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25 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • good in its day
  • old fashioned
  • not a smart phone
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    25 Reviews
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      16.06.2015 11:19
      Very helpful


      • "a simple device"
      • "nice features"
      • "good in its day"


      • "old fashioned"
      • "not a smart phone"
      • "low memory"

      A blast from the past with good old nokia, remember them?

      Way back when phones were simply that, phones, it was not so hard to find one that would make calls, or send texts, without the need to be linked to some form of internet social network scam system or something.
      And it was way back then that I got hold of what was then one of the better brands on the market.
      Nokia. We all know the name and we all remember when Nokia were up there with the big boys, until the likes of Blackberry, Apple and Sony decided to try for the winners cup.

      This phone was simple to use and had enough features to keep it up in the top ten phones at the time. You got to remember, the only Smart phones then were phones owned by people with an IQ above 130.
      It had several ring tones to choose from, such as MP3 tracks of simple in built tones.
      It has a camera on the rear which is VGA and would seem to be a dinosaur compared to today's phones, but at the time it was one of those camera that shot both video and stills without any hassles.

      It does everythign a simple phone should, makes calls, sends texts, plays music, has bluetooth connection, FM radio and more, which was what the better phones had in the day.

      It only has 11MB of internal memory, which is peanuts, especially compared to the phones these days. Even back then 11MB was pants really.

      This one sold for about £50 in the day, which was good money at the time. But it's definitely not a phone that would make you look cool these days ,


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      05.12.2010 11:43
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      An easy-to-use, long-lasting phone.

      I am a bit of a technophobe when it comes to mobile phones. I don't want anything ridiculously expensive that I would be frightened to leave the house with in case I lost it or had it stolen, and I don't want anything so complicated that it takes me hours to figure out to make a simple call! I use my phone mainly for texting, and so I wanted a phone with a simple, easy to use keypad- I have tried to use my boyfriend's touch screen phone and came to the conclusion it was not designed to be used by people with long nails, as I found it very fiddly and difficult to press the right keys! Therefore when my old, old Nokia phone that had withstood at least a decade of abuse finally gave up the ghost, I decided to replace it with a Nokia 2630.
      This was around 3 years ago, and cost me approximately £70 on pay as you go on the Orange network- I don't use my phone enough to warrant getting a monthly contract. I have done a quick search and the number of retailers who stock this phone now seems very limited- as the mobile phone market evolves so quickly, nothing seems to hang around for long. There were a few on ebay at the time of writing this, available from around £7 plus postage.

      One of the reasons I choose to stick with the Nokia brand is that my first phone was very durable and hard-wearing. I am very clumsy so it was essential for me to get something that was going to stand the test of time. So many modern phones look very delicate and I would be terrified of doing serious damage by standing on it or dropping it. I have lost count of the number of times I have managed to drop this phone, and it is still going strong to tell the tale! The worst incident has to have been when it was in my jeans pocket as I was leaving my university library. I must have eaten too much for lunch as my jeans were a bit tight that day, and as I put my foot onto the first step, my phone flew out of the pocket, and bounced down 5 massive flights of (non-carpeted) steps!! I had to run after it, collecting random pieces of phone as I went as the cover had come off and the battery also fell out. Miraculously, after I figured out how to put it back together again, it still worked fine! I have carried this phone about loose in my handbag for the three years I have owned it and the screen has never got scratched. Compare this to my boyfriend who managed to scratch his ultra snazzy and very expensive iphone on the first day- perhaps I've just been lucky, but this screen does seem to be extremely hard-wearing.

      The battery time is also brilliant on this phone. If I don't use it at all for calls or texts then it can easily last at least 10 days without needing to be charged, sometimes even a couple of days longer if I let the battery run down completely. Texting doesn't drain the battery either, and nor do short calls, and nor my daily alarm clock, so I find with my average daily use of 2 or 3 messages, and perhaps 2 or 3 short calls a week, I only need to charge my phone once a week, which I think is fantastic and very convenient.

      The keys are very easy to use for both texting and calling, and like most phones it gives you the option of using predictive text if you would prefer. I find this much quicker than typing out each individual letter, and as it remembers words you have previously used I find predictive is very handy. The phone is approximately 10.5cm long by 4.5 cm wide, with thickness of around 1cm. It weighs 65g according to the kitchen scales, and I find it light and easy to carry around (it is certainly much lighter and smaller than my previous Nokia, AKA The Brick!).

      The features on this phone are fairly basic, but I have found it does everything I could want from a phone. In the main menu, you are presented with 11 different options.

      This includes:
      - Alarm clock- I use this every week day for work and it has never let me down. You can choose which days of the week to set the alarm for, which I find very useful as I can set it for Monday to Friday, and then don't have to worry about remembering to re-set the alarm on a Sunday night as it automatically does it for me.

      - Calendar- you can use this to set reminders for any important dates, such as meetings or Birthdays etc. I tend to use the calendar on my email for this as, it is easier to see a number of events during the month at the same time on a bigger screen.

      - To-do list- this is quite a handy feature and I have used it for shopping lists before. I have lost count of the number of times I have written out a paper shopping list and then managed to leave that shopping list at home or on my desk. Using this feature on my phone means it is much harder to forgot your list (unless of course you manage to forgot your phone when you go to the shops!)

      -Notes- I rarely use this section, but it could be useful for making a note of anything that doesn't fit neatly into the calendar or to do list- a recipe perhaps.

      -Calculator- I find this quite fiddly to use on the phone as you have to use the arrows to move up and down to select whether you want to multiply, divide, add, subtract, or total, so it is a bit of a long-winded way of doing it. It can be useful if you are out and about and your mental maths is letting you down, but a standard calculator is much quicker and easier to use if you have the choice.

      -Timer- this can be handy for use in cooking. I always glance at the clock in the kitchen when I put something in the oven, and then promptly forget what time it had gone in! This allows you to set a time in hours, minutes and seconds for added accuracy, and has saved me from burning dinner on countless occasions!

      -Stopwatch- while the timer counts down from an alloted time, the stopwatch counts upwards, so if you wanted to time yourself jogging for example, then the stopwatch would be the function to use. I use this when I'm out jogging and find it useful, particularly if I want to do some laps of the local playing field and want to try and beat my previous time!

