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    1 Review
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      19.10.2013 11:37
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Cheap and cheerful!

      I am the kind of person who likes "No Frills" phones- the ones thant just make calls and texts. I have no desire to surf the web on my phone or do anything fancy. I have my iPad and PC for that. I also believe in squeezing every last drop of life out of a phone before I replace it. I only buy a new one if I really need to.

      Sadly, my last phone gave up the ghost and I went over to Tesco to buy a new one. I had one mission: to buy the cheapest, most basic phone in the shop. I saw the Nokia T113 and its tiny price tag and took it home with me. I popped my Tesco Sim in the slot and I was ready to go.

      Like I mentioned, the phone is very basic, with few features. The phone does have internet capability, but it is very basic and slow, so I don't bother using it.

      *Home Screen*

      The home screen has nine icons:

      Call log
      Games Gift (EA sports credit included with phone)
      Store (apps)

      The icons are easy to toggle through using the arrows on the keypad and pressing the OK button to access each one.

      Out of this list, I tend to just use the call log, messaging and contacts icons. I occasionaly use the phone to take a photo, but the quality is quite grainy.


      Calling is easy and straightforward. The sound quality of the phone is good and I have no problems hearing the person I am talking to. The keypad is easy to use and the contacts list makes it easy to access the information of the person I am trying to call.

      It is also easy to save contacts if an unfamiliar number calls you, although there seems to be no way to block unwanted phone numbers.


      I use the messaging feature a lot. Texting is simple and easy to do and there is also the option to add smileys, pictures and even video to your messages.


      Another useful option of the phone is that it has an inbuilt radio. I can use the supplied earphones to listen to my favourite radio stations during a commute. The reception is good and sound quality fine.


      The are a few games intalled on the phone, like Snake and Sudoku, but I have to confess, i have never bothered with them.

      The phone itself is sturdy and well built and looks like it will last a long time. It doesn't seem flimsy or poor quality.

      The phone is glossy black and easy to keep clean by wiping the screen over. I tend to keep it loose in my bag, but the screen has been surprisingly scratch and mark resistant.

      I know the T113 is basic and functional and some people may look upon it with disdain, but to be honest, it suits me fine. I have had smartphones in the past, but always seem to come back to little basic phones like this, because they are uncomplicated, sturdy, and it doesnt matter too much if I lose it or break it!

      The T113 would be ideal for those who are uncomfortable with technology, as it is very basic and even the most inexperienced phone user could handle it without any problems. It would be a good first phone for a child or a great backup phone to keep in the drawer for emergencies.

      I cannot fault the T113 (apart from its inability to block unwanted calls). It is a functional phone with no frills that does what it says on the tin. I hope it lasts me for many years to come!


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