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Motorola W510 - Cellular phone with digital camera / digital player - Vodafone - GSM

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    1 Review
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      02.07.2009 10:38
      Very helpful



      DON'T LOSE THE CHARGER otherwise it will be useless!

      I have a Motorola W510 mobile phone on Vodafone. To start off with I will mention that I only use my phone for calling and texting, so I can give very little details of the other functions.

      I have had this phone for over a year now, and it had done most of what I have needed it to do, however there are a few very major flaws with this phone.

      When I got the phone I couldn't get voicemail to work. Initially I was unemployed, so this was not a problem, however I then got a job in a library, and am unable to have my phone with me all the time, so I really needed to get the voicemail working. I tried several times to sort it out, and phoned vodafone to try and get them to sort it out. Still no voicemail. Eventually I took it into a vodafone shop, handed it over and asked the people in the shop to do it. It took 3 people over half an hour including phonecalls to both vodafone and motorola to get it set up, leading me to conclude that it is NOT easy to set up voicemail on this phone!

      The other major gripe I have with this phone is with charging it without the mains charger. I have recently lost my mains charger, however I have a freeloader charger, which is supposed to charge most things. It doesn't charge my phone at all. The phone came with a USB cable, and according to information on the phone and reviews I have found on the internet it is supposed to charge on the USB cable. I have plugged it into my computer, and the computer recognises the phone, but it does not charge. I have tried plugging it inth the mains and the car via adapters I have that enable you to plug USB devices into these sockets, and still it does not charge. So now I am left with a phone I cannot charge, and the prospect of having to buy a new charger, however I am loathed to buy anything other than a genuine Motorola charger for this phone, for fear of it not charging, which will be expensive.

      Other than this, the experiences with this phone have been fine, although as I have said I do not use it to its full potential. The camera I have used a few times, and it is quite adequate for pictures to be displayed on the screen, the calculator is fine and the alarm clock is great, as you are allowed at least 5 different alarm times. I have used it successfully throughout Europe, however have not taken it further afield than that. All these functions are going to be pretty useless though if I cannot get any power into the thing!


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  • Product Details

    With stunning design and compelling content, the Motorola W510 is the phone every user will crave. At the heart of this good-looking mobile is a fun multimedia package. From its easy to use 1.3 megapixel camera to the integrated audio player - it will keep you entertained and connected. Keeping you in touch across the globe with its quad band connectivity and quick sharing of pictures, music and files, the Motorola W510 keeps you in style, effortlessly. Go 'beneath the flip' for a journey into music, imaging and seamless connections.

    Taking inspiration from the iconic slim MOTOKRZR design, the Motorola W510's streamlined and compact exterior makes it easy to fit in the palm of your hand. With a smooth and eye-catching flip mechanism, this is an attention-grabbing mobile for savvy and fashion-forward users looking for fun and function in their device. Compact and light at only 17.5mm thick and featuring a large 1.9" color display, the Motorola W510 allows you to handle your communication needs with effortless style.

    With quad band GSM connectivity, the Motorola W510 lets you travel without worry as you jet set from New York to New Delhi. Connect quickly with friends via voice, messaging or email, and share downloads at amazingly fast speeds. Simply push-to-share and enhance your voice call with quick sharing of pictures, music or files - taking your connection to the next level, immediately.

    Desperate to see the new music video, or send an urgent email? Downloading the data you want and connecting to the Internet is easy and fast with EDGE technology. With great speed, the Motorola W510 allows you to download or send videos, emails, images and music quickly. To keep you rocking on the move, the integrated audio player helps provide constant access to your favorite songs.