the games. I have 82 phone book entries and the memory gauge there hasn‘t even moved. The storage for text messages is also over and above my needs. So if you’re not all that fussed about music on your phone then you will be fine. If you are bothered then I would make sure you get the newer version which comes with a 64k SD card and can be replaced with a larger one.

                  The Bluetooth is the Class 1 version and this is, again not the best I have seen but adequate. Transferring and receiving small things like a photo is fine. Music however is a different matter. It takes about 40 mins to do a full song. This is far too long really so again, if you want a walkman phone then buy one. I can’t comment on the Bluetooth hands free stuff because I don’t use it. The phone doesn’t come with a headset and I’m not going to pay £25 for a matching pink one.

                  This is fantastic, even my mum can use the predictive text feature. It’s easy to get used to all the features except the email which I have now given up on trying to set up! Its straightforward and self explanatory to send both MMS and SMS messages.

                  I am with T-mobile but not all of you will choose their network. If you do then you will find their internet service to be pretty good. It’s faster to load pages than my old phones and the content is more than adequate. When you’re downloading stuff it is absolutely mint. A full game takes the longest but that’s still less than five minutes. Not bad eh!

                  Camera and Video Camera
                  Now we start to get to the interesting features. This phone has an Integrated VGA camera with 1.3 mega pixels and 4x zoom! Can I hear an “OOOOOO“, thank you! The camera takes brilliant pictures. Very clear in all lighting conditions and you can resize or zoom in and out of pictures you have already saved to your phonebook. The detail and quality of the camera is amazing for a phone. I’m very happy with it

                  The video camera is also OK but not great. It’s only a phone though! The picture quality isn’t so good; it’s a little jumpy, dark and grainy. The sound quality is just fine though. If you want to be a film director then you won’t be using a phone for filming. If you’re like me and want to record drunken pals then its fine.

                  Like I said before there is very little storage as standard. I’m sure you can buy some sort of device to plug into the phone if you want so there you go. It plays the music just fine anyway. It sounds a little light on the bass but its better than other phones. You can record sound through the microphone and phone conversations if you wish and the quality here is just as good.

                  The phone comes with two Java games, a 3D phone book programme and a photo album thingy. Both of which I deleted because the lack of memory space made them unusable, too awkward to figure out and use. All the games available online are from T-Mobile. Unlike with Sony Ericsson, there are no freebies. Games cost between £3 and £5 each.

                  Battery Life
                  Now is where we hit the real problems. FOLLOW THE INITIAL CHARGE INSTRUCTIONS. I did and I dread to think what will happen if you don’t. Like I say my phone is 6 months old and my battery now lasts a day. 2 days if nobody loves me and I get no phone calls. Long conversations are a no unless I am near my charger which is a pain because I love to talk, as you've probably gathered! I can un plug my phone, call mum and exactly 32 mins later, it switches off. Amazing, exactly 32 mins every time...GGGRRR !

                  Charging isn't bad to say the battery is bogeyed. That takes about 3-4 hours, less if it's turned off at the time and more if I'm still talking to Mum. Here I come again with a BUT...when you plug it in the style (present ring tones and stuff) changes on its own, it switches itself off on occasion and when it does stay on, people have to ring me at least half a dozen times before it actually rings. Another GGGRRR!

                  I must point out here that I don’t always totally flatten my battery before charging it. I don’t see as this will make much difference because I must flatten it on 8/10 charges so it can’t make that much of a difference. Another thing to point out is that the battery is tiny. 3.6 volts but it really is small. It’s as wide as the phone but only about a third of the length and only 3 mm thick. So in all fairness, what the heck did I expect?

                  Other Moans are that if the phone gets the slightest of knocks it has a panic attack. It’s fine for a few seconds then all of a sudden it’s gasping for breath the signal goes, my wallpaper goes off then the phone starts to flash. Then it passes out. Somebody shoves a paper bag round its mouth and it comes back to life to carry on as if nothing happened, amazing!

                  That is about it for the moans and I know it’s not really all that bad but it is so annoying. I was so looking forward to my funky new phone and to have it mess up like this is so annoying. I have rung up T-Mobile for advice and I’ve been told that they can fix these “manufacturers faults” but I will be without my phone until it is done and it’s memory will have to be wiped. Fair enough I can transfer the contacts, pictures and stuff onto my PC through an ISB cable easily but can I cope without my phone? No, so I will have to put up with these faults as the lesser of two evils. At least until I get my upgrade.

                  Overall a great, faulty phone. I must point out that my friend just upgraded and got the purple RAZR. None of the problems that I have with mine have occured in hers. However, heir’s is only two weeks old. Although my problems began immediately, there is as you know time yet for hers to go kaput!
                  Motorola's are usually difficult to get used to but this one is much better than any others I‘ve used. The menu options are self explanatory. Everything is easy to find and the predictive text is actually more of a help than a hindrance. Given the choice I would go for the purple version of this phone. It’s the newest version and does not appear to have these faults. Everybody I know who has had this since it first came out or in this colour has these problems. It’s a great phone, great features, just a temperamental twit that’s all!

                  Anyhoo thanks for the read Nereesa85 xxx


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                    12.10.2006 12:51
                    1 Comment



                    > Overal the phone is unreliable and features are boring!!!

                    Hi, i decided to write another review for this phone as i am really dissappointed in what i have brought! I brought this phone just under a month ago, i was happy with the battery life, camera, sound quallity and style of the phone but there is a major problem with the phone! Razr V3's are not good at all! Short memory where you can not have over 5 of your OWN pictures due to picture memory being full, i only have two full length mp3 tunes on there! You are not able to delete any of the pictures or tones already stored on the phone, like you can with other good phones! The screen just gets smeared through handling etc

                    The main reason why i am writing this review again is because ive had some serious probelms recently with this phone! It is not reliable. Bearing in mind i have only dropped my phone once (on carpet)! The screen constantly turns black and comes back on when flip is opened and then appears with no signal. I am on Vodafone and have had no problems with signal before. The phone also switches itself off at such stupid times, even though the battery is full or half full!

                    Other problems with this phone is that when you have the phone held in your hand you are very likely to hear the annoyin sound of the volume buttons going up and down! The buttons on the outer side of the phone control the volume and camera. A couple of tyms when i have carried my phone in my hand i have noticed that i have accidently held down the button for the camera, so i have the camera screen up ready to take a picture, i have also taken unneccesary photos of the floor or sky due to this!

                    When typing a message in text you may find yourself pressing the wrong buttons not due to your own doin but due to the small flat surface of the keypad which is ridiculausly squashed together and unneccesary buttons.

                    I have assigned my ringtone and message tone loads of times, but with the same tones as weirdly it keeps changing and i havnt a clue why!!! The games are useless and a waste of tym in looking at!

                    I am going to take this phone back, even tho i can not exchange it now, hopefull i can just get a new model and it wont give me the same problems as my recent one does! Maybe just a fualty phone but friends and family have also had trouble with this model too !!!


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