      *Address book* It is very easy to scroll through the address book to look up a friend's number using the up and down scroll buttons. You can also skip to a contact my typing in the first few letters of their name, which saves having to scroll through the whole contact list to find Uncle Zach's number! It is also very straightforward to add in a new contact (options -> add new contact). It is also blissfully easy to amend an entry if a friend has changed their number (options -> edit contact). You can also set speed dials here, which is very handy, as you can just press down the 3 key to call home for instance. These can be set for keys 2-9, so as long as you can remember who you've saved to which key then this can save you a few seconds.

      This contains:

      - Profiles- here you can set up profiles with the phone on different noise settings. So instead of having to go into the settings each time and put the ring tone on silent/ change the loudness level of the ring tone and alter the text message alert, you can just save those settings to a specified profile, and then select the that profile every time you want your phone to have those settings. There are six different profiles, which I personally find to be ample. I use the silent profile at work where it just beeps once for incoming calls and text messages, whereas at home I will have it on ringing for calls and vibrating for texts. If I'm out and about then I use a third profile, where it will ring for calls and beep several times for texts as I don't always feel it vibrating in my bag.

      -Tones- There are 27 different ring tones that comes as standard on this phone. You can also download more if that is not enough for you, but there is a charge for this. Personally I only need one tone, and I am not overly fussed what it is, so this is more than sufficient for me! There are also 6 different alert tones, that can be used for text messages or incoming calls, which I again find more than plenty for my needs.

      -Display- here you can change the wallpaper (the picture on the screen when your phone turns on). There are 16 set wallpapers you can choose from, as well as 10 different clip art pictures, and 10 frames (the franes are literally like a picture frame and just provide a pretty edging around the screen). Alternatively you can set one of your photos as a wallpaper, which is what I have done.

      -Date and time- it is very straightforward to alter the time on this phone- you literally just click on the date and time option and it brings up a screen where you can manually edit the date and time, which is ever so handy when the clocks change as I can actually change the time on my phone myself without having to get my boyfriend to do it for me!

      *Media album*
      This contains:

      -Images- this is where the photos you take using the built in camera are stored. It is easy to scroll through them and attach them to text messages to send to your friends, and it is also easy to set them as your wallpaper (select the photo -> options -> set as wallpaper), or your screen saver (select the photo -> options -> set as screensaver). The screensaver appears after a period of inactivity, and you can choose how long it takes before it appears, and how long it lasts ont he screen before the screen turns black.

      -Video clips- this is not a feature I have used but this is where they would be saved.

      -Music files- as above.

      This contains:

      -Create message- this is the default for messaging and it handily takes you straight there!

      -Inbox- this is where all your incoming messages are saved.

      -Drafts- if you start typing a message and want to save it to edit and send later, it is easy to save it to your drafts box (options -> save as draft)

      -Outbox- this is where all the messages you have sent are saved.

      -Delivery reports- you can choose to receive deliovery reports when your messages arrive at a their destination. This can be useful if you are texting a friend who keeps their phone switched off for long periods of time, as you can then see when the message is actually delivered. However it may be easier to just call them on their landline if they are likely to have their phone switched off!

      -Answer phone messages- this is where you go to listen to any answer phone messages. If you miss a call and are left an answer phone message then it will pop up with "new answerphone message", and until you listen to it and delete it, you will have a little icon of a tape recorder at the middle of the top of the screen.

      *Orange world*
      This phone does connect to the internet. However it is painfully slow so I rarely bother, as it can take an age to log into emails or get to a website. The screen is about 5cm long by 3.5cm wide, so the size of the screen limits how much of the website you can see. If you use the internet a lot on your mobile then this phone simply isn't for you. However I have no interest in this feature- I can quite happily wait until I get home and can use the laptop for changing my facebook status so it doesn't bother me that the internet on the phone is very slow! The phone also has bluetooth, but again this is a feature I don't frequently use.

      *Media apps*
      This contains:
      -Camera- The photos taken on the phone are not of a good enough quality to print- I have tried and the results were very pixalated and disappointing. However it is fine to use just for displaying on the phone, as due to the small screen the quality looks much better on it! It has 4x digital zoom, which is useful but if there is something you want to take lasting photos of then you are much better off using a normal camera rather than this phone.

      -Radio- this is a function I haven't used, as I have an MP3 player than I use all the time, and prefer to listen to my selection of songs rather than a radio station. However the feature is handy and may come in useful at some point should my MP3 player ever break.

      *Call history*
      Here you can check the last 20 numbers you dialled, received calls from, and sent messages to. I don't find this particularly useful but there may be an odd occasion when it comes in handy if you need to prove you did call Auntie Vera to invite her for Sunday lunch, and it's not your fault she didn't turn up!

      There are 5 games on this phone: Asphalt 3, Midnight Pool, Phantam Spider, Snake EX2, and Sudoko. I have only played Snake and Sudoko on this phone, as I rarely use it to play games. It can come in useful if I am having a long wait for a bus or train, but I don't really play the games at home as I have other things to be doing. Both the Sudoko and Snake games are straight forward and simply to play, and neither are particularly draining on the battery which is a bonus.

      *Orange Plus*
      If you are on pay as you go, then here you can check your balance, or top up. There is also a short cut to call Orange if you have any issues.

      In summary, this is a great basic phone if you only use a phone for making/ receive calls and texts. I have had no problems at all with reception, and call quality has always been crystal clear, though this may be more to do with me being in a good area for picking up the Orange phone signal rather than down to the phone itself. Very long text messages (as in the equivalent of 3 or more separate messages) can take up to a minute to send, but you are able to get on with making calls or writing other texts while the original message is sending, which I find really convenient. There is a little flashing arrow sign at the top of the screen that lets you know the message is in the process of being sent, and this disappears once the text has been finally sent. However, if I have just sent a short text of up to 360 characters then it will usually sent pretty much instantly.

      If you want fancy apps, a good quality camera, or to be able to connect to the internet through your phone then the Nokia 2630 is not for you. However if, like me, you want something very user friendly, hard to break, and very simple to use for calls and texts, then I would thoroughly recommend this phone. If I can use this then truly anyone can!


