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    8 Reviews
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      06.10.2005 15:34
      Not Helpful



      I like it very much ....so far

      Just got this new phone and I am really pleased with it. Good reception, sound quality and the camera/video quality is very clear.

      I'm still trying to work out all of the functions, as I am not really a phone freak - never thought I would consider one with a camera, after all a phone is for phone calls, right? If you want to take pictures then get a camera. Well maybe, maybe not.... However I managed to get the basics sorted easily enough, and if I can do that then anyone should be able to (except perhaps my Mom).

      I even managed to send a picture I had taken to my email address no problem at all! I wish I could programme the phone so that the incoming email identifies that it was me who had sent it - maybe it's possible but I've yet to find out how.

      It feels good quality in your hand and feels as if it will stand the rigours of everyday life.

      I got it from The Link on a Vodaphone P.A.Y.G. for £89.95 - and then just put in my own SIM card. Bargain.

      Good phone - and as I am always saying I'm not easily impressed by them.




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        01.02.2005 17:42
        Very helpful



        • "arial sticks up"

        The Motorola V547 is a neat clam style compact phone which has a video & camera, as well as many other features. At £130 it well worth the money, but if you keep your old sim card & are with O2, then the price is just £119. On the front of the phone the time is shown either in 24hr or digital, you can also see how much battery & signal power you have. When you open up the phone it lights up, the first thing you see is the colour screen. To access some of the phones features, please press the button right at the top of the phone pad right in the centre just under the screen. Here you are presented with another screen of options which you access by pressing the arrows on the circle. You can track recent calls and how long you’ve been nattering away, calls can also be anawered by opening the phone.

        This phone has a screen saver of which you can change, & if the phone isn’t being used it will go dark. It will also vibrate when you have a call, & the rings tones are really good they also let you download real sound. I believe this phone cam also be used abroad as it has blue tooth & caller ID.

        Phone Book

        Holds over 1000 entries, you can use the camera to take photos of the people in your phone book. When they call you &if your phone is open, their picture should flash up on the screen. When looking for a name in the phone book, just press in the letter of their first name, then scroll until you find it. Apart from that when you enter a new name you can do all the usual like add a ring tone for each different person, show their ID though at the moment it’s only letting me do it for when they next ring me. You can also talk then fax the person your calling & add their E-mail (althrough you will be charged for the time you serf)


        You can put pictures and sounds with your messages, the dictionary also guesses your words when you are texting. There’s an e-mail facility in messages so you can send e-mails, faxes, templates, quicknotes, & drafts.

        Office Tools

        In this section you get my services, calculator, datebook for setting reminders, shortcuts, voice records, alarm clock, dialling services & chat. You can put reminders in the date book & set it, but it can be a pain as when the phone is off; it will turn itself on to remind you of the event.

        Games & applications

        This was fun when I found this. On it is FotoFunPack2 which when selected gives you the face of a man. Press the menu on the right hand side & another list of options comes up. Chose from Clipart, Bodies, Image. You can give your image strange body parts like a red nose or pointed ears; you can change the image & make it look really ridiculous. This can also be applied to any image you have taken for your phone book as well, so now you can really make your parents & friends look like twits.

        Web Access - For the internet.


        Personalise will alter your home screen, skin, wallpaper, screen saver & Quickdial. In settings you will find Ring styles, connection, call divert, in call setup, initial setup, phone status, headset, car settings, network, security, and java settings.


        Here you will find themes, camera, pictures, Video, MotoMixer & sounds to make your own ringtones.

        02 Is one of the better networks. This phone is easy to use when making a call, and it's worth the money!


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          09.01.2005 21:53
          Very helpful



          • "flip annoys me"

          A few months ago I was offered a free upgrade to a Motorola v525 with my Vodafone contract. It had all the features of my Sony Ericsson t68i plus a camera and a few other bits and bobs so I thought I’d give it a go and sold my t68i on eBay….so I’ll share my experiences with you!

          I was fairly pleased with the phone when it arrived as it looks pretty stylish; predominantly silver with a metallic midnight blue section on the front (which actually is metal). The only complaint I’d have about the appearance is the aerial – I didn’t have one on the t68i so initially it felt more like a downgrade. As with most (if not all?) Motorola phones the v525 is a flip phone, which opens to reveal a generously sized keypad on the bottom half and a decent sized screen on the top. I had never owned a flip phone before this one, and when it first got it I liked it as it was something of a novelty.

