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Motorola SLVR L7

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    13 Reviews
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      06.11.2012 01:32



      Great little phone, minor problems but if you want a basic phone worthwhile getting!

      I owned this phone for many years, and though it has stopped working now, for the most part it was very good! For starters, it is extremely good value for money, assuming all you are looking for is a basic phone not a smartphone, coming with the ability to send texts, make phone calls, basic internet functions, take small pictures and videos lasting a few seconds. Battery life was generally good, as with most older phones, and when I first bought it, it was able to last days without charging.
      The phone is a good size and with its sleek metallic design, it is very stylish, even still! However it does become scratched easily and I have experienced problems with keys not working. Another problem that arose was the battery, it would only charge if the phone was on! Obviously this became very inconvenient when I forgot to charge it regularly as my phone would die and I would have to wait a day or so to wait for the charge to build up enough charge in the battery to be able to fully recharge it! I do not know whether this was a problem with many phones or just mine, but I would advise any potential buyer to be wary of this.
      To summarise, this phone is great value for money if you are looking for a phone with basic features. However it is very outdated now, and so if you are willing to spend a bit more money, then you can get a much more modern phone, which may be more likely to live for longer.


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      17.06.2010 15:48
      Very helpful



      A brilliant phone with practically no negatives

      I bought this phone a good few years ago, and I have to say that I still like it just as much as when I bought it. It was my second mobile phone, and I believe that it was definitely my best, by far. I upgraded my phone not long ago but I still cannot believe how unbelievably simple and easy the SLVR L7 was compared to many other phones.

      Firstly, its design. It's quite a slim phone which has quite nice, ergonomically friendly curved edges, which make it comfortable and nice to hold in your hand. The overall look is very attractive: the buttons are slim and and the number pad is metal and flat, which also makes it very easy to operate. I have the Red edition of the phone, so the casing was of a bright red design - but it also came in black and pink, which both look just as attractive.

      Secondly, ease of use. The screen - for this size of phone - is quite large, although obviously recent phones have increased the screen size enormously. The screen boasts 262k colours and high resolution, but of course compared to new phones there's not much competition. The keypad is made of a single sheet of what appears to be metal, so there is no risk of the keys 'popping off' as used to happen with older phones. The numbers are large enough to see clearly and are slightly risen to allow ease of typing. The only problem that I found with the keypad was the the raised numbers tended to wear away after a while, and the metal became scratched - but these are simply aesthetic issues. The keypad itself is easy to use though - the left and right option buttons are at the top, just below the screen and an extra menu/options button is in between them. Just below, is a round disk with the four directional buttons, which is easy to use as your finger simply glides along the metal. The menus are that of a Motorola phone, and are therefore easy to navigate and use, once you get used to their layout. I previously had a Nokia so it took me a while to get used to the key options being the other way around! On the side of the phone, are various buttons including volume and media, which are really useful, especially the volume one, so that you don't have to go through all of the menus to simply turn your phone to silent.

      Thirdly, functions. Obviously as a mobile phone it has all of the functions one would expect: call, text, mms messaging etc. It has a low resolution VGA camera with 4x digital zoom. There is also a built in MP3 player, which can be used whilst doing other tasks on the phone, which also supports both MP3 files and AAC format. The ringtones are of good quality, and also support MP3. Connectivity is very good, including wireless Bluetooth as well as USB - although I was disappointed that infra-red was not included. The phone also accepts Transflash memory cards, which means that the memory can be expanded up to 512Mb, which is very useful for storing extra MP3s. It also can support Quad band and has the ability to connect to WAP. The battery life is very good and on stand by can last up to 350 hours.

      Overall, I would say that this is a very good phone with hardly any negative points, which are vastly outshone by just how easy and simple this phone is to use. I would recommend this phone to anyone, especially those who are trying to find their first mobile phone or wish to have something a little simpler than their current model, as it does not take long to get used to at all, and is very easy to use.