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        20.06.2010 00:52
        Very helpful



        I'd recommend it for those who want a good phone without spending a small fortune

        Around March, I decided that it was time to change my mobile as there were an awful lot of dents and scratches that didn't give a very good impression and after finding that I needed to quite literally prise open the battery compartment with a nail file to verify the make for an online survey, I decided enough was enough! I've never been one to be attracted to expensive mobiles and mine have always been of the cheap and functional type. To be honest, I'm more concerned about price than whether it's got all the bells and whistles and I was swayed towards the Nokia 2630 because at the time, it was priced around £40 from Tesco.

        It's not the fanciest phone that you'll ever see but this is to be expected given its price. I won't go into much detail about this as you can get a very good idea of how it looks from the above product image. I will comment on the size though as it's very easy for me to fit in the palm of my hand and isn't in any way bulky.

        On the whole, it's easy to use the keypad but I sometimes have problems with the numbered keys. They can 'stick' from time to time, meaning that I have to press the key twice to do what I wanted. This is no big deal but it can be a bit annoying if you're trying to type something in a rush.

        On the main screen, there are four main shortcut options: the organiser (where you can add appointments and see what you've got planned for the day), contacts (where you can quickly add a contact and access your address book), messaging (where you can quickly access your inbox and create a new message) and Internet (which gives easy access to Orange World and web bookmarks). These shortcuts save you having to go through the proper menus, which can be accessed by clicking the square silver button on Menu, which takes you through to your more detail options for messaging, the organiser, calls, photos, games etc.

        I tend to have my phone switched on for most of the day as I use it for both personal and work calls and I need to be available in case clients ring during the working day. In a typical week, I need to charge it twice usually so the battery power only seems to last for a few days at most. On the plus side, it only takes around an hour to charge up, even if the battery power has been allowed to run down to nearly nothing.

        I very rarely access the Internet on my phone unless I'm going to be away for much of the day and need to check my emails to make sure that a client hasn't emailed while I'm away from my laptop. This is down to the incredibly slow connection, which can easily take five minutes or even longer. It's not good for connecting on the move for this reason. Once you do get there, the screen isn't all that conducive to browsing the net and I find that I have to do a lot of scrolling down or across, which is tedious and doesn't make for a good user experience. For my emails (Gmail), this isn't quite so bad but it's still a last resort for me as I just don't like using the Internet on this phone.

        I mostly used the camera function to take quick pictures of friends and my cat. To access the camera, you just press a button on the side and you're straight into the camera function itself. I often find that what I thought was a decent picture was actually a load of rubbish so the fact that you can quickly and easily delete your effects is handy. I wasn't sure what kind of quality the photos would be but today, I decided that I wanted to have some photos of my cat on my Facebook page so I emailed a couple of photos to my email and pretty impressed with their quality. To me, the photos don't automatically look like they were taken using the camera of a cheap phone.

        This is something that I only used once or twice, predominantly when I've been listening to my local football team on the local radio station and have had to go out but still wanted to continue listening to the commentary. To connect the radio, you just go to Media Apps in the Menu and select Radio. Here, you can find your desired station, adjust the volume etc. I was impressed with the clarity of the reception, which was just as good as listening to the radio in the car or at home.

        My previous phone had Snake, which could entertain me for hours on end and I was pleased to see that this features here in the form of Snake EX2. Apart from that, there is Sudoku (which I can't get to grips with in general), Asphalt 3 (demo version, which is a car racing game), Midnight Pool (unsurprisingly, a pool game but I've never played this). Overall, the games are ok for a cheap phone and most people are probably happy with a game like Snake!

        I'm someone who only wants my phone to do basic things so I've got no complaints with this phone on that front. I predominantly use it to text and call but I frequently take advantage of things like the calculator, the ability to add notes and reminders and the calendar so it organises my life to some degree. I used to have scraps of paper all over the place but now I just input my random work-related thoughts into the note function if it comes to me on the go or at night and I input meetings and appointments into the calendar so that I can be reminded that day and not forget because I didn't look at the calendar. Beyond this, it's been handy as on-the-go camera and I've enjoyed the ability to use the radio when it's not been possible to listen in the car or at home. It's by no means a fancy phone but if you're not someone who feels the need to have an impressive phone to show off, it should suit you fine.


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          19.06.2010 21:19
          Very helpful



          A handy and easy to use phone for people that only want the basics

          My old phone, the Nokia 6070 finally gave up the ghost after about 8 years of abuse from me. I cannot help it that I'm a klutz and probably dropped my phone at least 100 times in its tortured life. Ignoring remarks from my friends that my phone belonged in a museum as they were merrily frolicking about with their iPhones I faithfully stuck with it until the screen was only visible from a 45 degree angle and the keypad only had 5 working buttons at any given time. Predictive text with only 5 randomly working buttons is a true source of frustration let me tell you.

          So I decided that the time may have finally come for a new phone. My friends/advisors wanted me to go for one with all the latest apps with an amazing camera, internal GPS, a touch-screen, the ability to make a freshly brewed cup of tea but I'm one of those technologically stubborn people that just want my phone to be able to phone other phones and maybe also to send them text messages. Plus since I have the uncanny knack of destroying most electrical equipment I purchase within one year of said purchase I always go for the cheap and cheerful option in any buying decision.

          Nokia 2630

          Since I was more than happy with the Nokia 6070 as it had all the functionality I could ever want I went looking for as similar a phone as I could find which came easily in the Nokia 2630 guise. In fact it was almost identical to the Nokia 6070, but with a much more streamlined appearance aka less like a brick and in a much sexier black colour - a much more aesthetically pleasing phone.

          The Nokia 2630 has TFT (thin film transistor) screen which can display up to 65,000 colours which does make for a bright and clear screen which, whilst they will never be award winning, means wallpaper, screensavers, photos and video clips look quite good when viewed on the phone. There are a good array of wallpapers and ring tones to choose from (as you'd expect all the ring tones are all much more irritating than the last) but at least you have the opportunity to download your own.

          You can buy this phone SIM free and unlocked from between £50-£65 I imagine so you can stick in your old SIM card, but I paid £29.99 for one that came with a Vodafone Pay as You Go package (and a whole £1 of credit already on there - how exciting). This package was a simple one where calls cost 20p a minute at all times and texts cost 10p. I'm sure this is a terrible deal for people that use their phones a lot but I only ever phone people in emergencies and text most of the time so it works out better for me than a contract would. I see now you can get this same deal for £24.99 so that's £5 I've lost that I could have spent on 500 penny sweets - damn.