          The keypad has the standard layout but at the very top there are three keys: one ‘menu’ key enclosed by two ‘soft’ keys (ie. select keys). Below that are the send and receive call buttons and a ‘joystick’ which enables you to move up, down, left or right in a menu and then press the middle button in to select.

          I will briefly list the menus below as it may help you to understand exactly how the phone is laid out. By pressing either the menu key at the top or the select key in the center of the joystick you’ll get the following icons:

          1) CONTACTS – Just a standard phone book system. From here you can add names, edit entries, call people, add pictures to their profiles, add voice commands, personalise ring tones and also add a picture to their profile which will appear when they call you.

          2) MY ITEMS – Pictures, sounds (ring tones), themes, games, and MotoMixer (device for creating your own ringtones).

          3) CALL LOG – Received calls, dialled calls, notepad (I believe this is numbers you’ve tapped in whilst on the phone), call times, and data times.

          4) MESSAGES – Whether it’s SMS (text), MMS (picture), voicemail or email you’ll find it here. Something I also find really handy here is the ‘Quick Notes’ section as I write things in there that I need to remember but that I wouldn’t set an alarm for.

          5) CAMERA – Click this and you’ll go straight into camera mode with the screen as a viewfinder. From this screen you can also access the photo album, auto-timer and general camera setup. The camera has the ability to adjust brightness and also zoom in up to 4x.

          6) APPLICATIONS – Vodafone news groups (which I don’t use as you have to sign up and pay for it), favourites, alarms, chat, calculator, dialling services (quick dial), voice recorder (always good for a laugh!)

          7) CALENDAR – Standard calendar which can be viewed in week or month format. Quite useful for remembering appointments etc.

          8) SETTINGS – Personalise (within the sub menu are all the important features to make your phone your own…wallpaper, screen saver, that kind of thing); ring styles; connection (Bluetooth); call divert; in-call setup; initial setup; phone status; headset; car settings; network; security; and Java settings. If you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself in this menu the most for the first couple of days.

          9) VODAFONE LIVE! – Everything you could possibly need for using the Vodafone Live! facilities (something I never touch).

          I will list the full specifications of the phone here because for this review to be truly helpful it’s good to have everything listed in one place:


          Internal Memory 5MB
          Dimensions in mm (H x W x D) = 89 x 49 x 24.8
          Weight 123g, Volume (cc): 86
          Display: Internal: 65k TFT Colour (176 x 220)
          4 Lines of Text and 1 Line of Icons
          Display: External: 2 Line (96 x 32, with blue backlight)
          GPRS (2u/4d) AMR
          WAP Browser version 2.0
          Connectivity Bluetooth® wireless technology (1.1) / CE Bus (USB/Serial)
          Bands: Quad Band (900/1800/1900/850 MHz)
          Standard Battery: SNN5704 battery min 650
          Standby Time 120-200h
          Talk Time 180-390mins
          Calculator and Currency Converter
          Date and Clock
          Datebook with Reminder Alerts
          PIM Functionality
          MMS (Picture / photo + text + sound)
          EMS 5.0
          SMS Chat one-to-one
          Mobile Concatenation
          Predictive Text (iTap™)
          Nokia Smart Message Receive
          Instant Messaging Support: (Wireless Village 1.1) Embedded client
          Email: STMP, POP3, IMAP4
          Caller Group Profiling (Ringer & Icon)
          Phone Book: Up to 1000 entries
          Picture Phonebook
          Time and Date Stamp
          Voice-activated Dialling
          In-built Hands-free Speakerphone
          21 Embedded Polyphonic ringtones, 4 MP3 Ringtones
          22 Khz Polyphonic Speaker, 22 Chord support
          Downloadable Themes
          J2ME Games: Stuntman™ & Monopoly
          Integrated Digital Camera

          EASE OF USE

          After waiting for the phone to charge up initially (for approximately 16 hours) I set up my phone. I never read the manual for electrical goods until I get stuck so I just started messing around and sure enough managed to set everything up okay (taking pictures, texting, setting themes and backgrounds etc.) I would say it is a pretty self-explanatory phone to set up…unless of course you’re my mum and you end up launching an internet browser. If you’re young and pretty savvy with the internet or things like that I’m sure you’ll find it a piece of cake. The manual is pretty helpful for the few things you cant figure out as it’s laid out in a logical manner.

