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    5 Reviews
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      24.11.2008 01:11
      Very helpful



      Nice one

      Nokia 3250 is the most delightful phone I have ever had. It was also my first phone. What I loved most about the phone is that, it has a very user friendly mp3 player and camera features.

      The phone has two compartments, the camera is on the lower compartment and it is found sideways. In order to take a picture, it needs to be twisted, but it can snap without being rotated as well and that is what makes it very easy for spying. The camera is of 2 mega pixels and with a 4times digital zoom.

      Now, I had a friend with the same phone in my class and what he used to do was, he use to snap girls through the side way camera functionality. Because most phones have a camera at their back, He will keep the phone straight as if he is browsing internet and will be snapping other's without them finding it out. Although, this isn't a good habit, one can easily use this phone for collecting visual evidence.

      To stop thinking as a detective, I will now come to the fun one gets using this phone. At the back of the second compartment is well built mp3 player, with the stop, next and back buttons. This makes it easy to switch different music, especially whilst sleeping or about to sleep, lying on a bed. Also, the phone can store up to 500 music files in it.

      The operating system of the phone is S60 (3rd Edition), which is one of the Nokia's recent operating systems. The code name for this phone, which provides more attraction
      is Thunder.

      This phone has all advance phone functions; it has a Bluetooth, voice recorder and a radio. If the pictures need more touching, it can take care of that using a picture editor.

      A very good feature of this phone is that, it has a video editor. The video editor is simple to use and can make standard mobile edited videos. In fact, the video editor seemed so interesting to me that, I ended up spending a lot of time adding titles, headings and joining different videos together.

      The phone has PC connectivity. It uses a USB cable to connect to the computer.

      After detailing the pros it is good to mention the cons of this phone. As far as this phone is concerned, the only disadvantage or say a bit un-adaptable feature of this phone is that, it is a bit heavy and you have to be very careful in handling it.

      But to retract that statement its heaviness also contributes to its features, as it is very hard for some one to steal the phone through your pockets.

      The battery of the phone also lasts for a long time, reducing some botherings.

      So, considering the weight of circumstances, this phone is really a great phone and you can consider going for it.


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      18.10.2006 14:49



      even though i own a nokia 3250..iwud suggest for sony errickson w800i..

      its a good phn
      adv:very good music player n audio quality...an ok camera
      disadv: slows down a little bit once the memory is half way used up...also its a bit bulky
      if u guys wanna buy it ..its a safe bet .though i would go for a sony erickson w800i ..
      i thnk its a better overall phone..
      if u guys lookin for crisp camera n superior audio go for sony erickson w800i.....thats all folks


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      16.09.2006 23:55
      Very helpful



      A nice phone, just rather on the large side.

      There are so many mobile phone's released so quickly these days it's hard to keep track. So when I needed a new mobile contract for work I went in search of a decent looking phone with a reasonable deal. Where did I end up? on O2's website ordering my classy new Nokia 3250.

      So why did I choose this particular model.....not quite sure, a moment of madness I guess! Although I had seen it featured in music video's and advertised at the bus stop on the way to work and was Intrieged by the twisting keypad. Another boy had found his toy and couldn't wait to get his hands on it.

      So, before I review it's features I thought I would provide a brief description of my first impressions. If I bore you just skip the next paragraph though I find first impressions quite important...even if it changes.

      WOW!!!!! It's big, I realised I went for this phone purely for looks, I should have read the specs. I put the sim and battery in and browsed through the manuel...A thought!, lets put it on charge so when im done reading I can have a play. So I dug through the box for the charger and plugged it in - geez...this phone is quite heavy, wondering back the the box and cool.....they have given me a free memory card **Chuffed**. At this point the phones is really growing on me seeing all the features and playing with the twistable keypad.

      So lets have a look and a rant at the phone and its features.


      Let me be as acurate as I can and reach for the ruler. The width measures at 4.9cm the height at 10.4cm and the depth is 2cm. I measure the weight at exactly 132g.

      ___Look & Feel___

      My handset is Black, the keypad is silver as is the surrounding frame of the screen. The screes itself measures 3.7 cm by 4.4. The front and back is of a shiney black feel with a large NOKIA logo in silver printed on the back and the sides are of a "rubbery" feel. The head phone and charger sockets are located on the right edge of the phone more or less central and on the bottom left edge of the hanset you can see the camera lens. The bottom of the hanset which is the kepad swivels round to reveal the control buttons for using the mp3 player, 4 buttons reverse, play/pause, stop and forward. When the keypad is in its right positions the mp3 buttons are visable on the back of the handset. The buttons on the phone are quite small (unless my fingers are very fat) as are the buttons below the screen (these buttons don't swivel round) these buttons are, Menu and Application shortkeys, cancel, answer & end call, 2 shortcut buttons and the navigation joystick.