      With regards to prices, I think I bought this new for around £100, nowadays you're likely to get it for around £50 at places like Amazon or used/refurbished phone websites.

      VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom
      Video camera
      MP3 player (MP3 / AAC format)
      Display: TFT 262,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
      Handsfree speakerphone
      MP3 ringtones
      Messaging: SMS, EMS 5.0, MMS, Instant Messaging, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP2)
      Push to Talk
      Java games
      Downloadable screensavers, images, animations and sounds
      Picture caller ID
      Phone book (500 entries)
      WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10
      Web browser
      Connectivity: Bluetooth®, USB, SyncML
      Memory: 5 Mbytes plus TransflashTM memory card (up to 512 Mbytes)
      Quad band
      Size: 114 x 49 x 11.5 mm
      Weight: 96g
      Talktime: up to 400 minutes
      Battery standby: up to 350 hours


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      13.07.2009 17:48
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good phone but not really comparable in modern times

      I got this phone 3 years ago so to start off I should probably comment on its reliability! The phone has been dropped, bashed and even immersed in water last week and it just keeps on going! Ok the battery that was in the phone when it was dropped in water probably short circuited as it no longer works but luckily I have a spare!

      When this phone came out I thought it was a pretty good phone, small, camera etc but technology on mobiles moves so fast that nowadays it is an incredibly basic phone!

      The main features I use are text, calls, mobile web (very basic!) and take pictures occasionally but they're not exactly great quality on a 0.3 mega pixel camera! I suppose for it's £40 price tag now it would do as a backup or quick fix in an emergency but I doubt anyone would be buying it as their main phone. At the time of purchase it cost me £100, just look what that would buy you now!

      It was a pretty good phone and it's still going strong, so I can't fault it one bit in a value for money sense.


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      03.03.2009 02:58
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      lighweight and sleek with many features, not all of which are well-designed.

      The Motorola SLVR is a lightweight, very sleek, if somewhat old mobile that still has all the necessary functions. It has customizable displays, SMS messaging and calls, (obviously) a VGA camera for video and still-photos, bluetooth capability with headset, reasonable memory, an mp3 digital audio player and WAP browser. It also comes with two free java games.

      The phone's modern design gives no hint of its age (for the fashion conscious.) A sliding mechanism on the back gives easy access to the SIM and battery, which has a considerably long life. It is also very reliable and durable. It doesn't scratch easily.

      The buttons are a little small and fiddly which can make texting a bit of hassle, particularly if you've had a few, as well as the circular navigation button which is unnecessarily small and seems a bit pointless. The small
      text can also be a bit difficult to read.

      The two Java games it comes with are crude and not very enjoyable, but it does easily link to the network's game download site for those who bother with such frivolities. The sound quality is fairly low however, often with poor quality. It also doesn't get very good reception and the display is a little too reflective and can be difficult to see when outdoors on a bright day.

      When I purchased this product from o2 it did not come with the "Motorola Phone Tools" CD containing the necessary drivers for uploading videos and pictures to your pc. It can however, be charged from a PC.

      Its a nice phone but I wouldn't recommend buying it unless you're strapped for cash.


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        07.12.2008 10:53
        1 Comment



        recommended for those with lesser budget and those who look for a hand phone for messaging and calls

        This is my current hand phone as of the moment since its inexpensive yet it has blutooth technology, loud speaker, imaging and video capability(video is for about 30 seconds only), and mp3 player. Well I can say that I am really satisfied with it although its not the best in the market. The camera is good for a VGA camera and the sound quality is good as well. I am very satisfied with how it plays my saved mp3's and I am satisfied with the messaging capabilities it gives(it resend messages that are not successfully sent). I love how thin it is since it's very handy and don't occupy too much space in my bag. I must also mention how helpful to me the beep that keeps on playing whenever I have a missed call or I haven't opened a message at least that way I was reminded that I have something to read or there was someone who called me that I missed. For someone who looks for a phone that is very efficient in terms of calling and messaging alone and with little interest with high quality pictures and loves to listen to a small list of mp3 I recommend this phone. There are some disadvantages i found in it as well like not all mp3 format are supported and it can't receive business cards sent by other cellphones.


