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9 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • but if it had these features it would cost a lot more
  • Might be hard to transfer pictures
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    9 Reviews
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      16.02.2006 01:40
      1 Comment



      Good style bad features.

      The nokia 3200 is a nice small and stylish phone but there are many good features and bad features of this phone.

      Good features:
      Alarm clock
      5 minute voice recorder
      Camera and video recorder.

      Bad features
      Camera quality not very good
      Not much storage
      No bluetooth or infrared.
      Rubber bits on the side fall off easily.

      Overall i would recommend this phone for people who would like a phone with a colour screen that ca ring and text message people and that can wake you up in the morning.


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        11.08.2005 01:42


        • Reliability


        colourful phone by nokia

        The nokia 3200 is small, sexy and stylish.

        Another reliable yet funky mobile telephone from nokia.

        It doesn't have the latest features but perfect for those who are looking for a good deal and are not fussy about built-in mp3s or Bluetooth connectivity.

        This particular nokia allows you chose your phones 'face' design; simply chose a picture you desire (has to be on a certain type of paper) and cut it to shape - with the specially designed cutter provided with the phone (inclusive of the price) and stick it in the face covers.

        This mobile has many features including alarm, calculator, voice recorder, camera and a facility that allows you to download ringtones onto your phone; plus many more other useful features that will definitely come in handy on a day to day basis.

        A good buy for those looking for something sleek but not willing to pay too much


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        08.07.2005 20:26
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        I think this phone is great and is resonably priced for the features it has, anyone could have it!

        The nokia 3200 in my opinion, is one of the most stylish & funky phones i have had the pleasure of using! I brought this phone about a year ago and its still going strong. It is very popular for secondary school children obviously because you can change its cover and its everything a child could want for a resonable price! Anyone would appreciate this phone but i do not recommend it if you want good camera quality.

        Im not saying the camera is not good quality, it takes pictures in colour but i have seen better quality pictures. The radio is a great pointer and can even be put on loudspeaker though you can't take out the handset while on loudspeaker but that isn't much of a problem! You can record songs using the voice recorder and even set them as your ringtone. I have even come to find the flashlight handy- just when you don't have a torch- it is very bright and easy to put on and off.

        Now what you were all waiting for; changing the covers. I have to admit i was attracted to this phone because of this and it is something different espically when you can make your own. All i have to say is that there isn't many ready made covers on the nokia site, you get two holographic covers when you buy it but obviously you can not make your own holographic ones unless you had the time. There was a site on the nokia site where they gave you tools to make your own covers and they had some you could just print off but i prefered making my own even though it took ages. What i would do was find loads of pictures i liked and print them off but when i had cut round the template and put it in my phone the pictures didn't show up too good because my printer wasn't so good, so i would say if you wanted to make your own covers using the computer you'll need a good printer. But you don't have to use the computer usually i made a collage using pictures from magazines wich was really effective!!! (You will need a nokia 3200 cover cutter to make them unless you want to spend ages drawing and cutting out!)O I got mine from my local market at quite a cheap price.

        You have may have heard bad things about the buttons but honestly after a while you get used to them and now i have no problem. You can even buy different colour keypads at the moment!

        The phone has a lot of storage for messages and on average can hold about 60 which is including sent items. But what i do find a problem is the storage on pictures as they hold about 60 as well. I don't know about you but i don't like deleting my picuters and at the moment my gallery is full and i can't take anymore pictures so this is a bit of a pain. There are different picture modes which are standard photo, portrait, night mode and self timer ( so you can stand the phone up on a table and take pictures).

        Also, you can put java games on your phone and you already have two games on there. I have managed to put on another game and i still think i can put on more! Connecting the phone up to the computer is easy but you need a DKU-5. But i still needed to buy a program to be able to store and print my pictures off and i still haven't got round to doing this! ( you do not need a DKU-5 to transfer games etc).

        Overall this phone is great apart from the low camera quality and it does get scratched easily. It's relatively ligh, small and overall i give it the thumbs up for people who would like a stylish,popular phone with just a camera!!