          Battery Life

          For me the battery life is a bit of a let down on this phone. I could easily go a week on my old phone before it started to beep annoyingly to inform me of its imminent death. But this one, even without much activity seems to only last about 3 whole days. I've read other reviews that comment that it does last a good week if used sparingly so maybe I just got a slightly dodgy one. Still it is not really all that hard to plug in your phone to charge for an hour or so every now and then as long as you're not absent minded and rubbish like me so it shouldn't really be that much of an issue.


          The Nokia 2630 has a nice array of useful functions on top of just the ability to make calls and text which does give it value for money. Adding names to the address book is very simple, although I found it easier for myself to enter my contacts' first name into the surname section and vice versa as I generally search through first names and not surnames. Texting is just as easy as on any phone with the option to use predictive or non-predictive texting depending on your preference.


          You can access the camera by going through the menu under Media, or pressing a convenient button on the bottom right hand side of the phone. Then it's just a case of holding the phone up to what you want to capture and hitting the main button. If your photography skills are as good as mine it will give you the chance to delete straight away and go back into camera mode to try again.

          Just by hitting the options button you can swap over from camera mode to video mode which will capture sound as well and apparently you can record a clip for up to 2 mins and 5 secs although I suspect this will take up a lot of your allotted memory. For both these formats there is also the option to zoom up to 4x closer with a moving bar which moves forward in 7 steps so you can get your preferred distance just right.

          You can change your quality settings from basic, normal and high and also the picture size from 160x120, 320x240 and 640x480. For me the picture quality for both photos and video recordings is adequate but really not that good, so if you want a really high quality picture or video footage for something beyond recreational use then this is not the piece of equipment to use but it's good for a bit of fun!


          The Nokia 2630 comes with a wired headset which when plugged into your phone acts as an antenna so the FM radio will not function without it. The radio is easy to turn on either by holding down the * button, selecting the Go to menu, or under the Media menu. You can get the phone to autosearch for stations for you, or you can manually search or type the frequency of a station if you know it, and then you can also save these frequencies to make it easier to tune into them the next time around.

          You can listen to the radio through your headset or you can switch it to loudspeaker so it comes out loud and clear through your phone to annoy everyone around you with what is likely to be the warbling of Cheryl Cole or something equally painful. Apologies to any Cheryl Cole fans out there. Thankfully even the loudest setting won't break any sound barriers so there's no danger of being arrested for noise pollution.

          You can get actually very clear reception, but the phone has to remain fairly static as the reception is very easily lost, so it's not ideal to listen to if you're travelling like me on the train. If you're likely to be in one place though then you should be able to keep good reception and get full radio satisfaction.


          If you buy this phone with a Vodafone package you will have access to Vodafone Live!. This is simple to access through the Web menu or just by pressing the top right button which will connect you instantly. This will allow you to browse the web through the Vodafone Live! homepage which has a lot of quick links to click on to get such things as news, sports, film, music, facebook, celebrity gossip updates or you can enter specific sites that you want to go to. You can also set bookmarks to make your surfing experience that bit quicker.

          For me this is actually a painful experience - you have to wait absolutely ages for pages to open and it's quite a tiny screen to view things on so there would be a lot better phone out there that would be much better suited for connecting to the internet. I normally only use this if I want to find something out urgently.

          Other Functions

          * Bluetooth - an easy way to share your files between mobiles or with you PC / any other Bluetooth device. You can set your phone to permanently visible, temporarily visible or hidden.
          * Call Logs - keeps a log of all calls, missed calls, received calls, dialled numbers, message recipients.
          * Voice Recorder - Allows you to record sound for up to a minute a clip. The closer to the phone you get the better quality of the sound recording.
          * Alarm Clock / Timer / Stopwatch
          * Calendar
          * Calculator
          * Games - free games include Phantom Spider where as a pilot you must fight the army of the Evil Tarantula; Snake; Sudoku and some Demos that will try to hook you in and make you pay later of PAC-MAN, Platinum Solitaire and Tetris.
          * Converter - gives converters for Temperature, Currency, Cooking, Weight, Length, Area and Volume.
          * Expense Manager - helps you managed your budget by allowing you to writ plans and run daily and monthly overview.

          My Final Thoughts

          The Nokia 2630 is a sleek, stream-lined and very easy to use phone. With a very well organised menu and some nice shortcut keys navigating your way around couldn't be easier. The camera and video recorder are good but not great and for the price you pay you get a lot of cool extras which can come in very handy, such as the calendar, calculator or converter. This phone will probably suit people who just want the basics out of their phone and don't care about the latest apps and gismos.


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            19.12.2009 01:32



            this phone is really good for the price i have it on contract for £30 per month and get unlimited text and 800 minutes the phone is quite small its not really the best phone you can get but it does the job i have had no problems with item the only downside is that the camera is not very good. i did get a good deal argos were going pay monthly phones and you get a free gift when i got this i got A 26inch hd ready plasma tele free fab its a great deal suppose you are really paying for the tele but my previous contact was for £40 so it is a saving


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            14.09.2009 20:57



            A great phone for simple and easy usage

            I received this phone as a Christmas present, and was immediately taken in by the lovely slim appearance and easy to use luminous keypad.
            It has a good quality camera to it, fine for just taking simple photos, and a not so good video camera. The video camera takes blurry videos, and had a rather poor sound quality.
            This nokia has a nice amount of memory, it can have over 200 contacts in its contact list, and you can save over a 2MB of photos in the gallery. It is not the sort of phone you want however, if you are looking for one to play songs on, as it can fit 2 low memory songs on at the very most. It has a lot of useful appliances on it, including an alarm clock, calendar and Bluetooth.
            It does have the internet on, but I would not recommend it for internet usage, as the screen is too small to read pages properly, and it can access very few web pages.
            I think it is a really great phone for day to day use, as it is very easy to make a phone call on, or send a text message.


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            07.09.2009 15:09
            Very helpful
            1 Comment


            • Reliability


            Use this if you want a basic phone

            I am currently using this phone as a bit of a stop gap as I when I got my iphone I had a few months of contract left on my t-mobile phone, so I sold that one and am using this to use my free minutes up until the end of the contract.

