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    4 Reviews
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      13.04.2007 17:06
      Very helpful



      A good trekkie flip top which is rapidly becoming obsolete.

      This is more of an obituary than a review really since it is finally time to replace my good old Motorola V975. Even though I’ve only had the phone for 9 months it is already something of an antique. Nowadays many people change mobiles as often as they change their socks and a mobile that was quite swish a few months ago is now almost obsolete. That’s not why I am changing mine; I would rather sit on a sharp stick than do anything for reasons of trend or fashion! As much as I love this phone it has aspects to it than I cannot tolerate any longer. Sounds a bit like a bad marriage doesn’t it?

      However, in case anyone finds one of these on eBay or is offered one for a tenner as a promotion (which is likely) it merits a review.

      It is of course a flip-top, which always appeals to the trekkie in me. I also like flip-tops because they have more of a phone feel in the hand when open.

      This one comes in a two tone grey with a middle strip of metallic grey.

      It has an exterior colour screen which shows a small version of your chosen wallpaper and the time. There is also a top strip showing the usual phone information; signal strength, battery metre and assorted alerts for SMS, voicemail etc.

      On the left side of the phone are three exterior buttons which allow you to adjust tones and volume as well as backlight for the exterior screen.

      On the right side is another exterior button which turns on the camera and capture images and video. Why anybody should need this, I don’t know, it’s relatively useless because to save a picture you have to open the phone anyway.

      There is an interior camera as well as an exterior.

      On opening is the classic Motorola keyboard and a very large screen which is the saving grace of this phone for me. I like large screens because of my age related myopia.

      Menu navigation is operated by a directional pad and two choice keys at the top end of the keypad. There is also a specific menu key and a key which takes you straight into WAP, which can be a little dangerous and expensive if you press it by accident and don’t stop the process in time.

      The camera isn’t bad for the age of the phone and it has a bout 1 gig of memory to store photos. The pictures have good clarity and resolution. There is a front light but no actual flash. The problem here is that the lenses are naked and tend to get dirty quite quickly and affect clarity. They are also difficult to clean.

      The video facility is not so good but includes sound.
      There is an MP3 player which works well but uses battery like you wouldn’t believe.

      The phone comes with a software installation disc for your PC and the necessary USB lead so that photos, videos and MP3s can be swapped back and forth. I actually find the PC interface a bit cumbersome.

      It is WAP/GPRS enabled, but lets be honest, who in the hell uses it.

      SMS and MMS are quite easy to use and SMS comes with Motorola’s unique version of predictive text, which a lot of people find annoying. As you type a list of possibilities are given at the bottom which you can choose or not. You do get used to it but it isn’t as easy to use as Nokia’s for example.

      Simple voice calls are excellent and there is a conference facility and loudspeakers, smart keys and voice recognition are included but I have never used them and don’t know anybody who does these days.

      It is a solid dependable type of phone and I used to be quite in love with it despite its overcomplicated menus and weight, not to mention the antennae poking my vitals.

      The main reason for our imminent divorce is the battery. It uses battery very quickly and you cannot rely on it lasting from morning till home time, quite the opposite in fact. It also takes an age to recharge and the connection is sometimes faulty. This is a general Motorola design fault though.

      I am also coming to the realisation that I don’t need all these functions. I only really need voice and SMS. A camera is a bonus but that’s it. I’m thinking very seriously about buying the cheapest phone in the shop, maybe not even a colour screen!

      So it’s out with sophistication and I’m going to take up with a much simpler girl!


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        05.03.2007 21:23
        Very helpful



        a nice phone with contract

        I bought this phone from 4U store on 18months contract at 3G network. Before that, I was using a pay as you go phone. At that time the main reason to buy this phone is because the cheap price and free talking minutes every month. On the 18 month based contract, I pay 15 pounds per month for the first 6 months and then at the end of that I got around 220 pounds check back. The rest of 12 months, I pay 30 pounds a month. For these price, I got 500mins voice talking time and 100 text message per month. And 6 months later, I changed my price plan as there was an offer at that time. I have been using it at 30 pounds a month for 750mins voice talking, 50mins video talking, 150 text messages, 50 picture messages and 5 pound free download to games, ring tones, songs or anything provided by 3. Somebody may laugh at me and say that's not cheap at all. As there are many cheap deals nowadays especially when you purchase a mobile on line, but at that time I think it was a fairly cheap deal.