          The first things you start messing around with (after taking a few stupid pictures) are generally ring tones, and god help anyone who’s in the house at the time…but actually, they’re not bad! The ring tones are quite bearable as the quality of the polyphonic chords seems remarkably high (ie. you can decipher tunes without having to think for about a minute what it’s supposed to be). In addition to this, if you choose a good tone (like one with some high notes) the volume of the tones is just right so that you can hear it ringing in your bag/pocket but not so loud that it deafens you when you remove it. Some of the embedded ring tones are good but if you don’t like those then (providing you have Bluetooth connectivity between the computer source and your mobile) it’s very easy to transfer an mp3 file to your phone. The Bluetooth feature works very effectively and the phone can actually perform other tasks while receiving items which can be useful.

          After sorting out my ringtones I re-ordered the main menu (the list above is my menu order) as I like the icons set up my own way – I appreciated this feature as although you generally adapt to their order it’s always better to have your own. I just wish you could re-order the whole load of sub-menus because given the choice I’d have placed some things in different places.

          The camera is simplicity itself – you just select the camera menu option and then point and shoot. You don’t have the option of an alternative viewfinder as you just use the screen as a guide, which is not a problem for me. When in the camera screen you have a small guide at the bottom informing you of how much memory you’ve used. I have taken a fair amount of pictures in the several months I’ve owned this and I have still only used 17%. Admittedly I haven’t downloaded any games or themes but I think if you use the phone as I do and just save a few pictures you’ll probably never run out of space.


          Camera picture quality/screen resolution – In my (limited) experience of camera phones it is the best so far. I expect there are better ones coming out now (Dec2004) but this certainly isn’t disappointing. If you catch the subject in a decent light then you can achieve some quite clear pictures, some even good enough to transfer to the computer. As well as this, the screen resolution is quite impressive so small text doesn’t appear ‘blocky’.

          Speakerphone! – woohoo! Okay so I don’t use it all the time because I forget but it really is a useful addition. I sometimes use this if I’m speaking to my sister and she wants me to look something up on the internet as I then have both hands free. The quality is decent as you can talk at about the same volume, no shouting required.

          Voice recorder – Another thing that’s not infinitely useful but I found it rather amusing doing Peter Kay ‘Garlic Bread!?’ impressions with my workmates into it.

          Predictive text – I never thought I’d convert to this but Motorola seem to have struck gold with their iTap entry method. It’s a lot more accurate than any other I’ve used (Nokia, Sony Ericsson) so I always have it switched on.

          Network reception – So there is an advantage to having a stupid little stub of an aerial: it increases the clarity of the call. I was really quite impressed when I first made a call and I very rarely get the ‘no network’ sign either.

          Smart key – I love this little beauty. It’s located on the side of the phone just next to the volume button (also used as menu up/down key). You can program this key to do WHATEVER you want! No I don’t mean wash the dishes, I mean it can link you to anything: camera, missed calls, Bluetooth connectivity, battery power remaining…anything you choose! I chose mine to be ‘favourites’ because then I have a link to lots of things that I need.

          Voice dialling – In the past I’ve always though this was a bit pointless as you had to say the name about 20 times before it recognised your voice but Motorola must have somehow fine-tuned theirs because if I choose to use mine it generally works okay after one or two attempts.

          Quiet keys – I despise keys that click or feel ‘hard’ when you press them. The keys on this are nice and soft and don’t make any noticeable noise.

          Beep for text/missed call – If you don’t hear a text or have a missed call then your phone will beep every few minutes so you’ll hear it and look at it.

          Covert pics – this is just a stupid one really but I do like the fact that it’s a flip phone so you can look like you’re texting when really you’re taking a secret picture with your camera haha.


          Flip – I know I just said I liked it but that really is the only reason I’d choose a flip. I find mine annoying as sometimes I have one hand full and want to answer it one handed but can’t as it becomes fiddly. Recently I’ve also experienced a problem with it switching itself off when flipped shut.

          Battery time – It’s not a terrible inconvenience for me to have to charge my phone every 2-3 days but for someone who couldn’t access a charger all the time it could be a pain. The battery life is probably not great because of all the features crammed in like a camera, colour screen, screen savers etc. If you anticipate that you’ll mess around with it 24/7 then expect to charge it nigh-on every night.

          Inconvenient phone book – This is quite a major gripe. Who really wants three separate entries for Mum at home, on her mobile and at work? Other companies seem to manage a multiple number profile so why can’t Motorola? For older/poor sighted users you may have trouble deciphering the small icons for Home, Mobile and Work.