      ___ Battery Life___

      So far so good!, I can go 3 days without charging, though I dont speak on this phone much; probably about an hour a day. The battery will run out considerably faster if you play games on it.

      ___ Menu___

      Here's the big one, the menu and all it's features. First up, on the main screen there are 6 shortcuts to the address book, message inbox, media album, wap services, calender and the clock. Once into the main menu you are provided with 12 further menu icons. Each Icon is illustated unless you change the settings to list view.

      In the Messaging menu you have the usual sub menus: New message, Inbox, My Folders, Drafts, Sent, Outbox and reports.


      As usual your contacts are listed here.


      This menu lists your call logs including, Missed calls, received calls and Dialled numbers.


      The gallery includes your: Images, Video clips, Music tracks, Sound clips, Streaming links, Presentations and an option to display all the files.


      There are two options in the music menu, one to open your mp3 player and the other to open the radio. With the radio the headphones act as your am/fm ariel.


      Another 5 options in media, Camera, Real player, Recorder, Flash player and video editor.


      This is a handy little option. When running it guides you through a tutorial on your phone and its features and how to use them.


      This Icon opens your wap browser and all its options.

      **My Own**

      Includes Themes, Sound meter - you can use this to record the decibells of a noisey situation...quite cool, Web browser and a life blog.


      The usual suspects in here, your Clock, Calender, Currency converter, notes, calculator and File manager.


      You go in here to change your settings on your Voice Commands, Voice mail, Spped dial, Profiles and general settings. There are also some other options which are Application Manager, Active keys, Device manager, Transfer, Help, About and the settings wizard which helps you configure your settings.


      These are your options and settings for Bluetooth, Instant Messenger, Connection Manager, PIT??, Sync and your Data Cable.


      The only game installed on my phone is the new Snake 3D, a newer version the the origional snake and snake 2 but in colour and with much improved graphic's. I find this game very addictive.

      ___Sound & Picture Quality___

      The phones camera is 2 mega pixel and produces sharp images and videos. The sound quality is superb, as it is also an mp3 player you can also have your music playing aloud and believe me it does play loud and to an extreme high quality. You can also set you mp3 tracks to play as your ringtones and text alerts so you will have one of the most clearest, crisp and loud ringer around..

      ___Whats in the Box___

      I suppose this can vary but included in my box was: A CD installation disk to organise you phone using your PC, A data cable to connect the phone to the PC, Mp3 Headphones & hands free, wall charger, 512mb SD memory card, phone battery and of course....the Handset.


      All in all this is a great mobile phone with brill features, A good quality camera that also captures video and has a good clear and crisp sound. I would recommend this phone to potential buyer's as my only problem with the handset is it's size and weight, this however may not be a problem for others.


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        31.08.2006 13:05


        • Reliability


        nokia 3250 is not only mobile it is complete portable entertainment device

        Nokia has been famous for its great function,easy to navigate,reliablity.Nokia 3250 consists all the feautres that one would like to have in one's mobile set.Its sporty look make the person stylish.Its main feautres are 1.3 mega pixel digital camera,bluetooth,GPRS enable, Large zooming power, Great sound,Video recording,mp3 player give the feel of i pod. Nokia 3250 games never feel u like bore.ITS PRICE Are alsoo in range Rs 11000.attachments to computers through data cable wire help u to download and store data, extendable memor. ALL these feautres lure everyone


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          20.06.2006 13:28


          • Reliability


          excellent features and twisting bottom

          the new nokia 3250 has stunning looks and excellent features that put it right up their with the best in the world of mobile phones.


          features: the features of this mobile phone are the most recent and technical features available to the public toda these include

          Bluetooth, Colour Screen, Customisable Cover, Email / Web, GPRS, GPS, I-mode enabled, IRDA, Infrared, Java enabled, MMS enabled, MP3 Player, Polyphonic ringtones, Radio, Streaming video, USB, Vibration

          all of these features make the phone a top end mobile phone

          this mobile phone has excellent looks to attract people purchasing it and a excellent twisting bottom to give it that final touch.

          overall i think that this mobile phone is worth the money and is one of the best phone on the market.

          thanks for all your comments and ratings


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