        Now let me tell you some features of this mobile.

        ******** Outlook ********
        This is a double-screen, flip phone and a bit thick. One good point to have a flip phone is you don't have to lock the keyboard to avoid miss dialling. And at the same time, there is a bad side which is the aerial. Sometimes, you may think that makes the phone look ugly. Among the group of 3G phones, this one is quite light weight and easy to carry. There are cameras both outside and inside, therefore it's easy to take pictures in both direction. The one I'm using is grey-silver colour.

        ******* Keypad *********
        I would say the keypad is very neat and useful. When the phone is fold, there are three keys in the left side that are for managing ring style and volume. There is one key in the right side that is a short key for taking pictures. Just three simple click let you take a picture and store it in the phone. I found it's very convenient.

        When the phone is open, there are two main groups of keypads. The bottom one is the basic number and character keys and the top one is function keys. Some of these function keys allow to quick access the message, recent calls. As with 3G network, one key I found is particular useful is the browse key which gives the recent update from 3 (which are free to browse, but most of cost you to view the details), the account information, the billing information, the usage for the current month, etc.

        ****** Functions ********
        1.Voice and video call
        No wonder, voice talking is the basic function of a phone. And recent day, people start to use video talking as well. Since I have 50mins video talk time each month, sometimes I use to call my friend in 3G network. It's very good way to have fun with the friends, but I would say the quality is not that good especially the image. I can hardly see the clear face. I think this should not only be the mobile problem, most time is due to network quality.

        2.Text (SMS), picture (MMS) message and email
        The message centre in the phone is managed quite well. You can easy create message, view the number of messages in inbox, outbox and draft. You can also use the email service, but I have never tried. It also provides quick note and MMS templates.

        3.Contact management
        In the contact menu, you can add the basic information such as contact name, number and address. In addition, you can add picture (when the contact call you, you can see the picture appears on the front scree, I found it's very interesting), voice name(haven't tried yet), birthday. And you can add contacts to different categories and store in different types (including work, home, main, mobile, video and fax). I got a fax number when I got this phone, but never got chance to try it. You can also easily add a number from incoming call to the contact list.

        4.Video/photo camera
        As the phone has both sides cameras, it's easy to take pictures even for yourself. And also it has 4X zoom, you can take most pictures you want to capture. The photo quality is good. With the provided cable link, you can download to your computer or upload your favorite to the mobile and save as screen. The same functions can be done for videos.

        These are general functions you may find useful, such as remind friends' birthdays, set appointment date or a morning alarm to get up.

        The phone does provide the game function, but I couldn't find any game in the phone. You have to download from the browser link. As I have 5 pound download each month, I use some of them for games just to kill some boring time when I am on the train.

        7.Other functions
        There are some other functions such as setting, call divert, view phone status and connection.

        ******** List of shortcomings ***********
        1.Battery: The battery doesn't last quite well especially for long time talking. I need to charge it almost everyday. So I would not recommend this phone for people have lots of travel and enjoy long time talking.

        2.Network: I don't know whether this phone works with other network. With 3G network, the service is getting better than I first used it, but there is still no network connection or very weak sometime.

        To sum up, I think this is a quite good phone for me in the last 18 months because the money and talking time provided each time. But due to many new phones on the market, I may not recommend you to buy it if you're thinking to buy a new phone.

        Anyway, thanks for reading, rating and commenting.


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        09.01.2006 14:29
        Very helpful



        Average 3G phone with nothing to really make it stand out from the crowd

        I joined the latest up and coming mobile phone network, 3, about 18 months ago and was provided with an LG U1180 phone as part of the package. After about 9 months the phone began playing up no end (crackly line, phone freezing, games crashing) so I couldn't wait for my yearly upgrade.