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          23.11.2008 21:12
          Very helpful



          Should be considered by anyone looking for a stylish phone

          Motorola L7 review

          This was the third ever phone I had after my old Samsung, and was a significant update with lots of new features and a slick new design. However was it just all about the looks with this phone or did it have the whole package? I will split my review into categories so anyone who is considering buying this phone can look for specific information. The nickname for this phone is SLVR which stands for sliver, although some people say silver as well. Officially it is sliver, but doesn't really make a difference which one you choose.

          Design: This phone was made with a lot of style and at the time of release was the thinnest phone in the market, which was the main advertising point. With adverts comparing this phone with a ruler to other phones on the market. Also the flip phone version of this product was released at the same time, so the user was able to choose whether they wanted a thin phone that could flip or not. It has a metallic pad, with the buttons quite easy to use on it, although not as easy as say the old Nokia which were very responsive. Everything in the design makes this a dashing phone that would appeal to most people.

          Display: This phone has a high quality screen, where the colours really stand out and strike you. For the technos out there it has a display with 262k colours and high resolution. The screen size is average size, of course you expect to watch movies on it, as it is still a casual phone made for the average consumer who likes going out.

          Camera: The camera is ok but can not stand up to the high pixel cameras that have come out over the last 3 years. It is just a low resolution VGA camera with 0.2 mega pixels. You can expect to use it to capture memories of you and your friends going out or some sighs, but do not buy this phone for the camera as if you are a scenic person it would be much better to buy a digital camera with 7 mega pixels plus. A good touch is the video recording which is not of great quality but it is a good touch none the less.

          Connectivity: There is good connectivity for this phone with wireless Bluetooth available so you can transfer songs amongst your friends or any pictures etc. There is also USB connectivity which is a must for all phones these days, so you can transfer files to and from your computer and with the disk that comes with the phone, there is a special package for the transfers from your phone.

          Memory: The L7 accepts memory cards up to the size of 512 mega bytes, however the cards are Transflash which are available at all retail outlets and the same for all phones at the moment. This is a decent size for storing all your pictures and videos and any MP3's you want to listen to. So a useful size, however it could do with being 1GB, but it is hardly a complaining point. If you choose not to buy a memory card, then the internal memory is 5gb, which is not a lot but enough to store an MP3 ring tone and a few pictures.

          Sound: This is the one aspect of the phone that let me down. For normal sound its good and with the headphones there is clear loud sound. However for most users out there I am sure they have a standard paid of headphones that are user for all Ipods and MP3 players. I bought the connection converter for these headphones so I could use it for my Motorola L7 and they did work, but the problem was the sound was not loud enough and on its loudest settings it was just about my normal listening volume. So on buses and other loud places, it was virtually impossible to hear any music.

          Features: The features are very laid out on this phone, just like the design, and for me the most important is the games as they provide a great past time. There are so cool little Java games on here that will provide lots of enjoyment, although not snake, but that is expected as snake is licensed towards Nokia. If you do not like the games, you can always download more of the Motorola website and transfer them easily using the USB connection. The ring tones are very nice quality and can support all the MP3's that you have transferred or uploaded to the phone. Messaging works as standard with other phones. The MP3 player can support MP3 files naturally, but also AAC format which is a nice touch to the phone. You can download screensavers, images and animations and transfer them to the phone, so really personalize the phone to suit all your needs. There is a picture caller ID so you do not need to strain your eyes to see who is calling as their pretty little face will pop up on the screen. There is a web browser which is straight forward to use, don't expect it to replace your computer but if you are on the move and watch to check the latest news or football scores, then it is perfect.

          Weight: This is only 96g so very light and sometimes you will forget it is in your pocket which may be a bad thing, but it is great that it does not take up much room at all and that you can barely feel the weight.