        Thanks for reading!


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          23.04.2005 15:49
          Very helpful



          The Nokia 3200 is a stylish little thing, not the smallest or the lightest on the market, but not all that far off either. Over the years Nokia is a brand I’ve come to trust as they always seem to produce user-friendly and most importantly reliable pieces of equipment. The 3200 is no exception (though obviously it hasn’t had to withstand the test of time yet!). It isn’t the most advanced phone on the market and probably in every area you can find a phone that’s better in certain ways, but it’s solid in every area and loaded with features.

          One of the best things about this phone is that it sports one of the new breed of lithium batteries – this takes under 3 hours to fully charge and, unless you are using it really heavily, you probably won’t need to charge it more than about once a week! This is a great improvement on every previous phone I’ve had. Speaking of features, one I found completely by accident the other day (not much of one for reading manuals, I’m afraid) is that you can actually use your phone as a searchlight – there’s a small but fairly powerful light at the bottom of the screen you can access by holding down the * key.

          Speaking of keys, the keyboard is a little different from my trusty old 5210 model (which is very solid and could probably survive a nuclear attack). The keys are all “double” keys – depending on whether you press the top or bottom of the key you’ll get 1 or 4, for instance. This actually only took a couple of minutes to get used to, which surprised me – especially as I tend to not look at the phone at all when I’m using predictive text messaging.

          There are 3 preset covers you can use and changing these is very easy. You can even create your own covers, though I haven’t actually done that as I like one of the preset ones.

          The display is crisp and the colour saturation reasonable, though I’ve seen better. The screen resolution is 352 x 288, which isn’t bad (I remember my beloved old Atari ST with its 320x200 resolution and 16-colour display – and thinking it was wonderful… how things change), and the polyphonic ringtones are certainly better than the old, ear-splitting monophonic ones, though the MIDI files you can play on it only tend to be low-medium quality. Part of the reason for the graphics and sound not being quite as good as some other modern phones stems from the fact that it only has 1Mb memory – but this is going to be enough for most people.

          The menu system is your standard, simple menu with the nice option of using icons instead of text. It’s an extremely user-friendly phone and if you leave it on a menu screen without selecting an option, information regarding that menu will pop up on the screen. Reception seems greatly improved over my old 5210, although it’s still not perfect – obviously this depends to a large extent on what service provider you’re using. (I’m with T-Mobile – so there may be some slight differences with this phone if it’s provided by a difference service provider – but essentially the functions will be the same so this review should be applicable no matter who you use.)

          I’m not going to go into great depth about every menu option as that would make the review ridiculously long, but I’ll list all the menu tree as that’ll give you a good idea of what this phone can do.



          Text Messages
          -Create Message
          -Create SMS e-mail
          -Sent items
          -My Folders
          -Delete messages

          Multimedia msgs.
          -Create message
          -Sent items
          -Saved items
          -Delete messages

          Voice messages
          -Listen to voice messages
          Voice mailbox number

          Message Settings
          -Text messages
          -Multimedia messages
          - Other settings

          Service Commands


          Call Register


          Missed calls

          Received calls

          Dialled numbers

          Delete recent call lists

          Call duration
          -Last call duration
          -Received calls’ duration
          -Dialled calls’ duration
          -All calls’ duration
          -Clear timers

          GPRS data counter
          -Data sent in last session
          -Data received in last session
          -All sent data
          -All received data
          -Clear counters

          GPRS connection timer
          -Duration of last session
          -Duration of all sessions
          -Clear timers





          Add contact

          -One by one
          -Delete all

          -From phone to SIM card
          -From SIM card to phone

          -Memory in use
          -Contacts view
          -Memory status

          Speed dials

          Info numbers

          My numbers

          Caller groups





          Tone settings
          -Incoming ringing alert
          -Ringing tone
          -Ringing volume
          -Vibrating alert
          -Message alert tone
          -Keypad tones
          -Warning tones
          -Alert for