        There were not very many phones on offer I have to say, when I popped down to my local Carphone Warehouse; about 4 different phones I think.

        I hadn't had a Motorola phone since the Flare was out many moons ago, but remembered them fondly, so thought I would give the V975 a go. I also loved the little 'Hello Moto' ringtone, which is a very sad reason for getting a phone!

        The phone itself is a flip, which is essential for me as I had a nasty habit of accidentally dialling numbers when the phone was in my pocket (the phone lock not appearing to work for me.)It is coloured in multi-tones of silver, with a camera lense in the top left hand corner and the screen central to the phone.

        When you open the flip, the top half is the screen (with the camera lense now on the bottom right side). The keypad is on the bottom half of the phone.

        You get all the usual features with this phone (phone book, adjustable ring tones and volume, calendar, call barring, predictive text messaging) and a few additional ones.

        As this is a 3G phone, you have a still pictures camera, a video camera (which can also be used to make and receive video calls) and access to the internet, email and online gaming.

        As with all newer phones the screen is colour and you can either select one of the phone's preset backgrounds and screen savers, or set one up of your own by either downloading a picture or taking one on your camera phone!
        Ok that's enough rambling, let's get down to the nitty gritty!

        Phone Features:

        External Colour screen

        VGA Camera and LED Light for capturing and sending video and picture messages to phones or emails

        Predictive text messaging and email facility


        Upload MP3 and other files using expandable memory slot up to 256MB

        Can be synchronised with a PC or other device by means of a cable (provided).


        Supports all 3's mobile services such as video calling, video messaging & downloading Video Clips


        Weight 137g

        Screen - Size 37 x 30mm
        65,000 colours
        Resolution 176 x 220 pixels

        Battery Life (approx)
        Standby - 145hrs
        Talk Time - 130 mins
        Video Call - 70 Mins

        16MB Internal Memory

        VGA external facing Camera featuring 4 x zoom and light which can also be switched to internal facing.

        Using the Phone:

        Figuring out how to use some of the features was actually quite tricky, as the keypad features navigation keys as well as the standard number keys and for a while, I didn't realise right at the top of the navi keys, there was a smaller button to select some options, which you have to press by kind of tilting your finger so you only use the tip. Otherwise, you end up pressing the top navi key which moves the selection up and down instead of selecting the options screen. The main Selection key is in the centre of the navi pad but this provides different options to the smaller button.

        Confused yet?

        There are also some 'shortcut buttons', which save you having to go into the main menu and make your selection.

        These enable you to get into your text messages, video calling, 3 browser and 'quick menu', which enables you to get into the online services instantly without having to go into the browser and then make a further selection.

        As with most phones you can use this as an alarm clock and to set yourself reminders, though on several occasions the alarm has failed to go off in the morning, so beware!

        In the menus there are so many options you may find yourself getting lost. After 6months I still can’t remember how to get into some functions and spend ages frantically pressing buttons to find the option I want.

        The handbook isn’t very clear, so I would advise taking some time to familiarise yourself with the phone rather than relying on the book.

        The camera and video camera are accessed through the multimedia option on the main screen. The camera can be switched from back to front view at the press of a button and the camera options (zoom, brightness etc) can be accessed by that awkward little button at the top of the navi pad.

        The video camera has very limited time for filming (about 30 seconds) which I find a little pointless. That is even after increasing the filming time, which was originally about 10 seconds.

        The quality is not great and definitely not as good as my previous LG, but it’s a phone, so I suppose it is good enough!

        I have tried video calling once or twice which is pretty good! I was a bit confused at first though as I didn’t realise I was receiving a video call and was trying to talk as normal. You can set a different ringtone for video calls to stop confusion. The only problem with it is that you obviously need to be on a call to someone with a compatible handset and video calls are outrageously expensive!

        3 Services:

        3 have their very own online services which can be accessed through the browser.

        These include being able to download video clips, games, ringtones, wallpaper and many more.

        Please be aware that most services come with a price tag attached, ranging from about 50p upwards. You can purchase ‘add-ons’ which enable you to download clips or video calling minutes in addition to whatever your contract provides (in my case 500 cross network minutes and 100 texts per month).

