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    5 Reviews
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      05.09.2011 23:55
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      I LIKE IT!

      I have had this phone for a few years now, my mum took my nicer phone off me and gave me this one because she preferred mine ( yes I have a lovely mum! ). I can honestly say though my phone has never disappointed me, although I love the latest make up trends and clothes, I am really not bothered about what phone I have, it doesn't have to take pictures, play songs..as long as I can text and make a phone call its all that matters to me.

      I do have a few other phones which I love, but this is my main one as its the most simplest to use.

      My phone doesn't look like above, well it does..except its a lighter colour..a kind of sand/nude colour.
      It has a decent size screen ( Sorry I am not so good with my inches/cm ) a good keypad and nothing to fancy that will make it hard to use.

      I will go through the majority of apps ( would you even call them that on this phone? ) with you.


      Messaging is simple on this phone, open up the menu and there is an icon with a message on, just click on it and your bought straight to another menu with a few options, there you can create a text, look through your inbox, your sentbox, save drafts and there is also a chat feature, if someone has the same phone as you, put in their number and you can have a chat, I personally do not see the point as it just like texting! You can also send picture messaging, this is only little animated pictures though which are already on your phone, no sending 'REAL' pictures, you will be sent a code if you are sent a picture by somebody and you can view it online.


      Click on contacts, which has a phonebook as the icon and you are straight into another menu, you get a few options, the first on is search contacts, you can also add certain people to your speed dial, delete contacts here and add them too.
      You can have a lot of contacts, I am not sure if there is a point where it stops and you cant have any more, I have quite a lot but never get told to delete to make more space.
      You can also call people and message them from the contacts list if you press the green button.


      As with all phones you have the call register, here the screen displays your missed calls, received and dialled, all layed out perfectly and very easy to understand.
      you can also keep track of how many messages you have sent and your last call duration time.


      You click on here to get the settings for the whole phone, on this menu you can change your background picture ( dont get to excited you have limited options! usually a picture of a nice scenery ) you can also change your ringtone, your display settings, time and date, language, keypad settings ect..once again its all layed out perfectly and crystal clear to understand.


      The battery on the phone is great, I usually charge it for about 3 hours and then I dont have to charge it for about 3 days, very long lasting.


      You get a good few things on this phone, you get a flashlight which is great if your stuck in the dark, but do be warned it does waste your battery very quickly!
      You get a converter too, handy if your working out money or weighing something, a timer, a calender and you can also set reminders, a stop watch..
      As you can see a good few extras, simple enough and not too fancy.


      There is a few games to choose from, they are not the best but I dont mind playing them, you get sudoku, a car game and also snake ( my favourite! )
      there is no internet on this phone just to warn you, its very simple! so avoid if you like to go online.
      There is no bluetooth or camera so you cant have anything on it, you are provided with samples though so I find it fine.


      Well as you know I have had this phone for a few years and it has never let me down, the keypad is one of the easiest keypads I have come across and is the one out of all the phones I have is the easiest to use.
      Instructions are simple and clear and nothing is too hard or complicated to understand, it also has a good picture and isn't very old fashioned. It has survived a lot of falls too and hasn't fallen apart, plus my network coverage has always been great ( I'm on Vodafone )
      I think the sounds great and loud, always hear my lovely Nokia ring tone!
      I think if your not bothered about having a fancy phone and simplicity is for you, go for this!


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      12.10.2009 13:34
      Very helpful



      Good enough, just.

      Think of a situation where you need a basic back up phone or one to use with your employers sim card. You want to spend almost nothing and only need the most basic of functionality. Enter the Nokia 1650. A handset of primitive spec with little in the way of style and panache. But wait, I have used phones before which have been so appalingly bad they could conceivably have come from a cereal box, the Motorola C113 springs to mind here if you 've had the misfortune.

      First impressions:

      Well its basic to be sure and looks like a generic budget mobile but perhaps there is more to it? The phone would be relativley stylish if decent materials had been used and it is certainly very light in the hand. A basic keypad is supported by a standard 4 way rocker button in a central position. Being bargain basement Nokia have used the traditional candy bar design.

      Tech spec:

      Display: 65,536 colours, 128 x 160 pixels
      FM radio
      32-voice polyphonic ringtones with MP3 grade sound
      Voice recorder
      Handsfree speaker
      SMS, picture messaging
      Phone book (200 entries)
      Speaking alarm/clock
      3 games (Snake Xenzia, Beach Rally, Soccer League)
      Memory: 8 Mb
      Dual band (EGSM 900/1800)
      Dimensions 104 x 44 x 18 mm
      Weight 80g
      Talktime 8 hours
      Battery standby 420 hours
      Integrated torch

      In use:

      Well this is a reasonable phone considering its cost. Nokia has once again stuck to its familiar interface that doesn't ever seem to have changed. A good or bad thing, you decide. As a result everything is easy to find and use. At what could be described as sub entry level the omission of a camera of any sort is a given. The display is functional and thankfully colour and serves its purpose and no more. The inclusion of a torch is a useful if bizarre addition to the spec and the FM radio is always welcome on a featureless phone. I have to say the build quality is poor but what do you expect? Its not the design but the cheap plastic material. Unfortunately they have also chosen to cover the keypad in a rubber skin which is dreadful and makes texting both fiddly and time consuming. The tactile interactivity of a handset is important to me and with this I feel very disconnected.