            My impression of this phone that it's great as a temporary phone, or if you are not really that bothered about your mobile and just want to make calls and receive texts.

            Good points:
            - This is incredibly small and light, as I am currently carrying around 2 phones I didn't want a heavy one!
            - As I am only using it for free minutes and texts the battery seems to last a long time.
            - It has a colour screen
            - Very easy to use and configure
            - Does everything you would want a general phone to do with just a touch of style
            - Reliable, I have not had any problems or breakdowns with this.

            Bad points:
            - Not exactly the most attractive phone in the world.
            - Due to the shiny buttons if you have long nails like I do then they tend to slip off the keys when you are trying to use it, so I have to bend my thumb into extraordinary contortions!

            Overall this is a good basic phone but I wouldnt want to use it forever.


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              13.08.2009 03:09



              A cheap and cheerful solution to your problems if all you want to do is text people and make calls.

              My contract is the £15/month dolphin contract with orange, I get unlimited texts and 100 minutes and can cancel at any time - lovely.
              Now that's out of the way I'll get onto the phone, I'm of mixed opinions about this model: it is very basic - which can be both fantastic and very annoying at the same time.
              For a cheap phone, it does the job, it texts, makes phone calls and has an adress book, in a slightly more presentable manner than most other basic handsets. It's a very small phone, which I like about it, and what it does, it does well. Although the speaker is quite quiet so I find it difficult to make a call in particularly public places.
              All of this simplicity comes at a cost though, it is very, very slow to start up. It takes about 5 minutes from turning it on to being able to send a text message, which can be infuriating! The camera is also very poor, only attempt to use it for taking photos of peoples faces from up close, nothing else comes out properly.
              Other positive features are a radio, simple controls, easy to use menus and pretty decent predictive text.


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              09.08.2009 23:31
              Very helpful
              1 Comment


              • Reliability


              Sadly I'm doing Gerry a dis-service. This is a bit naff, he's class.

              I spent most of last week looking for a cheap back up phone to use to surf certain websites and if my main phones battery ever went I could use it in an emergency as I'm paying for 2 phones (1 on contract, my C902 and 1 SIM only, which is now housed in this Nokia) I might as well use 2 phones. Now yes that's silly, I should cancel the SIM only one blah blah blah, but the way I see it I have 10 hours of calls there for £20 and using the internet well I can make it pay for it's self every month.

              So finally I'd found a phone that fit inside my £35 budget, well actually there was 2 there was also a Vodafone 277 I think and this Nokia 2630 both for £30 but had to be bought with £10 top up voucher. Any one know why phone shops do that? Any way I bought that during lunchtime one day last week, and now you readers are thinking to yourselves "that's not long enough to fairly rate a phone". And your probably right, though thankfully I feel I'm a decent enough writer (big head there) and know enough about phones, and what I bought it for to be able to review it based on WHAT I WANT IT FOR as opposed to what others might want.

              By the end of the day I'd managed to install Opera on it and this was the key to me, and the reason I bought this ahead of the Vodafone. The man in the Vodafone shop said he didn't have a clue what phones allowed for the Opera mobile browser, instead declaring they all used the other ones to the best of his knowledge. I was however aware the 2610 did allow the browser, so I used a bit of common sense to assume this did too, would only be logical that the step up would allow the same program to run. Opera was the only reason I was buying the phone, I have a perfect camera/mp3/browser phone in my Sony Ericsson though sadly due to the way cookies work I wasn't able to use my normal phone for the purpose I was buying this second one.

              Anyway handed over the £40 (£30 for the phone and £10 top up) and eventually got it out of the box (took a hell of a lot of effort tbh) and was hugely surprised at how little and light it is. It's not like the C902 is a brick, but this felt like a feather literally you could have it knicked and not notice the loss of weight. Finally got my SIM card in it (the SIM only one, not the PAYG one they give you with the phone) turned it on and did all the date and time stuff you need to do with phones now a days. Odd really you can take photo's, make calls, browse the internet, look at your stocks and shares...but the little blighters still don't have an in built clock. Then finally got through the changing of settings (their on a default PAYG internet settings, took a little while to sort that out) by which point I had to go back to work for 2 hours before my break...

              ...then back to the task of getting Opera on there, traipsing through the terrible Vodafone live system to get onto Google, then mini.opera.com downloaded it and wham bam thank you mam. One thing I started to notice straight away was how slow it was, it was taking minutes instead of seconds to load pages, it was repeatedly asking me questions I'd already answered and was just genuinely difficult to use for the purpose it was bought for. It wasn't impossible, just slow and cumbersome. I wanted a mobile browser and might as well have just installed dial up for the time it was taken. I was assured it was a 3G phone by the magazine so had to believe the internet access was capable enough loading pages in the GPRS sort of speed I was used to, alas no such luck. Oh well I'm going to trudge on as it does do the job.

              So onto the more normal stuff you folk want to know about in a review, the phone comes with 3 Demos and 3 games. I've only actually played 1 (Phantom Spider) and again it seems cumbersome, slow and is a cheap (and poor) clone of Space Invaders, theres also Snake which I believe was popular...7 years ago.
              The phone features a 1.3MP camera, which is the sort of thing that looks poor when compared with thinks like the K800i 3MP and it shows, which is why the camera won't be used. Maybe for those with out a digital camera or a better phone this would be fine and for those who want a phone to call text and take the odd picture this quality of camera might suffice. To myself, I'd rather use 5MP of the C902. Oddly however they didn't include a cable in the box to connect the phone to the computer so can't even check what they look like blown up.

              The memory of the phone is all in built and seems to be around 15MB in total, currently I have 7.8 left, which is what..2 or 3 songs? Hardly worth the effort of adding them (they'd need to be blue toothed off my other phone anyway) and with no way (that I can see) to add to it, the limitations are incredibly evident.

              So for those who buy phones for normal phone features, the texting is simple, the buttons are actually better than those of the c902 though the way Nokia do T9 (predictive texts) is again quite awkward and slow, compared to the of the simple scroll menu of the Sony's I'm used to. The call quality is clear and the sound is sufficiently adequate for the job it's purchased for. The battery will last plenty of time (mine needed charging on the Wednesday and hasn't needed anything since) though this may be the fact it's hardly used other than the internet work I do on it.