          Display settings
          -Colour schemes
          -Screen saver timeout
          -Display brightness
          -Menu view

          Time and date settings
          -Auto-update of date & time

          Personal shortcuts
          -Right selection key
          -Select Go to options
          -Organise Go to options


          Call settings
          -Call divert
          -Automatic volume control
          -Anykey answer
          -Automatic redial
          -Speed dialing
          -Call waiting
          -Summary after call
          -Send my caller identity

          Phone settings
          -Phone language
          -Memory status
          -Automatic keyguard
          -Welcome note
          -Network selection
          -Help text activation
          -Start-up tone

          Enhancement settings
          -Text phone

          Security settings
          -PIN code request
          -Call barring service
          -Closed used group
          -Security level
          -Access codes

          Restore factory settings




          View Folders

          Add folder

          Delete folder

          Rename folder

          Usage rights list

          Gallery downloads
          -Graphic downloads
          -Tone downloads




          -Standard photo-Portrait photo
          -Night mode


          Voice Recorder
          -Recordings List
          -Replay list




          Alarm Clock






          -Select Game
          Game Downloads

          -Select application
          -App. Downloads





          -Various T-zones links and user-created bookmarks – obviously the default bookmarks will vary from network to network

          Download Links
          -Tone Downloads
          -Graphic downloads
          -Game downloads
          -App. Downloads

          Service inbox

          -Connection settings
          -Appearance settings
          -Security settings
          -Service inbox settings

          Go to address

          Clear the cache


          Go to





          Create MMS

          Create message

          Alarm clock


          Voice Recorder


          Whew, that took some time, let me tell you. There are a few tertiary menus but including those would be complete overkill…

          As you can see from the menu tree, everything can be fully customised, which is one of the things I like about the phone. Other things worth mentioning are:

          Good Things

          The camera is extremely easy to use and sending it to an email address via multimedia messaging is very quick (you can take a picture on your phone, send it, and receive it in your email inbox in literally less than a minute). The only thing you’ll have to watch is how much your service provider is charging for MMS! Ou can choose between low, medium, and high jpg compression.

          The radio works well, with good reception and fidelity. Naturally it needs a headset before you can use it.

          There’s a loudspeaker mode that means you can use it pretty much as a hands-free without having a hands-free kit. (However since I have one coming in the post – free again (innit great?!?) this isn’t something I’m likely to use greatly.

          Though not quite as robust as the 5210 (which was practically bomb-proof), it’s certainly not going to stop working if it just takes a little knock. Which, given my tendency to drop my phone every so often, is a good thing.

          Having 4-directional cursor keys is quite a boon (when was the last time you saw that expression in an eps review?!??), especially on text messages when you realise you’ve made a mistake earlier in the message.

          The better resolution (than older phones) means more lines of text can be on screen at a time, meaning more of a message / more menu options can be seen at once.

          The calculator has been slightly improved now, with functions like square and square root added. (Don’t expect to work out cosines and suchlike though.)

          The GPRS is quite fast and reliable. As usual, it’s decent content that’s the problem…

          Bad Things

          Though there are plenty of links to download things, non of them worked. However this is not a fault of the phones, but T-Mobile do not support the feature on this phone at the moment (I’m sure they will in the future). However, if you feel an overwhelming need to waste your money on ring tones, wallpapers, and games, you can do so from the Nokia website.

          The games that actually come with the phone are sub-standard. (Almost definitely to get you to spend money downloading more.) There are only to games here, though “Bounce” is actually quite an addictive little platformer.

          You often have to end up re-selecting the dictionary in texting – if you finish a message on non-predictive, you seem to lose the option to use predictive on your next text until you reselect the dictionary. This problem does EVENTUALLY sort himself out, though.


          This phone doesn’t have the best display or sound in the world and it’s not the best one for games or emailing. But it’s solid in every area, and where it really shines is in the sheer number of options and features available. Even though it's quite old now (considering how quickly technology is moving), the 3200 is an excellent all-rounder and though I managed to kill it (failed drop test after one drop too many...) and have a newer model, I don't like it as much as the 3200. If I could do it all over again I.. .er... wouldn't drop the 3200. Nosirree.