        3 Services also allows you to check your monthly useage, which comes in handy for keeping track of how many free minutes you have left and giving you some idea of what your bill may be. Once your bill has been prepared the total amount will be available for you to view on your phone.

        My Opinion:

        All in all I guess the phone is ok. It is nothing special to look at and the features are good, but not the best quality they could be.

        I have noticed a few problems with the handset similar to the LG, such as the handset freezing and errors appearing while playing a game so the game crashes. Network Coverage has improved dramatically since I first joined 3, though in the North it is still a bit iffy. When using 3 services the browser often crashes, though now I have discovered the Quick Menu it now only takes 1 step to get to a particular section whereas before I always had to go through a lengthy process involving 5 or 6 steps and it fails much less often.

        The battery life is nowhere near as long as Motorola claim. Standby of 145 hours? I don’t think so! More like 72 hours standby, though 130 mins of talktime is a little more realistic, it is still wrong. I would say you get about 90 mins talk time but have not yet checked out the video calling time as video calls are so expensive!

        3 do offer some great packages on contract though so if you can find the phone you want I would definitely go with 3. As for this phone though, it is a little hit and miss.

        One part I do find quite funny is that the screen has little indicators at the top telling you if you have your phone on loud, silent etc, if you have a game open and the fact it is 3G. When you are leaving the service area (by being in a tunnel etc) the phone then changes to 2G or even 1.5G! I found this hilarious though it seems I am the only one.

        On the plus side, the sound quality of the phone is very good (you will probably find the highest volume setting way too loud!) and being Triband means you can use the phone pretty much anywhere, including the USA. You do, however, need to set up international calling with 3 if you are on contract which may require a security deposit.

        As I got this phone as a free upgrade I am fairly happy with it’s value. The Carphone warehouse does not appear to provide this handset on 3 pay as you go so I cannot tell you how much it would cost. They did however try and make me pay £30 to upgrade to this phone which I told them was ridiculous and if I was that bothered about getting the phone I would cancel my contract and get a new one with a better phone for free, which made them have second thoughts. Even at first glance this phone did not look worth the additional £30 considering I was saddling myself with a further 18 month contract.


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          23.11.2005 22:57
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          I would not bother

          I thought I would share my new phone with you all, I hope you enjoy the review and find it useful.


          Motorola has taken the market by storm over the pat 12 months they have revamped the phones that they produce. They want to be known as a leading supplier of mobile phones in the United Kingdom. Motorola currently supply to mobile telephones to many countries including UK, France, German, Usa, Hong Kong and many more countries. Motorola don't only make mobile telephones they also produce many other products including modems for internet broadband, 2 way radios, cordless telephones for home use, and many home security products. Motorola's are always trying to be the best when it comes to the design of there products and to date they are worth about $31.3 billion. Motorola first came to the UK in 1967, there first site was Hertfordshire at that time they only made car radios. Since 1967 Motorola has grown to company that has 8 offices throughout the UK and one office that only does that manufacturing of there products. There offices are in both England and Scotland.

          **Why this phone~

          I had been looking at buying a new mobile telephone for about 2 months until I finally decided on this model. My research started on Ciao when I read most of the Motorola reviews and at the point I decided that I definitely wanted another Motorola mobile, already being the owner of the Motorola V220 I was more than happy to buy another. So the search began for the new Moto phone that I wanted, I knew that I wanted another flip phone and I knew it had to be small and stylish to go with me. I went to my local Car phone warehouse and spoke with the staff there, told them what I wanted and then they shown me a couple of phones and the minute I seen this phone I just knew it was for me. Now that I knew I wanted the Motorola V975 I now began to search for the cheapest price.

          **How much~

          This is the difficult part as I have seen this phone advertised at so many different prices over the past few weeks.

          Argos~ £249.99 with £30.00 of credit pre loaded.

          EBay~ £149.00 second hand with no credit

          Asda~ £230.99 with £30.00 of credit pre loaded

          Tesco~ £240.99 with £30.00 of credit pre loaded.