              With a Nokia we all know the reliability will be top notch, they make solid and durable phones, something I'm not sure I can really say about Sony's after the fiasco's I've had with a few of their W serious as well as the screen on my old K700i being broken with out any particular reason. I'm happy to say that despite it's light weight feeling, it's much similar to Gerry Penalosa (a small but infinitely tough boxer) and will never give up the ghost. I'm not throwing it out the window to test though.

              Though with it being a Nokia there does seem to be a few little things I'm not a fan of, the nuances of the T9 system aside it all feels difficult and weird when I'm so used to Sony's everything feels out of kilter. The lock function for example isn't a matter of pressing the asterisks and then the right soft key, it's a matter of turning the function on then leaving it to do it's own thing, a rather odd concept I'm not used to. Also the inability to run programs in the background (meaning I need to turn the browser off to lock it) is a bug bear, and a problem I've had with some Sony's in the past (the reason I actually upgraded to the C902). Why can't mobile company's appreciate their devices now aren't bought just for calls and texts?
              The headset too, it's got what looks like a normal headphone end...except it's smaller than the 35mm that we now use as a standard. Why can't mobile company's realise that if we could use our headphones in phones we'd use the Mp3 functions more. Ok they'd take a loss on the profit the headsets sell for (£5 a shot) but they could make that £5 back by selling us things we wanted for the phone, music for example of On demand TV/Movies/Podcasts. Thats not just a gripe of Nokia but all phone manufacturers.

              Overall the phone is a phone first and it does the job of being a phone fine, but the additions that some of us nerdier folk need just aren't really there to an acceptable standard. Those wanting a budget back up should sure look at this but I think the K800i (if you can find one) is only about £60 now and a much better value buy. The phone lacks that extra spark to make it likeable, but if your a clubber and need to take a phone for a night out on the tile, this again is ideal. For me, it's not endearing me to changing from a Sony man to a Nokia man any time soon.


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                03.08.2009 20:30
                Very helpful


                • Reliability


                Cheap and easy to use.

                We all of the brilliant phones available on the market and my complete love and addicition to technology, I am somewhat surprised that I have ended up with a Nokia 2630 alongside my work phone! I have beena huge fan of Nokia since I picked up my first one way back in the 1990s! I remember the joy of swopping ring tones together in our staff room at work...my haven't we moved on so quickly!

                Ok...so the phone...well in terms of technology it will not win many awards. It has a very basic memory and very limited storage and no option to upgrade the storage capacity either. I have successfully put three songs onto the phone to use as ring tones, but as I found out, when I did that the phone slowed down so much it reminded me of adding a game to my old AMSTRAD computer which used to take about 35 minutes!

                The camera is not brilliant either, the pictures are poor quality and it has limited pixels...it is more ideal to use on a bright sunny day (in England as if!) than in a night club, you could not for example, expect to get great photos on a night out on 'night mode' with this phone!

                The Phone does come with a radio which is surprisingly good though and I have found that it is more than adequate to pick up radio stations when in open spaces.

                The bluetooth on this phone is a handy function though too and useful for swopping those basic pictures or swopping information.

                The one thing that I do love about this phone though is the ease of use. Nokia are in my view, the easiest mobiles to use, I think this is because they have been a market leader for so long and the have clearly recognised what the punters value in their phones. How many times have you ever heard people say they don't know how to use all of the functions on their phones and rarely even try? Well...with this phone it is definately something that you do not have to worry about.

                I chose this phone because:

                - It was very cheap (less than thirty pounds from T-Mobile)
                - The phone is very lightweight and sits in a pocket easily
                - Has the range of basic functions I require outside of work (like making a call!)
                - Has good sized keys that are easy to use
                - Has good predictive text and it is easy to add more words to it
                - Is simple to use, I know that when I have finished with it...Gran will love it!!

                The one thing that does need to be improved upon though is the vibration. It is not strong enough and when I have my phone on silent with the vibrate enabled, I do miss calls...sort that bit out and it would be the perfect basic handset.

                If you are looking for a very basic phone that is manufactured by a respected name....then this is the phone for you.


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                  01.08.2009 00:37
                  Very helpful



                  I will be changing phone soon...

                  My first cellular phone ever was an Ericsson back in 1997 and boy, was I happy with it. It was small and so full of flaws that I could call for free with it. Then it died and I got a Nokia 5110 and was hooked. I even drove over it once and it only got a small rock stuck in the battery compartment but kept on working fine!

                  I've been owning Nokia phones since then and my main criteria of choice is simplicity, lightweight and, most important of all, battery life. The Nokia 2630 definitely gives me the first two but battery life isn't as good as to be expected from the announced specs. I even thought I had a faulty battery so got a second one, but it still gives me about 5 days (on 24h/day) at the most, and that is without even using it much for phone calls.

                  The phone comes complete with many options and gizmos, including digital camera and a radio, that I never use. The camera takes quite bad pictures anyway. I really just use it for phone calls and the occasional reminder, that is why I got such a smple machine.

                  Aesthetically it is quite pretty and classy looking and is probably the thiniest cellular I've ever seen, and for sure one of the lightest.

                  However, despite the good things, I'm still quite disapointed with it... The thing I liked the most about Nokia phones was their simplicity of use; this one just got a bit more complicated. For example, before, to write a text message you needed to use 3 keypad clicks, now you need at least five. Also the way you send the message also changed and you supply the recipient before. I hate this because if you press the wrong (send) key by mistake (and this is easily done) you will find yourself sending imcoplete messages.

                  However, i think the worst about this phone is how slow it is! Browsing the menus, opening messages or stored media takes forever and is really frustrating.

                  I will be changing phone again soon...


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                  11.07.2009 15:33
                  Very helpful



                  For a basic phone at a good price this is all you need!

                  After one of my siblings purchased this phone i took the time to play about with it and see what it was like as a phone.

                  It is not one of them phones which teenagers who are addicted to the latest phone would find very interesting but, as a general use phone for someone who just needs to make calls or texts it is very reliable.

                  The phone itself is very sleek and sexy with a nice interface and nice looks. It does not pack alot inside other than a basic camera, a few games but for a basic phone that is all you will need.

                  The main thing which really sold this phone to people is the fact that it has a really long battery price and is a very cheap phone compared to most of those out nowadays.