          Battery Life: This is a very good; even with listening to music you can expect the Battery to last two days, before a recharge is needed. If you do no use multimedia on the phone, you should be able to get three full days out, before it goes dead, so this aspect of the phone I have no complaints about as the high feature phones these days seem to need a recharge after just a days use.

          Endurance: A very solid phone that I being clumsy have dropped numerous times a day, and the phone works perfectly. As it has a metallic cover and is not painted on, you do not have to worry about any wear and tear and the phone will still look good as new after a year's solid use, so this is a plus point for if you are looking to upgrade and sell your Motorola.

          A very slick phone, that I would recommend to everyone, however if you are looking for a phone with high quality picture taking abilities and a huge range of multimedia features with the ability for it to replace your Ipod touch, then I would not consider purchasing this phone. For everyone else it is perfect. Below is the full list of features.

          Features of the Motorola L7 include:
          * VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels) with 4x digital zoom
          * Video camera
          * MP3 player (MP3 / AAC format)
          * Display: TFT 262,000 colours, 176 x 220 pixels
          * Handsfree speakerphone
          * MP3 ringtones
          * Messaging: SMS, EMS 5.0, MMS, Instant Messaging, email (POP3, SMTP, IMAP2)
          * Push to Talk
          * Java games
          * Downloadable screensavers, images, animations and sounds
          * Picture caller ID
          * Phone book (500 entries)
          * WAP 2.0, GPRS Class 10
          * Web browser
          * Connectivity: Bluetooth®, USB, SyncML
          * Memory: 5 Mbytes plus TransflashTM memory card (up to 512 Mbytes)
          * Quad band
          * Size: 114 x 49 x 11.5 mm
          * Weight: 96g
          * Talktime: up to 400 minutes
          * Battery standby: up to 350 hours


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            12.10.2008 14:46



            worth the buy

            Motrola L7 is my third phone i m throughly enjoying using it. i would love to list out its features.
            Bluetooth - wrks f9...although not as user friendlyas compared to nokia phones
            Music- mp3's are compatible nd could be played..
            sound clarity is good ,although the speakers do not provide much power
            Videos- MP4 and 3GP formats are compatible
            camera- best VGA camera on any phone i reckon
            Memory card slot- micro sd compatible
            its a gsm phone ie you could set up a gprs connection
            i have really enjoyed this model not just because of its slim size and light weight its a very handy i think its for users who rough handlers of phone..it has a few disadvantages it is a java phone
            so symbian applications cannot be run on it. its charger ear phones are in the same slot so u cant hear music while charging
            So for a user like me whose main use of mobile phone is of making calls listening to music it is quite recommendable


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            18.06.2008 18:30



            not a bad phone

            Having had this phone for two years now, i realise that you can do alot better that this. About thre years ago when it was made it was quite impressive, however with better an better phones being produced it has slid into the background. It's slim and slick phisical apperance is probalbly its best quality along with the various colours you can but it in. It is a very simple phone to use but with that it doesnt have very many extra features. the positive points are that it has a camera with video recording, bluetooth, the internet and has a mermory card slot. It also comes with games and allows you to download other games onto it. It also has a music player but it is differcult to use and is not very efficient. some of the added features on the phone are: a calander, alarm and calculator. Overall this is quite a good phone especially if you just want something simple but ther are much more up to date phone on the market that would be worth paying more for than this.


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            13.01.2008 17:42
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Can be used as a mini PDA

            Currently this is my handset of choice. I go through handsets like a hot knife through butter. I chuck them into my trouser pocket along with my keys, or I stick them into my ass pocket and then forget and sit on them.

            So, you get it so far, I break phones.

            I wanted a cheap handset that would allow me to do things like watch full films, and play mp3, so I took a look at the SLVR L7.

            here are a few details;

            Quad band
            Installable iTap languages
            Multiple recipients on texts
            Email client built in
            Java 2.0 browser
            MicroSD cards memory expansion
            iTunes built in
            Video player built in
            640x480 camera and video camera
            glass screen, yes, you read that.... GLASS !!!
            Metal keypad
            17 days between charges !
            Connects to a PC through USB, which can also charge the handset.