          Beep when changing profile – When switching from Silent to any of the audible options with the flip closed you’ll hear an annoying beep at the level you’ve chosen. Some people may like this so they know the volume it’s set at but personally I hate it. I know what profile I’m choosing, no need for a stupid noise.

          No automatic SMS delivery – When sending SMS/text messages I like to know they’re delivered so I set delivery reports for always on but the v525 doesn’t have this option so you have to manually select a report each time.

          No warning for long SMS – If you go over the limit for one text it doesn’t tell you you’re writing a 2 page text so you only know once you’ve sent it (meaning you could have spent double the money rather than just shortening it).

          No on-screen note function – On the t68i I had the option of displaying a digital Post It note to remind me of things on the main screen (ie. buy bread) but this doesn’t exist on the v525 which disappointed me.

          Ring tone = text tone – BIG GRIPE! If you personalise the ring tone for one of your contacts not only will it be their ring tone it will also be the tone that plays when they text (it wont continue, just rings one cycle of the tone). I hate this as I always think people are ringing me. It is such a basic function and I was utterly disappointed when Motorola informed me that it was not actually a problem with my phone.


          The Motorola v525 costs around £185 to buy SIM free but as most people don’t buy phones like that check www.carphonewarehouse.com for the latest deals as some networks give it free on a contract.


          As the title says, I’m 50:50; not entirely against it because it has some great features but certainly not totally for it because in my mind it has some glaring faults. Being a girl I generally carry my phone in my bag so size isn’t too much of a problem but I would imagine a bloke who likes to wear quite fitted clothes could find this a bit of an issue because it’s not the smallest phone around these days and it’s not the lightest either (I’m not saying it’s a brick though!)

          All things considered I won’t be sorry to see this go and I very much doubt that I will have another Motorola or another flip phone. It’d be a good mobile for someone who likes to be quite up to date with the latest technology but isn’t too bothered by minor details like the ring/text tones. The Sony Ericsson t68i was a hard act to follow, and as it was supposed to be an ‘upgrade’ I’m not entirely sure the Motorola v525 is up to the job.

          carly_pussycat - dooyoo UK ©


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            19.09.2004 10:51
            Very helpful



            Like many, I had never considdered Motorolla as a viable alternative to my trusty Nokia and SonyEricsson handsets. Yet my first encounter with this phone left me so impressed I went out and bought it.

            Motorolla have never gained the same foothold in the European market as they have in the States, which I feel is a shame as they are often overlooked in favor of European champions Nokia.

            It was while I was complaining one day about the minuscular keypad on my SonyEricsson T610, with which I would press 2 or 3 buttons simultaneously and hence missdial or cut someone off, that an American colleague placed the V525 on my desk for me to 'play with'.

            I was immediately impressed. I had never considdered a clamshell style telephone, yet this phone sits comfortably in the palm of your hand and feels just about the right weight to know that it's there.

            An excellent feature is the minature LCD on the front of the phone which shows the time and who's calling, as well as allowing you to change the phone profile without opening it up. Inside though is an incredibly sharp full colour display which is far superior to almost any other I have seen. The ultimate test for me was to place a high definition photo onto the V525 and then onto the T610 and compare the two. There is simply no contest, the Motorolla wins hands down.

            Transferring of files is incredibly simple with the inbuilt Bluetooth, though my PC bluetooth adapter did have some dificulty in establishing a connection. I put this down to the slightly older Bluetooth version of my adapter as I have has similar issues with other devices. Connecting to a Bluetooth headset though was simple and painless, and the quality as you would expect is excellent.

            Connecting the telephone to a PDA was just as simple. Using Bluetooth connectivity I was able t estblish a GPRS connection and was browsing the internet within seconds, and most remarkably the connection remained perfect with no signal loss for the duration of the conection. This remains the only telephone I have used where data connection is successful on the first attempt and remains conected for the duration; a definate improvement on both Nokia and SonyEricsson.

            Normal telephone usage is just as simple, with normal sized keys that don't require a pin-head to press, and a central 5 way joystick for easy navigation. Three further keys below the screen act as hotkeys and can be programmed to do almost anything you like, just like the two external keys on the left and right of the handset.

            The menu is relatively simple, but may require a few minutes use to aquaint yourself with the slightly different features.

            Not surprising is the dominance of the multimedia functionality, as this is the first feature that springs up as you enter the menu. The built in camera doesn't excel and produces average results, though it does have two very useful features; a multi zoom, and backlight compensation; this alone makes the phone an excellent choice for MMS freaks wanting to photograph in every possible condition.