          Thanks for reading,


          * Review first published on Epinions *


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            24.02.2005 20:35
            Very helpful




            The Nokia 3200 is a new phone that was made in 2003. It is not like most of Nokia's new phones with megapixel cameras thats more like a portable PC, which means that it is new and stylish for teenagers who can't afford really expensive phones. It's unique 'create your own covers' also appeal to teenagers.

            ******MAIN FEATURES******

            Intregated camera
            Built in torch
            Enhanced WAP (GPRS)
            Triband compatable (depends on network)
            Java games (Bounce, Virtual Me)
            Can download new java games and applications
            Polyphonic ringtones
            1.1mb shared memory
            Multimedia messaging
            Voice Recorder
            FM Radio


            I brought mine from Virgin Mobile online (free next day delivery) for £80 with £15 free airtime. This is because there were special offers for £20 off camera phones and £10 free airtime for phones brought online. It is normally £100 with £5 free airtime (comes with all new Virgin simcards). 'The Link' does this phone for £80 with Vodafone but this has no free airtime and doesn't have free next day delivery ether. The most i've seen this phone for is £230 which is sim free (normally more expensive) but I still think that's a rip off.

            ******THE TECHNICAL STUFF******

            Weight - 90g
            Width - 4.51cm
            Height - 10.75cm
            Depth - 2.08cm

            ******IN THE BOX******

            My first impressions were that this phone is cool, sitting there in the box. But when I picked it up I thought it felt very plasticky, and it was hard getting the back cover off, but once I had done it once it was easy. I installed the battery and sim card, plugged in the charger and switched it on. Now it didn't feel as plasticky. I was a little impaitent switching it on while it was charging though, since it says to leave it overnight on it's first charge (after that it takes 2 hours and 40 minutes). My first charge lasted 2 days. I thought it should be a bit longer than this, but I thought, I had been doing a hell of a lot with it including calls, games, ringtones and radio, and switching it on too early may have shortened the battery life, but other than that, it has a good standby time. In the box I got a....

            Sim card
            £10 voucher
            Hands free kit
            Quick start guide for phone
            Quick start guide for picture messaging
            Virgin Mobile guide
            Accessories leaflet
            Cover cutter and manual
            3 premade covers

            Please note the contents will be different with different networks.

            ******CUT OUT COVERS******

            Apparently only some networks provide the cutter with the phone (Virgin do!). Others give you a pack off precut paper to make your own and you can buy the cutter later if you want. There are two cutters, one for the front and one for the back. You can stick whatever you want in them, a photo from the paper, a magazine, design your own on the computer etc. 3 set are premade for you. These are cool because they are holographic and they have cool patterns. A blue one, a green one and a red brick one.


            There are two LED's on the bottom that combine to make a very powerful gadget. You can turn this on by holding the * key for 1 second while in standby mode. Do the same to turn it off.


            This phone has the numbers grouped in 2's. This seems very confusing at first, but does not take long to get used to while your looking at the pad. If however, you prefer to type without looking, then it may take a little more time to get used to.


            The phone has a build in 1.1mb shared memory. Messages, Contacts, Games, Ringtones, Pictures and more all use shared memory.

            ******************MENUS AND FEATURES******************


            Send and receive text and multimedia messages, changes settings and edit voicemail. There is also predictive messaging in 8 different languages.

            -----Call Register-----

            See how long you've been wasting your credit (outgoing call duration) and how popular you are (incoming call duration).


            Add, edit, search etc. store all your contacts here. You can also have one contact per person instead of home, mobile, work etc. by adding more numbers to a certain name.


            Use the preset ringtones, profiles, time and date, personal shortcuts, connectivity and many more. On standby mode, pressing left starts a text message, right does the calender, down does your contacts, and up does the camera. You can also configure the right soft key to pretty much anything you want. Connectivity is where you can access infrared. The infrared (IR) port is on the top of the phone, and by holding this near another compatable phone, you can send things from your gallery to other phones, once they have activated IR by clicking connectivty, infrared. This is simalar to bluetooth, which the phone does not have.