            So this is a robust handset, I have zero scratches on the tough glass screen, and I can go away for a few days, load it up with .3gp films, check my email, browse the web and the battery is still working when I get home. Nice.

            And all this on Orange pay-as-you-go for £52
            However, as the phone connects to the PC, it is simple to find a website that will let you download software that will change the operating system on the handset and open it for any network.


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              12.08.2007 17:08
              Very helpful



              if its a free upgrade i wouldnt (and didnt) complain. but i wouldnt buy

              Having recently received my free upgrade to the Sony Ericcson k810i (check out my review lol) i have realised how unimpressive the SLVR actually is. i found that when i first got it i was impressed mainly by the physical appearance of the phone. the slim design was great and made the phone almost un-noticable in my pocket. aswell as this the whole keyboard has a vibrant blue light that radiates from underneath they keys in the dark. the appearance of thephone is where i think all the manufacturer and design effort was put as performance wise the SLVR was not great!

              When i connected the phone to my PC with the cable provided i was pleased to discover that i could put MP3 files onto the phone although i think this was limited to about 15-20 songs. the MP3 player itself is not of the most interesting design although it was simple to use. i was however dissapointed when it came to putting pictures on the phone from my PC. i would "drag and drop" the pictures i wanted into the file that appeared in "my computer" after clicking on the icon for my "phone memory G" or something similar. it would take a few minutes for me to put about 10 pictures on. then i would remove the phone and when i tried to view the pictures they would not open. this is as they were apparently too big to open. to over come this i had to put every picture into microsoft paint and reduce them to the size of a credit card or smaller which made them fairly pixelated. my new phone handles all the sizes of pictures i put onto it!

              the camera on the SLVR is also not great at 1.3 mega pixels although the screen is relatively large and in good light (outdoors in summer is the best for it) your photos will be reasonable.

              texting on the phone was great at first as the buttons are so compact and flat it is more like a large touch pad as little effort is required to push the keys down. everything is where you would expect in terms of changing from predictive text to normal text mode so texting is easy and fast to do. however the keyboard met the same fate as my Ipod click wheel..i took it to the beach. the low "ground clearance" of the buttons meant that only one grain of sand could make the buttons almost impossible to use and of course in my case there was far morer than one grain of sand. i did however get used to this and i soon forgot what the phone was meant to feel like. i suppose thats not really a phone fault but more so a user fault! either way would be nice if it was a little more sand proof.

              Conversations on the SLVR cause you ear damage... and thats not because of brilliant sound quality. its the opposite. you will find yourself ramming the phone against your ear as hard as possible in order to hear the person you so desperately want to talk to. this is starnge as the loudspeaker on th ephone is actually suprisingly good and is good fro listening to music whilst lying in the sun somewhere (in my case the beach).

              essentially i think that too much effort was put into shrinking everything and reducing its quality in order to fit it into the phone's slim casing. having said that the compact design has made the phone seemingly indestructable. i have sat and stood on my screen (by accident) and there has been no ruined pixels or cracks. the body of the phone is some form of light weight metal which appears to have made the phone un-snapable. the only aesthetic faults are the scratches which will envitibly plague all non-flip phones.

              to conclude the phone is entirely about looks. which are 9 out of 10. but the performance appears in some form of order of priority as follows:

              speaker for music
              good for texts
              storing music
              taking photos
              storing photos
              actually making calls

              clearly if you want a phone that actually functions as a phone this is not the phone for you! if your the type that likes wearing sun glasses even when its dark, then this is the phone for you.


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                20.04.2007 22:57
                Very helpful



                A good stylish phone

                Motorola L7 Mobile Phone

                I got this phone blind, however, as it was described I was very impressed. And in some ways still am. Before getting it I had only had Nokia phones (and an O2 Xi(which doesn't even deserve a mention)) so was used to the set up and style of nokia.