            The telephones sound capabilities may not rival the new generation of MP3 player phones but it is perfectly capable of handling mp3 polyphonic ringtones, and while the sound may not be as loud as a conventional ringtone the quality is excellent.

            With its inbuilt speaker full hands free operation is possible so long as there is not a great deal of surrounding noize. The voice dialing appears to be fairy accurate, and assuming you are coherent you should find using this a breeze.

            With a battery life of around 5 or 6 days with average use this doesn't break any records, but then I tend to charge the phone every few days anyway and have never had an issue.

            With all this pro Motorolla ranting you must be wandering to yourself 'if the phone is THAT good why doesn't everyone have one?'.

            Well, nothing is perfect, and of course in between the catalogue of excellent features there are a few minor annoyances and room for improvement. For me the only annoying feature is the volume adjustment on the side. This performs excellently when adjusting the sound volume during a call, or adjusting the ringtone volume during setup, but close up the phone and this button becomes the profile selector. With no way of turning this off, and with a confident loud beep each time it is pressed, place the phone in a bag or pocket and you'll be beeping all the way home. While the single click doesn't actually change the profile, the beeping can become somewhat annoying.

            As a final compliment I should point out that the phone has inadvertantly proved itself to be extremely durable. In an inpromtu test of strength my American colleague managed to hurl his V525 down the stairs of the local metro station and expected to recover a beeping mashed up pile of circuitry, yet the phone was recovered unscathed, with not even a scratch to show for its travels.

            All in all this is a superb telephone with just a few minor flaws. Any Nokiahead or SonyEricsson freak that comes accross one should certainly take it seriously. While it isn't the best on th emarket, pound for pound it's almost as good as it gets.


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              14.08.2004 19:22



              The Motorola V525 - Advantages: Quality Camera, Easy Use, Loads of things to do! - Disadvantages: None from my point of view


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              14.08.2004 03:17



              hello moto...... - Advantages: funky, looks good, ideal size, shape etc... - Disadvantages: flip top not always good, camera sometimes a bit fuzzy


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              28.06.2004 05:55



              the ideal phone - Advantages: Ringtones 21 poly + 4 MP3 ringtones , Build-in digital VGA camera, USB port - Disadvantages: Weight 114 g


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              10.05.2004 01:08
              Very helpful