                  Nokia have successfully created another phone but this time they are marketing for those who do not care what features the phone has but instead just want the phone to make some calls of even texts.

                  It is a great phone to buy.


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                  03.07.2009 18:32
                  Very helpful



                  A good attempt from Nokia but needs more improvement.

                  When my reconditioned Nokia 2600 recently died on me, it was by no surprise. When purchased I also purchased the same handset brand new for my Dad who adored the design and simplicity. When he passed away last year however, I took on his phone as my ideal replacement because in my busy life style I require two mobile phones. Out with the old 2600 and in with the new. In the meantime, my original back up phone (Nokia 1208) had never really worked properly due to a slight knock to its main screen that caused fuzziness and a keypad that would work intermittently against my best efforts of cleaning it. Despite the set backs Nokia as a brand and I go back a long way and most of their handsets have been utterly reliable and able to take the odd knock without something having to be replaced. Also I've found that in the classroom pupils are more likely to go with Sony Ericsson or LG, meaning that most of those brands are the type that get stolen. Over Nokia and not just for their simplicity and general ease of use, I prefer Nokia for its appeal and low cost. This phone for example cost me £35 new at a Vodafone shop and I was unable to find a 1650 handset of which had been recommended to me by TheChocolateLady.

                  The new dual band WAP enabled 2630 from Nokia isn't exactly new as it has been in circulation since last year. Against their best efforts in the Vodafone shops to convince me that their own-brand products are better, the Nokia 2630 has only just arrived in the Vodafone PAYT family and will probably be replaced soon given Nokia handset product line-ups are replaced very early on and very frequently. At the time of purchase however I wasn't aware that somewhere else in Scotland my mum was buying the very same handset too!

                  So when it comes to a mobile phone, what I'm not looking for is additional features on the premise that I may just check them out one day. Its like the worry of a car that has "electric everything," because when the car or the phone comes with all the whistles, the energy drain soon starts to affect the product. Now I know that's perhaps an old fashioned assumption to make but I love form and function over features such as a video, radio or camera function. I already have a compact camera that suits my needs well and I don't really require a radio or downloadable ring tones to supplement what already exists in the polyphonic ring menus. All of these features come with the 2630 as standard although the camera is a VGA type and gives you the option to have colour photos/moving video with sound reproduction and 4 zoom settings. It also has a resolution of 640 by 480 pixels and you can turn it around like a proper camera. If only the single button activation stopped there though because you have to turn it around if you want to use the zoom function and capture a photo or video using the scroll key.

                  In the box you'll receive the usual such as a charger but you also get a mono earphone and cord for the FM radio. Sadly because of it smaller jack you can't use standard stereo headphones on this phone though, which slightly defeats the purpose both on a mono speaker alone, and the smaller jack for long term use.

                  With a weight of 66 grams including the wafer thin battery the phone has a total width of only 0.5 cm, making it implicitly compact and very easy to store. It is also very easy to lose too! Around the perimeter of the phone a thin metal frame wraps around this very sleek looking handset; but this is all the protection you get whilst the camera lens itself isn't particularly well protected due to its design and a slight inset into the plastic on the back. I was unable to find a protective case for this phone and instead bought a cloth sock for this phone. I also purchased a set of thin protective filmstrips that have adhered easily to the flat rectangular screen as it minimises scratches to the screen.

                  Externally the Nokia 2630 has a rather large flat TFT screen that relays around 65,000 colours but it is somewhat pointless for all that you get the option to pick small, medium or large fonts. The clarity is clear when making a call or sending a text, but games for example in terms of their instructions are far too small to view from a distance which makes all the case of this phone having to have some time spent with it. There are six games on this phone, three trial games (which are demo listed and can't be fully played unless you pay online) and three fully installed games.

                  Texting however isn't as quick as I thought it would be. Nokia have reverted to what the 1208 used to have. Instead of giving you the immediate option to text (unless you assign a quick shortcut option on the main North, East, South, West scroll key) you have to further select a text message over multi media options and then add the contact chosen for the text before the text can actually be written. At least the 2630 can handle putting the name in after the text has been typed in, but it is a bit of a waste of time when texting on the fact that Nokia handsets in my past have always been fast, instant and reliable without choosing any other option other than getting rid of the Predictive text. Despite listing 'favourites,' or "contacts," or "last used," amidst other options when texting I prefer the old fashioned way of just entering the text in and then searching the name through the directory before sending it on. Generally I find the phone can save up to 50 text messages in its Inbox alone and the phone has a total memory of 11MB which may be too small but fits my needs well.

                  There is however another problem - the quality of the keypad. Although it lights up due to its strong light behind the keys, the keys are so flush fitted to the pad that they have an almost too light tap touch-screen quality to them, and I have found when texting quickly that the 2630 series struggles and by going too fast I often end up putting the texts into the Drafts section by mistake; this has happened since I bought the phone months ago and used every week it seems to be a problem that affects both my mum and I.

                  Making a call however is easy to do and whilst that is admirable the quality of speech and speakers aren't powerful enough. Thus I find the quality of sound not loud enough, either when talking to someone, listening to the caller or even the ring tones. Out of the myriad of standard ring tones on this phone, you certainly get what you pay for and my mum in particular can't stand the ring tones for all that they are supposed to be Polyphonic. There are a few Nokia standard tones that past Nokia owners will recognise including vibrate alert, a composer for your own and the more up to date dance/disco/clubbing type music that will undoubtedly impress young people if not also the facility to obtain mp3 tracks. However even at the loudest setting (which seems to be have been replaced with an "Outdoors," profile setting) none of the tones I've picked are loud enough for me to hear compared to my 2600. Other extras include things I'm never likely to use such as a Stopwatch, Timer, Calculator and Currency Converter where the default currency set is the US dollar but at least can be changed. The only other feature that is of great use to me is the planner that is similar to the one on my older 2600 handset. For a phone that follows the same starter product derivative number to my 2600, the Nokia 2630 should be better here given that it is a newer phone and my 2600 already has some of these extras anyway.

                  The battery however is excellent. I can let a week go by if the phone hasn't been used for much service before the battery goes to its half-mast percentage. Generally the phone has a maximum of 6 hours talk time and a massive amount of 312 hours/13 days on standby that gives you a good indication of what this phone can withstand. What a pity however that if you don't have long nails you'll struggle to put or take out the SIM card in at the back which makes me wonder why Nokia stopped putting the rather excellent metallic door to lock the SIM card in.