            Here you can orgainise your personal sounds and pictures into folders.


            Here you can access the camera (128x128 pixels resolution, which is not bad, but room for improvement) which you can access in Standard, Night, Portrait and Self Timer modes. You can use the Radio and save the channels and the sound recorder.


            You have here a calender, a calculator with plus, minus, divide, times, square, square root and a currency converter and an alarm clock.


            You have two great games, Bounce, and Virtual Me, plus the option to download more.


            WAP, GPRS, Internet, what more do I have to say?

            -----Go To-----

            From here you can put your favourite things into a list to get to them quicker. To activate, you must set your right soft key to 'Go To Menu', see settings.


            This menu is different for each network and contains information and numbers that your network provider has left for you.


            For anyone who wants a cheap but powerful phone, the Nokia 3200 is for you.


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              23.08.2004 00:07
              Very helpful



              • "but if it had these features it would cost a lot more"

              Nokia 3200 This phone I believe was created for younger mobile users with its new, funky design and bright colours. The ability to cut out your own covers, personalisation is very easy, and this all adds up to a phone suited to the ?teen? market. I have split the review up into different areas of the phone. Starting with the screen. ~Screen~ The screen has 4096 colours over 128 by 128 pixels; it allows 5 lines of font. This is adequate enough; a larger screen would be more expensive and thus take it away from the teen market. I have recently got a new phone, Motorola mpx-200 which has 65,000 colours over 176 by 220 pixels, which is by far clearer and larger. But would have cost more, so I can justify the screen on the Nokia 3200 and it does its job well. ~keypad~ The keypad has been completely re-designed, but I wouldn?t say revolutionised, as I don?t think it will catch on with other phones, but will show designers that different styles of key pad are acceptable. Where as before, or normally, you would have one button for each number, we now find ourselves with 2 numbers being used on one button. The buttons include the numbers one and four, two and five, three and six, and so on. The buttons act like see-saws, pivoting in the middle. So if you press at the top, you will get a different response to what you would, if you pressed the bottom of the button. This becomes much clearer when you see or use the phone. ~camera~ The camera is ok, but nothing great. They could very easily put in a much better camera, but this again would increase the price and again take it away from the grasp of most teenagers. The size of the pictures are 352x258. This is ok on the phones display, but useless on the computer screen. I only used the camera to take pictures of people and used their face in the phonebook. That is a nice function, known as a ?picture phonebook?. You can assign a picture to people in your phonebook, so w
              hen they call, their face or any other picture you decide, will pop-up on the screen when they ring you. ~connectivity~ There are different ways connecting using this phone; you can stay connected with people via calling, SMS and MMS. There are two ways to transfer data, via the POP PORT or Infra-red. Calls and SMS are made via the normal GSM network. MMS works via GPRS which runs on 2.5g network, which is not quite the new 3G network but more advanced than the GSM network. GPRS allows you to connect at higher speeds, allowing you to use the internet quicker when compared to WAP and send bigger messages via MMS. Doesn?t technology use a lot of abbreviations, never mind, it saves me a lot of typing, so they keep me happy. The best and easiest way to transfer data is by using the POP port. This is the port used on virtually all new nokia phones; it can instantly tell what device has been plugged in so nokia only need to make one port, rather than a separate one for handsfree, charging and data transfer. This will keep the prices down a bit, thus giving the consumer a cheaper phone. I got a cable for £29.99 but I would recommend anyone to look on eBay for the data cables as you can pick them up for under £10. I was too young to operate on eBay when I got the phone, so was unable to get it from them. ~other features~ Radio ? using the hands free earphone, via the pop port, but you can listen to the radio aloud using the loudspeaker. You have to plug the hands free in, as this is used as the aerial. Flashlight ? there is a useful white LED light, which works really well in pitch black or almost pitch black conditions. I have used it for going downstairs at night time, or looking down backs of cupboards, so all in all it?s a positive having a little light on the phone. Changeable covers with a twist ? the actual covers of the phone are made from transparent plastic. This leaves the ability to place paper cut-out covers to be pla
              ced in, which makes it look like a proper cover. You can add the paper covers to the front and the back. When you buy the phone you get ten sheets of special photo paper with pre-cut holes so that you can fully customise the phone. And best of all you can also order a phone cover cutter. So that you can cut out any picture you like and use it as a phone cover. ~price~ I got this phone as soon as it came out so cost me £169 sim free from carphone warehouse. I just did a quick search on kelkoo.co.uk and the cheapest price that came up was £99.99. The ability to play polyphonic ringtones and java games, changeable covers for free, a radio, flashlight and the new funky design definitely point this phone in the direction of the younger mobile market. This is reflected in the price for what you get, you certainly do get a lot. I however got a new phone, because it does feel a bit cheap, but saying that for £99 you get a hell of a lot. My new phone a Motorola mpx-200, runs on windows mobile operating system, and has many powerful programs which a basic phone simply could not supply. But if you want a cheap, affordable, fun phone that does everything and more compared to other phones of a similar category, I would recommend to you.