          I bought mines from eBay at a cost of £119.00 second hand. It certainly pays to do a Google search on the price or spend the time to search the local high street shops. You will be surprised with the price different.
          **The network~

          When I bought this phone I could only find it on the network 3. Searching on the net after I bought I can still only see it available on the 3 network. Me being me I hate changing networks so I taken this phone to my local phone dealer and had it opened to all networks for the small fee of £10.00 so my phone is now on the O2 network. I think this phone may have been made for the 3 network

          **The delivery~

          Its here at last I am fed up waiting on the new phone getting here, its like Christmas as I tear the packaging from the box it was delivered in. Inside I have the following~

          *Instruction booklet~ Ok well we are not all that good when it comes to mobile technology but I can certainly say that this instruction booklet is made for the customers that know nothing about phones as it has lovely step by step guides for all the functions. 10/10 for instruction booklet.

          *Battery Charger~ Not a lot can say here apart from its provided with the phone.

          * The battery~ Small battery that is very light weight

          * The phone~ see below

          * Stereo Headset~ I never got these with my phone~ But if you buy new you will

          *Guide book to 3's services Software on CDROM

          *USB Data Cable

          **The Phone~

          As I said as in the last part of this review I knew the minute I saw it and my thoughts have not changed I still love it.

          Why you ask?

          It's a stylish little number that looks really cool and modern on comparison to many other phone that are available just now. The phone its self is very light weight and small in size, having a MOTO phone is just cool, knowing that you have a cool phone such as this one make you feel good and you know that people will always comment when the phone rings~ Oh nice phone, What phone is that, But what there really saying is that I want that phone.

          Weight~ 137g

          Height~ 94mm

          Width~ 49mm
          Depth~ 27mm


          Video Calling~ This is a unique options that is available to 3G customers, This phone will allow you to have a video voice call with any other 3G customer that has a video compatible phone. I tried this once or twice on the 3 network before I changed and I can honesty say it's a great feature of this phone. To be able to see a live feed from the other side of the Uk via the mobile phone is absolutely amazing. The overall quality of this feature is very good as I felt that the live picture was really good quality picture wise and the colour and sharpness was also really good. A good way to have fun and certainly a good way to see the kids whilst at work.

          Camera~ Having had a Motorola phone in the past I knew that I was not about to be blessed with the best camera in the world. But I believe that mobiles are designed to make phone calls on not to be used as a camera. Well this phones does have a great camera that will capture your amazing pictures, with a built in 4x zoom you are guaranteed to get the all important picture you want. A nice easy to use camera that will deliver good quality pictures. Stats~ 640x480 pixels

          Built in hands free~ at the touch of a button you will have turned the phone in to an hand free unit that will activate a loud speaker to allow you to hear voice calls without having the phone next to your ear. Well that's what the instructions booklet tells you, but in reality you get a very poor quality speaker that you will find very hard to hear, the microphone that also picks up your voice seems to do a very poor job too. My wife is often screaming down the phone at me saying I cant hear you. Sorry to say but this feature needs a lot of development.

          Email~ You are able to send and receive emails via this telephone as yet I have never done it. To be honest I don't think I will ever do it either.

          MMS~ in case your not sure what MMS stands for I will tell its Multimedia Message Service. Now this is what your phones needs to be able to send and receive picture messages and ring tones.

          Ring tones~ Polyphonic is certainly the way forward for most phones these days, this phone is not exception it has a massive 16mb internal memory for the storage of polyphonic ring tones, pictures and now even MP3 files. You are able to download MP3 files direct from the world wife web. * You are able to enhance the memory by buying a Microsd memory card.

          Triple band~ My lord phones have come this far already and its only 2005, this phone is
          fully functional in the USA, Europe and Canada. As I have not left Edinburgh yet I cant confirm if this is the case.


          Inside Screen~ A nice clear screen that has a eye for detail, a very easy to understand screen that is easy to see from all angels. Its clear that Motorola have sent some time developing this screen as the performance is superb. stats 65.536 colours~ 176x220 pixels

          Outside LCD~ this screen is just as good as the internal one but I do have to say that the colour detail is not as good as the internal screen. When looking at the screen you often have to turn the phone top a different angle to se what the time is or what the screen is displaying.