                  Because of its light nature I still find getting around the folders a bit of a bother too. The scroll key highlighted by its chrome bezel surround can sometimes function the other way, i.e. you need to go left but the button goes upwards instead. There isn't a happy medium with this phone unless you love the idea of slow, laborious action and in my busy life it's not a phone that I know I can trust to be quick and instantly accessible.

                  Of course others will I'm sure adore the fact that this phone does look modern. Cased in dark silver, contrasted with black and gunmetal grey, the Nokia 2630 looks hip and tries to pack in features that are already becoming standard fitment on other companies' offerings, with some very handy features designed to make life easier. Or so Nokia would have you believe! In my mind Nokia has tried to pack it all into a handset that turns out to be more time inducing than past products, and if that's a sign of the times where fashion takes over form and function, I'll be sticking to my brick like 2600 for a little bit longer. Thanks for reading. Three stars. ©Nar2 2009

                  For a full list of specifications check out:


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                    12.06.2009 02:23
                    Very helpful



                    Great phone, maybe it's just mine that goes crazy!

                    I must confess I'm not a very good owner to my mobile phones. I wouldn't be me if I didn't accidently drop my phone on the floor at least 6 times a day. Therefore, I decided that it would be a good option to go for the simple Nokia 2630 for only £20 (+£10 credit) from the 02 company.

                    Although many of my friends would strongly disagree (I'll explain why in a second) I think this phone is fantastic. I mean, really who needs the top gadgets? Especially when they're hardly ever shockproof anyway. This phone is very simple to use, as Nokias' always are. The buttons are easy to press, the menu is clear and the options are simple. You send messages, you make calls, you have a reasonable enough camera (ever heard of digital cameras people? :] ) and a voice recorder so you can record a minute of your favourite tracks to use as ring tones. Its also got the simple calendar ,which actually is fantastic for people like me to organise their lives, and an option to store notes- again very essential to me. So basic, yes, but I wouldn't really want much more in a phone. I have a separate music player and a camera so just having my phone as a phone/organiser works for me.

                    However, then things started to go wrong. Sometimes (my phone actually appears to have mood swings) when I call people, although I can hear them, they can't hear me. And even when they call back, I can't always hear them. Now a-days it seems to be luck if it works like a normal phone. Yes, I'm aware that the way I handle the phone could have had something to do with it, but the funny thing is give it a few bangs against the wall or drop it on the floor a few times, and it works good as new. Oh, I have had weird looks because of this phone... So yes, brilliant phone for those who want simplicity, but personally I think I need a new phone!

                    Update: 6/08/09- The Invinciable phone is no more! It put up a fight, but unfortunatly being left outside in a thunderstorm in Finland was too much of a match for it to handle. To give it credit, it survived for a further 12 hours after I found it, and even though I took it apart left it to dry and put it back together when it was in working order....the next morning it refused to turn on. However, I think that phone deserves a lot of credit for its effort :)


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                    15.05.2009 14:10
                    Very helpful


                    • Reliability


                    Works great if you only need a phone. Its extra features are not even worth talking about.

                    First of all, I'd like to say I got this as a 'secondary' phone from Orange UK, and I was only going to use it for calls. This is my review after a few days of having it (might update again if needed, but i don't think my opinion will change much). I own a Nokia 3100 and a W850i, so that'll roughly give you an idea of my comparison.

                    The good points.
                    1. Relatively cheap for its features, comes with Bluetooth capabilities, VGA camera with 4x zoom, and FM radio.
                    2. For the few times I have made calls using this phone, I have found the voice to be very crisp and clear over the phone, which impressed me.
                    3. Very lightweight and slim as well, and is definitely easy to carry around.
                    4. Comes along with its headset in the box.
                    5. Able to play mp3 files (I only needed one - for my ringtone!)
                    6. 65k colours, 128x160 screen is good enough for its functions. Colours are clear and vibrant.
                    7. Above average battery life. But I doubt it can last longer than 2 days after extensive usage though.

                    The bad points.
                    1. The OS is too slow. Perhaps it's due to Orange's branding, but the phone takes literally a second at times to respond to the button I press. Unlocking the keypad is a big pain due to this, as I need to press, wait one second, press, and wait another second before it unlocks. However, this might be just Orange phones.
                    2. Its camera belongs to the 1980s. VGA camera takes rubbish pictures, very grainy and out-of-focus, might as well not include it and cut the price by 10 pounds. Frankly, don't even bother asking about its video capabilities.
                    3. FM radio is basically unusable. Searching for stations takes forever, and woe be you if you decide to scroll through the frequencies (takes a full second to 'register' the frequency - even when it's just static. try going thru every 0.1Hz at this rate to find a station). Probably this slow due to branding.
                    4. Dismal memory. Said to be 11Mb, but mine (due to branding by Orange again I guess) only has 6Mb free when it arrived. Forget bout putting in more than one mp3.
                    5. It's dual band (might limit roaming capabilities).

                    Bits of info.
                    SMS capacity: (1300 and counting .. don't think there's a limit)
                    Battery life with very little usage (standby): ~5-7 days
                    Battery life with normal usage: ~3 days
                    Reception: Average
                    Features: Calendar and recurrent(!) alarm are pretty useful. Includes an 'Expense Manager' and a unit converter, which I don't use. Unfortunately the phone are not good for games, so you might need another reason to keep you busy while waiting.
                    Sound: Can be VERY loud. Which is a good thing.
                    User-friendliness: Quite good. Plenty of customisable shortcut keys, but 'Call' and 'End Call' buttons are all you need anyway. Buttons are soft but i feel the surface to be too smooth - my fingers tend to slide over the buttons when SMSing. Contacts are easily accessible in the address book, but adding recipient for SMS needed an extra button-press more than SonyEricsson phones (not dreadful, it adds up when one does SMS a lot).

                    If you are looking for a phone with no frills, this is it. Only good for calls and SMS. Ideal for people who need to be contacted only when necessary.
                    If you even for a moment think of getting it for its 'extra' features, cross this phone off your list.

                    NOTE: Similar review written by myself on Ciao.co.uk before this.


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