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                20.06.2004 02:05



                Value camera phone - Advantages: Good Value, Nokia quality - Disadvantages: Not memory epandable


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                23.05.2004 20:28
                Very helpful



                • "dumb button setout"

                Hi, im in Aus so DONT WORRY ABOUT THE PRICE PRICE, the nokia 3200 is a great all-around phone, well worth its price. though the button setout is stupid, this takes nothing off the quality of this phone. for anyone tossing up between a flip phone and this one, as i was, the only difference is the screen quality, but if you are willing to pay the extra money, really consider it because this phone is great. for the price you can get nothing better, ill list the features and you do the maths; camera, radio, infra-red, polyphonic tunes, WAP & GPRS, mobile internet, MMS, voice recorder, 128x128 resolution, torch, CREATE YOUR OWN COVERS and great organiser. what more can i say... firstly the camera is more of toy than it is for real use, the photos will always be blurry. the night mode works very well, making the dimmest of lighting mean nothing.the great thing about the camera is the instant-access to it, just press up and your straight into camera mode! the photos have 3 quality settings, basic, normal and high. basic can hold around 55 shots max while high only holds around 30. the difference in quality between the settings is neglible, stick to the normal quality. The polyphonic tunes on the phone are good, the phone has the biggest range of notes ever, very high pitch to bass drum all work well. the ultimate thing about the poly tunes is they are downloadable FOR FREE at polyphonicringtonez.com. i am not endorsing them but once you start downloading, youll never stop, all at the fee of one dial-up GPRS cost. The radio is a real buying point here, i chose this phone over the Sharp GX-10i because of this. no matter where you are you can always listen to the radio with no need for batteries. the infra-red and MMS work like they should, nothing great here. the create your own covers are very cool. you get a cutting kit with the handset and you are given 3-4 covers depending if you get it from vodafone or not, (they give you
                4). just print out anything you want as a cover, stick it in the cutter and theres your own cover. while this is all easy getting the cover off is not. BE WARNED, the cover is super-hard to get off and many people i know have had to replace them before. just be careful and it will all be fine. now for the bad stuff. the GPRS is as slow as it gets, expect to wait 1 minute for a connection, only to get disconnected from a network failure, this costs money aswell. very bad. Text messaging is near impossible to never make a mistake, at least twice per message you will have pressed the wrong button, the button setout is crazy. And if you get a call while key-lock is on, be prepared for a frenzy of button pressing to turn it off before the callers hangs up. it takes about 1 1/2 seconds. though the bad points are there, they do not outweigh the good points. the price is a major factor here. it all comes down to whether or not you like the button set-out, otherwise get it.