                The Slvr L7 is a nice phone to handle, though wider than your standard phone it feels nice and is very stylish. Very thin and robust, it looks good and isn't a fussy with features. I find the Motorola phone has a masculine look and feel about them.

                The camera works well and produces some very nice pics - some of which I have printed out and the quality of picture is top rate. Messaging is simple once you get used to the format of a different phone.

                Motorola SLVR L7 features
                Dimensions: 113 x 49 x 11.5 mm
                Weight : 96 g
                Talktime : Up to 240 minutes (4 hours)
                Standby Time : up to 6 days (140 hours)
                Display Type : TFT, 256K colors
                Display Size : 176 x 220 pixels
                Bluetooth Wireless Technology, v1.2
                Memory card expansion up to 512 MB using microSD (TransFlash)
                Integrated VGA digital camera, 640x480 pixels
                Video capture and playback
                Ringtone type: Polyphonic (24 channels), MP3
                Quad-band GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

                Hybrid glass-filled body was created for stability and rigidity
                Sleek, super-thin design without sacrificing advanced functionality
                Nickel-plated copper-alloy keypad
                PTT with icon presence indicators for one-touch connections
                MP3 player to store, repeat, shuffle and play favorite tunes; 22Khz polyphonic speaker
                WAP 2.0
                Downloadable wallpaper, screensaver and MP3 ringtones
                J2ME™ MIDP 2.0
                Integrated hands-free speakerphone
                Hardened glass to protect the lens
                Chrome-plated Volume and Voice Keys
                mini-USB connection
                Messaging via MMS, IM Wireless Village and email (POP3, SMTP)

                Messaging Features

                iTAP™ Predictive text : for more efficient messaging
                MMS (Picture / photo + text + sound) : allows you to send photos, video clips, text and sounds
                E-Mail : POP3, SMTP, IMAP4 (operator dependant)
                Instant Messaging : Wireless Village (operator dependant)
                Lifestyle Features

                Bluetooth® Technology : Be sure to stay in sync – Bluetooth technology provides wire-free connections to compatible Bluetooth-enabled PCs and PDAs for simple sharing of calendars, contacts and more.
                Performance Features

                Quad-band: quad-band global GSM coverage, GPRS operation
                Bands : GSM 850/900/1800/1900
                Talk time : up to 240 minutes
                Standby time : up to 140 hours
                Data Features

                MPEG4 encoder/decoder : H.263 decode
                USB Connection Port : enhanced mini USB connector
                GPRS : Class 10 (2U/4D)
                WAP : 2.0 (WSP/HTTP 1.1, WTCP/IP, xHTML Mobile Profile, WCSS, Cookies, WTLS Class 3, TLS 1.0/SSL 3.0)
                Technical Specifications

                Internal Memory : up to 5MB build in memory
                Form Factor : Clamshell Dimensions (H x W x D) : 113 x 49 x 11.5 mm
                Weight : 96g
                Volume : 59cc
                Internal Display : 176 x 220 pixels, up to 262K colours TFT

                However, I never really got used to using it. I have to say I prefer a Nokia every time and have since reverted back to nokia. I have always preferred the style and handling of a Nokia and width of the Slvr L7 made using it difficult for my small hands. Though most men I know with a Motorola find them perfectly sized.


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                  14.10.2006 00:33



                  should have been tested prior to launch

                  It looks good, it has a great shape, and it is easy to use... but it is unreliable. This is my second slvr.. and carphone warehouse replaced it once. it continuously shuts down and reboots.. I cannot have a call that lasts more than 3 minutes. I was told this is a minor software problem. Unacceptable for a product this price. Very disappointing. This is sad, because the phone's software is well designed, the user experience is good. A real shame, I will now change my phone.


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                  22.08.2006 03:24
                  Not Helpful



                  IT IS DURABLE



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