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    1 Review
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      16.07.2004 03:01
      Very helpful



      Give me some money!! Yes I actually forked out money and although when I got home I felt slightly queasy at the end of the ordeal I have myself a rather stylish phone that without a doubt puts my phones of my past to shame. I decided to get a new phone after endless phone calls from family members who I didn?t want to, and the only way to stop it was to get a new phone. Decisions, decisions (ah my mind has gone blank!) Finding a new phone should be easy really shouldn?t it? There is websites plastered with phones, and whne you go in phone shops they are plastered everywhere. So why did I have trouble finding a phone? Because I was looking to spend a measly 40 pounds. Yes there was a nice phone in the link shop for fourty pounds but to be honest when you have money why not shell out a few extra quid and get the best phone for your dosh. When I was browsing over the Internet for a phone I noticed it would take up to a few days for delivery but I was so excited at the prospect at getting a new phone I almost peed myself. Well for starters it looks the absolute bees knees. You don?t want the phone going off and people looking round and you produce a brick out of your pocket now do we! You need something classy and stylish which tells people a lot about yourself. The Classic just gets better and better. You can add your own style with the MotoMixer feature, which is displayed to perfection on the colour screen. The chance to Customise your phone more by sending EMS texts with vibrant graphics and sounds or you get the chance to download a themed ring tone, wallpaper and screensaver. But to do this you either need a data cable or you can download a few from the wap enabled feature on the phone so the choice is yours. Tell me some more about the phone my son! Connection - Motorola phones have a variety of in-built connectors to connect you to a wide range of d
      ata accessories such as 'Mobile Phone Tools.' Choose the one that is best suited for your purpose. Blue tooth, Infrared or CE Bus (USB/Serial). The time a battery can power a phone in the standby mode, switched on and ready to make or receive a call, without being used for an actual call. The longer a phone is in standby mode, the less standby time remains in the battery. Polyphonic ringer tones add a powerful audible experience for alerts and ringer tones. The tones actually sound like the song it is supposed to unlike a lot of normal ringtones which can sound absolute cack.This is good but the ones that come with the phone are far from exciting. MotoMixer(TM) makes your phone the ultimate in audio customisation. Download and remix ringtones to create unique polyphonic sounds. Forget the decks and hit the phone keypad. I haven?t grasped this of yet but it seems like to much effort for me. I just like the old compose a tone but I must be a old git and stuck in the past( ah please don?t slap me with wet knickers please!) Save time andsend that all important SMS message to more than one person at once. Simply build a favourite group and send your messages to them all as easily as you do for one. Wireless application protocol (WAP) ? I can remember when I was 16 and working part time at Safeway a new revolutionary internet phone come out in the form of a Mitsubishi Trium. My mate Wayne got one on the first day it come out and it really caught my eye and made me jealous with envy so a day later I spent a whole weeks wages on it and was so chuffed to bits with it. But soon afterwards I was under no illusions has I felt conned. Yes it was wap enabled on a phone allowing you to access the Internet but I was expecting something on the lines of what it was like on the pc but in a smaller format obviously. Maybe I was asking too much but ever since then any phone that I have bought with wap on it I haven?t used because I
      see absolute no point in it what so ever. It may be helpful to many people but I just don?t see it in my future plans that?s all im saying! Phone book - You can store 100 numbers on your phone and sim card which isnt too bad but I have looked at some other features on different phones which put this to shame! Customizable Soft Keys - The soft keys are a godsend and don?t give you arthritis by tapping on large bricks which are on a lot of older phones. Alert types - Embedded midi ringtones, 2 vibration, 1 silent alert, 10 EMS iMelody ringtones, 4 monophonic ring tones, up to 32 downloadable ring tones: Content may vary by operator / country SMS messages are today's way of chatting but are restricted to 160 characters. If you've got lots to say mobile concatenation splits your long messages into several messages and on receipt allows similar featured phones to stitch them together again. Voice Activated Dialling - This is for