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                  16.12.2003 20:41
                  Very helpful



                  • "Might be hard to transfer pictures"

                  My previous phone was all business, the Nokia 6310i. Once I saw the 3200 on Nokia's site I had to have it. I remembered the days when I had to have every bell and whistle in an electronic product and that?s how the perception of the phone came across. We'll, receiving it hasn't disappointed me. First the cost. Street value is 250-300 euros without service. I was able to upgrade and got it for only 49 euros on a corporate account. There are other specials available for 50 euro purchases around Ireland as well from the 3 main carriers. So price was right up there with perfect, considering another new 6310i would run me 100 euros on the same corporate account. The gadgets. This is a swiss army phone. The only thing it's missing is a bottle opener, and for that I can still use my teeth. Changeable cover: This is really cool. Nokia sends 3 cover inserts with the phone. Each one is made of the bumpy plastic that moves as you move the phone. So it's a little animated and comes through the clear cover nicely. These covers don't wrap around the phone like I thought but just cover the front and back. The sides remain an of off putting light gray and you can see parts of the interior. Not the best design, but it doesn't bother me personally. It also comes with 10 templates to either print or draw upon. You can also use plain paper. Software is not included but can be downloaded from Nokia's website free of charge to design the covers of pre-existing .jpg files. Camera: The camera is about as good of quality that you're going to get with a phone like this. It's hot key enabled so you simply press the central control key in the up position and the camera is activated. At the highest quality with a few apps or games installed you can easily store 20-40 images on the phone at a time. You can use the supplied software to shrink the image and assign it to contacts so when they call, a picture pops u
                  p showing them. Fun :P Radio: Yeah, weird.. a radio. However the first night I had it I went out to 'the town.' The cabbie was listening to some old Irish music and the radio immediately came in handy. Plugged in the head phones, turned it to my fav station and walla.. i was immersed in Friday night dance music. The radio works everywhere, Europe and the states. Not the easiest to control stations but it does have an automatic search function that really doesn't work well. So use the manual tuner, then save the station to one of 20 assignable slots for easy recall. You can use the radio over the external speaker but you have to plug the headphones in first for some strange reason. You can't just turn it right on to the speaker. Headphones and hands free kit are included with the phone. Flashlight: I don?t know, I?m sure it will come in handy one day. It's not all that powerful and it's actually two clear LEDs that shine not so well. It would be great to find an earring or something in a dark pub, or a keyhole if you're really to drunk to find it in the dark. But then you probably wouldn't be able to find your phone or keys either. Anyhow, it's there if you need it. Menu and interface: Menu is simple enough, i prefer having icons to a text list and it makes it much easier to access favorite areas. There are shortcuts you can assign for hotkey access. A menu is a menu... Quality: Construction quality is nice enough. The keys are tacky clear-coated plastic and they don't feel cheap which is an important quality. The case feels like it couldn't take much of a beating though. This is obviously because it uses exchangeable cover inserts .. but that?s a trade off. I prefer the inserts and a cheaper case. I would imagine you'll be able to buy replacement covers quite cheaply in the not to distant future. Software: As I mentioned, you can download the software from Nokia's websi
                  te for free of charge. It comes with several tools. You can edit any jpg and turn it into wallpaper for the phone (which is color of course). Use the IR port to then send the image to the phone. It also comes with a music utility. You can find a website that has MIDI files and use the software to convert the MIDI into a ring tone and then send that to the phone as a polyphonic tone. Add contacts and manage SMS. You can also sync up with an MS Outlook calendar if you desire (I do, and it works great). There are a couple more tools that come with the software as well. Over all quality: Excellent.. It's a great phone, especially for the price. It's a lot of fun and comes with a lot of little entertaining gadgets. It's also easy enough to download new apps if you want games. The color screen is great quality as well and fast motion games consist of very little 'blur.' Be aware though. There are 3 methods to get your pictures off the camera. A cable which is NOT supplied. Using an IR port, which most desktops don't have. Or by uploading the pictures via GPRS which can be pricey if you're a top-up customer. I suggest buying the cable which is around 10 euros or so.


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