          **Texting~ Nice and easy to text on this phone with the option for the predictive texts messaging I am able to send messages very easily. I have currently 31 messages stored in my inbox and I have not be asked to delete any yet. I am not sure how many messages the phone can hold. Texting is very easy and straight forward, You can take the number from your phone book or you can key in a number should you not have it stored in your phone. You will get a message saying sent when you have successfully sent the message. If the messages fails it will sit in your outbox for you to try again later.

          **Making Calls~ Whilst using the phones for calls I have always been very happy with the sound quality. Its nice and clear and of course loud too. You do have the option to adjust the volume of the ear piece should you find it too loud.

          **Battery~ Unfortunately this is where this phones performance takes a nose dive for the worst. When I bought this phone I was under the impression that this battery would last me at least a day. How wrong could I be, I have to charge this phone up every single night when I get in from work as the battery low indicator is flashing. A typical day from me would start at 6.30am and finish at 19.30hrs now during that day I will send about 50 messages and make about 3 10 minute voice calls. Working that out would tell you that the battery should last me more than one day, well it does not. Often about 17.00hrs I will lose 2 bars on the battery level meaning I am left with one bar and then by the time I get home at 19.30hrs its dead. Charge time takes about 6 hrs to fully charge the battery again. I really believed that I did have a faulty battery so I contacted Motorola and they kindly allowed me to return the battery to them for a new one but the new one is just the same. It just proves that this phone has a very poor battery.


          Sorry Moto but I would certainly not recommend this phone to anyone, I think its priced to high for what you get with it. I can believe that in this day and age your phone battery only lasts 12hrs approx. I have never had such a poor battery with any other phone that I have had. On a positive note I will say that the Motorola customer care is excellent and they will try and solve any complaint you may have very quickly. I would have been more happier with this phone if Motorola had spent a little more time on the actual batter life rather than adding features that people will never use. I no longer use this phone I have went back to my old Motorola V220

          **More Information~

          Instruction booklet claims~ 150 standby hrs~ 2 talk time hrs

          Colour~ Silver

          Usb port on phone too




          Hope you find this review useful and thank for reading

          I orginally wrote this review back in Sept, since then I have replaced this phone

          © Marcellep~ Robert Dooyoo 11/2005


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        • Product Details

          Shoot a video, send a photo, download a MP3 ringtone, conduct a chat via 2-way video conferencing or play a favorite game on a huge color display. It’s all possible with the affordable Motorola V975, which boasts 3G technology for broadband-like speeds. This sleek, clam shell, mobile handset features a bounty of multi-media options to keep you informed, in touch and entertained while on-the-go. The sophisticated Motorola V975 provides multiple synchronization options and a built-in speakerphone. Topped off with a large 1 inch external color display and an even larger 1.9 inch internal color display, the Motorola V975 merges futuristic functionality and superior style, creating a handset with serious “wow” power. The Motorola V975 has revolutionized communication – with 3G speeds and 2-way video conferencing capabilities. You can not only hear the person you are calling, but you can see them too. The Motorola V975 also comes complete with a brilliant 65K TFT color screen and built-in 16mm polyphonic speaker. With its global roaming capabilities, the model V975 promises that every incoming call sounds great whether conducting business in Bali or catching up with friends in Chicago. With the Motorola V975, it is easy to record and share each mobile adventure. The unit allows for picture taking with its integrated VGA quality camera with 4x zoom as well as video streaming, capture, download and playback. The integrated digital imaging enhancement technology allows you to tweak your favorite photo or video clip just the way you want it; Multi-media Messaging Service (MMS) allows you to share them. With the Motorola V975 you get to call the shots. The Motorola V975 goes above and beyond the call of beauty with metal-like finishing, sleek form factor, and large keypad for easy navigation. With downloading capabilities, over the air synchronization, voice recognition and a removable TransFlash Memory card to add storage; this sophisticated handset does much more than look good.

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