the lazy people who cant be bothered to find and dial a number ( like me hehe) Nokia Smart Message Receive ?This just means that anyone with a nokia phone that sends a picture message or text to your phone your will receive it in nokia format and that just a load of lines that happens when it gets sent to a lot of other phones PIM (Personal Information Management) functionality enables you to manage your life easier. Examples are Calendar, Contacts and Address Book, Task List, Notes, Date / Time with alarms. Alarm ? Talk about a kick in the smuts this is a total pain and a bit of a let down. Before I got an alarm clock I have always relied on my phone for an alarm but this is so much hard work I don?t bother using this feature.To set the alarm you have to write in an event in the calendar and set an alarm to go off 5 mins before. Why have they made it so complicanted, I just don?t know! Battery Life - The total time a battery can power a phone for mob
      ile calls. As the phone drains the battery during a call, the talk time left in the battery is diminished until the phone is turned off or the battery recharged. The longer the talk time the less frequently you will need to recharge. I have hardly made any calls and when I charged my phone up all night it lasted four days before it needed to be charged again which is great. Other things that deserve a mention are like the screen savers and wallpapers that are available.This really do make a difference and help you to personalise your phone.You can also have your own customised message for when your turn your phone on. *** Accessories to buy *** Here are a few accessories that people may want to get after purchasing this phone :- One-Touch Headset with send/end Button HSK8050 (CFLN1411AA) - Enjoy simple hands-free operation almost everywhere! Quality earpiece and microphone. One button to both answer and end your phone calls. Portable hands-free kit HSK7005 (CFLN1404AA) - Enjoy simple hands-free operation almost everywhere! Quality earpiece and microphone. One Touch Headset with send/end Button HSK8000 (CFLN1410AA) - Enjoy simple hands-free operation almost everywhere! Quality earpiece and microphone. Smart button to answer calls (short push), end calls (long push) and redial the last number (2 short pushes). Headset with whip microphone HSK7500 (CFLN1405AA) -You can enjoy simple hands-free operation almost everywhere! Quality earpiece and noise cancellation microphone. Retractable headset HSK7300 (CFLN1441AA) -Enjoy simple hands-free operation almost everywhere! Retractable quality earpiece and microphone pulling out to desired length independently. FM Radio Stereo Headset FM100 (CFLN1431AA) - Use this headset as a stand-alone FM Stereo Radio or with a compatible mobile phone. FM radio powered by single AAA battery featuring channel display, volume control, and tuning buttons.Channel s
      election using the up and down tuning buttons. Smart button. There you go a few items to maximise your mobile phone pleasure time.Chose wisely! *** Stevo?s words of wisdom **** Burp! I have been meaning to do that for ages (glad its all out in the open now!) Anyway back to the op before I lose where I am. I was after something cheap and stylish and I got both of that. It looks really great and I have always wanted a flip phone so I was absolute chuffed to bits. So why am I looking so glum? Well apart from there are hardly any decent polyphonic ring tones on your phone. Another annoying part about the phone is that it must be run by a slug because damn it is very slow just to open up the menu or phone book. You don?t expect that from a mobile phone. The backlight has a very low life as well and only last ten to 15 seconds which is very annoying when you want to find a number and when you try to write it down you can?t see it because the light has gone off (very annoying!) When I first bought the phone the reception was very bad and everytime i made a call the person recieving had a loud high pitched screeching noise to have to put up with so that was annoying. But saying about the disadvantages there is very good features as well. The games on the phone are pretty jazzy. The phones I have had in the past have either never had phones or been so cack you play them once and never again. My favourite game is astromash, which is similar to spaced invaders but slightly different. The other games are moto GP and snood, which is a card game. After buying some pretty awful phones this has to be the best looking one I have purchased. It is small, classy and has some amazing features. Overall I am really chuffed to bits with this phone. So if im happy everyone is happy that?s what keeps the world spinning lol. Take it easy fellow dooyooer?s and drive your tractors home safely,wipe your feet grab so
      me grub and have a pukka day! Stevo knows best! Super Stevo coming at ya


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