      Well its basic and cheap, and I hate the keypad too but it is still a good phone. It's a workhorse that I imagine could take some abuse and you dont need to worry about the odd scratch either as its no looker. Mine is in use for work purposes and as such it is fine. I do not recommend this as your main handset but if you need a second or even third phone then this would suffice. It's certainly better than being run down by a big truck.


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      28.08.2009 01:42


      • Reliability


      Great value phone for reliable, foolhardy use.

      This phone, although not uber fashionable, is easy to use, resilient, and reliable. Many may frown at it's lack of camera and other high tech features, but for simple day-to-day use, such as texting and calling, it cannot be bettered for the price.

      As someone who is adept at dropping phones on hard surfaces, I have found this model more resistent to damage than most. I have taken it to festivals, put it into luggage on overseas holidays and sat on it lots and it's appearance and function have not been affected at all.

      Add to this, its great battery life (it has both a long talktime, plus is super quick to charge) makes this phone a winner. It uses the new Nokia charger (with the thin point) which meant I could charge it with one of the many other chargers I had lying about the house, which is always handy.

      The key fault I can think of with this phone is the keypad which comes off occasionally. Apart from this, I have found it great for a simple, functional phone.


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      27.06.2009 19:05
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      A real bargain for £10!

      I was recently shopping around for a cheap phone and managed to get this one from the Carphone Warehouse for only £10 which is an amazing deal!

      I bought it as a pay as you go phone and the only additional requirement is that you also buy £10 of credit from a choice of a few different network providers. The phone even comes unlocked so you could give the sim card and £10 credit to somebody else to use if you want and use your existing sim card. I am not sure how they have managed to arrange such a cheap deal but the phone normally costs around £30 unlocked from other retailers.

      The phone itself is well designed, very light and has a large colour screen. The battery also lasts a long time once fully charged. I only need the phone to make calls and send and receive text messages and it is perfect for this. At such a low price it is also well worth considering as a spare phone. It also has a bright torchlight on it which is useful if you every find yourself stumbling around in the dark! Brilliant!


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        17.11.2008 12:03
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        average phone, but require some upgradation

        Nokia 1650
        Nokia has some excellent budget phones with good battery back-up and some extra features. In the line of budget series Nokia 1650 also has its recognization with its design and quality display with good Lithium Ion 1020 mAh (BL-5C) battery.
        I am going to discuss all features step by step with advantages and disadvantages also.

        Design and Display
        Nokia 1650 has a classic design but there is no label of classic phone, and it has a slightly larger display in these categories of phones with 128 x 160 pixels, 1.8 inches, 35 x 28 mm display. Previous phone from Nokia 1600 was also meant for budget category but the display size was small and now it has been upgraded with 128x160 Pixels display. If we think about its dimension than it can be consider as middle size phone with 104.2 x 43.8 x 17.8 mm, but the weight is also reasonable with 80gm. So phone is easily pockatable and portable.

        Phone doesn't have camera and music player so that there is no mean for providing memory card slot or higher capacity memory. Phone has 8MB of shares user memory for applications, contacts and data storage. If we think about the memory than it is excellent in this type of phones. Many other phone in budget category doesn't have such kind of memory so that Nokia has provided good memory in this phone.

        The worst point of this phone is its connectivity solutions, and there is no connectivity has been provide3d in this phone even there is no GPRS connectivity. If we think about its display size than it has good 128x160 pixel display and it can give good display for GPRS but there is no connectivity. I am unable to understand, why Nokia haven't provided any connectivity? in such kind of good phone. Phone got less popularity due to its lack of such kind of important features. Phone has good 8 MB of shared memory but if you want to load JAVA application from your computer than there is no way to do this. No mean of providing such kind of memory without any connectivity feature.

        The excellent feature of this phone is its high capacity battery, with Standard battery, Li-Ion 1020 mAh (BL-5C), and Phone has superb battery back-up with more than 8 hours in talk and more than 5 hours for FM playback. BL 5C battery is good and popular battery in Nokia phones with its superb back-up. Most of Budget category phones from Nokia has this battery and they have good stamina time.

        Other features
        Other important feature of this phone is its FM radio, but it only can provide mono sound. Phone also has in built handsfree so that we can hear FM radio without depending on earphone.
        Over all conclusion
        Phone has good display and design but there are some important features are missing so that it requires some upgradation in terms of connectivity, than only it can get popularity.


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