              For a while I?ve wanted to return to my review writing but just as I thought some spare writing time was created I?d remember some coursework that wasn?t done or a test I needed to revise for but anyway here I am returning during my brief break from hectic revision for my upcoming exams. I wanted my returning review to be good and something I could review well and I admit that most of the old spare time was spent pondering over what I could review as I have so many ideas for so many products. I finally came to the decision of my new baby ? my Motorola V525, its something close to me and something I feel I can offer a strong opinion about. I bought this phone at Christmas online and I feel I have to praise Vodafone?s online shop for the prompt delivery. I ordered the phone for next day delivery even though I found it highly unlikely that the phone would arrive the next day as the next day was Christmas Eve. Despite my doubts the phone arrived on Christmas Eve just as promised. When I bought my phone I paid £200 for it which was a standard price for it in most shops around Christmas but now the phone is priced at £150 (according to the Vodafone website). I believe if the phone is bought on Orange as the V500 it may be slightly cheaper (don?t be put off by the slight change in name the only difference I have come across between the two is the colour). The phone comes complete with sim card, charger and instructions. The phone itself is a very attractive flip phone that boasts a colour screen. It is quite similar to the other Motorola flip type phones however has the odd noticeable difference such as the keypad layout. The phone also has an integrated camera which is one of its major selling points. When I first got the phone I found it incredibly difficult to operate so I would recommend reading the instruction booklet which is included in the package. I did however blame my lack of understanding of the phone on the idea that all of my past m
              obiles were nokias which are probably the simplest mobiles to operate. The keypad is relatively easy to use however some of the buttons I find quite pointless as it seems there are several ways to access different features and so to me some are there for pure decoration. The display screen is colour and is of a decent size so that it is easy to see what you?re doing although it is sometimes hard to see when there is a great deal of light. The phone weighs a mere 85g. According to the instructions the phone offers up to 200 hours standby time which is an exceptional amount and near true. I find that I don?t use my phone much during the week and so the battery tends to last a week or a little less as I only use it on weekends, however if you use your phone regularly then don?t expect it to last as long. The phone is said to offer up to 8 hours talk time however I find that when on the phone the battery seems to run low quite quickly. The phone came included with a huge batch of features that I still haven?t had time or the opportunity to use! The phonebook has a storage capacity of 500 names and numbers according to the instructions however 250 are stored to the sim card and the other 250 to the phone itself. This however makes no difference to me because I don?t know 250 people to fill the phone with let alone 500! An interesting feature of the phone is that picture Ids can be assigned to each number in the book and they appear on the screen when you are being phoned this feature can only be used however by numbers stored directly to the phone not the sim (thought Id tell you that minor detail some of us learnt that the hard way and sat for hours changing them). Also if you want to add the same person to your phonebook twice for example home number and mobile they have to be added twice however to avoid confusion little images can be placed next to their names of mobiles and regular phones (again it took hours). The mobile has speakerphone ability
              whilst in a phone call ? I?m not too sure what that means as I?ve never used it but it might be useful to someone out there! As well as this there is a voice dialling function, again I have never used this as I?m not a fan of voice dialling ? those who have read my nokia 3410 op will understand. One of the major attractions of the phone for me was the opportunity to begin using MMS however I haven?t used this function as unknown to myself until recently when the phone was bought it hadn?t been activated to access the internet unless done by direct call or to send MMS. You can tell whether your phone is compatible through a small symbol that appears near the bars that let u know how much signal you have. If your phone hasn?t been activated you can ring the helpline and ask for GPRS and MMS to be added to your account but I?m too lazy to do so. As well as MMS you can send standard text messages. The phone has predictive text which again I?m not a fan of so I can?t comment on whether it?s effective but sending texts is relatively easy the only thing that took getting used to was the change of button to do a space. With nokias I was used to using zero to do this but with Motorola it?s the star key. The screen gives lines as well to type on which to me is a waste of time but they?re there! The one disadvantage to texts is that they automatically get stored to the outbox and so you have to delete them from there so that they don?t take up all the storage space. I?m not too sure as to whether this can be stopped. As far as I know the phone can store 35 texts. One of the phones major selling points is the integrated camera. The camera is very simple to use and the quality is very good. The light settings can be changed to make the photo brighter or dimmer and there is a zoom facility. The only fault I?ve found is that sometimes the camera can be quite slow to take the photo and can cause that blurry effect when it?s moved. The storage limit for photos is
              around 5MB and so I find it impossible to fill despite my many efforts! The photos taken can be used to personalise the phone in many ways such as caller ID, the screensaver or background of the phone as well as being sent in MMS messages. However as I mentioned before to send the photos to friends you must first of all make sure that the feature is activated on your phone. The phone comes fully equipped with two games however more can be downloaded from the WAP function or can be bought in stores if the phone is compatible (I?m not too sure). The games are powered by Java. The games available on the phone are monopoly and stuntman. The graphics are excellent and the games are really good. Monopoly however may last you about a month (the same game). I?m not sure how sound can be turned off on the games and I don?t think that you can receive phone calls while playing as I?ve had trouble receiving calls when playing. The phone offers a WAP function which I have only used a couple of times to download ringtones as it is pricey. The few times I have used it, it has been very good although I did have trouble connecting at first as I could only access it through direct calls. I have later found out that it is because I have not had GPRS enabled. The WAP function is quite good in comparison to that of my old phone but that was expected of a newer model of phone. In order to access it on Vodafone you must have a Vodafone live sim card. The phone offers many other applications such as alarms (which I find of great use), a calculator, a moto mixer (no clue what it does I didn?t understand the instructions) and a chat facility. As well as these the phone has a built in blue tooth function which allows the phone to be connected to other devices without wires. Also the phone is quad band which allows the phone to be used widely around the world so it?s good for travellers. The phone comes with 40 polyphonic ringtones which are ok if you?re not one f
              or having a personalised ringtone but if you?re like me you might think they?re a bit boring. The one problem I have with the ringtones on this phone is that sometimes I don?t hear my phone as it?s not as loud as the nokias. All in all I am extremely pleased with my purchase and believe that it was £200 well spent. The phone fits all my needs and has so many other features that although I don?t personally use they sound impressive when I mention I have them :P I?d recommend this phone to anyone looking for a camera phone or simply a new model. I would recommend buying this phone online however as it may be difficult to get in shops because when I was looking there was a shortage due to its popularity. I would especially recommend Vodafone.co.uk as the delivery was very prompt. Thanx for reading Jenni xx :O)


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